why would you

Sitting here waiting for wife to message for pick up. I could have showered and cleaned the toilet. But it’s too tight. I have a position open. So far it’s been profitable.

I think the pair you trade has to move wide and always moving up or down in one direction--trending is a better word. You don’t want a pair that’s always going sideways or range bound. I am wondering if this will work with gdbaud. It moves wide as well but can go sideways.

i’ll have a look. I can diversify with that pair. I can share this with the bro. This way he’ll get a shot at getting it right this time. You just run the program in the morning, check for news and see how it goes. it’s easy as pie. Will they get how to make it work? They should. You can’t do everything for them.

let’s see how this goes then. So far it’s working perfectly for me. Why not help out in a different way. Maybe they have a business in there that needs capital. You can have a look at their financials. See if it has potential. If not, then let it go at that.

I don’t have to make that as my full-time work. But this here wis what I do. I can make this go wide with awareness. I think this here is what my process is about. Waiting for the wife to get home then daughter makes carbonara. I have my food up and ready anyway.

there’s left over adobo chicken. Is it as good as how my parents used to do it? I don’t know. I remember it being more greasy. Would you survive in the heat. Do you go in that frequency or are you done with it?

I am done with it already. I have something in place here. You know where this is headed anyway. it’s time to get your act together this way. This kid is waiting for his package to get here. Everything is coming in late. Some pinoy songs rely more on palabok than quality. So be it. I can skip them.

it’s universal. You can find other music like that in every genre. Where do you find the good ones? I don’t know yet. But when you are in frequency it’ll come to you automatically. it’s like they can’t help but be drawn to you. I changed my definitions and it serves me better this way. Abundance is doing more with less. It works best for me. it’s all the same anyway. it’s your perspective that makes it unique.

Your context is what makes it unique. Then expand your awareness in that direction. You don’t have to lift a finger to make this work here. that’s what it’s about. You can find something else that’s interesting. In the meantime, it’s all here. How come there’s a slow down in there?

Use the time to read through your books. you’ve alays wanted to go with that anyway. So do that later. I have two books to go through. Read them, practice then go do some more. it’s been quiet. Go for woosh. that’s always best.

I like that music coming in with the guitars. She has good music. Did she write all that? it’s interesting to see good creation connect to flow that way. Are you able to do that as well? I didn’t remember hearing this song this way. it’s why I invest in quality monitor headphones.

They were made to output music the way they were recorded. there’s no coloring or filters. You hear how they made it. You can tell the poor tracks cheap production. Is there a difference in how they produced them? I don’t know. But for now, you can hear the difference.

I am done with programming. I can help but when things point to where i’m going, I know which boat to be on. I think there was light coming in through the window. The neighbors have gone? If there’s a knock on the door then we go. I think they can peek into the doorway to see.

If not, I don’t have to go see what happens. In the meantime, only do this. I can delete those tracks that don’t work for me anymore. They show up on my radio that way. I can leave it at that. Is this going sideways again? At least this way you see where it is going.

No need to determine which way. You simply buy and sell at profit. that’s what a business is about. Why would you sell at a loss when there’s always buyers. It might pile up that way but it’s going one way eventually. Stick with this for now.