negative about it

I tried to take a nap but shift wasn’t there. I got up. I’ll try again later. I finished copy earlier. I rushed that through and finished. I can do better? i’m not sure. I gave it my best.

I moved the driver’s test to next year. It got me into negative but i used the feeling to check into source code. Now i allow that to be there and used up the energy. it’s positive. You stay in a frequency for fifteen minutes and you get the manifestation. I got that insight earlier today.

This is how things are connected. Do i trade? no. Run the ea but there’s news coming out red flag. Do nothing. Maybe do something later tonight. In the meantime, do nothing. Maybe i can add funds to the account. I am meeting daugther later after school. I take her to grocery then come back later.

Gift for daughter came in this morning. One down. One other daughter to go. I think i need to place an order for that. i’ll do so later. I have cool multi-tool delivered. I ordered last sunday. What else do we do here? I can do three hundred a week. That is good for now.

I am also building up my portfolio. That is deep and powerful. it’s like a tsunami. You hardly see anything on the surface but there is so much power moving underneath the wave. That is a power metaphor. What happens now. I am listening to this. Resonance and reflection.

That is what it’s all about. I put that on my tattoo. This is what moves forward. What happens next? Write. Post. Decide later what happens. I have an hour and a half. Son might want to come along later. He said he has money. let’s see what happens then. Who else is going?

I don’t know. we’ll see what happens. If they all go i’ll get them noodles. Or what falls into place. Wife comes home late tonight. i’ll pick up. I wonder if daughter will come along. I get test next year. In the meantime, only do this. What else is here? Write and get connected to flow. I want this pc to work on again. What else can we do here now?

I don’t know. Maybe i can hand over the laptop to my son. Do i need to get another one? That be fun. that’s a milestone of sorts. I am getting my own finally. I did so last time but that was for student allownace. This is for my own income.

I think it’s best to put them funds in the hedge fund. That way, it expands and scales up to next year and i can choose to use that next year. That is exciting for me. It’s part of my process that way. What is the chart telling you now. it’s weak but it’s going to go sideways from here. How do you trade this? I don’t know yet.

Watch and see how it goes. I have friend on line. I am listening. I am tuned in and resonating. What am i writing about? Just write. No expectations. I don’t have to do anything today. I can simply be in the moment.

I like top chef. I can watch that maybe. I start from the first season and see where it’s going. I can do that. I finish this and run to library. I ran this morning. It was a good pace. it’s at least twice weekly. I resumed yoga today. Things were tight. it’ll get back to it. Do i get ribs?

we’ll see what happens. I make my nilaga later. There is mince. I can use that. No one is going to use it anyway. I like that. it’s soup and gets me downstream. Redefine what is there. You always have choice. These people have access because they need it. it’s part of their process. Yours is different.

You have direct access because you are aware. No need to feel negative about it. Or go negative and use the feeling to check in on the source code. it’s how things are connected anyway. it’s what i do every moment. Not all the time but when things don’t line up then i check in.

Is this my process? I think so. it’s part of everything anyway if it is not. I am writing much and i get to connect with flo.w there is a difference. This is the path. Anyone can write but the quality of the connection shows. You know how much they’ve been writing. The copy i templated off was lame. It was not connected and so there was a show-off energy to it. You it’s not relevant for me so i don’t have to dwell on that.