sleepy as well

it feels better this way. I was ok working today but they gave early finish. I always take that. I feel more in touch with my self taking that. This is point of interest so i go there. HEre.

What to write about? I write. I can't take a nap i just had a big cup of coffee. I had lunch with daughter. I enjoy hanging out with her. I should have talked more about her. But this is small talk. Lesson learned then. Ask more about their stuff and get interested in there. Get a feel to what they want would rather talk about.

But stories are cool. Stories about the family are good. What happened to that gate? I don't think they spend anything to maintain the house. That's alright. I don't think i'd do the same thing. It don't matter to the parents anyway. They are in a different dimension.

And you don't really want to go there. I do yoga after this. Maybe a nap or something. Then i have lunch. This is how i spend the day. The coffee shop in sunnynook was closed. They open tomorrow. I can go if i go home early again. But tomorrow may be different. We'll see how it goes.

What else is there. I have another set of them glasses coming in on next payday. They should be shipping soon. I prefer these than the ones i have although it costs more. I can live with that. I deserve it. I deserve the good things in life. This is clarity.

What else is there. I can go for a casino job. But isn't it better to be on the table instead? HOw many poker tables do they have anyway? I can look into that. Why not go there some time. I can do that. I can even take a seat there and see how it goes. Apparently, the games are soft with more tourists.

I don't know how to play that but it is softer unless you play with regs. You may have to schedule a full day in there to see how it goes. I can bring headphones in there. Or do something in that nature. Let's see how it goes then. Why not go for something you enjoy?

It is something i enjoy. Let's build up capital for that and see how it goes then. HOw many tables do they have for that? I'm not sure. I wonder how much are the rakes are. I can look into that this time. Do you have time? I can go on my days off. Weekdays means these could be regs. Weekends and you have tourists coming in.

I can watch cardrunners. I learned much from them. Not that one. I learned from that one on one game book. I forgot what it's called. It'll come back when i'm good to go in there. You read. You develop reads on people. What if you get staked? Then i play full time. If not, do something else.

Where do you get staked? There are people looking for that. I can play eight hours staright on there. I can move up stake levels as well. Is it going to change that way? I think so. At least i have choices in here. I can shift when it is relevant.

This is itchy but it is getting better. I can do yoga after this. I have lunch then i can take a nap. That's enough sufficient time under the bridge. The kids come home around dinner time. I don't think i have enough cash for another mcdo dinner. I get sick in there. Maybe them two can share that. I'll stick with my routine now.

Wife and kids are back friday. Today she meet with two brothers i suppose. She's probably getting ready for that. She said there'd be less traffic going there. I think so. I'd be back in regular programming tomorrow. It gets easier. Day by day take the calls and it gets easier.

You gain experience. You've probably seen everything. You level up skill and it gets easier in that respect. Let's get right to it then. Should i go for that kind of training? I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I can try that and do something else instead. But if it to be then it is up to me.

Am i sleepy? Finish this. This is where i am. I can write later when i get back. Do three sessions for late night then you can get on with it. This is thrid time? I think so. Then it's going to happen sooner. This is me acting on my excitement. It gets better from here. I have time later tomorrow. I know what time the bus gets here.

Daughter had a great time in the city. She was excited posting pics to the group chat. She is testing her wings. Soon enough, we'll have an empty nest around here. I have seen what it's like. I am adapting to it as we speak. It's part of my process then. What else is there.

It's here so it's relevant for me. I am sleepy as well. I do yoga first, eat then get on with the day. That's when i can take a nap. I didn't get any calls. I logged out soon as they announced early finish. I don't care about the free lunch though. Up there they have more diversity? I think so. People still come here from all over.

This is what an international space station is about. Can you write a story on that? It feels like it. I am getting sleepy. HOw soon will it get here? The glasses got here sooner than the other toy. I have another one coming in. So we'll see how it goes. I'll go upstairs and have that checked out.

You can test at night or some other time. For now, trust the timing. It gets easier that way. I don't think these are my phone cases. They were meant to be sent to the office. I'll see what we can do here. For now, trust that this is what's relevant for you.

No development? I can play with that. HOw do you get from sleepy to yoga? I doversion 2 today. That is an active development. Do you want a different job? I'm not sure. I can look into it. If path of least resistance then i go. If not, choosing path of least resistance is the way to go for me.

That is them trying to catch the old glory of youth. Or something like it. I have seen a lot already. I can make it to the other side on here. HAve i seen one? I think so. Friends brought me there. I was able to see them. I was shocked. So many people were there.

It was a good show though. That fueled the interest and now i'm an active participant. I don't get to look around here though. Not yet. Should i? If it's there and pointing downstream then i'll take that path. In the meantime, i can let go of it for now.

Did they win? I don't know. I don't think o. You can move forward and see how it goes. You feed the snake. Or something like it. This is almost done. I am sleepy. Do i yoga after this or do i take a nap? Yoga, eat lunch, then take a nap. That will be enough time from coffee.

It wasn't really good ceffee. I like those two i had near the library. I can go back to them tomorrow if i have time. If not, go do something else. Did you know that guy? I think so. You have plenty in there look around finish writing then get on with your day.

Am i cooking again? I am collecting stuff. That was cost expense and it's part of my process. I have that until tomorrow. I don't have to spend on anything then. At least this lasts longer. You can look into how it's connected later on. You can write about it even. Or not. But point downstream.

You have this in you. I am sleepy but not quite. I can do that later. I am to do yoga now. I think they meet up at around eight. I'd be home then. Who else is going to be there? I don't know. If i were there, i'd sleep there. I can do airbndb around that area.

Or nat. We'll see

day off dreading

it feels like i'm spending my day off dreading the time i go back to work. There is a better way to do this. I don't enjoy that. Then the definition source code is off.

What can i do to change this? I'm not sure. They all died off one by one. HOw can you write about it then? It was shallow. Even my kids didn't enjoy it. HOw could you have made it different? Talk about the jedi academy. Talk about something else.

They were meaning to put in new things when this one couldn't even hold water. Next time i know better. These last two i was tricked into it. Next time i'll read trailers. What the heck. Why didn't i ask around. Next time i will. I was shutting out opinion then. I know different.

What to write about? It's not what you write but writing what comes to you. There is a difference there. I feel great once shift is done. HOw do i shift into a different reality? You already know the answer. Go within. It's not what's on the outside but who you are inside. It's how you respond to what is.

Right now you dread going there. HOw can you rearrange that? I'm not sure yet. Things are going to shift again come new year. What else can you do about this. I can am shifting my response. I have shifted. It's already different. I am more at balance this time. It's both this and that and the same stick anyway.

Th eresponse is different. So now, i am only using up the energy. At least it's moving forward this way. What's next? You pay some bills. I still needs a tablet. But how when where can i read? Plenty out there. You'll find it anyway. Do you really need one?

You don't even read much. Sure i can. I may need to go to the toilet again. I can clean that before i shower. Do i shower today? Not much to do here. It's going to be cool temp if you shower. HOw come it was too hot in the cinema? Surely it wasn't just the clothes i was wearing. It was warm.

The kids said no. I guess it is the shirt. Next time it comes out, it'll be dead of winter. My head is looking for an excuse not to finish. Go to toilet. I can do that now or later. I can take a nap anyway. HE didn't show up. That was a let down. HE could have simply said no.

I guess he's still not over the trauma. I guess so. What else can i do about it? Simply get to the other side. You know the drill. I can go there and find work in there. You do that. What's that noise. Is something on? I don't think so.

Just write. Then one of these days, something pops up and you can explore that world. You get an idea and you explore that. Then you can write more about it. That looks hot right there. I was too idealistic. I can do something else in here. I think so too. Now what happens?

I'm not sure. Just finish writing. You can toilet later. What else can we do in here. I don't want to sit here dread that time. You can. Use up the energy. You can write about it. What does this character dread so much? It was in the past. It's the past and the future. In the meantime, he is missing out on the present.

That's a cool idea. HOw does he...where does it change for him? What's the turning point? HE sees what he's doing. Soon as he is aware, he can change it or let go. Better yet he can simply be aware and allow for it to be there. That's when the anxiety loses its grip?

Not quite. At least you are aware of it. That's big. Soon as you see it, that thing loses its grip on you. At least it's now a choice that you stay on this. Do they even read the reviews? I would. Then you can see what else is there. Then people crowd over and see what's in there.

What are wife and kids doing there? I'm not sure. I have it still. No need to fight it. What is that noise. Where is it coming from. I can go out for a run. That be fun. I can do so now after i finish these. The sun don't set until nine anyway. It'll be a cool run for you.

I've been steady with this. I have more than enough food anyway. I can make eggs and have that later. But i'm not hungry here. You have plenty of energy to work on. People were expecting that. They didn't play on that well. Why can't they make it right?

They have expectations. Why not write up a fan version of it. You can do that. I've done that before. Then you can put it out there when you publish. I will go take a nap as well. Did i brush my teeth already? I don't think so. What happened there? I'm not sure. It was too much for him.

Maybe there is sometihng here that i can do. What would that be? It's time to move forward. My response is already different. This is echo. I have changed anyway. It happens from the inside and moves forward from there. Anything else that you can do?

I'm not sure. It's only this anyway. Soon as it gets here i can have a look. I'll ask around later and see how it goes. I'm not sure what happened there but i finish early on wed? I think so. I can have a look at my schedule. It's a new year then. Good luck with that.

Are people still out? Will i be able to avail of it? I'll have a look at it. I travel earlier than usual. I can take that bus. It gets me there on time. Let's get going then. What else am i doing here? I don't know. I can ask around. At least it's this way.

It's the structurei don't want. What would the story be about? HOw thii guy changed from the inside even if the outside were solid. Then the circumstance has changed. Synchronicity was there all along. It don't matter if it were boring. Simply write about it. HOw did it happen. What made it happen?

HE simply changed from the inside. Everything about it that's on the inside he chose to change it. Didn't matter what was happening on the outside, he is changing things anyway. You get these and you can change your response to it. I see what you mean there.

Now that you see it, you have already changed it. You changed the energy. This is why it's here. I don't have to recharge later. What do you do tomorrow? Spend time with these two. I can do that. I like having conversations with them. This is day four.

That's interesting. HOw do you get more to the other side? I don't know. Simply go to bed and then wake up. This is what you do. You simply change up the response. I can go to the city and sit in the library. That's what i've always wanted to do.

I can get another gig. That too is interesting and is valid. Or do something else that lets you move around. You like that. You travel much and you talk to people. It's their response. You feel disconnected. I did. I see it now. You are connected. This is connected. It connects to who you are. You get something out of it.

HOw? You see the disconnection and you think you have to make things happen. That's one perspective. You can do it that way but there's a better way. You are connected. It's not faith or hope, it's knowing. It's solid. You can use it in any way you choose. It's all up to you.

It' not a vague idea that's out there.

it's in alignment

i am starting to feel sleepy. Am i or is this just my energy starting to wane. I like christmas lights. I keep the christmas tree lights on to remind me to be cheerful.

Wife and kids are away and it's kinda lonely at home. I do get more sleep but still, it'd be great if they were home. This is a process though. I allow this to be here. I get something out of it. This is perhaps the longest time that we've been apart.

What to do? Just write. Got home from work and i feel like there's not enough time in there. I see it clear now. This is insight for me. I don't know how to use it but the experience is relevant. It's there for when i need to write about this. I remember running websites like low variance poker.

Maybe i can create something that sells information that might interest folks. Better yet, i can write a book about it. I'd like to think myself i write well. That if i put more time and clarity into it, i'd find more alignment. I think i can go there.

I have a new label? It's more like a reminder to be in a certain frequency. I call it clarity. It made sense this morning. I can write that down. No messages from them except the greeting this morning. I guess she's busy. I can initiate but i'm writing. I'll do so later on.

Things are different now. One phone call can span continents and it's practically free. Imagine this technology when i was groing up. The world is a much smaller place now. I missed the early let off. Should i keep that mail thing on? I don't know. Maybe it was not relevant but i'll keep a look out for it.

I wanted to spend time taking more call experience. That new guy is still a kid. It's good that we have new team members. What happens tomorrow? It's going to be a so what moment for me. I'm alright with that. I knew i'd get consequences, i just didn't think they'd take it that far. But so what. This is part of my process.

I see what's more important for me here. I am moving forward from here anyway. What else is there? Only get to the other side. The site was not meant to be found? HOw do you do that? I'm not sure i know right now so it's not relevant for me. If it was relevant, it's pointing downstream and effortless.

What now. I'm not even halfway. It's not bedtime yet so i can will finish writing. I get a good nap in the bus. I thought i wouldn't but i sleep right through it. I am fully awake at around smales farm. This way i am refreshed when i get home. Its at ten when the energy starts to wane again.

What time did i go to bed last night? It was a bit early. I slept right through the night. It was refreshing. Next week i start earlier. I see i'd make it anyway if i started earlier on a weekend. Friday is the demarkation line. I wonder if flight is on schedule then.

What are my options here. I tend to use the new cans more often. I can add funds to the account. Price went back up and the cross might not happen. This might continue on. Let's see how it goes. If that were the case then this is a good position to keep better than the previous.

It's less risk to lose bankroll and price tend to move in a trend. That is every now and then yo uget a range but it is within the trend. I'd go for that. I think there is opportunity there to make more pips. What's up with bitcoin? It looks like bulls are losing momentum.

This might go sideways for now. I can read charts. Should i write about it? I think it's best if you write about how you trade it. But if there's no bankroll involved, i don't think it'll hold water. Then do not do it. It's not relevant at this time. Find something else that interests you.

Going to bed sounds interesting. These kids go to sleep after eleven. I as a kid went to bed before ten. It was different back then. For one, i am not my own parent. Maybe things would have been different? I don't know. That's hindsight and you really don't know how things will turn out.

If this continues bullish then where is the target. I think the bands was overbought. Is this going to reverse soon? I'm not sure. We'll see. It is outside of that thing and it could say bulls are in the game. What happened in that era. It was magic.

Then was it ever the same again? I'm not sure. My interests are different now. The circle i am in is different as well. Then i will let it go at that. I can post these later. No pics from the wife. I think son is bored and might want to come home now. HE's got about a week, maybe less to get going.

I too look forward to seeing them. No more fleas but there be mosquitoes. What to do about it? I'm not sure. Why did price bounce off from there? I don't see any reason. Then you don't have to know why that is so. I miss the tac days. It was fun. I traveled a lot. I missed out on a lot as well. What now?

It was good lesson for me. What do you think happened there? I don't know but if it happened this time, things are going to be different. I know how to respond differently. It's a choice. Now i see how things go different. Imagine you were there, what would you have done.

I'd take it. I'd have fun with it. Nothing wrong with it as long as it's in alignment with everyone's good will. Something like that. After i write i'll turn off seasoning and let it cool down. I'd start getting ready for bed. Ithis the last thing i do for the day.

I wish i had more time. This is the lesson for me here. I know this on a deeper level. It's not going that way anymore. Is this other pair going to reverse soon? Not this weekend. What do you suppose will happen? It's to trending right now. If it did cross, pair is more likely to go sideways.

It's called accumulation at these levels. HOw do you trade it? I'm not sure i want to from this chart. I need to see other time frames to determine wwhere my levels are. At this time, the price is in netherworld. It's neither going to go up or down. Who is that messenger?

I am getting sleepy. Just finish writing then get ready for bed. Anything else you want to do? I am not reading that book as it keeps me up all night. I'd do something else. Maybe get more reading done over the weekend. I can go to the library. I can attend meetups.

I'd look more into that then. What happened here? That guy is flaky. I see that. It's kinda shallow then. You don't have to worry about it. You'll see it happen anyway. There's reflection and contrast. It don't matter much to me anyway. What else can we do here.

Just do your best. Everything will fall into place if you allow it. I guess she's not going to message me. I can go to bed now. Best to turn off this chart so i don't worry much about it. It gets boring but i just cross two hours per session to break time. This seems to work. I can handle one pomodoro.

It is like that but much longer. When the energy shifts, i can make use of those gaps to add more color to my life. This time i can start from here and see how things go. I could have started that earlier. Let's do one hour of that and see how it goes. Is it that or the other.

Does it matter? Just finish one.

can see what

it's lonely? Not really. I have choices available and i am simply choosing to be alone. I could hang out with other people. I can talk to others even strangers. I can stay walk around in the city.

I'm getting something out of this then. I am in the not yet zone. I feel this is the dominiant idea for now. Now that i'm aware, i can choose to let go. HOw do youconnect differently? You can see what that frequency feels like then match that emotion.

This here is nice. HOw do you get more into this? It's both contrast and reflection. I haven't worked in four days. That's a long stretch. Tomorrow we get back into it. The weekend is bogus. I can go to work this weekend anyway. I have a lot of insect bites. What are they?

Mosquitoes if i remember correctly. That was the last meal...wife asked for family blog url. I don't think you can get that from the site. Might as well go into blogger then look for the blog from there. I set hers as admin so she can make changes if she sees fit. What then? Two kids are at work.

I had a long nap. It must have been an hour. I woke up around two in the afternoon. I finished laundry then go to grocery. We needed more supplies. I may have to go back weekend. Two fridays to go. It's going to be quick once you get back into your groove. You know how to fold time and space. That's pain creeping in.

You can shift. You are always shifting anyway. Do i have to delete the old files? Do if you have to. I have kindle. I can read a book later on. Do you need other stuff? I'm not sure. I can get me books if i need them. Otherwise, keep to the light.

What's up with hero? What'shis story? It's the bot. You play with the bot. Make it wider though. It can easily reach into that but you can't really control it. You lead or reflect contrast with your frequency. Making it want to do sometihng may prove otherwise not work. It is the energy you have with it.

I can take another nap. The two kids won't be home early. What to do then? I'm not sure. I can do several things but this here could be an issue. Let's see how it goes. We are headed into market open but in four hours. This is going sideways. But the bears have momentum. Let's see how it goes then.

Price on daily is at moving average. That is support and bands seem to be widening. It can change perspective at any time. You can't lead out with these. You can make changes that you seem fit. I keep repeating that. Son did not reply. I wonder what's going through his head. I do hope he is having a good time.

Is his cousins there playing as well? I think so. They have broadband. It'd be fun when they get here? I am in a position to help then let it ride. Ride the wave and see how things go from here. You played this pair before. What happened? Previous friday was a wild trip. Could you have survived that? HOw else can you trade this?

Maybe go back to that other one and see if that stays fluid. You want a pair that makes wide swings. Right now auds seem to be gaining strength. Is that a good thing? As long as this trends. Am i on negative energy? It feels like it but i am using up the energy.

Then you can make changes if you have to. What happens next? It is positive open signal. This is bulling unless this turns south. It can go either way. Let it be so. You can forget about this and let it run its course. I see that now. What else is there for us? Are we going to have a wide berth on london open? There is four hours to go.

Let it be so then. This might go on a tight range. From there you can decide how to trade it. But for now, let it go. Let the wave take you where it wants to go. That hour chart was tight. HOw can you have survived that? Keep it tight. You might go for bands break then trade from there. That sounds good. You can choose not to.

But it looks like it makes sense. I'll look into integrating that for later. At least wife is updating blog with pictures. This way we have an ongoing photo album. We both contribute to it and we can improve from there. I need to upload more when i have time. She might get a new phone soon as she gets back.

Do i write a lot? Thi is writing. What you meant is expectation. I'm open to pick up. I'm not doing much anyway. I'm going out to pick up.

so this one

i'm sad. That movie was sad. It wasn't spot on i can't live without you kind of story. It was more i'm not sure if there's something there but that was something we went through. Maybe we can explore this path.

Then you do your best. That's all there is to it. Simply give it your best. No expectations or insistence. Just give it your best because it interests you and it's here. Therefore, this is relevant. This what's happening here and now is what's most important and relevant for you.

Son is going to a different school. What's going to happen this year? I'm different now. The response is different. The feeling is different. I know i'll be able to handle it. What's more, i am going to get better at this. I am already better at this. What happens now? Do i go toilet? I may have to do another round tomorrow.

I'm bored so i write. I write about this that bores me. I see insights there. Anxiety is in the past and future. It's filters that are not in alignment. HOw do you teach that? You talk about your experience. You face up to someone. It scares the shit out of you but you level up anyway.

This is the energy you are expanding into. You shift into this energy. And then what happens? You allow for this to be here. You can use it anyway. Then you become different from this process. Others won't like it. That's their path. Not that i'm better or worse. My path is different.

We all have a different path. So this one starts on this date. Is training there. Who is going to do that? It's weird that way. What is going to happen now? I don't know. They are getting more people still. Are they going to let go of others? I don't think so. It don't look like it.

What can you do about this then? Finish the process. Use up the energy. This is what's here for you anyway. Then you can be of a differnt shift. Anything that falls into place is there to get you to level up. You know differently. Is that fear you feel? So i write much. I do this all the time anyway. What is different here?

I thought it was boiling but it wasn't. Not that i'd be relieved that it's over but life goes on. You can see what's here or not. But it's here anyway. HOw do you match that frequency? I'm not sure how but you have everything with you to make it work.

Then you are in that vibration then. It's not this or that. It's all connected anyway. You put in enough notes. You can make this work for you. You have everything in place. Am i being positive here? Or is that negative energy pretending against anxiety.

What is the positive response anyway? When you fail falling flat on your face, what is the positive response? That it's here for a reason. You pop the egg so the hot water seeps through to make it easy to peel off the shell. Then the outer albumin becomes cooked leaving the inner yolk to be not overcooked.

Or i hope think that's what is supposed to going to happen. Then i can check that out tomorrow. But soon as it boils, turn it off or get it out of the heat. Let the inertia cook it through anyway. Is there a better way to do this? I'm not sure. I think there is you cook it for a minute or two then use cold water to stop it from cooking.

I don't like morning shift but this is where i am. Let's get this over and done with then. HOw do you find the light in this. You help people out when you can. HOw could i have helped that? I don't know. If it was for me to help the idea would stand out.

I had that message in my phone. It's lost now. That part of my life is over. What's going to happen then. I'm not sure. Only that this is where i am and the energy is here to use up. Do we go see a movie tomorrow? I don't have enough balance. They can go if they want. Or we can go after payday.

By then people would have already seen it. Let's plan that then. What other options do you have. She's going to bed. This is a different christmas. Let it be then. Let it be quiet this time. You had it anyway. You are circling back but this time it's different. You are on a different river all the time.

HOw to use this then? Allow for this to be here. If it's uncomfortable a feeling, let it sit there. Be uncomfy. Use up the energy. What do you see when you are uncomfy? You see a different perspective. You use this later or now but it's there for you. Put that energy in your satchel.

You might use it later, or not but it connects with other things. This is the adventure. HOw can you learn all that. Maybe you don't have to. Maybe you only need to write about it. Then you go write about it. What's going to happen now? I'm not sure. Use it up and the energy will change.

You've been here before. Things are going to spiral expand. That's a new phrase for me. It's always different. You don't have to be there. You can access that energy from here where you are. You don't have to be there. That comes in handy later on. But now, you are aware.

Is that better than unconscious. It depends. HOw does it serve you? Being aware feels better for me. I can make changes to my energy creation. Then use it that way. What other things do we have in here? It is here anyway. Eight years. I have nineteen in the bag.

That is a lot. It is mothenig for you. HOw did you spell that. Most people do not have that. Again, my process is different. I can go toilet later. For now, finish this. I leave early tomorrow. I shower later i guess. Let's do that after writing. Do i post these today?

I don't know if i can write tomorrow. I get up earlier than usual. I leave the car on that side. It's a long walk to smales though. I think i'll just leave the car there. It's better this way and it feels right. What other options do i have here? Can you park closer? I think so.

It's good for four hours though. Then you can try something else. It comes through you. HAve you ever felt that? I think so. There were instances in the past. Then you can match that frequency and be that writer. I am getting so used o it that it don't feel connected.

I can go to toilet after this then take a shower. I'll have time for a nap later. For now, i finish writing then i'll post these. HOw do you think you can write? I'm not even sure i can. What if someone took it? Then it's gone for you. Can i bring my own stuff? What if sbs?

Then use a different thing. You know the drill. I can test one and see how it goes. The signal is right close and there for you. If it don't work then use something else. I see what you mean here. Then it all comes together. January comes over. When does it change?

I'm not sure yet but you'll know when it's there. It all falls into place and you don't have to lift a finger for it. At times it's like that anyway. There's a new tenant upstairs. It's a business for you. Then you can make it work that way. The lady comes once a week to clean up.

I am free weekends that way. HOw do you trade this week? You can as positions are taken early. Then you can see how far it'll take you. That's the plan then. What other things need to be here? I'm not sure but it's more than enough. I'v lost connection. I am looking to finish these now.


might be realignment

do you really need warmup? What if you can shift into that frequency? You can. It is there anyway. It is you that redefines things soon as you get there. You don't have to, but creation lets you be in that space.

HOw do you use it then? Simply write and get to it. Simply be in that frequency without conditions, insistence or expectations. HOw do you match that frequency. Is that more than enough to be in that light? We are headed into christmas.

Should i have the bot running? Or is it best to sit this one out? I can add to the fund. That is the most aligned action i can think of right now. I can line up with the energy. I can go to takapuna. And do what? I can get a schedule for a renewal of the supply.

What other options do you have? When is your next schedule? I have day off next weekend. I'm alright with this new schedule. I'd be home by the time they too are coming home, i think. They will take uber from there. It is refreshing to be on the way home.

What other options do you have here? I think you have it in control now. I feel better with this. Should i have fun associated with it? Is it easy to go there. HOw soon will the bus get here? I think you know how it's doing now. It is possible to enjoy this.

What else can i do about this? HAve fun in the city. I can go to that shop and get myself something. Then i'd walk to that bus stop. I can stop by the library and just sit there. It's an easy ride going home from there. This is what you do. You give it to yourself.

Then i go. I can listen to my stuff along the way. What else is there? I'm not sure. I have everything i need already. What more is there? It's the headphone jack. It's too big for it. HOw else do you build one. Where else can i go with this? There is that shop. We can go there.

Yes, that one there looks good. She'll finish at eight. I don't think we can wait that long. Maybe she can order from kfc and we'll have dinner that way together. I'll check what time these kids get home. I thought she was supposed to come in midnight.

Do you want to work a schedule like that? What are my options here? Simply see what else is there and get to the other side. Cheap ones you get from there. The rest is up to you. Do you want it to go there even? I think it's in my wish list. When things line up i can get one for my self.

It is interesting this way. I have two more sets of laundry to finish. I can go or stay and sleep all day. What else can i do here. This is prime time. What activity will put you in the light? I think the same schedule runs today. I can simply walk up and down that street.

I can take it easy. I can respond differently. Then i will need some water. Do you? Is one enough or do you need more of it. Can i simply hang out in that place? That looks interesting but it lowers your frequency that way. I've always wanted to just sit there and watch people.

Compare the difference. You can go there if you choose it to be there. Is it best to simply ride the wave? This way you can have more in place. If market is going sideways then you can run that bot but that is too much. I think you see what else needs to be here. You can ride it at times.

What happened there? I'm not sure she'll make contact. Going to city is a long time and effort through traffic. I think these kids had a commute. We'll have plenty to talk about when they get back. It'd be fun to be with them then. I'd be home then and have dinner with them.

It's always fun in here. Is that a shift in perspective? It seems like it. There's always plenty to play with. I have that in me, working with wood. HOw do you go there? Start collecting wood. Get tools you can use. Look into instructionals.

There's always so much you can do here. You can collaborate. You can produce them that way. Does that help? Somewhat maybe. I can see what else is in store. I have laundry to finish. I can go for this other one. Or not. Then there is the toilet that needs cleaning.

Can i even go out today? Of course. It's a choice you make for yourself. Am i doing yoga? This kid leaves at noon. I have time for yoga then. Finish writing, do the laundry then do yoga. You might not have time for it in two weeks. At least go this way.

You get more of this coming at you. There might be realignment coming in. You see where this is going. HE's not going to be there but you still have support. This is what it's about for you. You get in there and you are blocked out. It's all the same anyway. What do they do.

I'm not sure but right now you do all the grunt work. HOw do you profess this energy? Can you play with that part? Does it align with you? I would rather write my book. Then go down that way. You have plenty in here. Some people read to get that frequency.

You can explore that path. You can deep dive into it and then come out writing about it. HOw do you get there then? You simply go. Doors opportunities will open up as you go along. Where do i go from here? I can go visit that place. I can take odd jobs.

It may be tight that way. I can still have option to be in here. I have wednesday to do this and it takes it a notch higher up the level. It is in you anyway. You know how to play this energy. Son is moving to a different school now. It seems fun. I think he'll have a grand time.

It's the approach. This lady at back has a chip on her shoulder. It comes across when she takes these calls. You can shift the energy as it comes along. And then you can do something about it. They pick out the ones that need attention. So you can shift the energy.

I keep saying that. I have one more then i'm good to go. Where are you going? City perhaps. Go there, grab something then come back. Or i can go out for a walk. I do yoga first. Then i can have lunch. I have good times this way. Daughter comes home around five. What to do then?

We can go see a movie tonight. Or not. What is showing? I can check that out. To each his own. Or we can have dinner together. She'll finish at eight. That's kinda late though. I think she finish midnight on sunday. Then it has to be tonight. What to have? I don't know yet.

Maybe kfc. I work on christmas but i finish at four. We can have something then. The shops are closed on christmas. Then it's a quiet christmas then. What would they want on christmas? The fridge is stocked with food. Make sometihng? We'll see how it goes then.

I can do bring a plate. We contribute and see what comes out the other end. I don't think i want mcdo. See what else is open. I can do subway. That's overrated for me. I can make better sandwich for myself. It was that credit check but i can look at my options.

You always have that.

could get fired today

i'm probably getting fired from work today. Team coach usually replies to sms within an hour. I didn't get any since the last four hours. I can't login to the employee portal? I can but there are no forms available for me.

I wish they'd be more upfront but this is synchronicity still. I'd ride this wave even so. It's not a negative thing unless i say it is. Now what happens? I'm open to what comes next. There's going to be some painful conversations. Wife is going to worry. I will have to break the news with her asap.

It is a positive thing for me. I've learned my lesson there. I can do uber driving for now. I can get a license sorted and get the basic necessities. I'll get that business incorporated then expandfrom it. This is how strong creative energy is with me. I don't have to be otherwise. I have synchronicity at work.

This is unravelling. I can start today. I can apply for that test but that don't happen until january. I'm fine with that as well. Now things are starting to clear up. I am moving forward. You've seen how it works. Why the detour then. To show you that you have what it takes anyway. This is the last one?

It is. Now i see where i'm headed. I have synchronicity working through my creation. HOw is this bad? In a number of ways it is. But it is my choice. I can choose to see it in a negative way or i can be positive about it. This is all up to me anyway. Some folks don't have that. I can do something easy then build up from there.

What happens next? Setup for the next gig. There could be less right now but it all adds up anyway. You have it setup. Now the next step is to get right and going. I can ask questions online. I can do this eight hours a day like a regular business. I also have the payday farm running. It'll be there as a side gig.

So you have two. Why would it be bad when i'm going to have more fun this way? It is what it is. This is energy transforming and it's happening so fast. It's going to be effortless for you. What happens now? Maybe i can't have tha card and it is for a reason. You still have that window of opportunity.

I can go into depression. That's a detour. But even so, it is part of the process. I can choose how i think. This is the feedback. Thisis how hero responds. In the past things were different. It still is but you are aware. You are lucid in the dream. This is what it's all about then. I can let go now. It's fun this way. I don't have to finish things today.

I will take that comment though and use it to advantage. Are there others as well? I may have package coming in through there. Or not. I'll pick up later. It's going to be in there or not. I'll go right to it right away. Maybe they will send it back. I can ask questions. What are my other options?

This is process for the two of you. Do not deprive her of this process. It is symptom of unconditional love. You have a choice in here. Brother made it ten years into that. You can too. You know how these things work anyway. You've been here before. This is familiar energy. Can i do so today? I guess so. Then next payday i can use funds to prep the business.

Will it be sufficient? I have a hundred rides to get that up and running. I can start cleaning the car. Let's get right to it. What to expect? You'll be riding around in the city a lot. That's where all fare are coming. You will need a phone clip for the car. This so you don't have to get one. Wife can get me one in manila.

You can look into one or interview someone there and see how it goes. I guess this is goodbye. It was good while it lasted though. Let's get right to it. I know what's important for me anyway. I have all this and it's all part of my process. This is how hero responds. It is a choice anyway. I can make something out of it. Let it be that way.

What are my other options? I have food in my bag. I can have that eaten on my free time in between rides. I can use this time toget the car ready. I can put this into my business. Then it all falls into place. Others are self employed that way. I may have to bring her in as partner of sorts so the car is going to be in the corp umbrella.

What else is there? I don't know. Simply that this is part of the process then. I can make changes to the corp details. I'll put that in right away. I will have to get a business plan? Not really but an intention map. It's a general direction that i'm going.

I see what you mean. Then you can go this way or that. It's the same energy anyway. You can talk to people about these things. You will need earphones for that. Should you tell her right away? I can. Or i can setup then when it's bringing in cash flow i can crack the news to her.

It's pretty much in demand that way. You can be within range. I can hang out takapuna at nights then pick up from there. I can even do lyft if that helps. You may need a second phone but it's part of the business expense so you can have that as well. Or share the data with this other one and you'll have more.

I see what you mean. It'll be there with you. I have seen this happen before. I could have looked more into it. Now that you know you can expand into this energy. You are feeling better now? There's a lot of work here to be done. I don't have to spend more time in there. I can get ready with this right away.

I can get that license worked out. And then what happens? I don't know yet. It is what it is. The payday farm is up and running. I can get that vps in place for a year free. Soon as it falls into place then we can see. I'm excited about all these changes about to take place. Then yesterday was part of the synchronicity. Isn't it exciting interesting that you can see it this way?

Do i do dev work again? I can choose that. There are a lot of options here. What else is there? I used to have a really clean car. I can look int othat and see how it goes. Now that you get what this is about, let's get right to it. I'll ask about what's next in that meeting then. I see what's happening.

What happens next? I don't know. They must have taken it out yesterday. I can go in there and talk right away. Let's do that then. This way i can get ready and up and running. I don't have to deal with thatenergy. I can take time off and see how things are doing. I'll have more time that way.

I can easily pay that installment. If you make that much then you can have something going for you. What if it's not that busy? Then you have synchronicity.

unless there's news

how do you get into that frequency? You don't go from here to there. You simply swith into that channel and let the lag catch up. Right now you have been in a different channel altogether.

You put your awareness into it perpetuating it more into your experience. Shift out of it. You have a choice. Stay here and put more energy into it, or change from the inside. I too get locked into it but i find interesting pockets amidst the neutral state.

This is why it's here. The more you use it, the faster the energy will go. This laptop is discharging. That device is a big one. They fly out today after lunch. I wish i was there. Can i cut work today? I'd only be anxious. I really with i was there though.

Do i have to go? Use up the energy now. They are flying out anyway. It's best to keep to the light than try to extend something that's already done. You've seen it before. These things won't line up. Did he bring enough old clothes? It's too late for that now. It's best to try something else.

What happens tonight? These two are working. Or they'd be watching tv. We'll see what happens. I'll be in touch by messenger. I took a moment there to control the outside. I need to recharge his bal? Not yet. You do good things positive things.

This means you allow them space. Let them choose their pref. This way you too gives yourself space to be in your light. Being positive is more powerful than negative energy that is ten times bigger. You've seen this work before. You let the positive in. You allow for the universe to be there.

HOw do you know you are in positive. It's a lot of small things. Simply allowing is positive enough. This is your zero point. I go take a nap again. I leave at after eleven. She don't have to drive me to work as she needs to get ready. We can take one more picture later.

They can take more pictures while they there. These kids are excited about the trip. If it was me i'd be good to go since last night. I'd be spending more time with a loved one than running around in circles trying to clean up what doesn't need it.

But that's me. I am not forcing my ideas onto someone else. That's not my style. If they don't see it, then they get what they need some place else. This is what i learned. So today is about allowing. Then we resume on the track today. I get home to a quiet home. Is she going to lock up? I think so.

What happens now? Simply do this and see how it goes. I do a lot of walking. I do a lot of introspecting i guess. I go to work. I have nine months to go into this sentence? I guess so. This is my shawshank redemption. That was an awesome story. You can write more of this.

I have my movies lined up for the weekend. Or i can do these tonight when i get home. What other things need to happen? There's the chat. We can setup chat later project that on the big screen. Can we do google chat? It is possible i think. There's more than enough in there.

Will they want to be in there? I can set something up. What happened to the gifts then? I did not get anything. Is it in the box? I guess so. You see some negs in there. But that's me projecting my head awareness into that. I can choose otherwise.

People are out of town. I see what's happened there. HOw could you have done differently? I don't know. I could have asked things differently then. I got the wrong number. Is it? There was a different account. It took longer because you were directing me here and there.

HOw could i have managed that different/y? You couldn't. Then it its what is is. You don't have to change anything in there. It was also late. Now you can change the universe. This thing was on all day or at least after you left. It was put to good use then.

I am not running the bot. We are headed into christmas and it could either go this way or that. It is definitely going sideways. If you go there you have that chance of running amuck. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Power of compounding makes sure i'll get there anyway. Keep to the light.

Trade like that and you get their results. It could be this way or that. If it ran yesterday is it in the black now? It looks like it but it's going to be tight. That london open would have made you think otherwise. HOw do you trade this then? You run the bot when both sessions are closed.

HIstorically, that's when the magic happens, unless there's news coming out. I can change my perception on this. You measure something else. That is ongoing training for you. You need that to be there. This one wasn't productive and needs to be qa'd. But that's my opinion. I could be wrong in there.

What other things need to be there. HOw could you control the call? Gather all the information you need. HOw can you do differently? At least you've learned what was there. You can't just answer off the top of your head. You don't have the info there anyway.

I am in the past. You are aware. That's important. It's why you were here anyway. I can remind her when she stops over. It's best to do this now when her mind is less cramped. This way she can remember. Or i can stop data sharing now. They can will connect to local wifi when they get there.

I can do that later then. HOw else can i do this? Look it up later at work. This way you have more options along the way. Is htere some other way to do this? If it were running, that these apps will use up in the background. I get what you mean.

They won't be able to text either when they get there as it'll be on roaming. What do you do then? Turn off roaming as well. Wife can do that for them later on. They are going to sit in the airport for a long time. She will be in limbo by then. HOw do you connect with them?

I'm not sure. There is facebook. We'll use it a lot then. They'll be in a wifi zone someplace in there. It should connect automatically. You can build solutions for travellers this way. There's always an app for something. You see why it's here now?

A locator app and a means to communicate. Also something with a mesh network in it. This way you keep adding up to sometihng and it spirals extpansion. It don't make sense on the outside but intution connects with the message. You get it anyway. I can show them how to do it.

They will remember or figure it out while they sit in the airport doing nothing. Exchange gift last night was fun. Tonight i clean up. It's going to be quiet for about twelve hours. Once data is off, the rest are for tweaking it better. I would rather do terminal stuff. It's more fine-tuned.

But that's just me. There are other means than gui. HOw do you do that in there? That's the thing. Those that do terminal has a leg up on the competition. Terminal is also a good movie. These are the movies i enjoy watching. There's a lot going into the holidays.

Why not move to the bank?

else to use

this feels like a better size--smaller, tight so it wraps around to next line sooner. But will it make any difference? I want to simply stay home and take a nap. But the energy is different. Use it up. What's good about it?

I am in better shape. I've lost two inches since the day i started. I was having carbs in between. I have tightened up. There was pizza but i didn't choose to have one. It feels there's a disconnect in flow after i have carbs. Is that what it's like? HOw do you change things around?

Why are they so set in the negative? Am i that way? I guess so as this is in my contrast. Or since it's contrast, i have feedback now that i can use. I miss that coffee morning. Tomorrow i have day off. It's an isolation thing. They are upset they are not that connected. But it's a definition. You have to be connected to be disconnected.

HOw do you change that? You can't. You can only shine the light. He was so set in his way. I can't teach him anything. If so, let him go on his way. Even that guy was upset with himself and it simply reflects back. HE knows what he should have done. You simply give them space to expand. It's not about you, it's the energy.

You observe and see that anyway. I have time for yoga. These kids have their own world. Am i trying to control? It's been fun. What happens next? There's me and the nesting group. Or it could be something else tonight. We'll see how it goes then. I think that's what we do about it. There was no rant and it went on fine.

You can move forward with this then. It gives you different perspective. HOw can hero change the creation. HE creates it from within. It's about the contrast but still being in the light. That is what this is about. I can go that way continue up. Or cut through the library.

That sounds good. I'll do that now. Here you see the difference. HOw is that happening. What can i do about it? I may have to shift into that to change it. Or not. Simply do something else. I don't think i can use that one as it has a symbol in itself.

I feel upset. It's always like this mornings. Why so? What's in your source code. It's not what i prefer. Then you are moving through contrast. Use it as feedback. Change your response to it. This comes around, change it. I can check that bill and see what's happening there.

You will still see that it is about this. How come she can't change it up. HOw long you gonna be here? I'm not sure yet. Simply trust the process and see how it goes. You are going to be here anyway. You have it still but the response is different. It is in my memory. HOw is everything up there.

It's no longer relevant other than it gives you contrast. But what else can i do there. You get the energy. You can use it from there. That's not going to last as long. I finish at midnght get home around that time. You have options then. That has heavy foot walker.

She finished a whole box of it. That's too heavy. I needs to vote on that or choose to ride the synchronicity. This is my choice then. What other options do i have? Be in the contrast. I'll do yoga after this. I can have coffee as well. It's different this time.

Do i have to go that way? We'll see how it goes. I can stop by the shop on my way to work. Then i can check out my own stuff. I get picked up so i can see what's happening in there. I don't get to walk though. At least i get home sooner. I don't have gifts for them. Maybe on next payday we'll sort things out.

They can decide for themselves. Or wife is not going to take it this time. She doesn't. I gives it to her freely and by choice. So i own it. Why can't people own it? It's not out there. I don't get this as much. Let me pull up that information. There is an app like that. Why not simply use existing apps?

It's free anyway. That product didn't solve things much. I think you see what's happening here. Is there a perfect situation? It's out there or you can make one for yourself. Like how? This be good for a week. Why does it come up and back like that? It has a trigger. Use it for what it is. I do this everyday.

HOw can hero change things around? By choice. You go inside out as wel. These cans are comfortable. I can wear them through the walk up. It is a good walk. I can make it so and is there traffic this time? What time did you get there? I think it is enough time that way. I can take...lost by questions.

She's getting ready to go. Is it trimming down? Do you want to go that way? Is there something else in here. Is this going to crash down some more. That would have been activated. But monday is coming up. You can let this go for now. At least the fund is intact. It can be used that way.

It is this scale that you seek. You can add funds then start adding to position size. This was the lesson here? It looks like it. What to wear today? Then it is so. What are you going to do about it? It's all the same if you ask me. Someone is in that light. I don't think i want to go there.

Why is this in my energy? It was contrast. This is opportunity to align line up everything. You can choose do be that or something else. This is why you have it in you. This is the contrast. I can go take a nap now. Or do this later instead of yoga.

But yoga feels so much better. That is making too much noise. Why were they getting noisy in there. I'm not sure but it is what it is. You learned something from that experience. The soul needs this? That doesn't line up for me. I guess it is the experience.

It is what it is. You can find something else to use. Or use up this energy and redefine it. It is noise. You stay in bed all day tomorrow. Do something else. Like go have coffee there. Wife is gonna go shopping. I'd rather be home take my naps. I can go for a walk.

That settles things then. I don't enjoy going shopping with her. It takes too much time. I go in get my stuff then do something else. I don't walk around looking to see what else is there. I can look around.

So what happens now? I guess this is the part that equates to everything else. And then you see how things are happening. You have this energy in here that seems to work out that way. Now you see it then. I am upset? I can choose to let go. Redefine all the time. It's here and now.

What else is there. You can use it for euraud. Hedge that and see what happens. This hoes side at times. Or not. I am finishing this up to get on with my day. Just do one page and increase from there. Why force youruself that even? You say you are not.

This is simply writing to connect. I am sleepy. Can i take a nap instead? I can do that. Sleep in the bus sounds good. It's refreshing. HOw else do you get comfy there. You know how to make it work. Get sleepy you sleep. Even if for five minutes it's a lot and you restart.

You reconnect and it works that way. Now that you've seen it, what else is there. Why are you putting energy? It's echo lag. I've changed that already. You have everything there now? It feels like it. Do yoga. That's my coffee. The coffee here don't take as much. Then you can change that later on. Why not use that thing.

I will look into it.

power but most

at the end of the day, it is the quality and how you respond to what is on the outside that counts. It's not what you have or who you are. These are perspectives and subject to change. Even your response is subject to change, but where the response comes from never changes?

It does change as well. Change is the only constant. You do not change then the response doesn't change as well. It is this change dynamic that makes you unchanging and constant in the universe as well as infinitely expanding. That was confusing but there's a seed of truth to it.

I feel anxiety. This is less now. It used to be so much more. What do i do with this energy? Look into the source code. I sense insistence and expectations. Simply be open. Things can go this way and that. You will always know what to do. You will have what you need in every moment. This can come in any form. You are open and you will have what you need.

HOw is insistence? It is you wanting the situation experience to be something and not being open. What am i writing about? I'm not sure. I'm connecting and these are what comes to mind. I am analyzing? I think so. Then let it be here. Simply write what comes to mind. This is part of the synchronicity.

At least with ma cross you use less lots and the fund will last longer. The trails are wide enough to let the trend go through and the crossover will take care of itself. The bot is on the hour chart as well. No need to rush things then. I don't think i'll see the london open today so i can let it go.

I'll drive them to sunnynook then have coffee in there. That sounds good for me. I can skip yoga if i have to. Plenty of time in there. It is a long walk for him and i'm ok with driving. I go have coffee anyways. Whats going to happen here? I'm not sure yet.

Am i to finish writing these? I may have time as these two are still getting ready for sunnynook. They leave next week. My day off is sunday next. I forgot how it goes but after this week, day off is again on a weekend. Christmas i work through it then weekend off. I can get overtime on those days.

I'm not doing much anyways. On that monday i may be at work so they do grocery without me. I vaguely remember my schedule then. I need to print out the roster next time. I can simply go there and do it next. For now, only play with this. There has to be a way to print that easy. For now it's not here so i'm alright with it.

The anxiety is caused by ie's. You can change that from here on. Or not. It's up to you. Wife is going to be home tonight. She can be with the kids. They can go out later if need be. I don't have to stop anything there. This now is my process until march or so. For now, where is the light? It's in those moments.

Each moment you have a choice. You can choose to be in that moment by being open. That's where you find the light. HAving ie's get you out of the light. It's still allowing if you don't get sucked into the rabbit hole. But know that it's still connected for you. It's how you can use up the energy.

Even last night was part of the process and it's still connected. I have dishes to wash. This here is two weeks. I can play with this and see how it goes. You get that over the time and you'll see how it goes. It's still here for you. I can write much and writes much everyday.

One kid stays home. The other has work until midnight. I think wife can pick up for later. What time do i get home? I'm not sure yet. When she gets back i could be already sleeping. This is not good for sleep pattern? I'm not sure. I'll be sleeping in the bus coming home. Let's see how that goes.

This is unfamiliar territory now. That call center work paid off big time. HOw do you see it's there for you? Toilet habits changes again. I miss them long midday naps. Can i go there again? It is different but you can see something similar that you can use. Again, make this last as long as it will go.

Am i doing this full two years? It feels like it. Should i do the insurance thing? If it is connected then you can go make it work for you. Can i get assistance with it? You have to process this yourself. I'll do that over coffee. That sounds logical then. I'll bring that in the bag then.

What else is there? Finish this one and see how it goes. It comes back with error check if not then it works out so you can use it. Time flies very fast so you can write about these things. HOw did your day go. HOw did it work out for you. What did you get out of it. That is clearing work.

Can i even write about it? You can talk about that but is that where you want your energy to go? Or would you rather do something else? You see where this is going? Euraud is going sideways. It's because of the news then. HOw can you profit off that? You do the one pip wonder. Start off after you get home and let it run over night.

As long as there is no news on both sides you are going to be alright. If there is news then it's going to wipe you off the boat. I guess you know where this is headed. HOw else can you play this? Look to something else. That dragon pair rides far and wide.

Can you take on it? It's not like the dragon pair is on the outside. It projects through you. Then you can play with the energy this way. Can you help out? I think i can on my way to work but i gotta leave early for that. Do something else. It's already taken care of itself. HOw do you use up the energy.

Sit on it. Process it. You don't have to go on autopilot. At times you can choose that. But when it's not here then you can do something else. You can slouch. But it's a choice. You can change that choice as well. It's up to you. That gaming thing is temporary. It's always changing anyway.

The mobile phone has so much computing power but most of the time it just sits there. Take a moment to read through the terms and conditions. They are not making it easy for them even when the intention is so. HOw do you use up the energy? Only be in the moment. I think you see how it's connected. Getting ready to leave soon.

I'm almos there anyway. I feel anxiety? It is energy. It is your source code that filters that energy. Know that you'll have what you need at the very moment. Right now you have everything that's relevant for the frequency you are at. It's always shifting and that's the beauty of it.

You are always creating this? Moment here and now is what you are. Everything is coming from yyour consciousness. I'll have coffee and sort things out myself. Then i have this in my process. Is there another word for it. Do i write everytime? I think you have a clear stretch of sleep time there.

Two weeks and roster shifts again. This is how you are right now. You get through two weeks this way. It's always changing though. It's alright to be late as well. You can be in this moment everyday. What more can you do about it. Simply have a chat to make it change. That's why it's here.

Or not. Your stats are affected that way. What can i do here? Smaller candles is alright. News on thursday can move markets. There's one happening right up around lunch or when you get back. Look into this. Entry is going to be tight both ways. HOw can you profit from this? I'm not sure yet.

That one broke the pair. I get two of those and i'm back in the saddle that way. You can rud the payday bot this way or that way. It don't matter. It's your energy anyways. You can have it at london open and finish up that way. You can even have two charts to have both bots run.

Sounds good to me.