maybe not knowing

If I kept the ea running last night, would it be in the black by now? Probably. But there’s a bounce. This might go sideways, we’ll see. it’s almost christmas. I loved how it felt last night when I went out.

What happened. that’s what you want in your copy. Get them hooked into reading find out what’s next. You mention something that gets them curious to read what’s coming up. You then bait and switch. I think I tweaked the formula there.

it’s more ogilvy and sugarman the way I write. Keep to it. You don’t have to be like halbert but the way he writes is contagious. it’s like an old friend writing to you and it feels homey. You want to be that writer. You already are. You write much and people read it. it’s just that they have expectations as to how things should be.

Then you don’t have to go there. You can write as Is. You can be in your own light anyway. What happens now. I don’t know yet. Create it and you will see. Be in the light and you see is what I meant. Wife goes to work, then we do grocery.

She bought phone for the dughter. This shelf is starting to fill up with junk. I can clean that up. Them shoes has to go. Need to make room for the energy shift. Imagine if this business picks up. I have two running at this time and it’s exciting to be in this space right now. I have two businesses up and running.

Both are in positive cash flow but it’s because I have support. This year we expand the awareness and make it more viable. Do I go back to sleep? I finish the copy today. It don’t have to be fancy and in-depth. You only need to connect. Just connect. Once you have that connection, you can take them everywhere.

it’s the same with aikido. You used to do that. Do I go there instead? I can do that. But there’s so much copywriting going on in there that it’s a disraction. we’ll see. I can meet people there and help out. There be people in there already anyway. Remember how the energy felt like before?

Where to get gi? I don’t know yet. I can order online. There are good gis out there. You can get one for judo. When do you think you’ll use them. I can go check that out later. it’s supposed to come out on thursday but I think you missed the deadline theer. You get them next week.

So be it then. it’s the holidays anyway. I am not keen on going out with the wife’s plan. I have things on my todo list. I can stick with that instead. Is that trash coming in today. it’s too early. let’s do that later. i’ll just do a quick check in there and that gets things done. There is a different way.

I like the material on llbean. I can work with that this time. They are a direct mail business. How do you create clothes for that market? You give them risk free transactions. that’s how you win them over. it’s the repeat business that you are after. You make money on the backend.

You already know that. Why are they on that site anyway? I don’t know. Maybe not knowing how things really work. What else do we do here? They want up front. I think you know where this is going. I used the new mouse so she can use the old one. I can revert back but it’s ok.

Daughter gets a new phone. The ones I use are so much older. How come she didn’t see that I can use a new one. I think you know that this is opportunity for you to use the energy. Do it that way then. Is that oversold? Should I be long here?

I don’t know. But it’s time to make it so. The market usually moves around during the holidays. You can use that to advantage. Is there fear in your filter. Why would you want to work? it’s part of my process anyway. I think it’s fun but this is more fun for me. I can do things.

If this was back in time, would you do things differently? it’s there for you. Use up the energy. You got some energy in there. Use it. You learned things. Now it’s up to you. I can go back but it’s no longer relevant for you. it’s time to move on then.

This battery drained.