you avoid rangebound

why don't i write anymore? I feel like a fake writing copy like that. But that's just expectations getting in your way. Did you do your best? Did you write then edit until there was nothing left? Did you work on the copy until it was time to send them over?

Yes i did.

Then you are not an impostor. You feel this way because you compare your draft with someone else's published copy. That's not fair to anywone, even the top writers that you think ther are. It's just not true that way. Give yourself a chance. Only do your best. That's what your expectations should be about.

Then i am doing good here. What else can anyone ask from you? Does that mean i should go back? You don't have to go back if it's not interesting to you. But i still want to write copy. How do i do that? I can write copy for my own. I have a blog that features forex trading. I can stick with that and see how far i can go with that. But that's in alginment?

I dinot' know yet. What i do know is that these james bond movies are just riding on momentum. You can do better than that. You've seen better. I think even if you copied something then you can do better. Tomorrow is a sunday. We are back to the early morning grind. So be it then. It's part of the process.

I didn't like that track so i take a moment to unlike it so it doesn't come back anymore. Will it? That's a walkman. They used to have these high quality videos. That's them though. You can make something out of this. Just go for what's interesting for you. This will all make sense at the end of the day. You know how these things work.

What happens next? I had carbs today and it wasn't as much as before. This is a better response for me. I can still do better with this. How much better? More in alignment with the source code. More in alignment with the experience and the state of being. You know what i mean and where this is going.

You can close your eyes and talk more about this. Who is that lady? That was in the eighties. I think you were crazy about them when you were young. I was. But things were different back then. You know this. What then? I don't know. You know about these things. You can let go if it's not relevant here for you.

All this feels like a repeat sho i'm watching. I can go for something else. What i'm doing is creating cash flow in auto-pilot. You can't get there when you work on getting a salary. You need to see this happening this way. Am i too reliant on the ea? I don't think so. I trade good using this method. I can make something out of it this time. How different are they this time?

It's in the positive. I think there's something not right with their allegations. I think you can make a homerun out of this. You just need to trust in the process here for you. You have something in place. You only need to stretch out your legs and get your momentum going.

This is all about the second wind. You are here and you are moving out of physical. You are shifting in the spirit hile in the physical. There's a difference. You are not that person anymore. What can i do about it? I will write. I can create a vlog about this but there's people here. I need a quiet room where i can record something. How do you do that?

Some tracks are not what you want to listen to. It's noise that way then. I see. How do you expand on this. Allow for this to be here and then just let it be. It's here for a reason. That's not what i had in mind. Maybe there's no more cello new music out there. You've listened to it all. I see. Hat happens next? I think it's all in there. Enjoy them this time and just listen to them.

Or not. It's all up to you. I can export these later and make them mine. Can you do that? I don't know. If not, do something else. You can work with these models and see where it goes. If not, see what opens up. It's all connected. The wife didn't go to church this time. I guess they go tomorrow. I can do yoga tomorrow. I was thinking of doing yoga today but that didn't work out.

This here is old music. Do you want to see that movie? There be others out there. Like what? Like i don't know. Maybe you don't have to see a movie. There's more writing and reading because it's interesting this way. I can do mq4 programming. I have something in place. You don't have to add to it.

I don't have to create an app for that. It takes time to do these things. I went back to listening to my playlist. It all sounds right this way. Or i can do somtething else. Like finish writing these. Three out of four is ok. I don't have to be negative about it. It's positive a response as i can be. It don't have to control everything. You already know that.

Just write about it. You don't have to know or do it the way your parents did them. You know how these things work. That judd nelson guy was a waste of talent. Why didn't he expand on his career? I don't know. Maybe he relied more on his looks more than anything. What's wrong with that kid?

I don't know. She has issues. I don't have to deal with it. It's not my plate. I can let it go at that. At least i can see and am aware of these things. I don't have to change anything. Continue writing. This is going to the other side? I think it's dry by this time. If it's not, we can put it on the dehumidifer. I think it's dry by now. Then i can see what else is there. If she's going to be a bitch about it she can go live somewhere else.

I think it's dry. No response there. I wonder what happened this time? I don't know. I don't have to know. All i know is taht it's contarst for me. I don't have to change that. I can only allow for that to be there. Positive response is positive effect. It's a positive universe for me. So be it then. It's not about religion. It's physics. You put out energy and you get back the energy.

Or something like that.

How do you know that? I just know. This is how i've lived all these years. When i deviatef from letting go and start to want to or try to control things, i lose my connection to flow. When i feel the energy come back and it's not what i prefer, i look in my source code and make changes if i have to. This is my path. I don't have to be lik esomeone else's. It's what works for now.

I've been here before. Now it's the watermelon thing. It's going to burst out eventually. It's energy. That's how physics work anyway. It don't have to be complicated. You already know that. Do i have to check how much time is remaining. No need this time. Just keep writing. After this i can go read my books and get ready for bed. There's not much to do now anyway. Let's do something else.

Like what? I can go check my playlist and see what's in place. Wife don't get how great sounds are when you have headphones. She's so in the past. That's contrast for me. That's why she's there. You can use this energy. How? See the contrast and use it as feedback. I can walk. I don't have to run much. The run was ok. Let's get back to it. I don't have to choose other things. The kids are going back to school. I can get more of my things in place then.

For one, i can work in that table and have access to the old energy. But it's a different energy. You are coming from a different perspective. Nothing is ever the same anyway. You have good copy in place right there. Let's add to that. Always add something there in place. Tell them what happened this time. You don't have to push things aside.

Or you can create a vlog out of it. You can do a screencast of the positions and trades and how you are doing. You don't have to sell. You only need to show that it works. Is there a need to hide things? I think that's negative. How do you deal with that one? People will see through that. Or they can use that but they take on the negative energy. You want to be positive about all this.

I see where this is going. I can go there then. I can test other ea's in the coming weeks. In the meantime, double the account then up the ante. I can add more leverage each time i double the account? Or not. Triple double maybe. That gives me more leverage? Not leverage but buffer. You have more funds to take on the rangebound markets.

But since you have a better timed application, you avoid rangebound markets. The trades are few and far between but the quality are better. You get more hits this way even if it were simply to get to first base. That's what you want to moneyball your account. You go for quality hits to first base. There's a term for it and that's where this is all going then.

I see what you mean. What's next then? You have a good pair, you have a good ea. Now it's time to let it all just run and see what happens. I get where you rae going with this. I need to go to toilet after i finish these. How much more time is remaining? I don't know. Go check.

Four minutes. That felt slower this time. I know. I'll finish this here.