starts at one

Just be in frequency. Why would you hide your light? You speak like in religion. Then so be it in the moment. there’s stuff to do today. I have prizegiving later at noon. Where do we park? I don’t know yet. there’s plenty around there if you look around.

I can take daughter to paknsave later. i’ll need to check out reading glasses later on. Why not there at countdown after you drive everyone off? I can stop there and do those stuff this morning, get that out of the way. it’s plenty of time to write. Why not write three pages? it’s there you know that. The conection is not visible to the local self.

What you do is you go there. When you get there and you need the connection, it’s going to be there. Trust me on that. you’ve seen that before. Wife is up already was i making too much noicse? These new contact lens feel different. I slouch. I write whatever comes to mind. What happens next?

You keep to this. You get a new client later. I have a few more to add there. You know how it’s going to turn out. I write copy but the design is different. Keep to this for now and you will see. I drive them out and off. Son don’t have to go to school. Last week of school next week.

it’s going to be busy down here anyway. it’s almost christmas. I think i have a gift for everyone now. I wonder if the wife is going to order more stuff. I finish writing then i can check that out later. Wife got more pillows for the family. These things are taken care of for you. it’s how it’s all connected. You see it that way and you see more of it.

it’s all neutral anyway. Get in this light and you will see. I don’t have gmail in my phone. it’s one more thing wanting o get attention. Why would they want that? it’s ego projection of the owners. You are not there so it’s not relevant. I like how that company name spelled out.

I can make a logo of that or something but right now, it’s irrelevant. What do you do now? Keep writing. You don’t wake... wife is going to workout now. I think it’s a mistake or disalignment the drug campaign in manila. Now that most countries are legalizing it, what’s the point with the campaign. There is sometihng wrong there. I think it’s an excuse to discriminate and take otu people. Why not fight back?

Not fight back but get together and do something about it. If i were there i’d join a hx collective and get in there. You will see that it’s already evolved. The ones they are getting are the low hanging fruits. what’s the plan today? Finish off the soup. I have a week to clean up. it’s an organ and it’s delayed that way.

What to wear? You already know that. Get to the other side and see how it’s connected then. You already know that. What then. Finish writing. I can move over to the laptop. i’ll get new glasses and make a deposit. Then i come home.

that’s how it is for now. This is where we are. I think there should be a balance right there. These people are playing with you and there is no one right way. You clean up. Everything comes from the inside anyway.

This is the process for you then. I see. Now i get to the other side and seehow it looks like. it’s the process then. Why feel anxious about it? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the source code. Now you are aware. You can do sometihng about it. it’s how you use up the energy. Then you can move on and forward from here. Am i going to drive off?

I don’t know. These two are cute. i’m getting old. it’s shifting. What happens now? Play it as it is. Yo udon’t have to direct things. You just write about it all. When you are blocked you are trying to go straight. You have expectations instead of being liquid like water be. That way you are never blocked. If water isn’t then there be blocks everywhere.

You get that by default. Now you simply write about it and you will see. I get it. I think i may have to add to the position. Where is that coming from? I don’t know yet. I have enough funds in the wallet. let’s get to that and see where it’s going. Ten bucks a week is a lot in a year. Do that and see what happens. I think we can move forward with this. I am jut going to finish up and move forward. In the meantime, i am done.