know where they

I don’t feel like writing anymore. What am I to do then? Be a hedge fund manager. The thing is, you manage a fund. How do you do that? Continue with upwork but you can let go of the other one. Or finish them gigs and continue what you’re doing.

I feel like this decision is sudden and may be a knee-jerk reaction to not working for weeks. I can write my own copy. I think you already know the answer here. Continue carry-on. What if I had my own desk over there. Like that one. Get gigs from upwork. What happened here? Get back to work then.

I can finish off one tonight. i’ll make a rough draft of a landing page then keep improving from my own critique. I feel like it’s still there only a bit dormant from weeks of not working. I can go home later walk. I can walk now. I took a short nap I think. it’s not the long naps but good enough. We go out to see a movie later.

Keep writing then. It don’t have to be a monumental good movie. Do you need a different desk? Not really but it’ll help. Do you want to go see that again? It gets old. Go see something else. The connection now is the fastest i’ve seen. i’ve got a lot of baggage. Get back in the woosh. You know how good that feels.

The thing is going to get activated again. you’ve seen it happen. No news so I can look forward to that london open. Is this going to continue? I don’t know. we’ll see. I have another ea. I can run that test and see how it goes.

It uses grid trading. I think you already know how this one works. it’s not perfect but I think there’s something to it. Get back to work? I don’t think that’s me over there. Jjust keep writing. I have that imposter syndrome again.

Do you need outside coaching for that? You already have it. I drive daugther to work tomorrow. She needs to get her own license already. She does that after she gets her phone. it’s not that a priority for her. So be it then. let’s see how things go tomorrow. Tonight, take it easy stop chastizing berating yourself. You chose to be here.

What do you get out of it? A lot. You don’t have to id everything but there are benefits to this situation. I tightened those things on my headphones to keep those wires close by. You can accidentaly pull on them and damage the cans. it’s best this way. I look forward to getting that other model sony cans.

I gets them next year. Am I collecting them now? Not really. it’s just there. Maybe some velour pads. that’ll make them swell and not too hot on my ears. I don’t feel like writing. But make it your job. The title goes here and then build up from there. I think they already have some copywirting. You just need to connect. It feels like it doesn’t connect.

How do you make it connect? You tell stories. You talk about benefits. When they can’t id what the benefits are, then it’s your job to find them. that’s what they are about. Then you can use them on your site to make it work best. They might edit but mine is in pdf format so it’s not affected by the seo.

I think that’s a good decision there. No other way to make that work. I think you can make something out of it. This is page two. Should I move the table over there. Not really. I am taking a coffee break after this. Or get one outside.

You know what it is you are doing. Get cracking. You are going to be there. You can finish one copy in twenty four hours. let’s go there. You don’t really need much time. You just do a critique then make it better from there. I don’t think it’s that perfect just yet. i’ll add my own perspective to it.

I think that be good then. How do you do that better? I think you expand on those. You can use that live tour. Is that necessary? You are giving them something to play with in their imagination. You can use that. Or go play something else. there’s something wrong with firefox. it’s time to move on. You have all the tools here anyway. I can play with chrome from now on.

Are there other things you might want to see? Like what? Other browsers are just a different way to show these things already here. You know what you are doing. It’s sad that these series lose their magic after the first. You keep hoping it gets better but it’s always going downhill from there. I see. What do we do here then? I don’t know yet. Only that it’s here and I can use it.

Use it in what way? You write well this way. Do I shower now? Keep writing. This is the work. You write about it. You don’t stop to edit. Just write. Make the connection. Do an outline. Make it work. You have a template or something. Use it. See if you can add content here and there. Use it like a sales letter.

Do you know how to make one? Start off with your strongest appeal. don’t dilly dally the way they do. Give them your power shot. Then you can expand from that. it’s what you do. Do things your way. Address the problem. it’s the pain of being away from the people you love.

How do you get them outside? You tell them the benefits of supporting this exhibit. Tell them they will find other people there. You always know how to motivate people how do you motivate that. Find what they do right now. I think you know where to find these. They are there but the new ones you know where they post. You can find them there anyway.

Is there an online thing for that? I think so. Go research that. Then there’s other gig. it’s for an app developer site. I can handle that. I am assuming that I am outsourced for an outsource service. i’m fine with that. it’s a good way to hit the ten thousand hour mark. Not that i’m not. it’s a definition to make solid this frequency.

it’s why I do what I do. I am making this solid. Then I am using this now. Everything is here and now anyway. You can write about it now. Wife gets home early but she goes to ben and jerrys tonight. She looks forward to it. I can go with her anyway it’s fine with me. I think we can expand on something else. Like have coffee.

I want that. Where to have coffee around there? I think you’ll find one when you go into It. You don’t have to get starbucks. You find it when you go there anyway. I think I can use maps for that. There is also waze. I can look into that. The pinky keys are hard to get into. What can I do here?

I don’t know.