i already have

The market reversed back. what’s happening. The only red news that came out during the night was for the usd. How did that affect my pair? I read last night that good writing is all about getting your thoughts across effectively. If that were so, i’m already there.

At times I compare my work with the finished, professionally paid edited copywriting of other people. Given enough time, I can do as well, maybe even better. Those self proclaimed gurus on the net don’t have squat on me.

How do you know that? i’ve seen their work. They got lucky but now they have it all in their head. i’m alright with that. At least I am aware of this. that’s a hot assistant right there. What do we do now? Only be in the moment. That lady is doing it fine alright. I have a full plate today.

I also have a test tomorrow and on friday and I am anxious about them. it’s going to be alright. They are here for a reason. Use it that way. If you do not pass then i’m alright with it. The next one I can take here in brown’s bay. I don’t mind that. I can brive well anyway. I like the way I drive myself.

So be it then. let’s get this cracking. What else is there for now? I don’t know yet. It was that bad back then. Now I see what’s going to happen. i’ve been there before. What do we do now? Only get to the other side. If it’s going to be this painful when I run, should I be running again?

it’s fun for me. Why not go to the gym for a few months and see how that goes. I haven’t been writing for upwork for more than a month now? I think so. it’s why I am not keen on going to the gym. But it’s different now. I have awareness. I have woosh. there’s also that ku thing.

Hire yourself for that then. Start that project. Do something to get you going then. Does it have to be connected in some way? I think so. You know how to connect anyway. let’s get this going then. I can do that. I am going to write about it today.

I drive the wife over and then go straight to there. I think we can handle it this way. I wonder if that guy will need a new set of tires. He didn’t say the last time. But let’s get this working now. I may have to come back for that in an hour or so.

let’s get cracking then. Wednesdays are usually not tight like mondays. let’s finish this anyway. I can go hangout at pbtech and check out the stuff there. Do you need anything from there? I don’t think so. I have more than enough already. I think the download from spotify should have finished last night.

If not, it can continue this morning. Resume is also another word I can use for that. let’s go there then. What else is there? I also do this day one today. Wife is back to work. The kids have a month to their term summer vacation. We are headed back into autumn.

Is it that autumn? I don’t think so. We just went through this situation. This is different now. Do you bring this along? i’m not writing anyway. I am doing research already. Take a look at them books and see how it goes. what’s the market doing?

I think it’s going to head back down. Do I turn it on now or later? I think later as red news coming out at ten pm tonight. This here hedge fund plus the ku is the business model. I will see that through then. it’s on autopilot. it’s what I am. let’s get cracking on that.

Do you need clients for that? Not really. I already have something up and running already. You can arrange for something in here. What else do we need to do? Get people to send you a message. it’s kinda blank there. Do you need people to sign up with you?

What if you can make it that good? Then it’s going to be interesting that way. That should be on the second leg of the bot. That is profitable that way. I could have gone there. But that’s in hindsight. You know how that is already. You keep writing then.

I see. The kids are going to be up late. that’s ok. I think I can do something here at work. I can write, read and sit here. I have stuff to do outside though. Do I go to the gym today? Probably do a walk. I can run tomorrow. that’s fine with me. Is it going to rain today?

If so, bring the brela.