no more dinner

This headphone just sounds amazing. I love it. And I thought that the m40x were good. This here is so much better. it’s at least one level up. And it’s cheaperby about twenty bucks. that’s good if you ask me. Daughter is home.

I write as there’s nothing here to write. Do you want to get into something else? Like what? I had dinner--low carb. I start woosh now. This is good for fifteen weeks. Losing two kilos a week, that’ll put me on spot for my goal. I can expand on this plus I get the woosh in the process. let’s get going then.

Why is portman not in this movie? I don’t know. This is interesting in its time. Right now, I would rather do something else. Is this a track I want to listen to? it’s ok. We can stick with this while I write. If I go to spotify, I would rather use the phone. At least the app there is better.

What then? The charger is the problem but moto is good for android. It don’t get that much attention. I can play with this. it’s a bit slow the processing but it’s alright altogether. That kid is sleepy? I am sleepy and it’s nine and the sun just went down. This is summer. it’s going to be like this.

The kids go back to school at feb. I can stick with this or now. I do yoga in the mornings. Wife goes back to work tomorrow. I can stick with this for now. That thing is going to be heavy if it can fly. it’s going to use up a lot of energy but if it’s out of dimension kind of energy then you don’t have to worry about that.

Is there a better way? Yes. Match frequency. I think hulk’s character was too shallow. The scientist theme is good and they could have played on that further. Bryan adams used to be a favorite. It got old soon enough. What can we do about this?

Just keep writing. This is page one still. You can write a story with this? I think so. Then let it go at that and do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. Just finishwriting then. I see where this is going. let’s get cracking then. What do you want to write about? I don’t know. Finish writing and get to the other side.

I think that was colby smulders. that’s a hot chic. How come she has bod like that? it’s long limbs altogether. Is there a pic of her on reddit? I can look that up. What are you looking for? Nakedness. I think that is possible there. The story of avengers is kinda shallow in my taste. I can see potential for it though. But that’s just me.

So I keep writing then. What else is there? Not much but that you keep writing. I can do that. My phone is charging. My kindle is good to go anyway. I can keep to this and see how it goes. Why is that character too limited with this one? I don’t know yet but it’ this way.

What can I do about it? Keep writing. The kids are all home. No more dinner. I had one already before the wife got home. Last night was interesting. She didn’t want to but things just fell into place. How do we repeat that? I don’t know yet. it’s all here. You can look it up. Do you want another one?

I think we can do that. I have fear in me. I am sleepy. Can I take a nap or just go to bed early? I get my driver’s test on thursday. I get ready for that tomorrow. Or not. I think I can do something there tomorrow. there’s not much going on aronud here. So I just write.

If you were god like that, how will you do things then? I don’t know yet. Just keep writing and see where this is going. The battery is discharging. I think it’s good to go at sylvia park. How to go there more often? Go when there’s a holiday. I can go there by train. I see. What else do we do here? I don’t know yet.

there’s not much happening in there. So I can do somethnig then. Do you need to go there?? I don’t know. it’s still here. Just get to the other side and see how it goes. Keep writing then. Write about what? I don’t know. Whatever comes to mind. Edit later. Or not. You don’t have to edit anything at all.

The comic book was interesting but they couldn’t make it to the other side. How do you do that then? I don’t know yet. it’s connected somewhat. If not, then do something else. Like what. You just do this and see how it goes. Just keep writing.

I have much.