i am anyway

New habits for the year...patience, habits, positive. I think the better description is action filters. When I am to take action, it is going to be based on these three things.

I was so pissed out of the light yesterday. I flunked the test and I lost profits. Not lost. I learned something. I paid tution there. I was not adding to the funds because I didn’t make anything all through christmas.

Is this a viable product then? it’s not. Then you can find time for something that will. Writing books and sell them on amazon is a viable opportunity at this writing. Why not go deep into that? Wife is up and is going to work out. I didn’t work out yesterday. Why did I respond that way?

It was habit. What could I have done differently? I could have started a new one, or put more added more light into an alternative. I could have gone out for a walk and talked myself. I could have read a book. A lot of books on KU are crap. they’re like websites where everyone can write.

This is how you can get in. you write well. You talk about your own experience. Is that what people want? How do you know. You trust that they are authority but you shouldn’t. You are to question authority. Why is that?

it’s an auto response that they are not using well. Wife has her heart set on travelling to manila. She looks forward to being in the past. I think it has more to do with showing what she’s done. I would rather move forward.

I don’t want to have to fight authority. I can be in frequency. How is that? What is a better alternative then? Be in your own light. You don’t have to change the world outside. You change yourself. The coffee is still hot while the writing gets drawn out. There feels like flow.

Do I go see that optometrist today? I think so. I don’t have much to do anyway. Do I ride my bike or do I drive there? I am not working out anyway. I am to write that book. Can I get that plugin to autocapitalize? I don’t have to. there’s a plugin for that anyway. I don’t have to but I think I can create something like that. A macro or something.

let’s go there later. How do you know you have written so many words? I don’t know if it has that but right now I am at four hundred words. it’s easy to write this way when you know what to write about. So I can do one thousand? I think so. It’s almost the same anyway. Use it to your advanntage. Wife said thtat lady is fifty. I am turning fifty this year. what’s different this time?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s this contrast that I am to go through. That lady there is hot. I am looking at that. I am not doing social media until after lunch. There is yoga later when I take a break. I do four pomodoros then take a break. I think I can do twenty five but half an hour will do anyway. That puts me in frequency.

I don’t have to go there. This is where I am anyway. You go into social media and you get lost and you don’t get to write much. So you write not because you have expectations but because you connect to flow. that’s why you write. You connect and you channel your higher self. Right now, the positive filter is to allow that to be there. You have it.

It is now six hundred words. Five thousand words is how many pages? I finish this and I will find out. I will divide five thousand with the number of words in two pages. Or I can do one page. I can see how that goes later on. For now, only do this. A lot of it is fillers. You don’t have to go there. it’s a valid option but it’s not who you are. That lady is hot. These two are hot.

What do you do about this? You see your value for who you are. Then you can make things happen this way. it’s a friday. I just turned a fork in the road. You get the cash flow going and then you add more into it. I think you can have a thousand words in two pages? Not really. I think it’s more eight hundred or so.

I will find out when I finish. Maybe I can go for three pages? There are books out there on writing. You can look into that. Or not. it’s up to you. What else is there? what’s the habit when it comes to that? I don’t know.