thirty minutes next

There's an online timer and it's free. I think it's from google. I don't do three pages anymore. I do fifteen minutes of writing. This one is morning pages. Some time later, i do another one and yet another one. I do three of these in a day.

I don't have to get images for every blog post. I forgot to mention, i also do writing prompts when i feel like it. There's also writing for my book and if there's a gig, that's another one. I see insights from others when i read books. It's why i read. It's enjoyable as well seeing other people's perspective on a topic that i am interested in.

It gets warm already. This jumper i'm wearing is starting to get warm. We may have to get a new washing machie. The gilmore girls look interesting. It's season 1. Daughter said she finished it. It gets old eventually. How do you not go there? Look at how they do it in cartoons. Is it the comedy?

I don't know. I'll have a look. I can read books. That's so much better than just watching episodes on tv. Tv series are better than movies to-date. Why is that? You can go deeper on character development and story with a good tv series. Have you seen one that was good that way? Silican valley. But they stopped already. That's good when they know when to stop. Should i be writing that way?

What do you think. There seems to be a gap when i go to that mode. Practice that some more. When i write i get a chance opportunity to practice. I can go to paknsave and get me some ribs. There's the chicken soup. I can have that. It was good last night. No rashes. I don't think it's the milk but the ham christmas. There's something in it that triggers them rashes?

Or it can be milk after some time. Go see where that's going. You don't have to go deep into that. Be open to synchronicity. You can run the ea indefinitely. It has to go there then. I think you can do something about it in there. You go look into it. There's news coming aut after four. I turn on the ea after that.

Or i can do that earlier. I tend to slouch? Wife set her alarm at seven but goes back to sleep. That's to make sure her sleep is shallow. I don't do thingsthat way. I am better off waking up when it's time for me to get up. How will you trade this thing? I don't know yet. Being open to synchronicity might help. That's how you've lived all this time since you learned about it.

I can go there. You've seen how it works anyway. What's stopping you this time? I don't know yet. For now, this seems to work very well. If they are announcing a month before, then they are doing something about it now. They did not want my help so i can move forward already. Let's see where this is going. It's what advertising is about. People thingk they know how it works.

But that's their perspective. I respect that. I can get rid of that old clothes today. Or go friday but we do grocery tonight. We need that space. I get a phone call a bit later. I can take care of that then. The kids go to bed late. I don't have to. It's their choice though. We can make adjustments there if needed. I leave this pc running through the new york session?

I don't have to. This is vim and it's running very well for me writing. I am using this more often now. What's with those spaces? I can look into that later, or something else. I don't do programming much lately. I'm alright with that. I know what to do if i need to go there. I saw spots of opportunity in someone else's copy.

I think that settel's copy has holes in it. I think it's good that you are expanding no your writing. It's about connecting with your reader or audience. It's not just putting words on the page. It goes beyond that. That's why you have picasso's. They didn't just put paint on paper. They had to use it to flow their creativity.

How do you do that then? Go there and you will see. I wirte more often now. I'll do twenty minutes next time. I feel that i did'nt get much out of fifteen. You don't get much of it. You simply connect to flow and be a channel. It's how everything is connected. Why connect to higher self anyway?

Why not just bring heaven here on earth? I changed my template. I don't think i need to see price in there. That's one less thing to process. I think that button will change and you will get some sort of alert on the page. One more minute to go and i am done here. How much did i write about? I don't know. You will see when you finish. You don't have to go there though. I think this is about two pages.

Is that enough? I think so. I can do swipe files after this. Or not. It's all up to you. You can get them from the library. It don't have to go there and ten seconds to go and i am done here. You go bye!