do some exercise

The old headphone bag is a bit bigger so I am going to start using that with my bag. I move around often. I write so I am mobile. it’s only now that I get to sit and write to finish three pages. there’s others in my todo list. This comes first.

I tried writing earlier but did not get to finish. Should I move these over to that table where my wrists are lower? That is an option but I may have to take a break and move things there. The issue there is that the mouse sits in a different place.

I saw them tall tables. I can work there standing or sitting. I like those. We should have those as work stations. i’ll get to that later then. Where would you put them? Over at that table. It can be this way side and the desktops are lined up somewhat. we’ll see how it goes.

I have a money tree myself. The question is, it needs regular cultivation. I don’t see it there rigth now but it’s going in that direction. All it needs is a little tipping point. How to get there? Everything is here and now. Find that frequency, match it and you see the projection.

there’s a lot for you here. You already know that. I can take a nap. Daughter is not going out later. Her friend cancelled. I will call tech support later on and follow up them modems. When did we order that? I think it was after christmas. But it should have been delivered by now. I lost track of the date after new year.

Things are starting to level out by now. I get that. let’s see where this is going then. All that walking is good for you? I can go out and run later. I can take a nap first. Or I can go out and run. Or walk. It don’t really matter much other than I get out of the house and do some exercise.

It helps clear my slate. it’s that ram in your head. You go out to workout and you clear ram better than a restart. The only thing that beats that is a good long nap. The kind of nap where it lasts more than half an hour and you wake up forgetful. That tells me it was a good nap.

Naps like that you need to reorient yourself after you get up. it’s like that in the mornings as well. How do you make that permanent? I don’t know. I am adding to the library as time goes by. I like that book. I learned something there. I can write that way. Is there another way to go about it?

I think so. it’s all about story. You can extrapolate on that with a third party. I am learning much here. I can experiment with that later on. For now, only see this anad where it’s going. I can even introduce the first character in much the same way.

Been there done that. What happens next? You be in the moment. it’s the experience. I am getting sleepy. I can take a nap. Do I want to finish these? I am getting sleepy.