an old cockroach

make it a habit. Not for motivation, but choose a path, then the habit takes you there. Motivation is the spark. What cooks your meat is the habit. It's consistent and gets you going even when you don't feel like it.

Wife has issues with her gums. Is that going to be like for the rest of her life? I turned off the phone display. I don't have to see the timer as i write. It's a long way off anyway. You slouched. I changed that now. You do nothing much during the day. Get going with your habits. It's one thing that leads to another. I got the family spotify premium.

Almost everyone seems to be excited about it. This here one might look into it. She listens to music anyway. Why am i so upset about it? You have source code that's not in alignment there. I have production code. Code in production that harvests pips from the market. It's the best harvester i've had so far.

Wife has a friend that's arriving soon i think. She'll get her laptop from there. In the meantime, only do this. Is that someone coming up the stairs? We don't have those anymore. Are those habits you have right there. It's always this and that. The actions get you in the light. You make it a habit and you see th ereflection there. You see how it's all connected.

I slouch. No need to find out why. When you are aware of it, then choose otherwise. It's how life is. You take a moment now and then to look in your source code. You then move forward everyday and take that one step in your habit. I have twenty five minutes to write. That's enough time for the wife and kids to get ready.

I come back and do my yoga. I don't write for others now. The energy there is out of alignment. What can i do in the meantime? I don't know. Help out others. I can go there. I wonder if the sales are going to pick up for her? I'm not sure it'll work but the team has gone already. I work with one and i work ongoing. Even if it's a remote transaction, it's still connected in some way.

What happens next? These are messed up hair. It's stil connected though. What else can i do around here? Take one step at a time. Find what interests you and go there. Even if you only take one small step at a time, you take that step only if it interests you. Synchronicity is your ucrrency. You put yourself in that frequency at every moment.

That's all i do. I am made vulnerable here and that's alright. I am ok with it. That's how you connect. You don't have to know the outcome. You just put yourself in the light. Am i writing to myself here? I think so. What needs to happen? Get out more often. Don't worry about it. When you get out you are adding to your light. I think daughter will need a ride later, or not. She can take the bus earlier.

I see. I can get out and see how things go. I don't want to go there. I would rather do something else altogether. I would rather write copy than go get a job. Then do that. I see where this is going then. But it's not there now. I will look into a lot of other things. In the meantime, only do this. Fund the account then grow it from there.

You yourself have a fund going. It's still in place. You allow for it to be there. It's been there for the longest time. It's been a week. You can choose to respond differently. I could have closed it then. It's going to go the other way now? It looks like it. Why isn't the wife getting up yet?

She likes doing that. She thinks there is a way to change things but there are. How would you change that. What's she mumbling about? I don't know. Anyway, it doesn't matter much now. She is not available. I don't think i like how she cooks. She makes good spaghetti though. I like spaghetti anyway possible. So i guess that neutralizes things.

What's next? Antipolo. I feel like i am back there. You know where this is going. Change the response and you see the difference already. I think i am halfway through my timer. Do you even want to listen to this music then? If there was a side by side comparison, then why not. If not, move on forward with this and see how it goes.

There are stuff i can do here. Continue on with python. It's connected to your machine learning and algorithm trader. After that do you have to get going with mono or cpp. I think... Pretty woman julia roberts was hot in that. What happened to her? She got serious. What was magic about it? I don't know.

What else can we do about it? This kid asks for stuff simply because she don't keep what's there. I don't know. She don't take care of her stuff. What's she doing now? I don't know. She puts her stuff and is careless. And then she buys new ones. Why am i upset with this? Because of the habits they have?

It's because of the reflection i see. But i don't have that anymore. It's an echo then. Ok. Then my response to it is different. Go out for a ride. Even if it gets you nowhere, just get on the bike and go for an hour. Why do i feel negative towards this person? It's an opportunity to change my response there. I get that.

What happens next? So far this one project manager feels best. I can work with that. If it's an everyday thing, do you want to go there? I am not sure about it. Then you can change that. I guess so. I do the laundry tomorrow. This way, i don't have much on my plate. I guess she gets upset that way and it's not my response. It's all connected that way. It tells you what you have in there.

Six minutes and i am done here. I installed viber yesterday. It's for the kids. Otherwise i don't use them much. What happens now? You are so in that light. You now can change it when you are aware of it. If not, then you can do something else. What can i do now?

I don't know. Just observe how you respond to this. At least you are neutral. You create new realities by being neutral about it. Am i done writing here? Go the distance. You can always change this later. So be it. I can do something else then.

What's for dinner. I want to go to the toilet later when i get back. What's out here. I can listen to music. I enjoy the good audiophile quality there. I can continue going on in that direction. Or not. You see how it's connected this way? I can get that one again if needed. Or not. In the meantime, only do this.

You see how it is all the time. That's an old cockroach. It was an outcast. It came out to die. So there's a tribe that's in there and it thrives. You have bike on the outside. I think so. You spend time on the outside and continue in that direction. Then you can make changes later.

This daughter starts university in two weeks. And then what happens. I think you can do something here. It's exciting going to university. I think it goes there. Make changes and see. I am done here.