else to use

this feels like a better size--smaller, tight so it wraps around to next line sooner. But will it make any difference? I want to simply stay home and take a nap. But the energy is different. Use it up. What's good about it?

I am in better shape. I've lost two inches since the day i started. I was having carbs in between. I have tightened up. There was pizza but i didn't choose to have one. It feels there's a disconnect in flow after i have carbs. Is that what it's like? HOw do you change things around?

Why are they so set in the negative? Am i that way? I guess so as this is in my contrast. Or since it's contrast, i have feedback now that i can use. I miss that coffee morning. Tomorrow i have day off. It's an isolation thing. They are upset they are not that connected. But it's a definition. You have to be connected to be disconnected.

HOw do you change that? You can't. You can only shine the light. He was so set in his way. I can't teach him anything. If so, let him go on his way. Even that guy was upset with himself and it simply reflects back. HE knows what he should have done. You simply give them space to expand. It's not about you, it's the energy.

You observe and see that anyway. I have time for yoga. These kids have their own world. Am i trying to control? It's been fun. What happens next? There's me and the nesting group. Or it could be something else tonight. We'll see how it goes then. I think that's what we do about it. There was no rant and it went on fine.

You can move forward with this then. It gives you different perspective. HOw can hero change the creation. HE creates it from within. It's about the contrast but still being in the light. That is what this is about. I can go that way continue up. Or cut through the library.

That sounds good. I'll do that now. Here you see the difference. HOw is that happening. What can i do about it? I may have to shift into that to change it. Or not. Simply do something else. I don't think i can use that one as it has a symbol in itself.

I feel upset. It's always like this mornings. Why so? What's in your source code. It's not what i prefer. Then you are moving through contrast. Use it as feedback. Change your response to it. This comes around, change it. I can check that bill and see what's happening there.

You will still see that it is about this. How come she can't change it up. HOw long you gonna be here? I'm not sure yet. Simply trust the process and see how it goes. You are going to be here anyway. You have it still but the response is different. It is in my memory. HOw is everything up there.

It's no longer relevant other than it gives you contrast. But what else can i do there. You get the energy. You can use it from there. That's not going to last as long. I finish at midnght get home around that time. You have options then. That has heavy foot walker.

She finished a whole box of it. That's too heavy. I needs to vote on that or choose to ride the synchronicity. This is my choice then. What other options do i have? Be in the contrast. I'll do yoga after this. I can have coffee as well. It's different this time.

Do i have to go that way? We'll see how it goes. I can stop by the shop on my way to work. Then i can check out my own stuff. I get picked up so i can see what's happening in there. I don't get to walk though. At least i get home sooner. I don't have gifts for them. Maybe on next payday we'll sort things out.

They can decide for themselves. Or wife is not going to take it this time. She doesn't. I gives it to her freely and by choice. So i own it. Why can't people own it? It's not out there. I don't get this as much. Let me pull up that information. There is an app like that. Why not simply use existing apps?

It's free anyway. That product didn't solve things much. I think you see what's happening here. Is there a perfect situation? It's out there or you can make one for yourself. Like how? This be good for a week. Why does it come up and back like that? It has a trigger. Use it for what it is. I do this everyday.

HOw can hero change things around? By choice. You go inside out as wel. These cans are comfortable. I can wear them through the walk up. It is a good walk. I can make it so and is there traffic this time? What time did you get there? I think it is enough time that way. I can take...lost by questions.

She's getting ready to go. Is it trimming down? Do you want to go that way? Is there something else in here. Is this going to crash down some more. That would have been activated. But monday is coming up. You can let this go for now. At least the fund is intact. It can be used that way.

It is this scale that you seek. You can add funds then start adding to position size. This was the lesson here? It looks like it. What to wear today? Then it is so. What are you going to do about it? It's all the same if you ask me. Someone is in that light. I don't think i want to go there.

Why is this in my energy? It was contrast. This is opportunity to align line up everything. You can choose do be that or something else. This is why you have it in you. This is the contrast. I can go take a nap now. Or do this later instead of yoga.

But yoga feels so much better. That is making too much noise. Why were they getting noisy in there. I'm not sure but it is what it is. You learned something from that experience. The soul needs this? That doesn't line up for me. I guess it is the experience.

It is what it is. You can find something else to use. Or use up this energy and redefine it. It is noise. You stay in bed all day tomorrow. Do something else. Like go have coffee there. Wife is gonna go shopping. I'd rather be home take my naps. I can go for a walk.

That settles things then. I don't enjoy going shopping with her. It takes too much time. I go in get my stuff then do something else. I don't walk around looking to see what else is there. I can look around.

So what happens now? I guess this is the part that equates to everything else. And then you see how things are happening. You have this energy in here that seems to work out that way. Now you see it then. I am upset? I can choose to let go. Redefine all the time. It's here and now.

What else is there. You can use it for euraud. Hedge that and see what happens. This hoes side at times. Or not. I am finishing this up to get on with my day. Just do one page and increase from there. Why force youruself that even? You say you are not.

This is simply writing to connect. I am sleepy. Can i take a nap instead? I can do that. Sleep in the bus sounds good. It's refreshing. HOw else do you get comfy there. You know how to make it work. Get sleepy you sleep. Even if for five minutes it's a lot and you restart.

You reconnect and it works that way. Now that you've seen it, what else is there. Why are you putting energy? It's echo lag. I've changed that already. You have everything there now? It feels like it. Do yoga. That's my coffee. The coffee here don't take as much. Then you can change that later on. Why not use that thing.

I will look into it.

power but most

at the end of the day, it is the quality and how you respond to what is on the outside that counts. It's not what you have or who you are. These are perspectives and subject to change. Even your response is subject to change, but where the response comes from never changes?

It does change as well. Change is the only constant. You do not change then the response doesn't change as well. It is this change dynamic that makes you unchanging and constant in the universe as well as infinitely expanding. That was confusing but there's a seed of truth to it.

I feel anxiety. This is less now. It used to be so much more. What do i do with this energy? Look into the source code. I sense insistence and expectations. Simply be open. Things can go this way and that. You will always know what to do. You will have what you need in every moment. This can come in any form. You are open and you will have what you need.

HOw is insistence? It is you wanting the situation experience to be something and not being open. What am i writing about? I'm not sure. I'm connecting and these are what comes to mind. I am analyzing? I think so. Then let it be here. Simply write what comes to mind. This is part of the synchronicity.

At least with ma cross you use less lots and the fund will last longer. The trails are wide enough to let the trend go through and the crossover will take care of itself. The bot is on the hour chart as well. No need to rush things then. I don't think i'll see the london open today so i can let it go.

I'll drive them to sunnynook then have coffee in there. That sounds good for me. I can skip yoga if i have to. Plenty of time in there. It is a long walk for him and i'm ok with driving. I go have coffee anyways. Whats going to happen here? I'm not sure yet.

Am i to finish writing these? I may have time as these two are still getting ready for sunnynook. They leave next week. My day off is sunday next. I forgot how it goes but after this week, day off is again on a weekend. Christmas i work through it then weekend off. I can get overtime on those days.

I'm not doing much anyways. On that monday i may be at work so they do grocery without me. I vaguely remember my schedule then. I need to print out the roster next time. I can simply go there and do it next. For now, only play with this. There has to be a way to print that easy. For now it's not here so i'm alright with it.

The anxiety is caused by ie's. You can change that from here on. Or not. It's up to you. Wife is going to be home tonight. She can be with the kids. They can go out later if need be. I don't have to stop anything there. This now is my process until march or so. For now, where is the light? It's in those moments.

Each moment you have a choice. You can choose to be in that moment by being open. That's where you find the light. HAving ie's get you out of the light. It's still allowing if you don't get sucked into the rabbit hole. But know that it's still connected for you. It's how you can use up the energy.

Even last night was part of the process and it's still connected. I have dishes to wash. This here is two weeks. I can play with this and see how it goes. You get that over the time and you'll see how it goes. It's still here for you. I can write much and writes much everyday.

One kid stays home. The other has work until midnight. I think wife can pick up for later. What time do i get home? I'm not sure yet. When she gets back i could be already sleeping. This is not good for sleep pattern? I'm not sure. I'll be sleeping in the bus coming home. Let's see how that goes.

This is unfamiliar territory now. That call center work paid off big time. HOw do you see it's there for you? Toilet habits changes again. I miss them long midday naps. Can i go there again? It is different but you can see something similar that you can use. Again, make this last as long as it will go.

Am i doing this full two years? It feels like it. Should i do the insurance thing? If it is connected then you can go make it work for you. Can i get assistance with it? You have to process this yourself. I'll do that over coffee. That sounds logical then. I'll bring that in the bag then.

What else is there? Finish this one and see how it goes. It comes back with error check if not then it works out so you can use it. Time flies very fast so you can write about these things. HOw did your day go. HOw did it work out for you. What did you get out of it. That is clearing work.

Can i even write about it? You can talk about that but is that where you want your energy to go? Or would you rather do something else? You see where this is going? Euraud is going sideways. It's because of the news then. HOw can you profit off that? You do the one pip wonder. Start off after you get home and let it run over night.

As long as there is no news on both sides you are going to be alright. If there is news then it's going to wipe you off the boat. I guess you know where this is headed. HOw else can you play this? Look to something else. That dragon pair rides far and wide.

Can you take on it? It's not like the dragon pair is on the outside. It projects through you. Then you can play with the energy this way. Can you help out? I think i can on my way to work but i gotta leave early for that. Do something else. It's already taken care of itself. HOw do you use up the energy.

Sit on it. Process it. You don't have to go on autopilot. At times you can choose that. But when it's not here then you can do something else. You can slouch. But it's a choice. You can change that choice as well. It's up to you. That gaming thing is temporary. It's always changing anyway.

The mobile phone has so much computing power but most of the time it just sits there. Take a moment to read through the terms and conditions. They are not making it easy for them even when the intention is so. HOw do you use up the energy? Only be in the moment. I think you see how it's connected. Getting ready to leave soon.

I'm almos there anyway. I feel anxiety? It is energy. It is your source code that filters that energy. Know that you'll have what you need at the very moment. Right now you have everything that's relevant for the frequency you are at. It's always shifting and that's the beauty of it.

You are always creating this? Moment here and now is what you are. Everything is coming from yyour consciousness. I'll have coffee and sort things out myself. Then i have this in my process. Is there another word for it. Do i write everytime? I think you have a clear stretch of sleep time there.

Two weeks and roster shifts again. This is how you are right now. You get through two weeks this way. It's always changing though. It's alright to be late as well. You can be in this moment everyday. What more can you do about it. Simply have a chat to make it change. That's why it's here.

Or not. Your stats are affected that way. What can i do here? Smaller candles is alright. News on thursday can move markets. There's one happening right up around lunch or when you get back. Look into this. Entry is going to be tight both ways. HOw can you profit from this? I'm not sure yet.

That one broke the pair. I get two of those and i'm back in the saddle that way. You can rud the payday bot this way or that way. It don't matter. It's your energy anyways. You can have it at london open and finish up that way. You can even have two charts to have both bots run.

Sounds good to me.

clean the car

what's it like if i was the person i prefer to be? I'd be at zero point most of the time. There'd be contrast but i'll be using them as feedback. I take off during weekends, more so when i hit my trader bot targets. I'd go on vacations with so and kids if available.

What else? Tell me more about the feeling? I'd be taking it easy. I'd have coffee in the mornings after i drive them to the bus stop. I'd be going out for the experience. I'd be visiting friends and relatives. I can help others with the payday farm. This title sounds too short term. What is a better label?

Weekend farm bot sounds better. Let's caall it that from now on. How will this feel? I'd be watching the market and decide if the bot runs or not. Most of the time though, it just runs. The trail is too tight. I can fix it so it lags behind. But then again, after you get stopped out and conditions are still good, you get another shot.

Do i sell the bot? It's like this situation now. Bands seem to point south and it'll fall over soon as you get more volume. I'd be spending more time for the self and my environment. Will it be fun? At the least, it'll be quiet. What else how will it feel like? I'd be pleased with my self. How will you respond to things?

Will i quit this job? Yes. This so i can have more time to my self. I think this bot looks good at this time. Do i need to get another one in place? I don't think so. At least not for now. I'll be managing my positions manually. I can incorporate tweaks every now and then. Right now, price is going sideways. If when it goes up nothing happens.

Then i can just write. Am i uploading these files as well? It's something to listen to that's different. I can tune in to this when i go home. Or something else. Gout is here. I start today. It's going to be there for feedback. Otherwise, it'll get cleared up. Use up the energy that way. You know how it works.

And then what? Will it get boring again? Probably not. I'll be visiting the inner circle. I'll be spending time with them. I'll bring them over as well. That is a lot of happenings. I'll help out with her relatives. She might not be able to bring them over as is but i can help. Then we can see how things go. How will it feel like? I don't know yet. For now, this is where i am.

What happens to it? I'm not quite sure yet. But if it opened on that side, i think i need to tweak them rules. I'll do so later. In the meantime, the open signal makes sure that price is above and not just testing the waters. Closing eyes help to narrow down options. Is he going to sleep soon? He usually takes a nap.

Wife will finish at five. I write to use up the energy. At least this is going to last a week? We shall see. I have non farm payroll coming up on friday. That's two days from today. Is it going sideways from here? It looks like it. You can use that bot and test or do something else. I would rather use this hedge bot and see how it goes.

At least it's different this time. Others use hedge instead of martingale. At least you see where this is all going and play with the energy. Anyway. This kid is discussing his christmas gift for school. What is there to do. I don't impose unless it has to do with safe and rights. Then i go in there.

But this is where i am. I have files processing while i was away. It's not even halfway and it's a lot already. It keeps the pc quite busy. We leave in two and half hours. How to use up the energy? You look into source code. You've been here 90 days. You've seen it all anyway. You'll know what to do when you get there.

This is trusting the synchronicity. It's effortless if you looked at it this way. Then you know it's part of the process. I did not go but it's still there. Then i trust this timing. There is something here and i see where this is going. Not that there is insistence or epectations. I am open to what is here and now.

Right now, i have this weekend farm bot running. I am testing on live servers. What will be will be. At least it's all here and now. I don't know how things will turn out but i am open. I have a new phone even and i did not ask for it. It's going to pay for itself. I don't know what's next.

What else to write. I feel better already. Should i write a book? I can do that. It's an option that's open for now. What's it going to be about? This experience through contrast and you use up the energy this way. You are open...hero is open to synchronicity. Things happen and hero is able to turn things around shift inside. That's how hero can change and come out on top?

Not on top, but it seems that it affects him in a positive way. That's what the job thing is about. And then you trust the timing. How come they don't know that? Maybe there are a few pokcets of here and there. Other than that, it's there for a reason. You used all that negative energy to get here. You used it for a positive reason and you got positive effect out of it.

This is what the story is about. It's how you shift frmo the inside no matter what you see on the outside. You need plenty of negative energy to sift through. This is why you are here. You put yourself first. Then you can use this to shift. It accelerates you. Then you can make something out of it.

Should i start writing it? I am already writing it. I don't know how it's going to be but i am writing down ideas here and there. Anything is possible. Then let it be there for you. Should i get that as well? I can do so on next payday. It's part of my process. It helps out charities even if i don't get anything out of it.

Apparently it does. Price is testing entry parameters. If it goes then it goes. If not, do something else. London is about to open. We go out at seven. I have to pick up two kids and then wife. Then we go to that foodcourt. The kids love it there. Price is testing entry. Let's see how this goes. I adjusted the trailing stop.

If it goes then it goes. This kid knows how to cook rice. I taught him? No. I showed him how but he practiced and he got better doing it several times. I think the others know how to make rice as well. They just don't do it as often. This kid here gets to practice much. What happens then? Eventually he is going to know just by looking at it.

It's not an exact science anyway. How to do this then? It has a trailing activator. You don't have to worry about this. I think the entry params were met. Trade is on. I have more files processing. I think this will finish in time before we leave. It's been an hour.

Now what? Get to the other side. I have pics on my hard drive and it rotates now and then. Not all of it is processed though. Now that this is done, what happens next? I keep repeating that. Soon as the local mind gets busy, i get in the zone. Then you know what to do. I cleaned the car. Next i shower i clean the toilet.

I clean the car once a year around spring or summer. I'll do another set at autumn. I can do that. I slouch. You sit in front of the pc. What else can i do here. I have meat in there that i can eat. Is there something else you can do? Just finish writing. I can post these and then i'm off to something else. At least it's moving.

And then what? Finish writing. This japanese cheesecake is so soft and delicious. Next i get that is one year from now. I am in transformation mode. Then you go there. I like the metaphysics of it. I learn much from there as it is all energy anyway. I can move these files to my phone. If it keeps to that then you have continuation.

I am almost done. Two kids at home and i can take a nap again. I type fast? I miss writing. Soon as things open up i'll get back to it. You never cross the same river twice though. How do you getthere. Trust the timing. You get there in perfect timing. It's going to be so effortless that you wonder how you put in too much effort before.

How? Trust the timing. What else is there? I don't know yet. Will this continue to drop? Could be. London is opening in five hours. Plenty of time for this to process. I can take a nap when this is finished. It's at halfway point now. Bands are pointing down and then it can pick out where to go. This is the last time.

I am done.

no news coming

i have negative energy. Looking into source code shows insistence and expectations. How to be in the moment allowing what is? Just be and am aware. I hada good walk yesterday although it got a bit hard later in the day.

The gout is flaring up again. I've taken meds. It is swollen. I may have to revert back to taking care of self mode. Go for quality. Do one year and you can finish it this time. Break for birthday six events in the coming year. That's one break every two months on average.

Most of the breaks are going to happen in the first and last quarters of the year. I can live with that. I'll have enough in my bag to get through anyway. Eggs and tuna are my staple. I made it through last week. I learned a lot. I can make this coming week as well. I learn more with every call. Why is there negative energy? Insistence. You want it easy.

But the contrast gives you more feedback than easy road. Is there a better way here? It can be. It will be. You are shifting through infinity. You will find your frequency. How to get more out of this? I have enough bus money to last me through next payday. Let's get right through it. These two are going at it again.

The others are still in bed. If going to the mall, they need to get up now and start moving around. I didn't move that bike and it's alright there. Maybe shift back the codes? Not really. I am quite pleased with how things are. I will adapt to it. This is the default. The other is passing through. It may take two years but it is still passing through.

What happens in two years? I could be moving up the ranks or something else. There'd be plenty of others and what's relevant is going to be there. Why do i keep using that word? It's habit. Now that you are aware, you can choose to let go, or find the reason meaning behind it. This way, you get something out of it.

What's for lunch? We can go to that mall. I used to eat there. I can look around or i will bring my own food. That is easy. I can get them chrome bags after christmas. I just need to get through this one process and i'm done. How did she do that? It's a scam artist in the making? It looks like it. But we are done with that.

Once they are defined, they move out. How are things going to happen for you? I'm not sure. But you know the drill. You can take care of yourself either way. You saw that happen? That was feedback. I can use it as such and see how it goes. I don't want to write for someone else. I write for myself then. What would it be. Give me short stories all the time.

Like this situation. Status quo is quiet at home. Then things fell apart with the business. I got greedy. Things spiraled out of control. Everything happend in one week average. Now that you are aware, how to respond differently? You are now in balance lost phase. Where does that shift happen?

It is happening slow or fast. Then you have contrast. Then you have echo. And now you are back in contrast. You use the different response so the other becomes an echo and feedback. Now you respond in alignment. Then you bring the changes permament--everywhere you go. The definitions are more solid.

It brings all into the dsr.soon as it's lined up you have shifted. And then things are back but different. How soon will you get there. That is expectation and insistence. You can switch things around now that you are aware of it. These two are still sleeping. You can go for coffee that way. What to do on tuesday?

Just take it easy. I can go out. I can drive this kid around. I can hang out in the library. Get out and live in alignment. Make it a different response. Is this going to hurt much this time? I have enough food in there. How did i get here? Was it all that junk? How come? The body is not as efficient? It still is. How do you change that?

I'm not sure yet but if you when you trust that it's here for a reason, then you get something out of it. Are you going there yourself? Even in the darkest night you still have your light. It's up to you how to use it. Everything is there for you now. How do i change things? You change from the inside. Look at your source code. You see what's off?

Then change the definition. I already did. Now the negative is an echo responding to something else that's in your head. It's ok to be there. You can allow your self to be in negative but is that the energy you want to hold for your self? I don't think so. Then change it. Use up the energy if you have to. You always have choice. It is not given to you, it is yours to give yourself. In every situation, you have choice. Choose how it's going to be.

That one was long. It's still connected for you. Do i take a nap now? I can do that later when we get back. It can be a much longer nap. When is the other headphones coming in? I'm not sure yet. Maybe one more week. She knows when to push. If she knew that was part of the job, would you have taken it? If not, then do something else. You can always get another job.

Why did she let go of that one? Not enough support. At least she learned something from the experience. Now she can use that energy. What time are we going? It could be just an hour there and here. Where to have lunch? I'm not sure. I can clean that car tomorrow. It don't take much to go there. You get more resources that way.

Then it's going to be part of the expense? It could be. You have the bot running. You can tighten things up later on. The thing is, it's on autopilot. That's why you have this. It don't have to get homeruns. The bot only has to sustain itself. Is this a better thing then? Market is going to go sideways.

Should i trade a different pair? Which one? Cable? No news coming out until later. Is this going to move around much? Can i look at something else? Brexit is going to move this pair. I can check out the charts but in the meantime, this is where i am. I'll use this as a vantage point. Put yourself in that energy. Then you see the reflection.

It's all here for you. What would hero do? Hero redefines things. Looks to the light. Stays in the light. No need for expectations and insistence. Hero knows he gets something out of it. This is the attitude moving forward. How do you know you are on track? Hero keeps to his energy compass. This tool shows him what's in his source code.

Why am i drawn into that. Even the gout hero uses to fine tune his energy. It clears things up for him and it started yestrday. Tomorrow is day three. You can go through the darkest storms and you will always have your light. Know that it connects with you. The storm you project yourself. It is your creation projection.

You put it there because you get something out of it. How does hero move forward from here? You simply allow. You choose your energy vibration. This way you are resonating. You are on the lookout? Not that. It's more awareness and being conscious of your energy. I like that definition then. Are you coming with them?

No. We go after she gets back. Why was that the top of the list? Does it look for behavior on the page? Let's finish writing so i can get on with my day. What is in store now? I can go to takapuna and come home from there. How much time would it take? I'm not sure yet.

That version of you has a different energy frequency. You see the contrast? Use it as feedback. Then you can shift into it yourself. Now they've left. These kids grow up fast. And then what happens? You put it out there. You move the energy around. This is how you affect creation. It all comes from within.

What would hero do then? Lining things up as always. They don't get it that way. And it's fine. Hero sees the contrast and he uses that anyway. How is it going to be then? You talk that way to them? Everything is always different and yet the same. What where is that coming from? You saw what happened there?

It's the awareness. Finishing up and then you can go. He can choose to come or not. But you have this here with you. Use it that way. Finishing this and we do grocery tomorrow. Can you illustrate things that way? How many of them are up there? Is it legal that way? I'm not sure yet.

Finish up.