let go now

I am waiting for daughter's message so i can pick up. Another daughter is out celebrating with her friends. Last night she got a message having been accepted to the university of auckland and at the course she wanted to take.

That's big. I wonder why we didn't get to celebrate it last night. Is there something here that i can do? Maybe we can go for kfc tomorrow. I can buy half for twenty bucks. I have tight budget now. This headphones feel like it's got a not perfect fit.

It looks ok so i guess it's how i put it on earlier. I'll see what i can do later. I got back from a walk about an hour ago. I went to the couch and took a nap. I got up with my legs feeling the lactic acid. Is this a circulation situation? I am aware of that now. I can redefine and let go. I think i have the right tools to craft a universe that's interesting to explore and exploit. Exploit has a negative feeling to it these days.

I guess it had something to do with hom the press used it. Now that you see it that way, how do you wish to proceed? I keep writing. I created a page about my trading and grid trading. It's no secret that it's what i am doing. There's a niche for that and i don't think there's anyone else that writes about it as eloquent as i think i do. I can write a book about it. Since starting, i've found three other ways to run the ea.

This is path of least resistance. This is me pointed downstream. These two stay at home all day. How can they do that. They get off their butts to sleep, eat and personal matters. I guess that's how they want to spend their vacation. I let them use up the energy. They are going to get sick and tired of it eventually.

I adjusted the trigger to a break out of bands. The previous one was high volatility. There's something off about it. I missed a trade or two yesterday and it could have been profitable. I'll see what we can do in there. In the meantime, allow for this to be here and use up the energy.

This is what i do all day. Now i write. I did not writethis morning. I did not feel like it. I feel that i need to get more sleep in the morning but i gotta get up and drive daughter to work. She can take a bus but she'll have to get up earlier. I guess things are going to change soon enough. In the meantime, craft a meaning that's in alignment with who you are. This is how the universe works.

How can you tell? How do you know you are right? It feels like it. There's more positive energy in me than when i was reading all those self-help books. It started around the time bashrar started broadcast. The timing looks interesting, doesn't it? Daughter is still out. No word on when they come back.

No triggers yet. Things start to happen around london session open. The high impact news on the aussie had no effect at all. It didn't cause any move in price action. Is this have soundstage? Not really. It's not believable. It's flat if you can call it taht. There is no soundstage is a better description of it. Let me try another one.

I am trying another one. It looks better. I like these videos. This one has three things going for it. A thunderstorm, a fireplace, waves on a cliff. That's three. This would be nice on high def tv but i prefer to listen to them on my headphones. This is not for sleep for me. I use this to put myself in ambience. It's like listening to them in my room in my future self. This is how you match frequency. You resonate with this more often and you see the projections made manifest.

How can you tell it's workning. You get the experience. You see the reflection. You experience the contrast. Then you are that frequency. It's all here for you. You only need to see the connection. There is the rainfall as well. The waves are crashing on the cliffs and it's in the background. You have soundstage with this? It feel like it. This one is so much better.

What now? You going to stop copywriting? I am taking a break from working with clients. I am still writing though. I am writing up my blog on trading. Soon as i have enough content, i'll write the book. Then it's another business on auto-pilot. That is the path. This is where i am. It's not a goal as that is on the outside. A path i'm in is this and you take steps resonating with the frequency. When you close your eyes you can almost feel the wind and the cold weather. You can smell the salt in the air.

I like this one. Maybe i can subscribe to the channel and help support them that way. I like rain. This is good with hot chocolate or coffee and have a good conversation with friends. It's like a productive day running your business and you take a moment to enjoy the moment. This is how i am.

How do you retire in ormoc? Do they have good broadband connection? Maybe i can get a house somewhere here in auckland that's similar. Where do you get the friends? You work with others. You help them out. You can create a traders group that helps each other out. I think that is within my reach. You don't have to hide everything. You are such a speck of dust in the universe that my orders don't matter at this time.

How long can you keep this up? As long as it's relevant for me. Right now, everything that's relevant to my frequency is rushing to connect with me. It's all here and now. You get the ideas because you are that person already. What's next then. Just resonate with it. Match the frequency. No text messages. She can call if she has to wants to. Should i save this to phone?

Not really. Maybe i can if i wanted to. But not now. It's ok as i can connect ot this on youtube at anytime. So be it then it's fin writing this way. I wonder what time daughter gets home. Is there any place i should be? I don't think so. The last on my todo list is to clean the toilet then have shower. So be it. I do that after i get back.

I will have dinner after my shower. I don't think it's there. Everything that happens is there for a reason. I put positive meaning, or at least render it neutral. It doesn't have to be bad that way. Wife on the other hand, thinks it's bad if it's a curve ball. That's fine with me. She's my contrast. She gives me feedback this way. This is how i use the energy.

You then see where you are going this way. Do you need other things? I'm not sure. As things stand, there are stuff i don't need anymore. I can throw them out or give them away. Let's see later. That's a nice cliff location to live in. The way you see the ocean from where you live. It's raining and you can go out and play in the mud. That be fun. You wear a thick jacket but go barefoot. Or work in the mud with your bare hands.

How would life be as that successful trader/ you dabble in real estate? No. I would rather help out and get involved with other people. I can hire them to work with me if they need it. If not, i can make recommendations. Why not do it now? I am. I am inn that frequency now. How else can you be of service to others? By being me as fully as i can. My life serves as a shining example here.

This time, it's perfect this way. I have soundstage and i will subscribe to this channel when i finish writing here. No text message. This is technology. This is the future that you saw when you were young. You just time traveled. You folded time and space. It may not be evident but it's what you do. The only factor out of alignment here is your definitions--your source code.

What can i do about it? Look into it and see what needs to line up. These kids are smart anyway. Let them use up the energy. Soon as the energy is used up then they can create new ones? No. It's always there. You just need to define it in alignment with who you are. Can you teach them that? I can mention it to tehm but my life is the ultimate example. Let it go at that for now. I am more relaxed. I feel that i am at zero point here. I can upload this but it takes storage space.

I don't have that right now. I have less than a minute. I will upload these soon as i finish these then. What else can you do about it? You can let go now.