you match frequency

Timer is set to twenty five minutes. It's a standard pomodoro. I woke up with issues from the past. I was to process them, bring everything redefined to alignment. It's not that i invalidate them. It's there to see what i didn't know back then and bring light to the situation.

Maybe i am not a writer. Maybe i am but comparing my situation with that of a friend's. My path is different. His path is different. Our process are not the same. It's why my situation is different from his. Can i get the same details? Not exactly.

You project reflect what is relevant for you. If it's not relevant, you are not going to see them reflections. Then how do i proceed from here. You keep to your light. You expand in your light. You are always resonating frequency. That you can control--if there is a thing as control.

You define it. That's how you get it. You expand with that. I can listen to music now, but this feels golden. It's sacred? Not exactly the right word. There's religious connotation to it. This is precious for me. We go out to dinner tonight. Why hasn't she registered yet? Maybe she forgot about it. Let it go then. She is wasting money there but that's part of her equation.

What can i do about this? You know how this moves. You know what to do now. You let it run. You don't have to control everything. You've seen how it works. Let it go at that and see what happens. You let a few hours go by and go out for a while. You come back and everything is working.

I see. What do i do to fill in the timing? I don't know yet. What excites you? Do it that way. Write three acts. That is interesting. You can move forward with that. You write three acts and you know how to do it. You just fill in the blanks that way. I wonder what we do tonight. Wife just responded.

She needs the conflict. I don't get why. She grew up with it. She responds to it. It's like coffee for her. What now? She drank more coffee than i do. She took all the sugar and used it in her coffee. We don't even have honey. That won't taste good with your stuff. Plenty of flies now. I can fix that.

You don't want to go there. What can i do here? I don't know. These kids have grown up. Take that path right there. You know what to do here. You can trade more when the situation is right. Trade less when it's not. Besides, the market open will put you into the stops anyway. See it that way.

You know how to manage your position size. You get what risk is about. Now you expand on this and see where it's going. I get that. What happens next? It's going to open up some more. The last time i got multiple positions was when i did not have a filter. Now price action is filter and orders are placed up against the wall.

It's been working since. What to do now. It's not heading down south deep. You know what to do with this. You can easily expand on this and see where it's going. Let's do that then. You can take care of them flies later. This monday is green bin day. I can fix that tomorrow. Wife keeps to old work schedule although monday is a holiday.

January was busy. It's not like december though. I see that. I am open to something new. I can write about something but do you need something else in there? I don't know. You can set it up and go that way. Do three acts. That looks interesting enough. You can write about them still. Or not. Maybe there is something else.

Why not go back to the dojo. It was something you used to enjoy doing. The process there is not relevant for me. It's the connections you make that makes sense in there. You can use that. You network with people that way. How to get back in there? I don't know yet. Maybe get back to writing and it gets you in the door.

How come the ads got lower? Do people not advertise anymore? What am i missing here? I don't know yet. The laptap is charging. That part is not responding as much. That is getting old and boring? Maybe it's the human part that makes it interesting. It's the same with the other games. What if you were still there? That's a big bus. What's in it?

Not much but keep writing. It's the end of the month week. The invites should come out this week. You have a month to line up with it. You are going to be in that opportunity but will respond differently. You've been there before. Let's get this going and see what happens. Drama is always there. You know that. You don't have to go there anymore. You have this boat. You know it works.

How to expand with this? Maximize it and see what happens. You know how to use this anyway. I go check if it did publish them trades. If not, do something else altogether. Like what? I don't know. Go take a nap again. I have five bucks. What's different this time? I don't know. I wanted to take a break there but it was going nowhere.

What can i do about this? You can create your own shops. You have an edge there. It's a statistical edge htat you can use all the time. You can sell that. Do you need to backtest this? I don't know if you want to see it. It's that math he was talking about. I think you get how do do that. Then we will see what happens.

Big bet small bet. You lose two percent on the big bet and you lose two percent on the small bet. It's all the same anyway. How do you make it a big bet then? It's like small stack strategy. The math works the same. Either they fold you take the pot or you go all in and you lose doubled bankroll.

It's why you check out your bankroll soon as it's doubled. So you'll open another account just to trade that pair with the short stack strategy. I get that. But there is no loss. What you need is to add more funds to the account. You add to your portfolio then you trade it there. I get what you mean here.

How to expand on this? You match frequency and you see everything fall into place. You trade like buffet. It's his hidden ura waza. It's the hidden technique. You know where that's going anyway. He never times his positions with indicators. You trade the same way, almost. Then you scale in and out of your positions. You get what i am saying here?

How then do you scale in? Everytime the ea runs, each time your boat heads out to open waters, that's when you scale up. You keep it going. Then you haul in the fishes that comes to you. You trust in the timing. It's what's going to get you to the other side. You already know this. What happens next?

I think cable is going to go down from here. Or at least a correction. Where does it bounce? I'm not sure. But you don't have to know that. You simply run the program and see what happens. I can but there's nothing coming out of my tap. How do you play with that? I don't know yet. Match the frequency.

I have two minutes left to write this out. Why check the time? I have flies everywhere. I can deal with that or not. Everyone's home today. Let's see what happens and get to the other side. In the meantime, do something else. I can have breakfast now? Maybe later. Finish posting this and consider the path ahead for the day.

boat you want

Cable doesn't seem to know where it's going. Does brexit have anything to do with it. How would you know which way it's going just by looking at the charts?

If today closes at these levels, price might head back favoring the aussie. This could be a reverse doji in the making. New york session is about to close. Bands are sideways. What's your trigger? I'm not sure. I think it's best that i run the bot and see how this unfolds.

Price on the h1 is showing some strength. Two long whites -- no, it's just one, just formed bouncing from oversold levels. That's a good sign. But if you zoomed out to the day chart, it's a doji. That's not looking good. You might get bears in the coming days, maybe up to friday, and then next week the bulls come back.

That's only an opinion. It's what i think. I wouldn't bet anything on it. Let the bot figure it out for you. Those were some good trades made last night. This is what it's like to make money while you sleep. The next phase is to scale up. I can up leverage to two hundred percent. Is brexit over and done with?

I'm not sure. This has been on the table for some time now it seems. What can you do about it? How will you trade this? Look at the charts. Price went back to the moving average. It went back to median. I think that's a bullish sign. Price is not yet oversold. You might have a weak day coming up. Let it go and see how things go from here. How else do you propose we trade this?

Do not overthink it. You have a good system here. Let the bot trade it for you. Your job is to sit back and pick which light you want to be in. That's easy. It's the downstream part of the equation. Is this woosh? You did well last night. It wasn't really a struggle. You knew where you were going.

Then we'll continue on with that. I think you have a good thing going here. You have a good pair. You can trade this and see how far you can take this. Should i be trading oil? Gold looks nice. Cunnencies though have volume. I would rather stick with this. You have solid moves like a tsunami. You want to ride that wave instead.

Ok. The local self is looking for something to do. What do you suggest? I suggest you go shopping. That's a fun activity. The local self will have plenty of things to keep busy with. And it's a pleasurable situation. You are rewarded. You don't even have to write for clients anymore.

How do you scale this up? How many trades has it been? Will you get back to that? I see a long space ahead of you. You can scale up. How? You can get a boring job. You then put everything into that bot to keep it running. Give it a year. After one year, you are done with all of that. Copywriting sounds interesting. You go fishing with it.

I can write copy for fishing and boat companies. I'll go to library after lunch and get some books and magazines on the subject. Maybe i can find potential clients that i can work with. Do dthis for a year more. You sharpen the skill and you can use this down the line. This is getting paid to level up.

How do you know it'll help? Because you can't look at charts all day. You can write and get paid then use the money to fuel the bot. I think that's a good plan for now. You can spend time with for your self. You can run. You can have fun in the sun. We are headed intot autumn. It was a short summer. It's going to be cold.

But things are different this time. I see the contrast. For one, the bot is here. You can stay in the same situation but it's different and you know it. The response this time is so much different. How do you scale this up? Adjust leverage. Use more positions. It's up to you. You can add to the position. This way you don't have to adjust leverage next time.

Give it until the hundredth mark. This way you add to position everytime you get there. I see. Should i be worried if things do not pan out? If you get a side gig going, then you don't have to worry so much. It is these overnights that things work out. Let it be so. I think this is going to go sideways today.

But inflation numbers rarefly have an effect, unless it's a surprise number. These numbers come up shortly in about an hour or two. I don't have to run the bot now, i wrote boat. Let's use boat. This way, it registers into your awareness. You have a boat. That sounds interesting.

If i had a boat, how do i spend my days then. I'd be out in the marina everyday. I'd be cleaning and just having coffee there. You don't have to go very far. Weekends you are out in the water. You walk to the marina from here. You go fishing. You go pick up the cousin and brother and just hang out. That is going to be fun. You can go to visayas and just chill out.

You don't even have to go that far. You have all that in here anyway. I go to the marina and hang out. That's what you going to do all day. You also have your laptop with you and internet connection there. How do you pull it with you. You get an account with your phone. You tether the wire to your laptop and use that connection.

Or you just let the boat run to the horizon. That is going to be fun that way. You can sail every weekend, spend the night out at sea. That sounds fun. You are always moving around that way. You can o here and there. Australia looks nice as well. We can do that. From there, you can sail off to hawaii. You have the passport anyway. That's one more that's coming up then. Let's see what happens here.

Should i be worried? Of course you can. Or you can put a positive meaning into it. Let's do it that way then. How would you go forward? I don't know yet. It's here anyway. Let's see how things go from here. I don't have much for me but it can go this way or that. You simply trust the timing. It's all connected.

The synchronicity is here. You open? I've been here before. You know how these things work. It's all connected to you here and now. The local self is worried? I see that. I feel the energy. Then so be it. Use it in a positive way. Everything is for you this way. I will spend the afternoon with my daughter. Today is wed. Wife is going to be home early.

We do grocery. It's fun and the son is going to turn twelve this sunday. Fun times ahead. I'll get him his gift on saturday? I think so. He's adjusted his requirements. It's easily within reach this way. Am i in greed mode? I am thinking of upping my leverage this way.

It used to be at those levels anyway. Why not go there? Or you can double up your position. It's easier this way anyway. Where is the momentum going? It's headed down south. This is a long write. It's only been fifteen minutes. Do you want shorter writing periods? I can do that. These downstairs talk loud? They are always arguing. It's human nature. It's not a culture thing. It's nice that i see contrast this way.

I could have been in that situation. Things are different now. You can always find extension this way. It's an illusion that they subscribe to. It's not me. It's not for me. Is this going to head south again? If so, it looks weak. Why would it go sideways. I need to get time out from this. I am going to think this one out again. Get in the boat.

You can always trust synchronicity from the boat. You can always get something going for you that way. They patrol the seas and you will have to make a connection that way. You have gps. You can pick up something from out there then make a delivery. That is going to be fun that way. How do you expand with this?

I don't know yet. You have a boat. This is fun. You are going to have fun with this. You can make it triple the amount. That works out beautiful for you. The wife is getting up now. I have a screen memory in place. Why is it this way? Do you think that's a bounce. I think so. It looks like it.

Wife is up. She has good sense of humor. I picked the lucky number with this one. It's how it's connected and you know it. You can expand with this. It was a good decision to come back. Everything is connected that way. What now? You pick a boat you want. I want a sailboat. I want a cat. It's wider but a monohaul looks nice. The lines are classic. It don't have to be a long one.

I'm looking for something that i can run myself. I don't think the kids want to join everytime.

you avoid rangebound

why don't i write anymore? I feel like a fake writing copy like that. But that's just expectations getting in your way. Did you do your best? Did you write then edit until there was nothing left? Did you work on the copy until it was time to send them over?

Yes i did.

Then you are not an impostor. You feel this way because you compare your draft with someone else's published copy. That's not fair to anywone, even the top writers that you think ther are. It's just not true that way. Give yourself a chance. Only do your best. That's what your expectations should be about.

Then i am doing good here. What else can anyone ask from you? Does that mean i should go back? You don't have to go back if it's not interesting to you. But i still want to write copy. How do i do that? I can write copy for my own. I have a blog that features forex trading. I can stick with that and see how far i can go with that. But that's in alginment?

I dinot' know yet. What i do know is that these james bond movies are just riding on momentum. You can do better than that. You've seen better. I think even if you copied something then you can do better. Tomorrow is a sunday. We are back to the early morning grind. So be it then. It's part of the process.

I didn't like that track so i take a moment to unlike it so it doesn't come back anymore. Will it? That's a walkman. They used to have these high quality videos. That's them though. You can make something out of this. Just go for what's interesting for you. This will all make sense at the end of the day. You know how these things work.

What happens next? I had carbs today and it wasn't as much as before. This is a better response for me. I can still do better with this. How much better? More in alignment with the source code. More in alignment with the experience and the state of being. You know what i mean and where this is going.

You can close your eyes and talk more about this. Who is that lady? That was in the eighties. I think you were crazy about them when you were young. I was. But things were different back then. You know this. What then? I don't know. You know about these things. You can let go if it's not relevant here for you.

All this feels like a repeat sho i'm watching. I can go for something else. What i'm doing is creating cash flow in auto-pilot. You can't get there when you work on getting a salary. You need to see this happening this way. Am i too reliant on the ea? I don't think so. I trade good using this method. I can make something out of it this time. How different are they this time?

It's in the positive. I think there's something not right with their allegations. I think you can make a homerun out of this. You just need to trust in the process here for you. You have something in place. You only need to stretch out your legs and get your momentum going.

This is all about the second wind. You are here and you are moving out of physical. You are shifting in the spirit hile in the physical. There's a difference. You are not that person anymore. What can i do about it? I will write. I can create a vlog about this but there's people here. I need a quiet room where i can record something. How do you do that?

Some tracks are not what you want to listen to. It's noise that way then. I see. How do you expand on this. Allow for this to be here and then just let it be. It's here for a reason. That's not what i had in mind. Maybe there's no more cello new music out there. You've listened to it all. I see. Hat happens next? I think it's all in there. Enjoy them this time and just listen to them.

Or not. It's all up to you. I can export these later and make them mine. Can you do that? I don't know. If not, do something else. You can work with these models and see where it goes. If not, see what opens up. It's all connected. The wife didn't go to church this time. I guess they go tomorrow. I can do yoga tomorrow. I was thinking of doing yoga today but that didn't work out.

This here is old music. Do you want to see that movie? There be others out there. Like what? Like i don't know. Maybe you don't have to see a movie. There's more writing and reading because it's interesting this way. I can do mq4 programming. I have something in place. You don't have to add to it.

I don't have to create an app for that. It takes time to do these things. I went back to listening to my playlist. It all sounds right this way. Or i can do somtething else. Like finish writing these. Three out of four is ok. I don't have to be negative about it. It's positive a response as i can be. It don't have to control everything. You already know that.

Just write about it. You don't have to know or do it the way your parents did them. You know how these things work. That judd nelson guy was a waste of talent. Why didn't he expand on his career? I don't know. Maybe he relied more on his looks more than anything. What's wrong with that kid?

I don't know. She has issues. I don't have to deal with it. It's not my plate. I can let it go at that. At least i can see and am aware of these things. I don't have to change anything. Continue writing. This is going to the other side? I think it's dry by this time. If it's not, we can put it on the dehumidifer. I think it's dry by now. Then i can see what else is there. If she's going to be a bitch about it she can go live somewhere else.

I think it's dry. No response there. I wonder what happened this time? I don't know. I don't have to know. All i know is taht it's contarst for me. I don't have to change that. I can only allow for that to be there. Positive response is positive effect. It's a positive universe for me. So be it then. It's not about religion. It's physics. You put out energy and you get back the energy.

Or something like that.

How do you know that? I just know. This is how i've lived all these years. When i deviatef from letting go and start to want to or try to control things, i lose my connection to flow. When i feel the energy come back and it's not what i prefer, i look in my source code and make changes if i have to. This is my path. I don't have to be lik esomeone else's. It's what works for now.

I've been here before. Now it's the watermelon thing. It's going to burst out eventually. It's energy. That's how physics work anyway. It don't have to be complicated. You already know that. Do i have to check how much time is remaining. No need this time. Just keep writing. After this i can go read my books and get ready for bed. There's not much to do now anyway. Let's do something else.

Like what? I can go check my playlist and see what's in place. Wife don't get how great sounds are when you have headphones. She's so in the past. That's contrast for me. That's why she's there. You can use this energy. How? See the contrast and use it as feedback. I can walk. I don't have to run much. The run was ok. Let's get back to it. I don't have to choose other things. The kids are going back to school. I can get more of my things in place then.

For one, i can work in that table and have access to the old energy. But it's a different energy. You are coming from a different perspective. Nothing is ever the same anyway. You have good copy in place right there. Let's add to that. Always add something there in place. Tell them what happened this time. You don't have to push things aside.

Or you can create a vlog out of it. You can do a screencast of the positions and trades and how you are doing. You don't have to sell. You only need to show that it works. Is there a need to hide things? I think that's negative. How do you deal with that one? People will see through that. Or they can use that but they take on the negative energy. You want to be positive about all this.

I see where this is going. I can go there then. I can test other ea's in the coming weeks. In the meantime, double the account then up the ante. I can add more leverage each time i double the account? Or not. Triple double maybe. That gives me more leverage? Not leverage but buffer. You have more funds to take on the rangebound markets.

But since you have a better timed application, you avoid rangebound markets. The trades are few and far between but the quality are better. You get more hits this way even if it were simply to get to first base. That's what you want to moneyball your account. You go for quality hits to first base. There's a term for it and that's where this is all going then.

I see what you mean. What's next then? You have a good pair, you have a good ea. Now it's time to let it all just run and see what happens. I get where you rae going with this. I need to go to toilet after i finish these. How much more time is remaining? I don't know. Go check.

Four minutes. That felt slower this time. I know. I'll finish this here.

let go now

I am waiting for daughter's message so i can pick up. Another daughter is out celebrating with her friends. Last night she got a message having been accepted to the university of auckland and at the course she wanted to take.

That's big. I wonder why we didn't get to celebrate it last night. Is there something here that i can do? Maybe we can go for kfc tomorrow. I can buy half for twenty bucks. I have tight budget now. This headphones feel like it's got a not perfect fit.

It looks ok so i guess it's how i put it on earlier. I'll see what i can do later. I got back from a walk about an hour ago. I went to the couch and took a nap. I got up with my legs feeling the lactic acid. Is this a circulation situation? I am aware of that now. I can redefine and let go. I think i have the right tools to craft a universe that's interesting to explore and exploit. Exploit has a negative feeling to it these days.

I guess it had something to do with hom the press used it. Now that you see it that way, how do you wish to proceed? I keep writing. I created a page about my trading and grid trading. It's no secret that it's what i am doing. There's a niche for that and i don't think there's anyone else that writes about it as eloquent as i think i do. I can write a book about it. Since starting, i've found three other ways to run the ea.

This is path of least resistance. This is me pointed downstream. These two stay at home all day. How can they do that. They get off their butts to sleep, eat and personal matters. I guess that's how they want to spend their vacation. I let them use up the energy. They are going to get sick and tired of it eventually.

I adjusted the trigger to a break out of bands. The previous one was high volatility. There's something off about it. I missed a trade or two yesterday and it could have been profitable. I'll see what we can do in there. In the meantime, allow for this to be here and use up the energy.

This is what i do all day. Now i write. I did not writethis morning. I did not feel like it. I feel that i need to get more sleep in the morning but i gotta get up and drive daughter to work. She can take a bus but she'll have to get up earlier. I guess things are going to change soon enough. In the meantime, craft a meaning that's in alignment with who you are. This is how the universe works.

How can you tell? How do you know you are right? It feels like it. There's more positive energy in me than when i was reading all those self-help books. It started around the time bashrar started broadcast. The timing looks interesting, doesn't it? Daughter is still out. No word on when they come back.

No triggers yet. Things start to happen around london session open. The high impact news on the aussie had no effect at all. It didn't cause any move in price action. Is this have soundstage? Not really. It's not believable. It's flat if you can call it taht. There is no soundstage is a better description of it. Let me try another one.

I am trying another one. It looks better. I like these videos. This one has three things going for it. A thunderstorm, a fireplace, waves on a cliff. That's three. This would be nice on high def tv but i prefer to listen to them on my headphones. This is not for sleep for me. I use this to put myself in ambience. It's like listening to them in my room in my future self. This is how you match frequency. You resonate with this more often and you see the projections made manifest.

How can you tell it's workning. You get the experience. You see the reflection. You experience the contrast. Then you are that frequency. It's all here for you. You only need to see the connection. There is the rainfall as well. The waves are crashing on the cliffs and it's in the background. You have soundstage with this? It feel like it. This one is so much better.

What now? You going to stop copywriting? I am taking a break from working with clients. I am still writing though. I am writing up my blog on trading. Soon as i have enough content, i'll write the book. Then it's another business on auto-pilot. That is the path. This is where i am. It's not a goal as that is on the outside. A path i'm in is this and you take steps resonating with the frequency. When you close your eyes you can almost feel the wind and the cold weather. You can smell the salt in the air.

I like this one. Maybe i can subscribe to the channel and help support them that way. I like rain. This is good with hot chocolate or coffee and have a good conversation with friends. It's like a productive day running your business and you take a moment to enjoy the moment. This is how i am.

How do you retire in ormoc? Do they have good broadband connection? Maybe i can get a house somewhere here in auckland that's similar. Where do you get the friends? You work with others. You help them out. You can create a traders group that helps each other out. I think that is within my reach. You don't have to hide everything. You are such a speck of dust in the universe that my orders don't matter at this time.

How long can you keep this up? As long as it's relevant for me. Right now, everything that's relevant to my frequency is rushing to connect with me. It's all here and now. You get the ideas because you are that person already. What's next then. Just resonate with it. Match the frequency. No text messages. She can call if she has to wants to. Should i save this to phone?

Not really. Maybe i can if i wanted to. But not now. It's ok as i can connect ot this on youtube at anytime. So be it then it's fin writing this way. I wonder what time daughter gets home. Is there any place i should be? I don't think so. The last on my todo list is to clean the toilet then have shower. So be it. I do that after i get back.

I will have dinner after my shower. I don't think it's there. Everything that happens is there for a reason. I put positive meaning, or at least render it neutral. It doesn't have to be bad that way. Wife on the other hand, thinks it's bad if it's a curve ball. That's fine with me. She's my contrast. She gives me feedback this way. This is how i use the energy.

You then see where you are going this way. Do you need other things? I'm not sure. As things stand, there are stuff i don't need anymore. I can throw them out or give them away. Let's see later. That's a nice cliff location to live in. The way you see the ocean from where you live. It's raining and you can go out and play in the mud. That be fun. You wear a thick jacket but go barefoot. Or work in the mud with your bare hands.

How would life be as that successful trader/ you dabble in real estate? No. I would rather help out and get involved with other people. I can hire them to work with me if they need it. If not, i can make recommendations. Why not do it now? I am. I am inn that frequency now. How else can you be of service to others? By being me as fully as i can. My life serves as a shining example here.

This time, it's perfect this way. I have soundstage and i will subscribe to this channel when i finish writing here. No text message. This is technology. This is the future that you saw when you were young. You just time traveled. You folded time and space. It may not be evident but it's what you do. The only factor out of alignment here is your definitions--your source code.

What can i do about it? Look into it and see what needs to line up. These kids are smart anyway. Let them use up the energy. Soon as the energy is used up then they can create new ones? No. It's always there. You just need to define it in alignment with who you are. Can you teach them that? I can mention it to tehm but my life is the ultimate example. Let it go at that for now. I am more relaxed. I feel that i am at zero point here. I can upload this but it takes storage space.

I don't have that right now. I have less than a minute. I will upload these soon as i finish these then. What else can you do about it? You can let go now.

i put expectations

The thing that I feared/anxious about turned out to be a blessing. The washing machine was acting weird for two months now. I knew it was going to break and got anxious about it.

Today I realized it’s been broken for about two weeks now. The soap wasn’t rinsing off and there was a ‘dirty’ smell to the clothes when I hang them. As I was rinsing the last batch, I realized it wouldn’t be too hard to wash them manually.

So I did. I put the next batch on the bath tub, filled it up with water an soap. It took me three cycles but it was clean and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was a good workout thogh. I stomped on the clothes to get them cleanned. One side benefit is that it cleans my toe nails as well. I save on electricity, we don’t have to buy a new washing machine and I get more workout.

How long will it take to wash a batch of clothes? About thirty minutes. I can spare that from my work. I need time to digest what i’m about to write anyway. So be it. I won’t tell the wife though. i’ll tell her that I got things to work. She don’t wash them anyway. she’ll be surprised that electric bill is going down in the coming months.

What if she finds out? Then it’s time to get us a new machine. But she hardly uses them. She just dumps them in there. Unless she has time to clean the house and decides to wash some rugs. But she only does that once a year. Her vacation’s over so I guess I can make this work for at least three months.

let’s get to it. I have concerns coming up but those two are majors in the trading market. The pair is going to swing wide. Right now it’s in limbo. Had I kept the position, it would be in positive territory now. I know better this time. Let’s get going. I can explain to the wife what it is I am doing.

I am also getting gigs to work with. I do this and get to the other side. I will make that as part of the funds for vacation next christmas. let’s do that. it’s an intention, a path ahead. it’s frequency I can match. let’s get going then. First stop is to explain to the wife how things are going then. I will put in insurance money and will get that back in the coming days. I think we have more than enough in there. I have a pretty good pair to trade.

I finished the two copywriting gigs this weekend. I am relieved and surprised that I did. I was seriously considering cancelling the account just to get away from it. But I found something there. I was fighting myself rather than putting in the work. I know better next ttime. I am feeling better about my writing now.

Upwork seems to have dried up. At least I get gigs to ad to my portfolio. Local shops can find this when they do a search. Then they can look around and see what other work i’ve done. They have a way to get in touch. I can do that anyway. let’s see where this is going this year.

I am sure someone who needs help this way is going to find it. I match the frequency and will see the experience manifest. there’s going to be contrast. You already know that. You start with something. It don’t have to be god. it’s ok to be bad. You then keep polishing it up.

Taking short breaks help. Maybe I should write a book about this. I think my approach to writing is spot on. You don’t have to prove anything. They can prove so to themselves. it’s what interests me. I don’t have to go there. The kids have their own choices to make. You can be super in this but that’s going to make it hard for them to follow. But if you let them be their own light, then they will shine as well.

That settles it then. I can watch another episode shortly. I need to shower. My son knows how to cook. he’s good at it. He enjoys it. He knows what’s good and what’s not good. that’s something he will take as he matures. I enjoy hanging out with them. I get less sleep but it’s fun this way.

I keep putting more awareness into what I don’t want. Allow for it to be there but you can choose what you prefer. You can resonate with that. No need to remove or invalidate the other one. You have been moving forward with this anyway. Fibre broadband is pretty fast. You don’t notice it much but it’s part of what you do now. This is the reflection for you.

It was effortless wasn’t it? Now that you know, you can expand from here. Trust the timing. Everything is synchronicity. You get who you project yourself to be. No need to teach. Write what comes to mind. Right now there’s not much coming through. The next meetup for writers is next month. Then there is the hackathon. If they fall on that same weekend then I may have to choose.

Or I can skip the afternoon and proceed on to sunday. I can get it setup the server then take it from there. What if I don’t have to do anything. I can choose to do something else. That is an option. I will look into it. If the writer’s meetup looks promising, then I can expand on that. In the meantime, I am keeping my options open. You just write.

Write about what you are writing. I don’t create anything. It comes through me, I write it down. it’s that simple. I fell the barrel, stock the pond, digest compost everything. Take a nap, take a walk. Then I come back and simply take dictations. I write what comes to mind. I edit later.

The only times it gets hard is when I put expectations to it, or compare my first draft with others’ finished product. that’s not fair is it. Besides, they spent more time polishing it already. If you had the same resources you can do the same, or surely something uniquely different. I agree with that myself.

I keep this in mind when I start a copy assignment. What now? I put them on my portfolio. I can do so tomorrow. If not, I can do them tonigt if I feel like it. If not, go do something else. For now, this is where I am. I can take on a different project. it’s the research that’s interesting. I learn much through it so I can write about them.

Is there a limit to this? Only when I don’t want to write. Then I fight myself. I feel negative about this. To fix this, simply look to your portfolio. You will find things that can be improved on. When there’s no more of that, it tells you that the copy is as good as it can be.

know where they

I don’t feel like writing anymore. What am I to do then? Be a hedge fund manager. The thing is, you manage a fund. How do you do that? Continue with upwork but you can let go of the other one. Or finish them gigs and continue what you’re doing.

I feel like this decision is sudden and may be a knee-jerk reaction to not working for weeks. I can write my own copy. I think you already know the answer here. Continue carry-on. What if I had my own desk over there. Like that one. Get gigs from upwork. What happened here? Get back to work then.

I can finish off one tonight. i’ll make a rough draft of a landing page then keep improving from my own critique. I feel like it’s still there only a bit dormant from weeks of not working. I can go home later walk. I can walk now. I took a short nap I think. it’s not the long naps but good enough. We go out to see a movie later.

Keep writing then. It don’t have to be a monumental good movie. Do you need a different desk? Not really but it’ll help. Do you want to go see that again? It gets old. Go see something else. The connection now is the fastest i’ve seen. i’ve got a lot of baggage. Get back in the woosh. You know how good that feels.

The thing is going to get activated again. you’ve seen it happen. No news so I can look forward to that london open. Is this going to continue? I don’t know. we’ll see. I have another ea. I can run that test and see how it goes.

It uses grid trading. I think you already know how this one works. it’s not perfect but I think there’s something to it. Get back to work? I don’t think that’s me over there. Jjust keep writing. I have that imposter syndrome again.

Do you need outside coaching for that? You already have it. I drive daugther to work tomorrow. She needs to get her own license already. She does that after she gets her phone. it’s not that a priority for her. So be it then. let’s see how things go tomorrow. Tonight, take it easy stop chastizing berating yourself. You chose to be here.

What do you get out of it? A lot. You don’t have to id everything but there are benefits to this situation. I tightened those things on my headphones to keep those wires close by. You can accidentaly pull on them and damage the cans. it’s best this way. I look forward to getting that other model sony cans.

I gets them next year. Am I collecting them now? Not really. it’s just there. Maybe some velour pads. that’ll make them swell and not too hot on my ears. I don’t feel like writing. But make it your job. The title goes here and then build up from there. I think they already have some copywirting. You just need to connect. It feels like it doesn’t connect.

How do you make it connect? You tell stories. You talk about benefits. When they can’t id what the benefits are, then it’s your job to find them. that’s what they are about. Then you can use them on your site to make it work best. They might edit but mine is in pdf format so it’s not affected by the seo.

I think that’s a good decision there. No other way to make that work. I think you can make something out of it. This is page two. Should I move the table over there. Not really. I am taking a coffee break after this. Or get one outside.

You know what it is you are doing. Get cracking. You are going to be there. You can finish one copy in twenty four hours. let’s go there. You don’t really need much time. You just do a critique then make it better from there. I don’t think it’s that perfect just yet. i’ll add my own perspective to it.

I think that be good then. How do you do that better? I think you expand on those. You can use that live tour. Is that necessary? You are giving them something to play with in their imagination. You can use that. Or go play something else. there’s something wrong with firefox. it’s time to move on. You have all the tools here anyway. I can play with chrome from now on.

Are there other things you might want to see? Like what? Other browsers are just a different way to show these things already here. You know what you are doing. It’s sad that these series lose their magic after the first. You keep hoping it gets better but it’s always going downhill from there. I see. What do we do here then? I don’t know yet. Only that it’s here and I can use it.

Use it in what way? You write well this way. Do I shower now? Keep writing. This is the work. You write about it. You don’t stop to edit. Just write. Make the connection. Do an outline. Make it work. You have a template or something. Use it. See if you can add content here and there. Use it like a sales letter.

Do you know how to make one? Start off with your strongest appeal. don’t dilly dally the way they do. Give them your power shot. Then you can expand from that. it’s what you do. Do things your way. Address the problem. it’s the pain of being away from the people you love.

How do you get them outside? You tell them the benefits of supporting this exhibit. Tell them they will find other people there. You always know how to motivate people how do you motivate that. Find what they do right now. I think you know where to find these. They are there but the new ones you know where they post. You can find them there anyway.

Is there an online thing for that? I think so. Go research that. Then there’s other gig. it’s for an app developer site. I can handle that. I am assuming that I am outsourced for an outsource service. i’m fine with that. it’s a good way to hit the ten thousand hour mark. Not that i’m not. it’s a definition to make solid this frequency.

it’s why I do what I do. I am making this solid. Then I am using this now. Everything is here and now anyway. You can write about it now. Wife gets home early but she goes to ben and jerrys tonight. She looks forward to it. I can go with her anyway it’s fine with me. I think we can expand on something else. Like have coffee.

I want that. Where to have coffee around there? I think you’ll find one when you go into It. You don’t have to get starbucks. You find it when you go there anyway. I think I can use maps for that. There is also waze. I can look into that. The pinky keys are hard to get into. What can I do here?

I don’t know.

thirty minutes next

There's an online timer and it's free. I think it's from google. I don't do three pages anymore. I do fifteen minutes of writing. This one is morning pages. Some time later, i do another one and yet another one. I do three of these in a day.

I don't have to get images for every blog post. I forgot to mention, i also do writing prompts when i feel like it. There's also writing for my book and if there's a gig, that's another one. I see insights from others when i read books. It's why i read. It's enjoyable as well seeing other people's perspective on a topic that i am interested in.

It gets warm already. This jumper i'm wearing is starting to get warm. We may have to get a new washing machie. The gilmore girls look interesting. It's season 1. Daughter said she finished it. It gets old eventually. How do you not go there? Look at how they do it in cartoons. Is it the comedy?

I don't know. I'll have a look. I can read books. That's so much better than just watching episodes on tv. Tv series are better than movies to-date. Why is that? You can go deeper on character development and story with a good tv series. Have you seen one that was good that way? Silican valley. But they stopped already. That's good when they know when to stop. Should i be writing that way?

What do you think. There seems to be a gap when i go to that mode. Practice that some more. When i write i get a chance opportunity to practice. I can go to paknsave and get me some ribs. There's the chicken soup. I can have that. It was good last night. No rashes. I don't think it's the milk but the ham christmas. There's something in it that triggers them rashes?

Or it can be milk after some time. Go see where that's going. You don't have to go deep into that. Be open to synchronicity. You can run the ea indefinitely. It has to go there then. I think you can do something about it in there. You go look into it. There's news coming aut after four. I turn on the ea after that.

Or i can do that earlier. I tend to slouch? Wife set her alarm at seven but goes back to sleep. That's to make sure her sleep is shallow. I don't do thingsthat way. I am better off waking up when it's time for me to get up. How will you trade this thing? I don't know yet. Being open to synchronicity might help. That's how you've lived all this time since you learned about it.

I can go there. You've seen how it works anyway. What's stopping you this time? I don't know yet. For now, this seems to work very well. If they are announcing a month before, then they are doing something about it now. They did not want my help so i can move forward already. Let's see where this is going. It's what advertising is about. People thingk they know how it works.

But that's their perspective. I respect that. I can get rid of that old clothes today. Or go friday but we do grocery tonight. We need that space. I get a phone call a bit later. I can take care of that then. The kids go to bed late. I don't have to. It's their choice though. We can make adjustments there if needed. I leave this pc running through the new york session?

I don't have to. This is vim and it's running very well for me writing. I am using this more often now. What's with those spaces? I can look into that later, or something else. I don't do programming much lately. I'm alright with that. I know what to do if i need to go there. I saw spots of opportunity in someone else's copy.

I think that settel's copy has holes in it. I think it's good that you are expanding no your writing. It's about connecting with your reader or audience. It's not just putting words on the page. It goes beyond that. That's why you have picasso's. They didn't just put paint on paper. They had to use it to flow their creativity.

How do you do that then? Go there and you will see. I wirte more often now. I'll do twenty minutes next time. I feel that i did'nt get much out of fifteen. You don't get much of it. You simply connect to flow and be a channel. It's how everything is connected. Why connect to higher self anyway?

Why not just bring heaven here on earth? I changed my template. I don't think i need to see price in there. That's one less thing to process. I think that button will change and you will get some sort of alert on the page. One more minute to go and i am done here. How much did i write about? I don't know. You will see when you finish. You don't have to go there though. I think this is about two pages.

Is that enough? I think so. I can do swipe files after this. Or not. It's all up to you. You can get them from the library. It don't have to go there and ten seconds to go and i am done here. You go bye!

it gets old

I think too much. it’s time to let go. i’m at woosh now. I am supported. Wife is still sleeping. What I prefer is to make her happy, but that’s outside my control. No matter what you do, you cannot ever make anyone else happy.

The closest thing you can do is to make yourself happy, then everything else reflects off that decision. How do you put yourself into that then? I have issues. Money is where my energy goes. Why did it stop? Maybe it’s there to give you space. When you have used up the energy, then you can move on.

How do you do that? You choose how you respond. there’s always opportunity for you. How do you write about this? You put one foot ahead of the other. One step at a time. If it’s not relevant it’s not going to be there. Start where you are.

I just lost this much in the last week. I have anxiety now. I feel anxiety. I fear what if it happens again. But it’s never the same thing twice. You already know that. If it happens then the universe is telling you not to go this way.

I have written about it. I know much about it. I miss them days in that mall. We used to go there a lot. I did at least when I got started trading this market. I miss those days. You can go back. But this time it’s different. You have kids to hang out with you. Where do I sleep? I can hang out there. I can sleep with them. I can sleep in thteir couch.

I can easily move around that way. I can ask my colleagues and friends to couch surf with them. Or do airbnb. I think that be available there. You have kids. You need to be with them. Spend the day away from them if you have to. it’s all connected. Do I need to setup the new trade explorer? I can do that. What else is there?

I don’t know yet. You need to get this up and running. Or not. it’s all up to you. there’s so much here to do. You are going there anywya. I get gas after driving the wife over there. I have phone calls coming in around that time. let’s do that then.

Or I can leave the phone with daughter. Tell her to just let these people in. there’s three of them here. The youngest keeps to herself in the room. There’s no connection? There is. You simply have expectations about it. What to do now? Keep watch. You will see what opens up.

For now, keep writing. This is page two. You don’t have to go there anymore. I think there’s something with the algorithm. Were they hacked? Or is it just me? I am accessing the index page. I think they got hacked. What else to do here? You can see where this is headed. Or not. there’s so much out there.

For now, write about your experience here. Expand on what’s happening and what you are doing about it. that’s a big drop right there. How to trade that? Why not keep to that part and see where it’s going. It can go sideways again. Or not. that’s a big drop right there. Is the yen getting strong?

Why would they do that? Cleaning up? Then you can start up something. You can always do something else. Like what? I don’t know. But if it’s here then it’s here for a reason. I feel like there’s still that definition. I can access that. What if it’s not meant to be?

Why would you hang on to it then. Why not use up the energy instead? I can do that. I have trash to go through this time? I can go out later. Do I want to run? Is there food for today? Tomorrow? I think so. there’s noodles. I can go there.

If not, we can make chicken. I think we bought milk. I can make that chicken soup. I will check it out later. Do you want to turn on that auto-correct for vim? I can go there. But the i’s are a thing. it’s like a speedbump and you are on a bike. it’s part of your process.

What els ecan I do about it? Not much if you allow for it to be there. I have issues. My head keeps going back to it. it’s for you. You can choose to change how you respond to it. Not to invalidate, but to use up the energy. It points to your source code.

This is how you reinforce then. So be it. let’s use it that way. what’s going to happen now? there’s news coming out today or tomorrow. I can move beyond that and see how it goes. You don’t have to wait up for much but it’s an opportunity there. You see where this is going? Build it up buttercup.

I used to like that song. I stil do. They have a lot of new content over at netflix. That became big very fast. it’s good that way. what’s up with you here? Do you want to finish them books? I can read about history. Nonfiction is good for me.

I can do fiction. I used to enjoy that dragon-something novel. Now it’s moved forward. There has to be something that’s more in-depth. You have already read that. Sometimes it gets old--the energy. That tells me it’s time to move on. You can make changes later. In the meantime, you write on ahead.

You have so much anxiety. You write about it. it’s how you use the energy. Why is it? What is the source code? That everything has to be lined up. That I need to control what’s on the outside to have peace. But even if you think you can control that you still can’t. Nothing like surprises come your way.

What do I do here then? I don’t know. Keep to your light. Use up the energy. I keep repeating that. I guess there is no connection here. You have days like this anaywy. I feel like I don’t have it. I feel imposter syndrome again. it’s because you compare. The human locas mind is wride to compare. it’s how it functions. But you don’t have to act on it.

You see it there then use it. You have feedback this way. You then move on. You got here perfectly well. it’s all downstream. Right now, things have flattened out. Allow for it to be here. it’s going to start moving again. it’s not like that but it’s a continuous energy flow. You tap into that. it’s how you make things happen.

How do you use it then? I don’t know yet. All I know is that when you get here it’s here for a reason. Keep writing about it. You will see where this is going then. Do you need conttrol still? I can give myself the illusion of control. But what would it feel like if you were in 4d?

Things will be different.

do some exercise

The old headphone bag is a bit bigger so I am going to start using that with my bag. I move around often. I write so I am mobile. it’s only now that I get to sit and write to finish three pages. there’s others in my todo list. This comes first.

I tried writing earlier but did not get to finish. Should I move these over to that table where my wrists are lower? That is an option but I may have to take a break and move things there. The issue there is that the mouse sits in a different place.

I saw them tall tables. I can work there standing or sitting. I like those. We should have those as work stations. i’ll get to that later then. Where would you put them? Over at that table. It can be this way side and the desktops are lined up somewhat. we’ll see how it goes.

I have a money tree myself. The question is, it needs regular cultivation. I don’t see it there rigth now but it’s going in that direction. All it needs is a little tipping point. How to get there? Everything is here and now. Find that frequency, match it and you see the projection.

there’s a lot for you here. You already know that. I can take a nap. Daughter is not going out later. Her friend cancelled. I will call tech support later on and follow up them modems. When did we order that? I think it was after christmas. But it should have been delivered by now. I lost track of the date after new year.

Things are starting to level out by now. I get that. let’s see where this is going then. All that walking is good for you? I can go out and run later. I can take a nap first. Or I can go out and run. Or walk. It don’t really matter much other than I get out of the house and do some exercise.

It helps clear my slate. it’s that ram in your head. You go out to workout and you clear ram better than a restart. The only thing that beats that is a good long nap. The kind of nap where it lasts more than half an hour and you wake up forgetful. That tells me it was a good nap.

Naps like that you need to reorient yourself after you get up. it’s like that in the mornings as well. How do you make that permanent? I don’t know. I am adding to the library as time goes by. I like that book. I learned something there. I can write that way. Is there another way to go about it?

I think so. it’s all about story. You can extrapolate on that with a third party. I am learning much here. I can experiment with that later on. For now, only see this anad where it’s going. I can even introduce the first character in much the same way.

Been there done that. What happens next? You be in the moment. it’s the experience. I am getting sleepy. I can take a nap. Do I want to finish these? I am getting sleepy.

feel right then

Sometimes I like listening to the blues. I feel intoxicated. Carbs gets me here all the time. I start writing for my kindle and weightloss experience. it’s what I have the most materials on. that’s where I am. Words are here already. You just write them down.

The title don’t really matter. it’s all about that. Then write about something else after you get there. Is it going to be my memoirs? I think so. If it’s free people tend to set them aside not even take a peek into it.

I walked to the gym and it was closed. My free trial should have come with the swipe cards. i’ll go on monday as no ones’ going to be there tomorrow, only the swipe members and no staff. It looks like a nice gym. it’s spacious and has a deep ceiling for air circulation. I wonder how cold it gets on winter.

This is going to be me in the next twelve months. I don’t know how it’s going to be. Just write and see where this takes you. I feel energy less. Am I going through his experience? If so how deep do I go? Use up the energy and you’ll be done here. You don’t have to. You lead your own life anyway.

You write about it and that’s how you use the energy. How else do you move forward with this? i’ll wash the dishes. I can clean that oven on the outside then take it from there. That be good enough for now. In the meantime, do this and see where it goes. I can clean the other grill on monday.

Just do one percent and it takes you a long way. Do you need structure with this? I don’t know yet. Just write about it and when after you have enough in there you can see how the plot goes. I think that’s the way to go. That there is path of least resistance.

This soundstage is good. It goes there and is subtle. it’s finesse? It seems like so. Then just listen to this as is. You can listen to something else when you finish. At least there is soundstage. You don’t hear this on classical music. Why not go without vocals...instrumentals?

You can go that way but it don’t really matter. You simply write about it. You don’t even have to be in an adventure. You can write about the driest parts of your life and it’s going to be interesting that way. Do a day to day thing. that’s good enough as well.

Talk about the decisions you make. i’m already there. it’s why it happened. It tells you where to go. You keep writing and what happens at page ten? You close your eyes and it flows right through you. You can edit that later. You put them into structure. You can write about short stories this way.

Do you see where this is going? it’s all there for you. Be in the moment. You will have access to the universe. All of the universe is here for you. How do youtap into that? Be in the light. Match their requency and you will see. That goes deep. You need to experience how that feels. Are you ready?

How do you know when you are there? You just write. Is that a good audiobook you listened to? I think so. Or just go in quiet. You don’t have to learn anything. Maybe it’s time to let go and simply connect. This way, you get what you need in the moment. I can shower later.

I will clean the oven after this then do the dishes. Or it’s going to be the other way around. it’s going to be cool this way. let’s see where this is going. I have the laundry. i’ll do that then. Also the rubbish. This is how it’s going to be then. No need to go there. it’s here in this moment. You put yourself into frequency.

Then what to write about? When you go there, it guides you back into where you want to be. Just write. it’s opened up this door and you can come in. you can explore and see how far it’ll go. This is me now then. I will learn how to make book covers? I know a thing or two about design. I can go there myself. Do I need outside editing?

Not really. But if you have to go there, you have stuff on fiverr and you can go there. I see. it’s there for you. You have enough in your account. You can use that to pay for stuff. I can do that. let’s go there then. Maybe I can jack up my price?

Not yet maybe. we’ll see how it goes. You can connect this way anyway. That inquiry this morning didn’t happen. i’m ok with that. I have an opening to write about this. Why do I feel like an imposter. Christmas came and went just like that.

i’ll put away this tree tomorrow. No gym tomorrow anyway. Just go in this direction. You can buy them out if you have to. In the meantime, just do this. Maybe son will want to go to the gym with me. I don’t know. we’ll see. At leats the door’s open. They can go whenever they want.

I can teach them if they want. I can create a program for them anyway. it’s a good long walk. it’s about an hour back and forth. that’s good for me. What else do we write about? What about the chores I am about to do. Blame the kids for that? Write about what goes on in your head. Should I be having coffee there? You don’t have to.

If it feel right then go for it. That feeling tells you the local mind don’t get it yet but the higher mind is telling you that it’s connected. That is how you live in synchronicity. You are vulnerable but that’s the point of it all.

What if you are wrong? Then there was something there for you. When you look back to it, you will see what it was. Always paint them in the positive. Nothing is ever negative. Give it a day. don’t invalidate the experience. If you feel bad, just feel the energy. You always have choice.

Do you want it tobe question and answer? It don’t have to. You just write about it. No one has an exdge other than they experienced things differently. If you don’t put yourself out there, then others won’t see the example you have as a unique perspective. there’s only going to be one book.

Write three pages then take a break. This is my pomodoro. Is this music I want to listen again? I think so. It feels good to hear that pitch and go. I can save this to my playlist. Or something like that. Those were my aikido days. i’m done with that.

I am open.

i am anyway

New habits for the year...patience, habits, positive. I think the better description is action filters. When I am to take action, it is going to be based on these three things.

I was so pissed out of the light yesterday. I flunked the test and I lost profits. Not lost. I learned something. I paid tution there. I was not adding to the funds because I didn’t make anything all through christmas.

Is this a viable product then? it’s not. Then you can find time for something that will. Writing books and sell them on amazon is a viable opportunity at this writing. Why not go deep into that? Wife is up and is going to work out. I didn’t work out yesterday. Why did I respond that way?

It was habit. What could I have done differently? I could have started a new one, or put more added more light into an alternative. I could have gone out for a walk and talked myself. I could have read a book. A lot of books on KU are crap. they’re like websites where everyone can write.

This is how you can get in. you write well. You talk about your own experience. Is that what people want? How do you know. You trust that they are authority but you shouldn’t. You are to question authority. Why is that?

it’s an auto response that they are not using well. Wife has her heart set on travelling to manila. She looks forward to being in the past. I think it has more to do with showing what she’s done. I would rather move forward.

I don’t want to have to fight authority. I can be in frequency. How is that? What is a better alternative then? Be in your own light. You don’t have to change the world outside. You change yourself. The coffee is still hot while the writing gets drawn out. There feels like flow.

Do I go see that optometrist today? I think so. I don’t have much to do anyway. Do I ride my bike or do I drive there? I am not working out anyway. I am to write that book. Can I get that plugin to autocapitalize? I don’t have to. there’s a plugin for that anyway. I don’t have to but I think I can create something like that. A macro or something.

let’s go there later. How do you know you have written so many words? I don’t know if it has that but right now I am at four hundred words. it’s easy to write this way when you know what to write about. So I can do one thousand? I think so. It’s almost the same anyway. Use it to your advanntage. Wife said thtat lady is fifty. I am turning fifty this year. what’s different this time?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s this contrast that I am to go through. That lady there is hot. I am looking at that. I am not doing social media until after lunch. There is yoga later when I take a break. I do four pomodoros then take a break. I think I can do twenty five but half an hour will do anyway. That puts me in frequency.

I don’t have to go there. This is where I am anyway. You go into social media and you get lost and you don’t get to write much. So you write not because you have expectations but because you connect to flow. that’s why you write. You connect and you channel your higher self. Right now, the positive filter is to allow that to be there. You have it.

It is now six hundred words. Five thousand words is how many pages? I finish this and I will find out. I will divide five thousand with the number of words in two pages. Or I can do one page. I can see how that goes later on. For now, only do this. A lot of it is fillers. You don’t have to go there. it’s a valid option but it’s not who you are. That lady is hot. These two are hot.

What do you do about this? You see your value for who you are. Then you can make things happen this way. it’s a friday. I just turned a fork in the road. You get the cash flow going and then you add more into it. I think you can have a thousand words in two pages? Not really. I think it’s more eight hundred or so.

I will find out when I finish. Maybe I can go for three pages? There are books out there on writing. You can look into that. Or not. it’s up to you. What else is there? what’s the habit when it comes to that? I don’t know.