out of it

I feel i’ve been let down, dis-appointed. I feel likke it wasn’t worth it. They said it’d be bliss, it’s not. They made you bbelieve it? Is it outside that did it? I see the definitions then. I can make changes.

Do you even need it? no. I can let go now. Why did i have to hold on for so long? I feel like i’ve wasted my time here. i’ve invested so much and it feels like a letdown. What now? Find something new out side? Or just go in? I think the answer is to go inside. There is nothing on the outside anyway but a projection and reflection of what is on the inside.

How to move forward? Be in your light. No need to make things happen on the outside go in. They are so poor they have to scam people to make money. that’s poor. They can’t give what they no longer need. that’s poor. You don’t want to be there. They can’t let go of what they don’t need and give it to someone else who needs it. that’s poor.

You see it on the outside. You can use that source code for yourself. You don’t have to go there. You simply choose what’s right for you and be in frequency. You don’t have to change them. You teach by the quality of your example. What happens now? I don’t know.

It was fun but i don’t have to go there anymore. They saw you were like that and they simply reflected it back to you. Do you need taking care of? I don’t think so. You can choose to go there then. I don’t have to. I go only when it’s in alignment for me.

I can sit on my butt all day. I was in that definition. I don’t have to. I can let go now. If you don’t want to spend time with me, why should i force it. I can move on. I know my own self worth. Why deny that she don’t want to spend time with me. Where do i hang out then. Do i go in now?

Maybe it’s time to go. It feels empty on the outside. Like they are different. it’s not ever going ot be perfect because you are not perfect. You see the ruse. You don’t have to play their game. Why not ue it instead? I have something you don’t. You are not complete. But you are.

Even when you think you are not, you are using your complete to make it seem like you are not complete. that’s how much power you have. What can i do about this then. Simply be in the light. I don’t think she is going to work today. Then i can move on to the next agenda.

I can write. Just like that it’s gone. You don’t have to chase after it. I write so i can process it. It festers inside. It uses up processing power. it’s running the cpu and it’s not oing anything. You don’t have to do things that way when it’s not in alignment. Plenty to process? no.

You can choose. You are not choosing? I am. Then allow for it to be there. No need to invalidate it. When you feel bad, just be. Feel bad about it. Use up the energy. Feel bad in every way. Then you see there is contrast there. You see grey but there are hints of different colors. You can look at the other colors if you want,t or stay in grey. it’s up to you. Allow for it to be there .use up the energy.

it’s why you have contrast. There is contrast in everything. it’s because all that is is in all that is. You don’t have to teach anywone. You just use the energy of what’s in there. Then we stay home all day? If that’s what we have then so be it. I was ecstatic last week. Now i feel like a letdown. What now?

You got here because of all that. You have a choice now. They didn’t get you because your higher mind was giving synchronicity. You are aware of that. You can choose to let go now. I do not have conditions there. You see their fear? I am aware. I sense the energy. It is my energy.

You don’t have to see it there. it’s the revelation. it’s what’s keeping them glued to the church. They await that to prove that they were right all along. What i you planted that seed in their mind? What you were wrong and you didn’t know it until you transitioned to the other side?

Would it be a disappointment? no. You got there yourself. You explored deeply. You got something out of it. Then allow for that to be there.