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The boat made eight percent since yesterday after lunch. That was 12 hours of harvest in one day. I think the last glitch had something to do with a windows update. The pc was set to update automatically. At some point, it must have restarted by itself. When the boat launched, the autopilot was off.

So now i turned off auto updates. I tried running this boat on the other pc but it seemed to not have worked. It opened three positions at once even though the source code said only one. It's a good thing the error was easily corrected and made back a few more overnight.

The pair didn't move much last night. That kid has been gone one week already. I think, the imagination tells me he is on adventure. Who wouldn't want that? I'm also seeing that we'll cross paths again in the future since i'll be connecting on that path soon. I'll see how this story unfolds. I don't have to write very fast. Price is still below ops.

What does that tell me? It's below yesterday low. I may have to make more changes on that. In the meantime, let's write some morre. I don't have to go on that pc but you see where this is going right? By next month, it's going to be breaking new highs. What can we do here differently?

Respond in alignment. Be in the light. You too can choose to be in the darkness. That's my choice i see. Or not. It's all up to you. This table is high enough for watching videos but not low enough for easy typing. I can teach them how to run the boat. In the meantime, only do this.

You think it's good for them that way? I don't know. I don't hold all the cards this way. Wife is still in bed. It's fun when she stays at home. She likes the rush of beating deadlines. That's her thing. It's not mine. I would rather stroll along and take naps. This is my preference.

Today is grocery day. I've written a lot already. This trading is so much better than writing. It gives me the opportunity to pursue other things, go on explorations. Let's scale up on that, expand. That looks mighty interesting. I don't have to force myself on anything. Right now, i am learning how this thing works.

It's going deep into that. I prefer this here so i can run on linux. The other one might but let's not make a big deal out of it. For now, this works perfectly well. Let's see what happens here in the meantime. Is this going to go up or down. The day chart looks bearish but losing steam. The hour chart also tells me the bears have lost steam. It's going to surface soon enough.

How to trade this? Sit on your hands and do nothing. What to do today? Check up on that website. See why that thing doesn't show the nav bar ideally. Or do something else. Go for path of least resistance. That's the best way to keep to this. Yesterday's nap was awesome. I can do that again. I get coffee after the midday nap.

If i get coffee in the morning, the nap moves much further. Let's keep it this way. I can have two cups of coffee later then. I also do yoga this morning. You see where this is all going? I feel better this way. Let's keep to this. The hunger part is in the first half of the day. The second part is good and satieted. Is that a word.

Satisfied seems better. If i looked it up i'll find a better more fitting description. For now, that works. The two below argue late into the night then early in the morning. Do they both leave or is the woman left alone all day? It seems like it, i think.

I guess this is the way it is for now. They are better neighbors than the last. Those were total inconsiderates. It showed me a lot of things though about myself. Lesson learned. The one kid went to school now. She is more serious about her education. She likes enjoys socializing. These two here prefer to work on their thing at home.

I get to hang out with them all day. With school, they get to have time outside in the sun. I can go for a walk or run. It don't matter much right now. I can run if i wake up and not feel groggy. Let's do that later then. Or do yoga then run immediately after that.

This too, is a valid option. Do i make five bucks per day? I think so. Then you don't have to go there other than to sharpen your writing skills. But what do you need that for? Wife reminds me it's our anniversary. Back then, we were getting ready for the big wedding. I remember it was just the two of us doing the preparations.

Yes. I remember them clearly. I was doing things for her as i didn't know what i was doing. Those were a lot of first times for me. Is she going to head back here? I don't know. It's amazing how they created these online games. You get to play with a lot of other people you don't even know.

I think online poker is dead. They got greedy and pushed everyone away. You don't want to do that. Always put the people first. When they are happy, they tell that to other people and bring more business for you. Now pokerstars has to spend more to bring in more players.

But that's... What now? Finish writing. I have six minutes to go. I can stop now. I can get the lunch ready. I was done with that installment thing. I was surprised it was finished. It's another turning point for me. Now i know the power of compounding. Beware the patient man.

Let's get going now.

is it really

Two thousand words per day. Does it have to make sense? I can write that much. I think i've been there before when i wrote copy. Do you want to go back there?

There is that feeling of accomplishment when you write good copy. It's a great feeling. It's the getting there that's hard. I am inclined, rather thinking of activating that gig again. You have expectations, it's why you felt bad about that negative review. What else can we do here?

Just write. It don't matter what they think. When you get to that level, you are going to make that much. In the meantime, you have this skill that people want to connect to. How do you do that? You practice. You get out there and do a lot of that.

I can start that gig right now and i'll get one gig a week, maybe even two. I can finish one in three days then get going again. I can build up a portfolio that way. I write much when i get in the momentum and inertia just takes over. Why did i stop? It was that. And i saw that i was watching the market instead.

Is there something else here that i want to accomplish? Just write. Attend that meetup and expand from there. You really are a writer. Let's get going. I'll attend that next meetup. I will reactivate that wordpress page. It was doing great. I can't get those back but surely i can get something up and running again.

What about expectations? I don't know how to deal with that. In the meantime, only do this. What about data science and hacking? I don't know how to deal with that right now. I do them on my free time. Is this the job? No. I write. It's creative expression doing this. It is getting warm. Do i want to take this off?

I need to adjust them curtains. There's a small gap between the two and the sun comes in through there. It's good because that light is what the body uses to tell time. I will leave that on? I can fix that later if it pleases me. In the meantime, just write. I am looking into nanowrimo. It's an interesting project. You create things. I can go back into that and write my first novel. I can do a memoir.

I can look that up on youtube and see how to write one. Is there a structure for it? I can write a memoir for one year. That sounds good. Then i can also create a video for that. How is this connected then? I'm not sure. You can do all that. You do not have to invalidate different aspects of yourself. What if you are that talented and can pull them all off?

That would be an amazing life, wouldn't it? I have two headphones and i use both on a regular basis. One is good for indoor listening while the other is for when i go out. I am getting back int obeing active with meetups. I like and enjoy the charity one. I am looking into creative activities. Let's get cracking then.

Is that a definition? Is that relevant? Does it hold water? I am and can write. It's the expectations that trip me up. Then i can move forward with this then. What else is there for me? I enjoyed finishing a copy project. There be times when i don't feel like i did much. But you know how to deal with it. You simply get on the boat and just make it better.

That's how we are going to do things then. I am going to activate that gig this weekend. I start today. It's still sunday in some parts of the world. People are looking for help on that. I can then go on upwork? Only if it pleases you. You have all this going for you. Let's get cracking and see where this leads to.

Do you have to go there now? I don't know. What i can do is finish something i started. Am i starting a new one then? It's been here all along. I am simply taking a break here. I get that. What happens now? You need to require that they send you a message first before ording the gig.

You need to see what the reviews are. If it's less than stellar then you don't want to get in there. Maybe that's expectations then. I think so. Then i can do something about it. What else is there. Is this being negative. I am on the roll in the zone and it feels good being there when the words just flow through you. You think it comes from you but it doesn't. You already know that.

How muchtime does it take to write five hundred words? You do that throughout the day. It's a full time work. You regroup and you make it work for you. Baseball i used to enjoy tahat. I had good homeruns back in university. I can go there/ i don't know if there's any around here. But you know the drill. You look to the outside for validation. You don't have to go there.

You have the account active again. That sounds good. I can add to that playlist, but right now, it's perfect as it is. It helps you to write good copy. Then get going. You can make edits ltater but the first thing to do is to stock the pond. Get in the words into paper. Learn as much as you can about the project. There be times when it don't feel like anything. It's part of your process.

Keep writing. It's part of the process. You pcick up something there and you can ake somehing out of it. Are you doing your best? Are you doing things in alignment? Then you are on your path. No need to do anything else. If it's easy then you are on the right path. It's supposed to be downstream all the time.

You know how it feels. Let's get cracking and see what happens. You can create something here. You can make a difference. Get two gigs every week and you are good to go. Three gigs a weeks is awesome. That gets you into ten thousand hours and you are right on track there. Yo uknow how to connect. You have enough notes to get you going.

People love your writing. I think i can make better copy that way. I can help wintergreen with selling her course. She has to let go of that seo. That's going to stop her sales as it fails to connect. How do you convince her of that? Tell her so. Be upfront. I can only work with you if you let go of the seo. If you can't then anything i do is going to lose its edge.

It's a waste of time for both hers and mine if we go in that direction. I would rather work with someone who can go with my direction. What do i want to do here? It takes at least three days to get me a good first draft. Then we test and tweak the copy over time. She has two courses. I can get them up and running within or even less than a year.

If i focus on that exclusively then i can get something going. She comes back in town next week. I will arrange for something to see what's up in store there. I think shanthosh is going to show up. He's still looking for work. You know a lot of things in here. You can connect this way.

Is there anything else i can do here? I am going to take a nap later. For now, it's not there. So i write. I write much. Then i finish something. It takes three or four hours but i am oging to finish it then. So be it. I don't have to have all my ducks in a row but i'm going to fill the page and then take it from there.

Twenty thousand words in one day? That's a lot for now. How do you get there? You connect to folw and see how it goes. You can listen to your radio but at times it's just the binaural tones that get you there. Then yo utake a nap. That resets your brain. When you wake up disoriented tells you that the brain has reset. You are good to go then.

You are big fish in a small pond. That's better than being small fish in the ocean. You get nowhere. Then you connect. It's not that you get a flash of inspiration. It's that you are able to tap into that on a regular basis. I think you know where this is all going. I can rearrage that blog to make it productive again.

Do you want to deal with marketers that way? I'm not sure. Try novels. You might like it and enjoy it. You can do the dialogues here and there. If you are going back into writing try novels. You can do the three act outline and then take ti from there. You can easily make edins if you have to. You can make indentations then structure your story that way.

I think that one there has potential. How else do you do these things? I don't know yet. You can do dev work in between. Do it as a hobby? Or get out there and do somehing else. I think writing novels is good. Let's get going there and see how it goes.

Is it really a slippy slide. I think so. I write them enough to get attention and get things going. You keep them enticed and connected. That's how you can make these thing happen. You rush though this? Not really. You simply write what comesto mind. It's why you nede to write fast. You need to be in thi s light. I see.

I can do much. Finish writing and you can do something else. Like what? Get that novel out of you. You will write what needs to be written. You can create a video on this. It's writing abotu the process. You can do several and learn how to edit them. It's not that hard. For now, the learning process might take time.

I see. You are getting overwhelmed.

an old cockroach

make it a habit. Not for motivation, but choose a path, then the habit takes you there. Motivation is the spark. What cooks your meat is the habit. It's consistent and gets you going even when you don't feel like it.

Wife has issues with her gums. Is that going to be like for the rest of her life? I turned off the phone display. I don't have to see the timer as i write. It's a long way off anyway. You slouched. I changed that now. You do nothing much during the day. Get going with your habits. It's one thing that leads to another. I got the family spotify premium.

Almost everyone seems to be excited about it. This here one might look into it. She listens to music anyway. Why am i so upset about it? You have source code that's not in alignment there. I have production code. Code in production that harvests pips from the market. It's the best harvester i've had so far.

Wife has a friend that's arriving soon i think. She'll get her laptop from there. In the meantime, only do this. Is that someone coming up the stairs? We don't have those anymore. Are those habits you have right there. It's always this and that. The actions get you in the light. You make it a habit and you see th ereflection there. You see how it's all connected.

I slouch. No need to find out why. When you are aware of it, then choose otherwise. It's how life is. You take a moment now and then to look in your source code. You then move forward everyday and take that one step in your habit. I have twenty five minutes to write. That's enough time for the wife and kids to get ready.

I come back and do my yoga. I don't write for others now. The energy there is out of alignment. What can i do in the meantime? I don't know. Help out others. I can go there. I wonder if the sales are going to pick up for her? I'm not sure it'll work but the team has gone already. I work with one and i work ongoing. Even if it's a remote transaction, it's still connected in some way.

What happens next? These are messed up hair. It's stil connected though. What else can i do around here? Take one step at a time. Find what interests you and go there. Even if you only take one small step at a time, you take that step only if it interests you. Synchronicity is your ucrrency. You put yourself in that frequency at every moment.

That's all i do. I am made vulnerable here and that's alright. I am ok with it. That's how you connect. You don't have to know the outcome. You just put yourself in the light. Am i writing to myself here? I think so. What needs to happen? Get out more often. Don't worry about it. When you get out you are adding to your light. I think daughter will need a ride later, or not. She can take the bus earlier.

I see. I can get out and see how things go. I don't want to go there. I would rather do something else altogether. I would rather write copy than go get a job. Then do that. I see where this is going then. But it's not there now. I will look into a lot of other things. In the meantime, only do this. Fund the account then grow it from there.

You yourself have a fund going. It's still in place. You allow for it to be there. It's been there for the longest time. It's been a week. You can choose to respond differently. I could have closed it then. It's going to go the other way now? It looks like it. Why isn't the wife getting up yet?

She likes doing that. She thinks there is a way to change things but there are. How would you change that. What's she mumbling about? I don't know. Anyway, it doesn't matter much now. She is not available. I don't think i like how she cooks. She makes good spaghetti though. I like spaghetti anyway possible. So i guess that neutralizes things.

What's next? Antipolo. I feel like i am back there. You know where this is going. Change the response and you see the difference already. I think i am halfway through my timer. Do you even want to listen to this music then? If there was a side by side comparison, then why not. If not, move on forward with this and see how it goes.

There are stuff i can do here. Continue on with python. It's connected to your machine learning and algorithm trader. After that do you have to get going with mono or cpp. I think... Pretty woman julia roberts was hot in that. What happened to her? She got serious. What was magic about it? I don't know.

What else can we do about it? This kid asks for stuff simply because she don't keep what's there. I don't know. She don't take care of her stuff. What's she doing now? I don't know. She puts her stuff and is careless. And then she buys new ones. Why am i upset with this? Because of the habits they have?

It's because of the reflection i see. But i don't have that anymore. It's an echo then. Ok. Then my response to it is different. Go out for a ride. Even if it gets you nowhere, just get on the bike and go for an hour. Why do i feel negative towards this person? It's an opportunity to change my response there. I get that.

What happens next? So far this one project manager feels best. I can work with that. If it's an everyday thing, do you want to go there? I am not sure about it. Then you can change that. I guess so. I do the laundry tomorrow. This way, i don't have much on my plate. I guess she gets upset that way and it's not my response. It's all connected that way. It tells you what you have in there.

Six minutes and i am done here. I installed viber yesterday. It's for the kids. Otherwise i don't use them much. What happens now? You are so in that light. You now can change it when you are aware of it. If not, then you can do something else. What can i do now?

I don't know. Just observe how you respond to this. At least you are neutral. You create new realities by being neutral about it. Am i done writing here? Go the distance. You can always change this later. So be it. I can do something else then.

What's for dinner. I want to go to the toilet later when i get back. What's out here. I can listen to music. I enjoy the good audiophile quality there. I can continue going on in that direction. Or not. You see how it's connected this way? I can get that one again if needed. Or not. In the meantime, only do this.

You see how it is all the time. That's an old cockroach. It was an outcast. It came out to die. So there's a tribe that's in there and it thrives. You have bike on the outside. I think so. You spend time on the outside and continue in that direction. Then you can make changes later.

This daughter starts university in two weeks. And then what happens. I think you can do something here. It's exciting going to university. I think it goes there. Make changes and see. I am done here.

that took time

I turned off auto-caps in gvim. I use it for programming and it messes up with my programming. i’ll use this instead, at least for the time being. Or I can set it up that when I write a text message, it’ll run that program.

I can do that. I am testing the boat with ten pip increments. it’s too close. This will work only in a strongly trending market. Even so you get range-bound times when the lull sets in. you might want to stick with what you ared oing. what’s happening to this market. Volatility seems to be going down. This kid is on a day off so she can take care of her university stuff.

I tell stories about the family when I can. The wife does the same thing. We have good conversations during dinner time. She tends to talk more there. I let her take the limelight. She needs to bond with the kids that way. Do I write three pages here. I wonder when this will shoot up. The days of the asian move is not here. Things move big during london session and after midnight when new york opens.

How do you trade this? You continue trading it. it’s bearish right now. I think you can set it up that when a signal is given, you open a trade. When it turns sour, you set up grid to scale out of position. But that’s tricky as well. Stick with what you do best here. I have positions on both sides now. let’s see how things go.

Is price going to continue south? I have charity work tomorrow. Stop calling it a hackathon as it’s entirely not that. You simply help charities with their IT needs. Most of the time, it’s about creating a website. There was one time when the guys helped create an android app. that’s not me. I can look at something else.

i’d like to attend that hackathon where they do data science for the government. It happens once a year some time around or before christmas. There is an entry fee. i’m going to save up for that. Do you want a more active role with this charity? I’m not sure yet. it’s fun that way but i’d like to work with the individual charities when I go there. Or not.

we’ll see how things go. In the meantime, I can ask around and see how it goes. it’s the commuting to the city that hinders my decision. I am looking for this session to close. I want to see how it goes. Then it automaticcaly starts over. I think you can make something out of this eventually. In the meantime, the news came out and it was a non-event. You can look forward to big moves when london opens later. Do I pick up the son? I think so. I leave when the alarn rings.

what’s next in the agenda? I am looking at the demo account and it’s been going this way and that. let’s see what happens here then. Nothing is wrong or right. You gain something in the process anyway. Either way, you come out the winner. it’s this and that because everything is connected this way.

I also want to see how this bot will handle in a similar situation. I put ten pips increment so i’ll see how much load it can carry. I haven’t taken my nap yet. This kid is on her day off. How can we make it different. I enjoy spending time with her. it’ll pan out eventually. I am dissecting this bot and see how it works. For now, before I go further, I want to see if it can carry the load.

I am thinking of a different martingale setup. I saw that before. I might look into that and see where that one goes. let’s run that program and see if it picks up something. i’ll do this first. Let me finish this. it’s cold today. I wonder if the wife has a jacket with her. I pick up later though. what’s that noise?

I put on the jacket because I was cold. I am like a scientist here running experiments. I think this has potential. If not, then it’s back to square one. Why does she have to run two instances? I think you know why. Should I intercede? it’s her process. As long as she’s safe and sound then I allow for this to be here.

You always get something out of the equation? I think so. What happens now? I think the hour chart just gave a bullish reverse pattern in the form of a—what’s it called? Convergence. No, divergence. it’s like the signal is forked and it may go a different way. I have that in place. let’s see what happens.

Is there news coming out that I should be aware of? I am almost done with page two. I see that thing down there. Do you want to turn on your fiverr gig? I am not sure. I can run back into upwork and see how that goes. let’s do that. Do you really want to or is it out of anxiety? I am getting sleepy here. The two girls have their umbrella. I think they’ll be ok. I can pick up the boy as he don’t have an umbrella. So be it then.

I finish writing. The painter said he’ll finish today. he’s working in the rooms now. I think he’ll make it in time. I need to get this house back in order. The desktop needs a new battery for its bios. At least son knows how to fix it. I am getting sleepy. I need to pick up the son from school shortly.

I finish these then I go. I take a nap later when I get back. I don’t have to get the girls. The rain isn’t that strong. I think they’ll text me if it were any stronger. It was a good run. I did five kilometers in the field. It was fun in its own way. I did always enjoyed running in the rain.

The rains i’m used to are tropical rains. I forgot what they are called. They are usually strong rain with big drops of water. that’s fun that way. How do you trade this market? Learn and observe. You really don’t know what’s going to happen next. Only that yo udo your best at every moment. That is all that’s asked from you.

No expectations. Win or lose, you put in the effort. You be in the light. it’s simple as making a decision. Go for alignment at all times. The next door neighbors are out to pick up their kids. One kid still is at home and not yet going to school. This is what it’s like to be a parent. it’s quiet now. This guy is boring.

What now? Finish writing and then you can get on with your day. I can turn on the dropbox so it syncs everything but you don’t want that running allday. That one felt weird there. What do you do now? Observe and learn. it’s all connected for you. And then you can decide how it goes from here. I need bus money for tomorrow. Where to get that? I don’t know yet. we’ll see tomorrow.

I can go there when I pick up wife. We can stop by countdown and cash out from the grocery. I have enough meat to last me through the weekend. I am getting sleepy here. The one minute chart is very choppy. You don’t want to trade this pair not with the spreads as is. What do you trade then?

i can post

I don't feel like doing much today. The boat is in rangebound. No profits just yet. But you know how things will turn out anyway. Sit this one out and see what comes out the other side. You know what to do here.

Imaginge if you owned that civic franchise. You would have made money for awhile, but you eventually had to give it back over the years. What's worse, you were bleeding out and couldn't fix it other than to close shop. With the business i'm in right now, you don't have much expense. Once you get to that level of capital, it's all on autopilot. You only need to check for system updates.

You always feel like one to come in late to the party. That's fine. You don't have to be an early adaptor. I think the forum is quiet much of the time other than the trading discussions. I guess there's still a lot of people coming in to trade. You give them the ideal. You can't tell them which ones as that's part of their journey.

These people who sell stuff, if you were at the level that they claim to be, they don't have to wake up early in the morning, get dressed then convince people to buy their product. You can do it this way, but things could be so much different. Maybe next time you can ask fortheir trade explorer. This way, you can gauge how their performance is.

What can you do about this? In that seminar, there were a lot of people. In that other seminar, there was a full house. You could have been impressed then but you knew that not everyone is going to come out a winner. Then you don't have to hurry writing. I opted out of the writing group. I don't think i can go right now. There's so much on my plate.

What can i do about that? We grocery on wednesday. I can choose how to respond. It's best to be on empty. This keeps my body in good response frequency. Then i can be in the light. Why is that important for you. Because i don't know. It feels better for me that way. There is less struggle. I don't get why people don't get that. But you need the darkness to see the light.

This is why you have contrast. You get feedback this way. What can we do about this then? Simply use up the energy. You don't have to be someplace else. You got in late to the party and you still can have fun. You knoww how to use the energy. Let it be that way then. What else is there for us? On top of a hill? I would rather be coast-side. I am of the sea. I would rather live in a small hut. There's less baggage that way. I can move easily this way. I can weave in and out.

When do you go? I can be in frequency now. It don't have to manifest on the outside. I can have the experience as if and be of that state of mind. That's all there is to it anyway. So you can write about it. Is this a better table? It's higher. I use the other one when we have a full house around here. I think it's good right there as is. I can maybe get rid of that drawer today?

Let's do that over the weekend. Daughter might have work later in the day. Why not leave earlier? I don't know. But right now, this is where i am. I can take a nap after this. I can do yoga later. Or now. I don't feel like it. I can have yoga later then have that meat for brunch. Tht sounds perfect for me. What are my other options. Be in this frequnecy for the rest of the year. No more of that.

Wife's birthday i can still keep to this. You already know how those tastes like. You don't have to do carbs in there. I see. What else can we do here then? Only that you are nearby and that you can go there soon as it's done. Who is that? Is that the son? I don't think so. He's in the bus by now. That be noby there. I thought i heard someone running down the driveway.

I have much writing in here. The pictures keep on coming as well. Like one picture per paragraph is enough even. I can do that. I can write twcie a day. Let's do that as well. I can even use them blogs to write on. I don't feel like it now. I can and will move on from here. Let it seed itself. Then you can move forward.

What are my options here. I could have gotten a soda but it's shallow. It's not me. I would like to be that exhilirated again. How do i get there? Ride much. I can do that. What else? I am ahead of my time. Back when they were not interested, i was riding wild all over ortigase. I owned that strip of the avenue. Then things changed. It was a great series of years. I was in such a great shape. I guess that's how i spent my time healing.

Then it was a good time for you. You used it well. Now you can move forward with this. This time it's different for you. You can always go back. You realized it was different this time. People take advantage and it's sad that way. But now you know how different things are. Even if the broker is hoddy. You can choose how to respond. You can buy your own brokerage. You know how to get there.

I see where this is going. Let's put that in the bucket list. I can go for that other broker in the future. But not now. I am pleased with how things are doing here now. Keep to this and see where this is going. Where do i go? I can take a nap immediately. I can do yoga later when i get up. I think that's a good strategy there. I can have something to eat then take a nap. Let's go there then.

Is there something else you want to do? I put the stove in warming mode. Not much to binge watch these days. Why not tell the story of the trader who became a hedge fund manager. I can do that. You don't have to be certified. You can be in this light. You can be pamm all the way. You have much to go anyway.

How do you get your clietn? Keep up the consistent work. You have others in there. I think the discussions died down. What's wrong there then. I don't know. Maybe they wanted to get something out of it but didn't. You can test that or not. But when they sell a system it's because they want to raise capital. It's an unfinished product. You can talk about that. Being one of the first, you give them regular updates.

Or simply manage the funds for them. You put an enntry into your system and it runs itself. You know how to set that one up. Let's get going there. What happened to that? I had two. Then i didn't go for that anymmore. What else can we do about this?

Pick up where you left off. You can talk to these people they like it that you are not overtrading. That is important. You time well and you watch your spots. Let's keep to this then. There is something off about that table. Care to fix it? I am not sure. Those tiles are elevated. I can move the table somewhat but it which direction?

I can rearrange this and see how it goes. In the meantime, it's all this anyway. I can do nothing. I can just sit here all day and just be in this light. I can eat sleep and be merry. You don't have to fret over it. You know how these things will go anyway. I get that already. Then i can focus on what needs to get most done. I do one hour of each then see where it leads to.

Remember that you do it because it's interesting. The trading will support you. You now have a setup for acceleration. You now have abundance. You see all these and you close your eyes. It flows through you. You create this experience. Now you know where to go with this. You have the wherewithal to make all this happen.

What else is there anyway? You write about these things. I take a nap and when i wake up, i watch how the news affects price action. I have a straddle in place. I don't have to fight things. It all happens for a reason. What else are my options here. I go have lunch. Is there something good to see?

I'll go check that out soon as i'm done here. In the meantime, only finish writing. I will post after i finish with this. Or i can write my memoirs this way. I can post the latest happenings. I can create my own video. I think i can do that. I can test the mic. It's best to do things from here. I can attach the camera to this pc. I can record on a phone. Maybe you see where this is all going.

Now what? I have a minute to go. That was a quick write. I can do something else. I started seenig a movie last night but didn't finish. I'll finish that as i have my breakfast. Daughter is already up. She's an ok kid. It's not perfect but it's ideal. It is what's relevant for me. I am done.