boat you want

Cable doesn't seem to know where it's going. Does brexit have anything to do with it. How would you know which way it's going just by looking at the charts?

If today closes at these levels, price might head back favoring the aussie. This could be a reverse doji in the making. New york session is about to close. Bands are sideways. What's your trigger? I'm not sure. I think it's best that i run the bot and see how this unfolds.

Price on the h1 is showing some strength. Two long whites -- no, it's just one, just formed bouncing from oversold levels. That's a good sign. But if you zoomed out to the day chart, it's a doji. That's not looking good. You might get bears in the coming days, maybe up to friday, and then next week the bulls come back.

That's only an opinion. It's what i think. I wouldn't bet anything on it. Let the bot figure it out for you. Those were some good trades made last night. This is what it's like to make money while you sleep. The next phase is to scale up. I can up leverage to two hundred percent. Is brexit over and done with?

I'm not sure. This has been on the table for some time now it seems. What can you do about it? How will you trade this? Look at the charts. Price went back to the moving average. It went back to median. I think that's a bullish sign. Price is not yet oversold. You might have a weak day coming up. Let it go and see how things go from here. How else do you propose we trade this?

Do not overthink it. You have a good system here. Let the bot trade it for you. Your job is to sit back and pick which light you want to be in. That's easy. It's the downstream part of the equation. Is this woosh? You did well last night. It wasn't really a struggle. You knew where you were going.

Then we'll continue on with that. I think you have a good thing going here. You have a good pair. You can trade this and see how far you can take this. Should i be trading oil? Gold looks nice. Cunnencies though have volume. I would rather stick with this. You have solid moves like a tsunami. You want to ride that wave instead.

Ok. The local self is looking for something to do. What do you suggest? I suggest you go shopping. That's a fun activity. The local self will have plenty of things to keep busy with. And it's a pleasurable situation. You are rewarded. You don't even have to write for clients anymore.

How do you scale this up? How many trades has it been? Will you get back to that? I see a long space ahead of you. You can scale up. How? You can get a boring job. You then put everything into that bot to keep it running. Give it a year. After one year, you are done with all of that. Copywriting sounds interesting. You go fishing with it.

I can write copy for fishing and boat companies. I'll go to library after lunch and get some books and magazines on the subject. Maybe i can find potential clients that i can work with. Do dthis for a year more. You sharpen the skill and you can use this down the line. This is getting paid to level up.

How do you know it'll help? Because you can't look at charts all day. You can write and get paid then use the money to fuel the bot. I think that's a good plan for now. You can spend time with for your self. You can run. You can have fun in the sun. We are headed intot autumn. It was a short summer. It's going to be cold.

But things are different this time. I see the contrast. For one, the bot is here. You can stay in the same situation but it's different and you know it. The response this time is so much different. How do you scale this up? Adjust leverage. Use more positions. It's up to you. You can add to the position. This way you don't have to adjust leverage next time.

Give it until the hundredth mark. This way you add to position everytime you get there. I see. Should i be worried if things do not pan out? If you get a side gig going, then you don't have to worry so much. It is these overnights that things work out. Let it be so. I think this is going to go sideways today.

But inflation numbers rarefly have an effect, unless it's a surprise number. These numbers come up shortly in about an hour or two. I don't have to run the bot now, i wrote boat. Let's use boat. This way, it registers into your awareness. You have a boat. That sounds interesting.

If i had a boat, how do i spend my days then. I'd be out in the marina everyday. I'd be cleaning and just having coffee there. You don't have to go very far. Weekends you are out in the water. You walk to the marina from here. You go fishing. You go pick up the cousin and brother and just hang out. That is going to be fun. You can go to visayas and just chill out.

You don't even have to go that far. You have all that in here anyway. I go to the marina and hang out. That's what you going to do all day. You also have your laptop with you and internet connection there. How do you pull it with you. You get an account with your phone. You tether the wire to your laptop and use that connection.

Or you just let the boat run to the horizon. That is going to be fun that way. You can sail every weekend, spend the night out at sea. That sounds fun. You are always moving around that way. You can o here and there. Australia looks nice as well. We can do that. From there, you can sail off to hawaii. You have the passport anyway. That's one more that's coming up then. Let's see what happens here.

Should i be worried? Of course you can. Or you can put a positive meaning into it. Let's do it that way then. How would you go forward? I don't know yet. It's here anyway. Let's see how things go from here. I don't have much for me but it can go this way or that. You simply trust the timing. It's all connected.

The synchronicity is here. You open? I've been here before. You know how these things work. It's all connected to you here and now. The local self is worried? I see that. I feel the energy. Then so be it. Use it in a positive way. Everything is for you this way. I will spend the afternoon with my daughter. Today is wed. Wife is going to be home early.

We do grocery. It's fun and the son is going to turn twelve this sunday. Fun times ahead. I'll get him his gift on saturday? I think so. He's adjusted his requirements. It's easily within reach this way. Am i in greed mode? I am thinking of upping my leverage this way.

It used to be at those levels anyway. Why not go there? Or you can double up your position. It's easier this way anyway. Where is the momentum going? It's headed down south. This is a long write. It's only been fifteen minutes. Do you want shorter writing periods? I can do that. These downstairs talk loud? They are always arguing. It's human nature. It's not a culture thing. It's nice that i see contrast this way.

I could have been in that situation. Things are different now. You can always find extension this way. It's an illusion that they subscribe to. It's not me. It's not for me. Is this going to head south again? If so, it looks weak. Why would it go sideways. I need to get time out from this. I am going to think this one out again. Get in the boat.

You can always trust synchronicity from the boat. You can always get something going for you that way. They patrol the seas and you will have to make a connection that way. You have gps. You can pick up something from out there then make a delivery. That is going to be fun that way. How do you expand with this?

I don't know yet. You have a boat. This is fun. You are going to have fun with this. You can make it triple the amount. That works out beautiful for you. The wife is getting up now. I have a screen memory in place. Why is it this way? Do you think that's a bounce. I think so. It looks like it.

Wife is up. She has good sense of humor. I picked the lucky number with this one. It's how it's connected and you know it. You can expand with this. It was a good decision to come back. Everything is connected that way. What now? You pick a boat you want. I want a sailboat. I want a cat. It's wider but a monohaul looks nice. The lines are classic. It don't have to be a long one.

I'm looking for something that i can run myself. I don't think the kids want to join everytime.