you match frequency

Timer is set to twenty five minutes. It's a standard pomodoro. I woke up with issues from the past. I was to process them, bring everything redefined to alignment. It's not that i invalidate them. It's there to see what i didn't know back then and bring light to the situation.

Maybe i am not a writer. Maybe i am but comparing my situation with that of a friend's. My path is different. His path is different. Our process are not the same. It's why my situation is different from his. Can i get the same details? Not exactly.

You project reflect what is relevant for you. If it's not relevant, you are not going to see them reflections. Then how do i proceed from here. You keep to your light. You expand in your light. You are always resonating frequency. That you can control--if there is a thing as control.

You define it. That's how you get it. You expand with that. I can listen to music now, but this feels golden. It's sacred? Not exactly the right word. There's religious connotation to it. This is precious for me. We go out to dinner tonight. Why hasn't she registered yet? Maybe she forgot about it. Let it go then. She is wasting money there but that's part of her equation.

What can i do about this? You know how this moves. You know what to do now. You let it run. You don't have to control everything. You've seen how it works. Let it go at that and see what happens. You let a few hours go by and go out for a while. You come back and everything is working.

I see. What do i do to fill in the timing? I don't know yet. What excites you? Do it that way. Write three acts. That is interesting. You can move forward with that. You write three acts and you know how to do it. You just fill in the blanks that way. I wonder what we do tonight. Wife just responded.

She needs the conflict. I don't get why. She grew up with it. She responds to it. It's like coffee for her. What now? She drank more coffee than i do. She took all the sugar and used it in her coffee. We don't even have honey. That won't taste good with your stuff. Plenty of flies now. I can fix that.

You don't want to go there. What can i do here? I don't know. These kids have grown up. Take that path right there. You know what to do here. You can trade more when the situation is right. Trade less when it's not. Besides, the market open will put you into the stops anyway. See it that way.

You know how to manage your position size. You get what risk is about. Now you expand on this and see where it's going. I get that. What happens next? It's going to open up some more. The last time i got multiple positions was when i did not have a filter. Now price action is filter and orders are placed up against the wall.

It's been working since. What to do now. It's not heading down south deep. You know what to do with this. You can easily expand on this and see where it's going. Let's do that then. You can take care of them flies later. This monday is green bin day. I can fix that tomorrow. Wife keeps to old work schedule although monday is a holiday.

January was busy. It's not like december though. I see that. I am open to something new. I can write about something but do you need something else in there? I don't know. You can set it up and go that way. Do three acts. That looks interesting enough. You can write about them still. Or not. Maybe there is something else.

Why not go back to the dojo. It was something you used to enjoy doing. The process there is not relevant for me. It's the connections you make that makes sense in there. You can use that. You network with people that way. How to get back in there? I don't know yet. Maybe get back to writing and it gets you in the door.

How come the ads got lower? Do people not advertise anymore? What am i missing here? I don't know yet. The laptap is charging. That part is not responding as much. That is getting old and boring? Maybe it's the human part that makes it interesting. It's the same with the other games. What if you were still there? That's a big bus. What's in it?

Not much but keep writing. It's the end of the month week. The invites should come out this week. You have a month to line up with it. You are going to be in that opportunity but will respond differently. You've been there before. Let's get this going and see what happens. Drama is always there. You know that. You don't have to go there anymore. You have this boat. You know it works.

How to expand with this? Maximize it and see what happens. You know how to use this anyway. I go check if it did publish them trades. If not, do something else altogether. Like what? I don't know. Go take a nap again. I have five bucks. What's different this time? I don't know. I wanted to take a break there but it was going nowhere.

What can i do about this? You can create your own shops. You have an edge there. It's a statistical edge htat you can use all the time. You can sell that. Do you need to backtest this? I don't know if you want to see it. It's that math he was talking about. I think you get how do do that. Then we will see what happens.

Big bet small bet. You lose two percent on the big bet and you lose two percent on the small bet. It's all the same anyway. How do you make it a big bet then? It's like small stack strategy. The math works the same. Either they fold you take the pot or you go all in and you lose doubled bankroll.

It's why you check out your bankroll soon as it's doubled. So you'll open another account just to trade that pair with the short stack strategy. I get that. But there is no loss. What you need is to add more funds to the account. You add to your portfolio then you trade it there. I get what you mean here.

How to expand on this? You match frequency and you see everything fall into place. You trade like buffet. It's his hidden ura waza. It's the hidden technique. You know where that's going anyway. He never times his positions with indicators. You trade the same way, almost. Then you scale in and out of your positions. You get what i am saying here?

How then do you scale in? Everytime the ea runs, each time your boat heads out to open waters, that's when you scale up. You keep it going. Then you haul in the fishes that comes to you. You trust in the timing. It's what's going to get you to the other side. You already know this. What happens next?

I think cable is going to go down from here. Or at least a correction. Where does it bounce? I'm not sure. But you don't have to know that. You simply run the program and see what happens. I can but there's nothing coming out of my tap. How do you play with that? I don't know yet. Match the frequency.

I have two minutes left to write this out. Why check the time? I have flies everywhere. I can deal with that or not. Everyone's home today. Let's see what happens and get to the other side. In the meantime, do something else. I can have breakfast now? Maybe later. Finish posting this and consider the path ahead for the day.