it this way?

This thing didn’t almost open earlier. It didn’t. I had to close the app and go through other means. Had weird dream. It was about dark and had negative stuff about it. I guess it’s my contrast. You always have this when moving forward. I write more then.

I can get up a bit earlier to write. How much time does it take? I got up before seven. This is late wakeup for me. i’m not attending the charity this time. i’ll go next time my schedule seems fit. I wasn’t really planning to. Synchronicity now confirms i’m not going anyway.

What happens now? Get to fifty two weeks. I now have one week under my belt. I used the time for testing the bot. It gained six percent plus this week. I’m testing the other variant. let’s see where this one is going. Do i have to reinstall to clean up system? Not really. You have much to do if so and i guess i don’t want to go through that now.

Can you create a similar app on linux? Why not? it’s a simple database app using gui. It can use mongodb or postgres. i’d go for postgres because of the bazaar. You can even create one as a web app. This way, more people can use it. How can you do it for security. How tight will it be? Then this is what they are after, the database.

I see where that is going. Where is this located? It has to be local for easy access. How come it’s not as effective on the training room? What is that noise? I can do two pages easy. I can expand to three or four soon as i get to two. But for now, get the habit. Make it a habit and it gets easier for you. There were two. They knew about it. What happened there?

I don’t know. Where did that come from? Can you use it this way? It takes a lot of time to do that but you can make something out of it. This gathers data everytime it’s activated. You then process that data and make it yours. So you make database apps an use it that way. How to go from there? I don’t know but it is interesting to go there. Not today though.

I can put that out for later. What is that button do? It looks like something for config. Let it be so. Leave it as it is. it’s being clear about these things. I can look under the hood to fix that or not. Then i can find something else to play with on that side of the road. let’s fix that thing later.

You can always pull out this file easy from the menu. cat’s here. How come that one don’t work. Maybe there’s a trigger of sorts. i’ll look into that. I didn’t set anything for this one but to be sure let’s check. What else is there for me. it’s been eighteen years. That one has the look of envy? it’s disconnection.

She don’t think she has access to creation. Then it’s about this and that. You can redefine when the energy tells you something is off. it’s not in alignment that way. I used to write a lot. let’s get back to it. Can i do yoga? When they leave for church. I think she has work later. Are these two going out? I don’t know. i’m not sure they want to.

Then keep things moving around. You have much on your plate anyway. Where to do yoga? On this spot. At least i have the playlist. It keeps adding this way. This is how it’s connected. I walk-abouts a lot during the day. that’s part of my day otherwise i sit on my butt all day. it’s not relevant for me that way.

What can i do about it? Expand on this one. Maybe you want to try a different skillset. Start with what interests you. Go to a dealer and see if you get financing. You start from there and you teach yourself how to ride from that. You then hone up your skills then take the test. You have a quiet road here to play with. You have much roads to travel then.

i’ll look into that. How to get there? Fill up a form and see if you get approved for it. From what i see you already have this much. But let’s see how this goes. it’s a partnership but i have the business running on the side. Then this is what makes it work then. Some are like that. Take care of each other. This is how it’ll work.

it’s because you are all connected anyway. You look after each other that way. I think you see where this is going. How to find one? I don’t know yet. These boxes have to go. The rubbish goes out tonight but won’t be collected until tuesday. Monday is holiday. They don’t work holidays. Take them out tonight though just to be sure.

This is what makes it less better? that’s not the right word but get on with the day. I will see what opens up for me. For now, finish up then post.

still no internet

Sept 28, 2017
i don't have to know how this will turn out. All i know is that this event is relevant and it's in my experience. Trust the process. I get hired then good. If not, life goes on. I tend to get frustrated but that's part of my process. This lets me see what's in my source code.

Last night was great. Still no internet and we get the modem delivered in three days. I think the tech will come monday. If not, then this too is part of my process. Wife shared her data last night and in an hour, 4gig was used up. There's six of us in the family. This here is my process.

You keep saying that. Because i can use different source code and the one that works for me is one that integrates everything together. I can use a negative source code but that only brings more pain. I had a three hour sleep. I'll have another one later in the day. Last night before dinner was also a good nap. I wannted to have more but joined them at the table.

I get back around noon. Tomorrow we drive son to prize-giving. It's a fun event rewarding good behavior. He put in a lot into the team and trained consistently for it. He did get out of his circle. See the ball hit the ball is navorski mindset. Things aren't bad. They're simply neutral and it's up to you how to put meaning into it.

I get ready at six. I get my clothes and everything then head out at seven. Is it going to rain? Bring jacket and umbrella. It's a long walk about half an hour. I'll take it easy. I have directions in my phone. What else is there? No internet so no reddit and email for now. No applications as well.

I'll do the laundry when i get back. Who is that? It's all connected for you. I moved files around. Finish this one then move on to the next. Will i get that language? Why not. Then you can expand more on this and see how it goes. Is it connected? I think so. Then you can travel to that country as well. This beach is where i am going. That's a nice butt. She is doing yoga. I can do a handstand.

I do yoga when i get back. This house needs more windows. How to get that. Leave the door open when you are home. Wife wants that close and it's fine as well. You know how to make these things work. You can go there or not. I have about two hours to write before i go. Which one will you wear today? That grey or blue shirt. Maybe that dark slate blue charcoal color shirt.

I have socks. What else? Bring bag. It's all there anyway. I have transport money. I meet wife for lunch. I am getting my life in order this way. It's part of my process. And this is zoom. I get how that happened. I guess it's all here and now anyway. I don't have to go there. Just be in here to see what else we got.

I know what to do differently nexttime. I got greedy. You know how these things go. You can make something out of it this time. I try axitrader this time around. We'll see how it goes from there. I think the spreads are pretty much the same. Is it a judgement call? Perhaps. If you are manager this is what you look for.

Then it's all the same anyway. What else can we do here? Trust the synchronicity. I use linux. I don't have to go there. You can try that part again, or not. How many are they hiring. I don't know yet. You can test drive a lot of things. Is technology eating up your business?

It's a tool. Use it that way. That is a great place. You get this lined up and you see the experience then. The neighbors upstairs are moving. They might finish everything over the weekend. Then i set up laundry in the garage. You will know these things and talking to non-tech is simplifying things. When you have enough context you can simplify things.

If you do not have context then you cannot explain the basic premise. So it's not about having knowledge but understanding the big picture. It's why arch linux was in your experience. You learned about the operating system that way. You have stayed linux since and learned much. This too is the process.

Wife sleeps. I sleep in three hour sets. Daughter has work tomorrow and weekend. We can go there. Or not. Simply be open and it all falls into place. I write much. She cares about you. It's good to have this. It's all connected this way. I get this or that. Let's see how it comes up with an energy portal about to open.

What does that mean. Birthdays and special occasions you come create a portal that is meaningful to you. You don't really need such occasions but it's like a milestone you use when you are not yet ready. When i get there then...this is how you connect with the energy. Then you can process it and use it up. That's how you shift. Navorski movie. I liked that movie. There was alignment for me there.

The ending though was a bit off for me but it still worked. Son walks to school. I wonder if he goes with anyone else? I think he is the last to go. This is what it's like then. He has grown up much. Who is going to wake him up? I'm going to be out anyway. I can check if that balance came through. I do so after i finish writing.

I can't post these today. There's a week of lag from here to then. I can set something up ina folder. Or not. You have a lot of things to consider. You have role-playing and i can answer most questions based on previous context. I wonder if that be enough. Or not. You have much in store in here.

Do you cover everything else? Talk about these things. Then you can take things to new heights. But this is what's in store for me here. Is it about these things? I don't know. I came in late to the party? Not really. There is just something here for me that's connected.

Then that has served you well. Now you see the connection. It got you going down a path. Everything is like this connected. Trust the timing. Even this pain i feel is here for a reason and it's all for you. Which one do i wear?? I don't know yet. Them rooms are a bit off. What can you do about it. I trade bands.

Now you know the difference. Let's see how it goes then. Smoky got back to the old house. He went under that bridge. He goes here and there. I think that place is more relevant for him. Maybe i can go check up on him every now and then. He is connected to her favorite human and this is family for him. It's time for him to test his wings.

How do you use this positively? See it as part of the process. That it doesn't have to be bad...just zero meaning. It's up to you what meaning you put into it. I bring that headphones. It's better for listening outside. I can't go with wife as it's cutting it too close. I like that lifestyle. Everyone else is looking for that.

You can't think of it and not say it. You are here for a reason. Simply do your best in a given here and now moment. This si what you do with the magic. I have my bag in place. I think i'm ready and good to go. I get home at noon. If it rains, does he have his umbrella? I think it's there. I have my water bottle in the freezer.

I put the son's water bottle in there as well so he'll have something cold when he goes to school. Wife has to make lunch for them so she gets up early than usual. I turn this thing off soon. It absorbs water. I can put that in the bathroom later on. How to bring in more air into the house?

It's not separate from you. You are the reality you think you live in. It's why i connect that way. I have a source code that's more positive in energy. It integrates everything into the equation. This is here so it is relevant for me. Then i trust the synchronicity. It's all navorski energy for you.

How do you write such a story. I don't know yet. But i was connected to the wife. And that moment was good for both of us. Now i get things into place. See how things go from here. Now i know better. This time is different and i learned much from the equation. I transfer funds when i get back internet. Or not.

It's all connected anyway. I will see how things go and get back with you on that. You can simply say contract ended. No extensions. It's all up to them anyway. Maybe it is this or that but i don't know but they know why. I was rather new to technology and perhaps didn't know how to use the knowledge.

Now it's different. I can get things to work this time.

Sept 29, 2017
i thought i let the cat out earlier. I opened the door again and he was inside. I guess i didn't see him come in. I gave him three chicken legs already. He stayed on this time. I guess he figured out where he wants to stay.

The assessment yesterday was ok. It could have been better, but that's thinking in hindsight. I did my best given the circumstances is a better description of the process. That's all that's expected of you. I like that ass. I'd like that all over if she were here. How come it's not like that here?

The next or succeeding ones will not have hangups. That's too much baggage for me. I don't have to deal live with that. I go to work there it's a long walk. I guess this is the process for me. There is that bike shop there. I can get me a bike then ride that back and forth from britomart. Where to leave the bike then?

Maybe there's a bike locker somewhere i can use. I can do the same from here. So i'll have two bikes both sides of the equation. That's not bad. How do you maintain each one? You spend a day on your free time maintaining each. That sounds interesting. I can go there then.

How do you bring one to yourself? That ass is so perfect. I am not able to upload. I guess this is where i am. I can check emails from today and see the feedback. Is the other chair better for you? It feels like it. We'll see. When i get regular then we can move again to a solo house. That's going to work this time? There is the trading biz as well.

Also there's opportunity for machine learning. I can go there and see where that's going for me. I can show the projects i'm working on and take it from there. That's a neat looking engine. I'm going for ktm as my first bike. It's good for touring as well and i get panniers with the steup. I can get triumph as my second bike. Or maybe i'd make that my first and get a ktm later. It could work both ways.

There's so much to do here. Training starts on the sixteenth. I have two weeks to get busy there. I wonder what happened to that one? It worked did it not. Then you do not have to concern yourself with that. What are my other options here? I don't know. Trust the process. Trust the timing. I can drive them over as i need to drop something off the post office.

Then i'm going to get busy the rest of the day. I'll take a nap later. I told daughter i can't drive her to work anymore. I need to get back to the real world sleep pattern. Or not. If i'm already awank then i can do so. But she needs to develop relevant habits for her work. I'm going to have to pass up on that. This chair feels low. Use this for watching tv.

I think daughter uses this for her pc in the room. I'll use that other one instead. This is more ergonomic for me. Plus i tend to keep my lower back straight and lined up this way. What's it like to own one? You clean it regularly. Where to park? There be spots all over the city. They should make it cheap parking for these things. Then i can look more into this then.

What are the available options? I can clean the car. I'll see if that opens up for today. Someone else is up and awake. She's going to get ready for school. This one leaves earlier than usual. It's a much shorter walk coming home for them. The bus to the city yesterday was an ok ride. I can transfer off at smales but it's easier this way i'm in no hurry anyway. Plus it's a much longer walk from britomart.

I have two weeks going for keto headed into training. What keeps you busy then? I don't know. We'll see how things go. You commit to something and then you can see how things are going to do. You clarify your frequency. I am using keep more often now. It's my reminder where i'm headed. This is the path for me then.

What do you do now? It's not my schedule but i get a free time here and there. I can spend time with the family on my free time where they can travel to the city that way and get dinner go see a movie. That sounds fun that way. What else is there? This is what it's about? You keep to the light. Then i can leave at five or six. If shift starts at seven i leave after five.

Will there be a bus by then? I think so. I can bring my bike going there. It's going to be cold but it's part of my process this way. So be it. What are my other options? I don't know yet. Are they profitable that way. What else can i do here? You know more than enough. How many do you need for that. You see where this is going? It's arbitrary and subjective.

You want to make it all objective. I do things my way from here on in. They can choose otherwise or not. I hava path. I see the frequency. It's all part of the process then. Or not. It's still connected that way. I am slouching. Not good for your back. I am clearing up my frequency. That's the pth for me. It don't matter what's on the outside.

Will i be able to post all this? I was exhausted yesterday. But it's always different this way or that. I can learn this and see how it goes. You can understand all this. You simply practice all this when you have the time. The commute is good practice for you. It's friday. What happens now? I think she'll want to be there.

Then you can make this work for you. You don't have to pigeon-hole yourself into a corner. You are multi-talented and can adapt and thrive where you are. Is the cat still hungry? I'm cleaning that up later when it's light. I slouch. I do yoga today. I can do it right here or in the kitchen. It don't matter.

Is term about to finish? I think so. It's the last week for them. Then they can have more time at home this way. I see where this is headed. Then i go start work when they start school. Everything lines up. I am open. This is the energy for me. I don't have to have plans. I can simply stay in the moment and see how it goes. Do you have to see what's happening here?

I have anxxiety. This means i have expectations. If they are starting up a batch, how many will it take? I don't know yet. Is that you hoping? I see. I can let go. It's all connected anyway. I go where the path leads to. The internet gets connected next week. It's all about connection. How are they doing now? Did they come back?

If they never changed a thing then it's going to work out for you. If not, you can do something else again. You see what's in there for you. Trust the process. You know what's here anyway. You can run the bot on london open to new york. Or you can start from tokyo session. You can setup to get them activated on those instances only.

I see what you mean. I'm going to go there then. This is what's in q1. You get them going there and you see where it's going. You need only two maybe three won't hurt. You know which two you need to be in active mode. I'll remember that then. Will there be exploratives? Are they having loud sex upstairs? It sounds like crazy sex sounds.

You can look into these things. After they go i can have coffee up there. Or not. It's all mine anyway. I can move the laundry into the garage and not have to worry about that anymore. The son is going to take charge of htat now. Is he? I think so. He takes over almost all of the chores you are doing. I was dead tired yesterday.

Then it was good for you to rest. Then she went to bed early. This way she can't complain that she's tired. Go to bed early. Stop watching these mindless tv while you do online shopping. The latter is fun but the former is just noise you run in the background. Everyone can go to bed earlier. And it's going to be a prerequisite then.

I get that now. I can adjust my schedule this way. If we finish at eleven, it's going to be a different pay structure. I think they'll start off at regular times to get them a schedule there. I can live in that. Why don't you. I am on my way now. You can test that or not. It's still connected for you.

What happens next? I can make me some coffee. How come it's still dark? I woke up at three thirty. I had about four or five hours sleep. That's well rested for you. This is what biphasic sleep cycles are. I can take a nap later in teh day. When they are on term break, everyone goes to bed later and get up later as well.

That's part of it all. You don't have to go this path. You already are have started on it. You simply clear up the signal. You minimize. You allow. Then it happens all for you. You manifest sooner. It's that quick this time. You know the drill. Let's get cracking here. Soon as internet is back, set up the test.

I'll go with axi this time.

Sept 30, 2017

different--i can tell some bikes just by looking at them. This here, the engine looks like classic harley the milwaukees. This one has a customized look to it. I could have used s but went with z out of habit. They get the message anyway. I can make changes before publish anyway.

The cat stayed in. I wonder if he's looked around his new neighborhood. It took a few days for him to get used to it but i guess he knows where we live now. At times you allow and everything falls into place. How can that be? Maybe it's true you need these things and you can make something out of it then. What happens next?

You test the mgrid bot and see how it goes. I can also fund the account and get things ready. What other things are relevant for you. I think i slept four hours this time. She has data so she can text. She'd be in there by now. Do you want to send a message.

Wife might want to know if she's at work. I recharged her phone. Dinner was good. We have these moments anyway. I show them how to be independent. Things fall into place this way. You can always do something about it. The cat is back through that entrance. Do other cats get in that way? I need to check.

I can have coffee but my body is telling me to clear things first. I think the message went through. What else is there? Everything is where as it should be anyway. I can charge the phone later. If i'm free for the weekend and there's a charity event i'd go. It's fun to give back this way. I also got my sleep back anyway so i can resume work with them.

I was off last time because of sleep and i felt like i wasn't contributing anyway. I can be a copywriter and help with the message but it takes more than just a weekend to get things going. Still it's a start and i can add more to it over time. I wonder how wintergreen is. Is she still at it? She had some good skills worth passing on to the next gen.

Maybe it's all about these things. Cat is waiting for them doors to open but they close it for the fleas. He can sleep in the house as is. It's connected that way. I collate these so i can post when i get back online. I can create separate updates for each day. This way, it feels like it was still continued.

Albany looks different last night. How come i don't go there anymore? I can look into that possibility again. Let's get going there and see how it goes. These are hot ladies here. That is so much better. I can go down on that valley. It would be nice to be there. I can fill that need by going around in circles. Let's see what doors open up this time.

How much time do you need for these things? Two hours plus travel time. I can take uber coming back. That's going to be a possibility then. What are my other options here? Only that you clarify frequency. Make signal clear is a better phrase for it. It's what i do anyway. There is negative in there but it only gives feedback that i use in a positive way. So you turn water into wine.

Maybe that's what happened there. It is a matephor. It could have been metaphysics or some other physical grounded explanation. Them writers made it esoteric to show who's in charge. This way only he can do it and it's hogwash fairytale. It looses its credibility. I wonder how others are still in on it.

Maybe it's what works for them. Maybe sounds weak. Perhaps gives a different perspective and sounds better. Then use that more often. When do you use maybe. I don't know. Start using perhaps moving forward. Is this going to be fun? How am i going to make this positive? There is the trading bot i can use.

I can meet people. I can learn about these things. I have much in place here. That generates a lot of income. I think you see where this is going. You only need one percent each day. Then let's see how it goes. Is it really possible that way? I think so too. How do you lessen these things? I don't know. I can do a rewrite and make it work perhaps?

This is some view. You can resonate with that you know. It's all here for you anyway. You can use it for positive or self purposes. It don't have to be negative unless your intentions were so. If that's the case it comes back to bite you but you can also turn that bite into positive.

The keyword is open. Be open to what is and you can use up the energy in a positive way. It's beyond three days now. I think it's down to two days, at most twenty four hours. That's going to be fun for you. You now know how to use the energy. You can move forward with this. You put funds into that account and you can expand from there. Now that you know, shine forth.

Is there something else here for you? No reply. She's busy working hit the ground running. She has data. She'll reply when she is good to go. You get positive feedback this way. Is that a good job for you? Why not try it yourself? It could work that way. You can focus on that. Brother can do that when he gets here.

Then let's get cracking on that. I think we can support him this way. It is what it is. Maybe migrant workers are doing this for their own good. Does govt crack down on that? It's a good way to get around anyway. You can take care of your own this way. What are you driving? I can look into that economy. Who else is doing this?

Is there a story to it? Why not go there? You might need a new car for that but you bring the bro here he'll use that in a good way. You get what the energy is like. Let's get cracking. You have a way with words that way. Given time, you can make something out of it. This gives you time to work outside of walls. That's the creative process. Do you want to do that?

It is interesting. I can give myself a promotion that way. I think it's imperative they get level up in market share anyway and they'll use every help they can get. How do you move up then? Simply send an email. You can look that up yourself. I have the book with me. I use that to leverage my way up and expand.

I think you see where this is going. You can talk to them one on one that way. I can even make the websites better. How to get more under the belt? You can do so on your free time this way. Then i can see where this is going. Let's get cracking on this and see where it is. You can do anything once you make signal clear.

That's all you do at every moment. What's in store today. Last day of school was yesterday. It don't matter if it's like that. They are sleep walking anyway. You get how these things work and you can use this to your profit. How? You get to the other side this way and that. Do python and linux. It's your strong point. Most servers, nine out of ten are linux anyway.

How do you leverage that? Cloud computing looks like it. Go for linux and you can never go wrong this way. Do admin stuff and see how it goes. You don't have to get busy. How can you help with that? I think you see where this is headed. How do you get more under your belt? And what's unique about it?

Not like copywriting. Then you see what you can leverage here. Do this and doors open up for you. How can i get more under the belt? Do i even have time for them? Do three hours writing it up. The rest of the day is for work. Eight hours and maybe nine. Then you can do other things when you get back. Do research that way.

This is my edge here? It is a solid edge for you. I can use them copy. It's already there anyway. Plus you get one gig once a week. I'll get right to it then. I have more than enough time to make that work. What else is there? Tell the story. You can always make something work this way. You get what the message is about.

You know how to make it work. Give yourself a promotion immediately when you get there. That's expectation. You know how these things work. I can see where this is headed. You can give them a free taste and then let them see where it's headed. I have time for that. I think you see that you can make something here. You can give them ideas with this.

Let's see what happens then. What else is there? Folks will look up information on these. It's something else for you. Let's get started on this right away. Where can i find a box or wood to add to that thing? I will look around then. Can i order toys?

Why not?

October 1, 2017
i had insight this morning...inflation insurance. You pay premium to insure that your money keeps up above inflation. After 12months you get back your money plus 50%. What's the catch? I can make one percent return per day. I give you a fair share for keeping your money with us.

How to use blockchain with this? Go through python and blockchain tech. You'll see what needs to happen. This is why i write. Someone must have come up with this idea before but didn't know where to get the money. Something fell upstairs?

They still there. How long does it take for them to move. This place is in china. These are mountain regions and it'd look col to ride through it. You can do so on bike. Then let's get to it. I can get me a bike to get around in that place. But where do i leave it? Britomart sounds good. Where else?

Is someone going to get it? Then they need it more than i do i guess. Why not a motorcycle? It's going there. It's there already, i just don't see it. This is the path for me. It's the unfolding. Etem is the key now. I go three hours this time? At least three hours before the next meal and eat less volume.

It's all connected this way. I write every morning. I get about four hours of sleep and i take a nap midday. That's more than enough for me. We move this couch outside. Where so? In that parking? I think so. I have three kids plus me and the wife. I think we can move it quite easy.

No laundry. We sorted them out last night so whatever is left is what needs to get thrown out to charity. Handed over to charity is the better set of words for it. They move out and we take over the garage. Next one comes and use that other side of the equation. What else is here? Daughter uses uber to get to work.

If you are visitor visa you can use uber to support yourself. How great is that? You only needs to get a car. That's how brother can support himself. The students who come here can do that. It works only if when you own the car. If you pay to use the car then it's not profitable for both parties. How do you get him a car?

Use my business. Then it works out that way. Is it going to be his car? Not so but if it's in my name then that's an issue. You create a corp for it then run the business from there. You have a holding company for it. Tomorrow monday and the tech will come get us connected to the internet.

Everything is here and now. You simply need to clarity the signal and you project that reality experience. This is the equation. You aleady know that. It's how everything is connected. How did this happen? It's something occur over thousands of years. There must be an element that triggers all this. I forgot the word for it.

No need to push things there. You know it use it that way. That is hot. How to line up with that energy? You put yourself in that frequency. You go where they go. Then you can have the projection reflection. It's all here for you anyway. You know how these things work. What's the downside? That it wouldn't happen. There's this one chance that it's not going to work.

How do you move out of that frequency? You hedge out of it? I think if you made that indicator work with your bot you have a good shot at making it work. I'll get everything sorted from today. I think it'll work. What am i missing here? I can do something else. Everything is too tight in that direction. You can use something else. It happens every four hours. Why not use that time frame instead?

Or do day swings? Martingale on the other side so you can see these things happen. You get more than enough in there anyway. Can it go through an opposing move that way? It should be. You simply martingale on the other side. You open a position on that side of the fence.

Then i can look at the charts and see how it goes. Then you can make something out of it. I have the indicators and bots in place. All that's not here is the juice. You see how it's all connected anyway. Let's get going then. You've seen this one before. I take a nap later. Are they going to church? If so they don't have access to it.

We can move things around later. For now, only do this. It's almost six but the sun don't come out until around seven. The weather was good yesterday and i finished the laundry. Today i clear up my clothes and move them on that side of the equation. How to feel better about this? I can use some template engine. I've used jinja before and it wasn't so bad.

It's good to get between the legs there. That's where heaven is located. You see a lot of these in there. Let's get cracking here and see how it goes. You can make things happen yourself. Even if i had that i wouldn't go there. Would i? We'll see how it goes. You now have more than enough room in here. What else do you need. It had to happen.

You got something in the process. You simplified everything. Now i see the channel. I am now shifted into that frequency. It's that simple to bypass time and space that way. The ego has a lag in its perception. You trust that it's there anyway because that's how creation works.

It's already in place because this is what consciousness is. It's part of the equation. Now that you see it you can let go. You don't have to go there. How do you heal that way? You forgo the lag. You simply put yourself in the signal. Then you are in the light. Then you see the feedback.

So it's resonance and feedback. I see. That sounds so much better for me it works. Now we see the unfolding. It's here and now. What happens next? We do python. Why not javascript? You use lightsail and have everything in there anyway. It's all here and now for you. You test for thirty days and then you are live.

How about the url? It comes when it's there. Trust the timing. Then get right to it. You don't have to get a backend dashboard but if you need it you can make one yourself. I think it's in the cookbook. This is how you make things and then you circle back on a spiral and everything is the same but different. It's all in the frequency.

You get what's here because you are have it in you. If it's not all this is invisible to you. That's why she doesn't get it. But she gets a glimpse every now and then. I was so sleepy last night i fell asleep instantly. This is what i do now. If she prefers her tv show then she won't have me there. It's that simple anyway.

You have this in place now. I don't have to go in her reality. It's not what i prefer. Only what i prefer and synchronicity is what i experience. This is my projection. I am tired writing. Maybe i don't have to write. I can do what interests me. This is my light. This is what happens at each moment here and now.

Then i have it in place. I got rid of old materials. It's time to bring in the new stuff. If that means having to move out then so be it. He chose this and i make my own choice. I don't have to be responsible for her. I am responsible to her. There's a subtle difference there. Once you see that then you are free.

In a way, you are not leaving her. She did not want to be in your light. Things work for her just the way she intended it. Then i don't have to get her out of anything. It works perfect for her. I allow that. But it's not what i prefer. I want more. I prefer more in my light. Then the tracks are slowly moving away from each other. This is part of my process. Trust the timing here. If she comes into your light then this is so.

But what if there was more to this experience. Everyone in the equation will benefit from this light because it sets an example they too can use down the road. Then you allow for this to happen. This is the equation then. You have more than enough. Trust the process and you will see it go. Python because of the data science and machine learning library.

You can add these to your web thing and process everything in the background. It all works for you this way. It's fast enough anyway the hardware. It don't matter much because it's all fibre broadband anyway. We get that after we move next. Where to move? A different flat uphill with more rooms. I can use a man cave there.

So be it.

October 2, 2017
one percent, here and now. That's all you need to experience a shift. The rest of it, you are in the moment. It's about changing your response. She hot. How do you connect with that?

It's not in my context so i guess that's not relevant. But it could be a carrot to get me to move in that direction. I can go for that. I can sort one percent if i had to go there. Then play with the energy. Is the tech guy coming today. What do i have to do to learn all that?

Maybe i can go deep into grey. Will i have enough context to play with? If so, that'd be nice. How often do they come up? I'm not sure. Once a week or so. Do you get more cs positions? I think so. But i don't have to go there. I only need to clarity the frequency. You write in chinese grammar and you pick up hte grammar.

I have much in my todo list. Python is consistently there so i go deep into that. The design pattern sounds interesting at this time. Is this something that interests me or is there negative tinge to it? Sounds like the latter. Get on with your day and you'll see how things go. I can divide up the possee and see how it goes. This way, i have something in place.

Do the bot thing now. It works and it showed positive results in backtest. Then i can see if it's going to get something out of it. The dots adjust during current candle. Is that good or bad? At least you see how the current price affects the indicator. But why not just use moving average? It's connected to that somewhat.

I drive them to work this time. I have time. The kids are home anyway. I can be back by the time they get here. One or two is going to be here anyway. I can leave behind a message for them. Let's get right to it then. I go that way and go this way next. What happens next? Traffic is that way, i go this way.

Is that anxiety. I can play this game i installed yesterday. It's not as exciting this time but that's how it is. You can check things out as you go along. How do you make that into text game? I can figure it out as i go along. It's a series of ideas. These ideas you can write out as a story. That's how you conceptualize the game.

Do you have to do android? It gets frustrating that way. I get what you mean. In the meantime, this is where you are anyway. They need about ten to train. I'm thinking it'll be twenty to fill up a class. This will cover attrition the first year. Let it be so. Find your one percent each moment. It's there. You simply clarity the signal.

It goes beyond the money. It has to be intention. It has to be something that's fun. You know where this is going anyway. What time do they get up? Sometime around eight. Things happen faster then but you have this energy. That one was delayed this here is an old image. I'll see to it later on. Vera was in the dream--or the energy somewhat.

Those were fun times. What happened? I had fear in me? It felt like it. I guess i can get that context back. This here is enticing. How do you get to that energy? I don't know but this is where i am right now. Trust the timing. You have two weeks to get everything in place.

Was i too early? I don't know. You are trying to make it work? It feels like it. Why the need to get up early? I make changes. My reality experience is a metaphor to what's inside of me right now. Clear up the signal. That's what is happening. This is the path i'm on then. Let's use up the energy and see how it goes. I go for a walk later.

Is this a waiting game? I'm usually have them come in morning time. Trust the energy then. It's all here for you. Tomorrow we can do something in there. Then you can see what comes out of this later. For now, only do this. You can go out and hang out someplace else. I see what you mean.

Should i get one? I think so. It's relevant for you. You need to move things around. And then it sits there? Perhaps. Or you can use that to move garbage now and then. That sounds good. Let's do that. You didn't have to but that was how it was back then. You can do this or that. It's all the same anyway.

I remember that time at my parents' office. It was a small family back then. There was camaraderie. And then things changed. The energy was different. Or was it because i outgrew the energy? Perhaps that's what it is. You outgrow them when you shift. Is it the same around here? I don't know. You can test that. You'll see how it goes.

My energy is different. You have it in you. You have context now. Let's see how this expands. At least this way you get to see how the equation goes. Do i have to do martingale with it? It sounds logical that way. But when market ranges you get hit deep. It's the same anyway. I add to the account every payday.

Then you can make something out of it. You simply turn off the bot when bands contract. This way. You are out of the equation. It has to touch one side at least once and then you can turn bot back on. What about charity event? If i am free that weekend then i'll go. If not, do something else. I think they are done for the year.

I have a free different context until the end of the year then. It's a portal coming up. You get how it's connected but as intention. No expectations. You know the drill there. Upstairs is bigger because of the hill. I see what you mean. I feel like we move again at the end of term or something. I can have son be in charge of moving. He can hire packers and then move. That takes the rest of the day.

Is that relevant enough for you? It feels like it. I slouch. I can have coffee now. I didn't have dinner last night i felt sick. Was it the water? The bottle looked different and i don't see them anywhere much. Why did he alarn so early? Maybe he's got plans there. Where did that water come from?

I did not know what time she got home. I've shifted my vibration. I guess i saw how much i wanted control but it's an illusion. You go inside and change from there. The echo follows later because of the environment. But it's all in you anyway. How to do today? Synchronicity. Then i can stay here and see how things go. It don't take much to get there anyway.

I can go the other way if there's too much traffic then. I have my phone on anyway. Let's see how things go from there. I slouch. I move things around to make room for everything. I clean the car. There's not much happening here in my schedule so i'll go through each item.

It's what timing is about. Then i can see how it goes. Sunnynook then glenfield. You know the drill. Which way though. That path then cut through that one. You have stoplight so you have a gap to go through. That's how you connect with everything here. Where else can i go?

Through that valley. That used to be home. I get what you mean here. Then it's all here for you. It all falls into place for you. How did cat get there? What's he doing? Did he go out to poop? It looks like it. He has been toilet trained then. How do you do that? Set the intention. I get mean sometimes. The kids know that.

It's when i get frustrated. Then you know what you are doing. There is no more pattern when you are aware. Is that what you do? I am aware of these things anyway. I get to eight and things move around in this house. What's up with that water? It must have been the wife. She was last up. If it wasn't, she could have seen it anyway. I'll test that through the day.

Cat is going to take a nap now? This place seems cold. I see what you mean. There's more asians here this time. I guess that's what you see. Then so be it. You can look into that equation and see how to use up the energy. In the meantime, i'm going to get busy today. I have two kids with me. The other two come back later in the day.

I can make changes more later. In the meantime, do what's in front of you. That's a lot already to get you busy throughout the day. I made it through the hard part. It's time to let go now. You don't have to control everything. The hard part is letting go? It is. You change from within. The dimension is different.

This is what i do then.

October 5, 2017
i'm feeling better now. I am not writing much. I have ideas so i put them here. Maybe later something comes out of it. We'll see. I don't have to plan ahead. Soon as i'm in a more relevant environment the details will fall into place.

Right now, if nothing is there then nothing is there for you or you may have expectations in place. What's happening here? Too choppy price action at this time. It's not going anywhere. What can i do about it? Look at day chart but it's too out there. You want to see something else here.

Price action like that you don't want anything to do with it. It's too wide. What do you think is there that you can play with? That level looks solid. Hour candles showed failure on that level based on atr. Wife takes the bus from here. Soon as i get started she'll take the bus more often. Son is the last to go?

It's the westlakes that go last, depends on their schedule. It's going to be similar yet different in all ways. What can you expect? Nothing. Simply be in the moment. Everything is here and now. How do you join that competition? There was no trades there for you. Then do nothing. You can use that one but it's best you do things this way. It's not going anywhere.

Dead in the water is what it is. But still you can't use that ea. Create a new one based on insights. You have two weeks? At least one week. You'll get connected soon. When it's in place everything will happen. You simply place orders and then it'll get filled or cancelled. That's all you are doing here.

Do i go for one pip wonders? Go for trailing stops. You are trading in that direction anyway. Do price open and close triggers. That looks credible enough to trade. You can do moving averages and that makes things more interesting for you. I thought i've recharged that already. Charities i can still go when i have schedule. My sleep is back to regular.

What to do during the day? Write much. You can go into that realm. Explore it with local mind. How do you trade this one? You don't know what's going to happen next anyway. You know much about this market. Is there a way to trade this better? Should i do fifteen minute charts? I can have a look. There are patterns there for you. It's good for a hundred anyway.

If that were the case, why not go for fifteen minute charts or five minute candles? That is a possibility. Let's look into this and see how it goes. But you want to automate this. Then do so. You can still go for trailing stops. Don't use those. Create the one relevant for you. Is this the story here? You make that and you have the universe at your feet. Then you can make something happen here. How do you make them stops?

You put that one far away and then move it with a trail. I think that should work. You can test that when it's ready. You can look up details when you are connected. For now, pla with the idea and you'll see where this is all going. What else is there for you? I don't know. You can't play around much with those.

It's a much shorter walk from here. You build it up from here. You know where this is all going anyway. Finish up and you'll see which doors open up for you. It's all connected this way. Trust the timing. What can you do about these levels? These are deep spreads but i've traded bigger spreads before. I can look into that or not. You want something that moves more steady.

Should i have a look at ej? I can. You want three days up three days down. Is there a different pair that can do that? Look into swiss francs. There seems to be something there if i remember correctly. Two weeks fortnightly payday. You are now going to run things in your head. Go for balance. Go for zero point perspective.

This way you are in touch with everything. It comes to mind and you go there. How do you trade that one? I'm not sure yet but there are recurring patterns here. You look that up and see how it goes. When you go fulltime on this again you'll have perspective. You will know what to do about it. Trust the timing.

When it's not here then there is something else for you. You know the drill. How come they sent one to the old address? I don't know. But the account is dead in the water anyway. What was that for? I don't know. But only do this and see how it goes. I guess those are for closing transactions. Then so be it. It's only money. You don't have to give more attention to it. Your awareness put it where you prefer.

How do you know it works that way? Trust the timing then. How do you trade this one? It's a doji almost. I am not trading now but in two hours i am taking meds again. I take a lot of painkillers now. Soon as you are aligned, the body will clear itself up. You don't have to spend much time there. This happens on a cycle? It seems like it.

Once a year and i'm prepared for it. I'm ready. I know what to do now. Are we still on? I don't know. We shall see how it goes. Maybe the wife can take these two. Maybe they can go themselves. What are my other options here? You know the drill. You get what's in the frequency and it's all automatic. You don't have to push things around.

There's a lot in here for you. That one would have been a cool mantingale trade but how do you close for profits? That new atr. You can close them on that or something similar. You can do bands trading on the hour chart. That seems to make sense here. That long white would have been a good trigger for you to close things.

But since it failed on the atr tells me i can do something else. I think you see where this is going then. Open at m5 then close on the hour candle. How do you know that will work? Look at price action. It's all there for you. It's transparent this way. You can make something out of it. Connetction is key but you won't get them otherwise? I don't know. But this let's me take pause to reflect on insights. I get something out of it. I'm not doing this for anxious.

Then you have much in place here. What else is there for us? I think you can finish things up in the library. You don't have to. But when it's in place, you can run the bot and do some trading on the side. Make that bot. You have everything you need. Use trailing stops and hedge down when you are not in positive.

This is the simple equation. You don't have to go play on that field if it doesn't interest you. Auto-bots interest me and i can do this all day. Now you see where this is going. There's a lag but you see the reflection projection anyway. You get feedback along the way. I can take on grocery and still have plenty left over.

Then you know what to do next. I don't have a lot of baggage here but you get that level in a year and you are good to go. There is less pressure this way. What else is there for us? I can get her a house. It's going to be under the company name, then rent it out to her. The cash flow will then be generated that way.

We'll have enough to cover for expenses that way. I see where you are going. It don't have to be specific this way. I can look into that and see what's happening. I need to shower. It's been three days. What else is there for us? I think you know what to do. Simply write and finish this one. You'll know what to do next. I have this here and we'll see what comes outo f it. I can use that level.

How do you connect then. You can look that up and you'll get what you need that way. I can get connected this way anyway. I don't think they test things out but if i can get signal from here i can get connected that way. You are not doing much anyway. Let's see where this is going. It's not exercise. It's simply interesting.

And that's how you work with synchrocinity. You can go there but trust the timing. You can see where it's all connected anyway. I can reference that and i think the package arrived anyway. Then i can have a talk if needed. But for now, everything is in echo mode. Trust the timing. It's all your self anyway.

I can go this way or that. It's connected anyway. Do i give them a call today? I can do so later after lunch. This so we can be sure they didn't come. Then we can have something. Is it that hard? Are they too busy for these things? If delayed, why take several days to recover. What's happening in the background?

I think i'll go through that seminar again. I can do a network comptia thing to get ahead on that. And then i can do android dev or even ios app dev. That may work out for you that way but it's not linux. You can look into this one here and see how it goes. You have enough tech in there to see where it's going. Then you can go into training and talk about these things.

Maybe we can build arch linux and help them understand the process. You can do so in virtualbox. How many days will it take? I'm not sure. One hour with supervision. That will work.

October 6, 2017
i had a good night's sleep but woke up to pain. Why is that? Was it the meds? I did not take them before going to bed thinking i can clear up my system this way. What other pair can i trade here? Eurchf? Sounds good. But is it consistent? You want a pair that's consistently moving steadily.

I don't think any of the previous you've traded will work here. But keep an eye out for them. You'll see it when you see it. Bitcoins are good to trade if your bankroll allows it. Since it's not here then it's not relevant for you. What else can i do here. Should i be funding the account now? I'm not sure. But this is hwhere it is.

So be it then. We have a strong aussie. It's pulled back below that level so it must move around that or go to the lower level. It looks bearish at the moment but bouncing back to test resistance. We'll see how that goes. How to trade this? Buy on strength, sell on weakness. Can i still do that insurance thing?

It's tricky. You had better call it something else. You carry the risk. Minimize that and play it that way. What else is there for us? How much does it move from here to there? I think this is a good pair with indicator to trade. Is there anything else you can do here? If soon as the atr starts moving then you can trade that. If not, do something else.

Like what? I don't know. For today, just be open. Wife won't be home until after midnight. This pound is weak. What happened? Then you are not to close anything. Look for a retracement. This is what the insurance inflation fund is about. To provide enough buffer to withstand pullbacks and breakouts. What's the best way to do this then? I don't know right now. That was a bum move there.

Would i have traded that? I think so. But probably not after a move like that. I guess if standard deviation is above a certain level then you do not trade that indicator atr. Itt's not going to work but so is weak too much. Or if them bands are too narrow. You want to catch the whale moves. How to find them? Bands seem consistent at this time.

We get internet tomorrow. Daughter's friends, all seven of them are coming over tomorrow sometime lunch. Do we have enough food in here? Should i make something? Let's see what the wife thinks. Maybe she'll buy some junk food for them. She brought the car with her so i don't have to go out later. I can walk, take the bus. She don't want me to extend myself. So be it.

This is what my days are now. I have cash flow this time around and i'm still trading. I get a job to get buffer fuel for the bot. Once it's in place, i can retire two years max. What's different this time? Bots have fuel. They can withstand moves like those. I'll trade this dragon. Do you have to look to news? I can turn off during those times. We have nonfarms coming up.

I tend to forget what i was doing here. I need another pair to trade. Which one will it be? Look to euraud or something like it. Or...daughter asked me to teach her how to do the laundry. It's her new job. I pay her ten bucks a week to do two or three batches. That's fair enough i think, for now. Soon as i leverage things i can add more to her fund.

I teach them that if i'm productive, then she too will benefit from the harvest. But not all businesses will do that. It's why you need to be selective. I think you hit a good thing here with two degrees. Why not. It's just that their marketing sucks right now. How can you help there? Send anonymous suggestions now and then. I can do that.

Or not. Just be in the moment and see what opens up. I'm not really keen to doing marketing as a job. There's too much false expectations and yet they do clever antics. It's not going to work that way. I would rather do marketing for my own business. And i am going by way of online ads. Do they work? Of course.

When i search for something i usually find a business to work with. That's how get around. And it's a global thing now. You can rely on your own ship to navigate these waters. Is it going to rain today? Internet comes in tomorrow. Do i take a nap soon? I'm not really sleepy but i have this healing in progress. I can go to bed early later.

Or not. We'll see how it goes. It's a friday. I don't think this market is going anywhere. How to trade this? Set up your bot for london open. Go one way then go the other way. See how to trade this bands. When it goes outside, that's when you trade. That one is a headfake. How do you avoid that? You simply move on. You can't do anything much about it anyway. Then you ride the wave. Price is now below 200.

Is that good or bad? If connection happens tomorrow, i can sit this one out. There's plenty to do anyway. I can prioritize things so i'll know the path i'm in. Then i can expand in every direction. I am different now. Things have shifted. How do you get on with all this? I'm not sure but this feels neutral now.

Then let it be so. I need to check the weather. Is there anything else we can do here? I can give her some money tomorrow. How to get them? I'm not sure yet. We'll see what we can do then take it from there. For now, only do this. Then we can see what happens. She's been a big help anyway, let's reward good behavior.

And what else can i do around here? I don't know. She's a good kid. She makes me proud. Let's keep this on and see how things go. For now, all this works perfectly well. Price tested atr. I think the bears are losing steam here but it's still in bear country. It's bound to go sideways from here. But will you run the bot that way? I don't think so. How to trade this?

Hedge with quick in and out. How do you do that? Simply put it in then hedge out of it. I'm not sure you want to do that. What else is there for us? Maybe do them one pip wonders and see how things go from here. Was that a good movie? I think so. There was a lot of action going on in there. You could have dwelt on the loneliness. But it's all different now.

I like stories like that. It's going to continue on this way. That had a big effect on that kid. He is going to strive to be better from there. How do you do that? I'm not sure yet. Maybe he'll take up martial arts classes or something. Maybe even do boxing. Nothing fancy. Boxing plus judo is good. That covers everything then.

What else needs to happen here? Is there a dojo i can frequent? I think so. Look it up. I don't think i can go as often. It's different here. Why not open your own. You don't have to teach. You simply go and train. If anyone wants to train with you then so be it. I can get a warehous and convert it that way.

Sounds like a path i can follow. We'll see how it goes. For now, trust the timing. You go forth when the light shines on the path. If there's nothing there, then let go and see what's opened up for you. It's all connected anyway. Nothing in this market now. That's a low spread. They started with two persons. That's amazing. And now they have white label.

Maybe i can go there and work with them. I'll see what i can do. This here is a stepping stone towards that path. I can go check that out and see how it goes. They will need someone in customer support. It's a growing business. Let's see what happens here. And then i can branch into something this way or that.

I think you have something going for you. Let's see what doors open. Trust the synchronicity. Then you can expand on more when you are in the light. Light or dark, it's all connected anyway. I don't think we can go on feb. We are going to have to move it again. Move to when? Next christmas sounds good. I think so too.

Wife is going to meet up with bros. I can work with that. At least they get to see the kids. They might meet over dinner or something. The energy is there. We can work something out and see how it goes from there. At least this time, i'll have enough cash flow to get things going. Why not bring them in as shareholders?

I'll look into that. I am learning much about these things. That looks oversold. Is it time to go long here? Not quite yet. Look to atr to see how price reacts to it. Otherwise, is there anything else we can trade here? These two look good for now. You can do something else later on. Or not. But there is always potential. I think that one is news.

There was news a while ago. The bands don't look right there. Should i be watching this? That machine don't sound so right. At least we have a trolley next time this breaks down. Every household should have one. It makes moving things around so much easier. This is my big room now. And then all things fall into place. Or not.

It's all connected.

nationals won?

nationals won. I guess we'll have more of the same. It's time to widen my perspective. How do you do that? I write first then post. After i finish, then i'll have my coffee.

Everything is connected. This doesn't mean it's negative. It doesn't come with a default meaning. You are here to put meaning into it. This is your path. They are powerless anyway. It's just the illusion that they project. You already know this. You have been creating just fine all this time.

I guet pockets of contrast now and then but it's feedback i can use to expand. Then i'll have my coffee. Today i start moving. We can make something out of this situation. I'll move this one pc table into their room. Or maybe for one other daughter and so she can have a working station. Is there anything else here i can do?

If i got that table then we can have it there. For now, trust the process. There's phone calls i need to make. I can cancel that then get a new order on the other side. That fits in perfectly anyway and the savings are enough to cover for it. Besides, soon as the bot starts trading, you can get it back.

What happens this week? There's news for eur around friday. Nzd has news as well. That's all i can cover for now. Was i able to sleep? It felt like it. I had a dream anyway. What happens now? Keep to your light. This chair has a good spot over there under the shade. That is perfect for coffee. I can make a better picture for myself.

It wouldn't necessarily be negative. You already know all these things. And then some. I don't have to watch them. I am matching frequency here. I am much closer to that so i can practice my motorcycle skills. And it don't cost much to go around to that side. Son will have a bit longer walk coming home.

That's part of his equation. He goes to high school next school year. Plus they go on term break by friday. We could have chosen to move by then. Anyway, lets continue writing so i can finish these. What is the frequency? If you don't know, all for it to be at zero for now. When you see it you will know. These are details in the reflection. You already know that.

You have intention set? Yes. It's outdoors and enjoy life. No need for competition then. You know how to make this work now. Do the thing fill the page and come the right timing everything will fall into place. Do i trade more lots or trade something else? I trade two. This time they work together. What am i on the lookout for?

Market opens. Trust that this is so. I guess those that made it no longer go to them forum. Or not. I see where this is going then. It's not about indicators? I think so. It's more about something else? I don't know. It's about perspective that's for sure. It's how you respond to it. Then everything else falls into place there.

I can make a pizza oven that way. You simply put wood into that and the pizza cooks its way in. It's bricks and cement. You can make one yourself. It is going to be a good project there. You can have that in the north. Rather, it's the house in the north. That be nice to see things. They are coming with new season?

It's going to be next year. They made this short because the actors get paid a lot this time. It's been quite a while but that's how it goes. They made good this time. I have a project. I unravel it over time. For now, i do what's relevant. I go to sleep later when my body says so. For now, i only do this. I have lunch late.

There's bacon and hotdog. Is there egg? I didn't check. I hardly have egg. There's also sardines. I keep this house for a week for trading. I cancel that order to move house so they keep the connection in here. There's not much to do anyway. I am moving providers. So be it. Were we ever with them?

I think the wife bought vodafone and we used that for a year. That's before we switched to orcon then. I think so. What can i do here differently? Response. Look at how you response. That's where your prower lies. It's where your creation is. It's aphysical world. Then you bring heaven on earth.

This is how you have ascended. You know these things. It's light time. You don't have to go to bars. It's more shallow? Not really. It's all about appearances and trading on the illusion. I know what it's here like. I can expand on this then. This is what my path is about. This is what i do.

Soul rider? Something like that. I finish writing then get on with my day. We finish moving by tuesday but still have something in place by then. Who is going to be at home. Daughters could be home. I'll check that out. I can walk anyway. It's like an office i keep. So be it.

What's next? Finish writing. Then i can make coffee. It's a motivation for me. I can take a nap later in the room. It's going to be a long one. I keep to this anyway. How will things turn out? I don't know yet. You can cancel if it doesn't work out that way.

Would you rather do big pipe? It is a possibility. At that price without modem, it is expensive. Go for something with modemm built in. This way you have extra if you need it or someone else needs it. Do you have to be sour about it? No. You have a choice. You can see the illusion or see what you create with energy.

This is what it's about anyway. This kid gets up earlier than usual. Things work. It's perfect as it is. Then you only unravel the experience. I think that's the word there. What's she looking for. These kids grow up fast. What do i do here? I have shifted. I have twenty years to that but i am extending it with the arrival.

A lot of things happen then. You are a key person in the event. How will that be? You are writing much. You have chosen the frequency. You are a contact person in the event. Trust the timing. You will get more message as the frequency unravels.

Then i can write about it some more. It's not going to be about that anyway. You have a different universe. A different reality experience. It's the same for everyone else because they are not aware? It feels like it. Then what can you do to help? Shine the light. Be a beacon in the dark. There's a lot of misinterpretation.

How do you play with that energy? Be in your own light. You don't have to force everyone out of their cave. That's going to be painful for them. Just shine your light. Those that wake up will see the light and know that the night is over. Then they wake up. And it's easy to be in the light. It's more fun in the light anyway.

Can they pull you into the dark? They can't because they won't see you. You choose to go in the cave because you see them there. Otherwise, they are powerless in the light. Rather, everything comes up in the light and they can't handle the light. Then you can just be an example. This is easy?

It is. That's what all this is about. You have transformed the energy. Now you can use it. This is why i write. I write much andthen get insights from it. The next charity event is next year. I can be a sponsor if i so choose. Or not. It's all connected anyway. I see what happened there. Was he asking for money? It felt like it.

Now you see. Now you move forward. I can help out in the next seeral but not immediately. It's not yet relevant for me. Soon as it's relevant everything falls into place. Daughter has work today. I then pick up later and then busy through the rest of the day. I do a lot of things here then. It's the start of a new day.

This is what you do. I guess so. It's not lazy or laid back. It's being responsible to self and everyone else. It's making my own choices knowing that i am responsible. That i can make my own choices and have the other end of the stick. This is what it's all about.


move on now

i couldn't sleep. What else is new. I have interview tomorrow and my head kept running through the different scenarios. At this time i'm going to go for the 'admit defeat' platform and explain why i can be the better candidate--i have no place else to go.

It makes sense as others may be physically capable but soon as they get a better job find one, they leave. That cripples your team and you don't want that. I think that makes sense. I can take a nap later on at around six. For now, it's good to write and run this bot see how the market plays out on the london close.

This is what i do. It only needs one percent. I don't have to keep this bot running all day. What to do next? The broadband is going to be off for several days worst case scenario. I might run this bot on eurchf. It doesn't move about as much and i'm not sure if there is news coming. To be sure, i will turn on the timer.

The bot runs from london close to london open. Is that enough time? Should i even run this bot? We'll see. If i get this job, i have two options. I may have to set timer anyway. Or i can run a different bot. But it's going to be offline for several days. You don't want to go there. What can i do then? Turn it off when you get the job. Get back when you go online.

That makes sense. That's what i do then. We move tuesday next week. We sleep there tuesday? I think so. We check back every now and then. How to turn over keys? I don't know yet. We'll know when we get there. She's pissed off i get that. Who wouldn't be. I allow that. I integrate this into my experience. It's part of the whole. It's my process. So be it.

I don't know what happens next. Simply be open and trust the synchronicity. I guess that's it, that's where we go now. Start off addressing the elephant in the room then build up from there. Soon as i get to one year i don't have to go. I can either move to a different department or something else comes up. I'll open up to options then. In the meantime, do one year.

I'm there to lose weight anyway. It gets easier after twenty one days. This is the plot then. I see where it's going. So now i have a process for the interview. I can stop thinking about it now. How do you make it stand out? He has needs. He needs a team that will deliver results. He can get someone else but their good resume is also used to get other jobs. I have no where else to turn to but to make my resume good by doing a good job--commit to at least a year. Then things open up by then.

Why would he want that? Wil it work? It's time consuming and takes a lot of effort to hire and train someone for the job. You want people who will stay. Is that his main concern? That's one of them. What else? He is responsible for check-out. It's to move people out so others come in and give customers a pleasant experience.

What else? If you were manager what are your wants? I guess that's it right there. I can focus on that. What do you talk about then. Price is headed to moving average. Should you be concerned? It's them bands. You want candles inside near ma not on the bands. That tells me it could go down. Wait until it's inside.

Then i do nothing. Trade price on the inside. Soon as they ride them bands you can't see a pullback soon. Getting back to writing. How do you get started. Point out the broken cv. I'm committed to stay for at least a year and put that in my resume. But it's a good company. I see that people are happy. There's a good chance that i will want to stay and explore opportunities then.

It's difficult having to move. I'm sure there be salary increase on a regular basis. I'll take that and see what i get out of it. Is this going to trend? Europe is about to close. I don't have to explain all this. It's confusing. Stick wit that plot. It's going t owork because it makes sense.

Let's do that then. Is there anything else i need to know? I'm not sure. Only that it's here anyway. I didn't get a call this time so i might as well do something else. I don't have to go there. Is there a notice? Of course there will be. I write. Wife had cramps earlier. I can doze off for an hour then get ready to go. I have everything in place?

I think so. Let's get cracking there. Finish writing. How far do you wants to write? It's them bands that concern me here. What else is there for you? I don't know. It it going to be like that price action? It looks like it. It's going o ride them ands until it doesn't. Then you can trade that. It's closing soon anyway. Let's see how it goes. It's been like that for a while now.

There you go. I turned on bot for euraud. I think it's about to go nowhere now. Let's see how it goes. How far down? Test that ma then bounce back. Price tests back them bands then figure out where it wants to go from there. If not, then see what happens. But price seems to have stagnated at this point.

How do you convince anyone? What questions do you have? I know i should ask questions but if you are not going to hire me then i'll be wasting your time anyway. But if you hire me i am sure questions will come up as i do my work. I think i have better context asking them then. For now, the only question that matters is when do you want me to start?

Is it going to be that easy? I think so. If he doesn't answer that, then there's a good chance i go look for something else. So be it then. This is the path. I am ok with that. It can go this way or that anwyay. What can you do here to dsr everything. What would it feel like? How will you respond? The response is key and it ties in with everything.

I respond to let's take a nap when i feel like it to help the body adjust. I'll be in the sun all day. That triggers everything. Plus i'll be dead tired coming home. Maybe wife can come pick up? That'll be fun i think. Or not. I'll bring bike and ride the sidewalks. That makes sense too. What else is there anyway? I leave at ten and i get there in about ten minutes.

That's more than enough time. Is this more than enough for now. Should i turn off the other one? The spreads are pretty close anyway. I don't think this is going to go deep anyway. Price is headed into them ma and it's right next to each other. I can watch videos. Or not. First finish writing. I am not a writer now. I guess so. I am more a baby sitter to this bot.

That's good isn't it. Yes. And then i add incremental improvements to that other bot. I get ideas and it comes back to testing. Then i can see where this is going. Does it go as low as that? It's where it's supposed to turn bac. That's hot. Who is that? I don't know. You see the contrast there.

Things have turned around already. You don't control that. I see what you mean. I see that. Is it rude that way? I don't think so. I am being practical anyway. Then we can do something in here. I can move on now. I see what you mean there. What did that lady mean? Surely there are other factors. Then i will find out when i get there then.

I see the people working there. I think it's about people skills. You want them talking to the customers making sure they have it right and in and out faster so they turnover sooner. Or not. I don't know how things go in here. I am excited about this. Why do i have definitions otherwise. It's contrast. At least i am aware of them.

Can you write about it? I already am writing about it. It don't have to be fancy. It's going to be like this for a year or so. After a year, the bot will have sufficient funds to get me a bike. I'll be processing that account as well for the corporation. Then we make things happen? It's my second wind in place. Aha. This feels right then.

What else is there? I'm not sure. You can take this as far as it will go and see what happens. It's righ tthere anyway. What else do you go for? I don't know. We'll see. It takes a while but this is my time now. You see what the horizon is like? It's like sunrise at dawn. It looks bright and serene. How do you see more of that.

It's on the milford side. I'll find out what it looks like then. For now, i write. I finish writing then take a nap later. That's more than enough for me. I tried sleeping but it didn't work. Why is that? Is it cold? I can get me a blanket then. This is going nowhere. What can i do here? Turn it off later before you go.

I'll do that. Then this has to run on the cloud. I'll do that when this closes on profit. For now, this runs for another three hours or so or until i feel sleepy. I don't have to force it. I feel sleepy, i take a nap. This is what i do now. I finish at noon. I get back later. Son is at home. The other kids maybe at home as well.

All is as it should be.

that's not me

i've figured out what i am doing next--rock climbing, getting out there. I'm done climbing up the business ladder. It's not supporting me. I would rather have a business that runs on autopilot as i travel and experience the world.

I guess that's it--to experience the world. What is another way to define it. Experience different perspectives? Something like it. I am triphasic. I have much time. I go to bed sleep when i feel it otherwise i am up and about. No need to fight this. I am using it.

What is a typical day like? Exciting. Interesting. Contrast. Zero point. Chocie. Opportunity. It's all this and more. Being open. This is the kind of life i am living now. It starts here and now. Open to experience. This defines it best. Then that's what we do now.

What is relevant? I don't know. I don't have to know what it is. If it's relevant, it'll be here and now. If not, then it's not relevant here and now. It's that simple. No need to carry other people's baggage. I am done there. I help out when i can but i'm not going to be responsible for them. This is the example that i am now.

If i can't help, then i'll allow myself to be that. I don't have to because synchronicity is there for both parties. How come he's still awake. Does he ever sleep? He had a long sleep earlier. Maybe that's what all this is about? I think so. What can i do about it? I don't know. He sleeps much that's for sure.

Some kids are like that. What time do i turn it off? Soon as it breaks even and closes the grid i'm done for the week. It's a long weekend and i'm fine with that. What do you do now? Simply be in the moment then. I'm not sure what's going to happen next. It's all here and now anyway. You don't have to have rules because that's someone else's.

You define your own preferences, not rules. There's a big difference there. You know how to use this. Let's get cracking here. What's your day going to be like? I'm getting the car from wife. Then i drive son, wait for him while i walk around. Then i come home and see what happens next. I am open to experience?

Simply open is good. Then let's do that. I can do yoga tomorrow if there is the opportunity. I sleep a lot and often because that's how i go now. No need for eight hours. That's not relevant for me anymore. I get up and get going much. This is who i am now. Why was it there anyway. For contrast. Now you know who you are. You have much in your plate now.

I don't feel like having coffee. This pic is pixelated. What do you do now. There are climbing walls and bouldering around the city. I can be a member of these shops. I have much in there. Let's get cracking. Take it easy. Build up skills over time. It's all there for you. It'll come because it's relevant for you.

Then i can look up videos for it. It don't matter if i go out there to climb. The local walls are more than enough for me. No need for others as well. This is what's fun for me now. I get to move around a lot. This is why it's relevant for me. Now i see my abundance all along. It's been there waiting for me to see it.

What's there anyway? Emptiness. Not nothing there but open energy. You can mold this energy anyway you want. It's an energy opportunity. It's been here all along. I wasn't seeing it because i was in a different frequency trying to meet someone else's expectations. Now i am aware. Now i am awake. I have let go. I am open now.

What does it feel like? Liberating. Now i see why it's all here. You can make it work this time? Yes, of course. Set a buffer in there and then move along. Set and forget. This is what it's about now. Then we can make something out of this. I can. Let's get going then. What else can i do with this?

I can start a business on that side? I think so. I have a tent. I have a bike. I can move around now. Let's get this energy on the road then. What happens next? I am looking to turn off the bot for the weekend. Soon as it closes the grid, i'm done for the week. This thing isn't changing. Is it the timer? Perhaps.

Can i change it manually? That defeats the purpose then. You go out there, the doors will open up for you. You get laid more often this way. You bring them to you anyway. What do you see now? I don't know. It's not there. The open energy is there. I get that. I write. This is what i do now.

Your kids can feel your energy example. They want to see that too. How what can i do different here? Nothing. Just write because this is what's here. I can stop but i am finishing this session. Then i can stop. Do i go back to bed? I can do that. Or not. I can leave the contacts on. Where do i hang out and meet like minded people?

Trust the process. You bring them to you. Then i am here and now. Start with easy hikes. You know what to do now. Let's do this then. I can go out. You don't have to run the marathon although if that gets you going go for it. If not, you will find something else. You bring it to you. Is this over-extended?

Maybe. I can trade that on monday then. Trust the process. You know what to do with this. I see what you mean. It's trending? It's like parabolic indicator. It works when it works. When it stops working then it's something else. It depends on the pair you trade. There's plenty opportunity with this pair.

You just gotta be open to it. Is it a moving average. That too is what it is. But will it connect whet it is? It's supposed to be that way. What's happening with the day chart? It looks bearish. If this comes back then you get to short the situation. Let the bot take care of itself. It finds balance through synchronicity.

This is what it's about then. You see it when you see it. If not, there is something else for you. What happens now? Let it bounce back. The session is drying up. I can turn it off as grids close. In the meantime, do this. I can go back to sleep when wife leaves for work. I can make myself something to eat?

I am not hungry. Now i am done filling the void in my spirit. I found who i am here. What happens next? Open. That is what i do now. Let's see how it goes then. The volatility is drying up. Maybe this will go someplace else. I can do that. She leaves at seven or so. I go back to bed and have two hours to nap.

That is good for now. In the meantime, it can stay up here or not. I think you see what this is about. You can go or not. It's all up to you anyway. I pay much in commission but it's cost of doing business. No need to fight it. This is opportunity cost. There's a difference there. Others like to fight it. They don't get how the universe works and they are going to fight you on that as well.

That's funny.

That is how they are. Then you can allow for that to be there. You don't have to stay there. You can turn your back on them and get on your merry way. It's not a block but the universe saying try this instead. Maybe i don't even need this pc anymore. It's getting there. I can have one all the time to connect to bot when needed. I see that. Let's get cracking then.

I have linux and it's more than enough for me. It's easy to install another one. I don't have to stay though. What i need comes to me. It's like a magnet. And it comes in abundance. I don't have to push things to make it happen. Things just fall into place anyway.

This is going to be fun. How can you move forward with this. I can go sleep later. I can do yoga later. There is teh bus ride and it's going to be fun. I can have fun in that situation. I don't have to fight things anyway. It comes to me. Even if i did push it around, the universe pushes back.

That's not me.