working on it

I saw that I am acting out of fear. Let it be so then. The awareness brings light into it. If I fight it then it lingers. Use up the energy instead. This points you to your source code. it’s opportunity to line things up.

We signed up for fiber broadband. Things start to happen after the 9th. Vdsl is fast enough as it is. it’s the wife that kept bugging me about it. She uses streaming video all the time. She is going to spend more time at home starting in the new year.

that’s good news. I don’t do images as much anymore. it’s out of my system? Not really. I think it’s not that relevant anymore. It is good to get new images now and then. i’ll go there then. denny’s is right there. The kids want to go to rainbows end. it’s boring for me and I have gout.

I can go with them but it’s not that interesting enough. I can go around for a walk but that’s not spending time with them anyway. i’ll stay at home and get stuff done around here. Like what? I don’t know yet. Sit here and use the energy. I can do yoga. I can go out for a walk. I can get me some meat.

I think this is interesting so I stay home then. What are my other options? Those glasses look thick enough. I think I stay home. I want to come and what ever happens is what need to happen. Me going is not going to change anything. I am hungry. I am afraid. What then? I don’t know. Only do this. I have trading with me. If I had six hundred thousand like the guy did I wouldn’t flip houses.

Why? it’s glamorous, but it’s too much work and the returns I get them better with my own business. House flips are not that liquid. The market is hot then it’s all good. But when the economy turns, you get stuck and you can’t take advantage of other business ideas.

Maybe it’s good for storing capital, but still there are other alternatives. I may go there when I have excess capital. For now, everything almost, gets reinvested into the business. The business is hedge fund and direct response. That lady is hot. Do you write? How? I think that lady then was older at that time. They look similar.

What happens today? I can take down the tree after three kings. it’s not that one really. it’s something else. Like what? How do you get there? i’m not sure yet. You can do research about it. Like what gets their attention. What is it that they want?

Look at the conversations. If you open here then you have a position you are not excitied about. You can sit this one out and see how tokyo opens. Then you can expand from that. I have good headphones now. I am at peace now. it’s good quality. What else is there to write about?

I can go to the gym? I think so. Is that part of the plan then? I think so. it’s open then I can sign up for the weekly. The business is going to be there. It starts on january though. it’ll be there for you. You have gone forward much. Take what you can. that’s part of your synchronicity.

If it’s not relevant then it’s not going to be there. If the get there at noon and stay on until four or six then you have six hours to sit around. that’s not exciting for me. I can do a lot in six hours. How about them seats. I can go to countdown by bike. I can go to the gym by bike.

While the wife is here I can’t work out. I think it’s best that I do something else while she is around. She wants to go out everyday. I can go with them tomorrow. If I get a new assignment then I may not be able to go with them.

I see. Then open up and see what comes. Trust the timing. If I get a new gig then I am working on it. I can then let that compost while I go with them. that’s interesting then. I can get that gig and play withit. It will go as far as it needs to go. There is also that lock pic thing.

that’s interesting right now. I will do that later. There is so much to do around here. I can read a book. that’s interesting for me. i’’m getting me a kindle. I am going back to reading again. I am training for speed reading. it’s not a contest. It helps you read faster when that voice is quiet.

I think I read faster now.