feel right then

Sometimes I like listening to the blues. I feel intoxicated. Carbs gets me here all the time. I start writing for my kindle and weightloss experience. it’s what I have the most materials on. that’s where I am. Words are here already. You just write them down.

The title don’t really matter. it’s all about that. Then write about something else after you get there. Is it going to be my memoirs? I think so. If it’s free people tend to set them aside not even take a peek into it.

I walked to the gym and it was closed. My free trial should have come with the swipe cards. i’ll go on monday as no ones’ going to be there tomorrow, only the swipe members and no staff. It looks like a nice gym. it’s spacious and has a deep ceiling for air circulation. I wonder how cold it gets on winter.

This is going to be me in the next twelve months. I don’t know how it’s going to be. Just write and see where this takes you. I feel energy less. Am I going through his experience? If so how deep do I go? Use up the energy and you’ll be done here. You don’t have to. You lead your own life anyway.

You write about it and that’s how you use the energy. How else do you move forward with this? i’ll wash the dishes. I can clean that oven on the outside then take it from there. That be good enough for now. In the meantime, do this and see where it goes. I can clean the other grill on monday.

Just do one percent and it takes you a long way. Do you need structure with this? I don’t know yet. Just write about it and when after you have enough in there you can see how the plot goes. I think that’s the way to go. That there is path of least resistance.

This soundstage is good. It goes there and is subtle. it’s finesse? It seems like so. Then just listen to this as is. You can listen to something else when you finish. At least there is soundstage. You don’t hear this on classical music. Why not go without vocals...instrumentals?

You can go that way but it don’t really matter. You simply write about it. You don’t even have to be in an adventure. You can write about the driest parts of your life and it’s going to be interesting that way. Do a day to day thing. that’s good enough as well.

Talk about the decisions you make. i’m already there. it’s why it happened. It tells you where to go. You keep writing and what happens at page ten? You close your eyes and it flows right through you. You can edit that later. You put them into structure. You can write about short stories this way.

Do you see where this is going? it’s all there for you. Be in the moment. You will have access to the universe. All of the universe is here for you. How do youtap into that? Be in the light. Match their requency and you will see. That goes deep. You need to experience how that feels. Are you ready?

How do you know when you are there? You just write. Is that a good audiobook you listened to? I think so. Or just go in quiet. You don’t have to learn anything. Maybe it’s time to let go and simply connect. This way, you get what you need in the moment. I can shower later.

I will clean the oven after this then do the dishes. Or it’s going to be the other way around. it’s going to be cool this way. let’s see where this is going. I have the laundry. i’ll do that then. Also the rubbish. This is how it’s going to be then. No need to go there. it’s here in this moment. You put yourself into frequency.

Then what to write about? When you go there, it guides you back into where you want to be. Just write. it’s opened up this door and you can come in. you can explore and see how far it’ll go. This is me now then. I will learn how to make book covers? I know a thing or two about design. I can go there myself. Do I need outside editing?

Not really. But if you have to go there, you have stuff on fiverr and you can go there. I see. it’s there for you. You have enough in your account. You can use that to pay for stuff. I can do that. let’s go there then. Maybe I can jack up my price?

Not yet maybe. we’ll see how it goes. You can connect this way anyway. That inquiry this morning didn’t happen. i’m ok with that. I have an opening to write about this. Why do I feel like an imposter. Christmas came and went just like that.

i’ll put away this tree tomorrow. No gym tomorrow anyway. Just go in this direction. You can buy them out if you have to. In the meantime, just do this. Maybe son will want to go to the gym with me. I don’t know. we’ll see. At leats the door’s open. They can go whenever they want.

I can teach them if they want. I can create a program for them anyway. it’s a good long walk. it’s about an hour back and forth. that’s good for me. What else do we write about? What about the chores I am about to do. Blame the kids for that? Write about what goes on in your head. Should I be having coffee there? You don’t have to.

If it feel right then go for it. That feeling tells you the local mind don’t get it yet but the higher mind is telling you that it’s connected. That is how you live in synchronicity. You are vulnerable but that’s the point of it all.

What if you are wrong? Then there was something there for you. When you look back to it, you will see what it was. Always paint them in the positive. Nothing is ever negative. Give it a day. don’t invalidate the experience. If you feel bad, just feel the energy. You always have choice.

Do you want it tobe question and answer? It don’t have to. You just write about it. No one has an exdge other than they experienced things differently. If you don’t put yourself out there, then others won’t see the example you have as a unique perspective. there’s only going to be one book.

Write three pages then take a break. This is my pomodoro. Is this music I want to listen again? I think so. It feels good to hear that pitch and go. I can save this to my playlist. Or something like that. Those were my aikido days. i’m done with that.

I am open.