of the process

Time to write. I am going to the gym in a moment. Unconditional something. I can use the word love but that’s too emotionally charged for a word to use. I would rather use positive energy. In that context, the opposite of love is not indifferent, but hate. If love is totally positive, being indifferent is at zero and hate is in the opposite side of th escale.

This is why I tend to tune in than seek outside validation. When you are always looking to the outside, you get misalignment. I can drop off the books at the library, then walk to the gym and get my workout. that’ll do for a warmup.

I was going to look for crossfit workout. I guess that’s what we are going to do this year. i’m visiting home next christmas. I am going to be in the best fit of my life. Plus the business is booming. I have everything in place. I don’t have to chase after trades. I am ahead and I can end it right here.

You can practice writing copy. it’s a ten thousand hour skill but when you choose to be in frequency, you are in the moment. Everything is projected from there. I get a ride with the wife. Is there something in the library that I cnan use? Maybe a video? i’m not sure.

In the meantime then I write. I might have a new client coming in. let’s see if they buy the gig. Then i’ll start working on the copy. If not, I have other stuff to do. Yesterday I worked polished my website, specially the ones in my portfolio. That will tidy things up a bit.

I usually get customers from the storefront on weekends. i’ll keep that running and then go on upwork everyday and check for new listings relevant to what I do. I don’t have to catch everything. I only need to or choose to be in frequency. it’s the shortcut. The one I am talking to don’t really need my help. I don’t want to be in that spac. I can let go now.

I would rather work with clients that are more in alignment with what I do. let’s focus on that. This way, you get better copy and you enjoy what you are doing. How do you sell subliminal messages. But if it’s there and they hire me, then I see that as part of the synchronicity. I will work on it as it’s part of the process. If not, that tells me there is something else. Go there. Be in the moment.

What else? I go to workout then I walk home from there. This is what I do. I can go everyday. it’s what I do now. I have this and then take a break in the afternoon when everyone is home. I can take my naps then.

This way, I get out more often and meet new people. I can partner up with someone in the gym. I think the crowd there is more my kind, more similar frequency somewhat. I will take it from there. it’s day one. This is exciting. I don’t have to worry about the kids as much. They are grown up now. I can focus on what I do here.

What I do is act on my excitement every moment that I am aware of. When I am not able to let go, then it’s part of the process. it’s simple as that. Everything you filter until it’s a habit for you and it’s on autopilot. I read some books and upskilled myself in the last few days. it’s time to get back there and keep writing.

People are setting up ecommerce business all the time. They need good copy for that and it’s what I do. I am that part of their process. it’s cool this way. I get to work from home and work on my own time. I am building up value this way. I am adding value to all that is. I am supporting all that is.

The gigs help me to practice and build up my portfolio. Rather than read books, I solidify connection to flow this way. I also learn and practice what i’ve learned and expanding on this. What happens now? Wife is getting up. I go with her. I am writing. I can worry about that later. This is what I write and I post this later.

I do my basic workout. I can do alternates since i’ll be going everyday. What time do I go? Mornings sound fine. Or sometime around lunch after my nap. I can do yoga there but it’s going to be an hour. that’s three to four hours working out.

Is that good for you? I think I need to cut the time up into segments . I don’t want to spend more time on one thing. Do one hour of each, maybe two, then take it from there.