and it's stil

It feels like this chair too high. i’ll do yoga after I finish writing. Most everyone is out except for eldest daughter who has the day off from work today. There is something wrong with google chrome on this computer.

I can search it up and see what the problem is. Son said it takes about nine attempts to do that. I don’t have to do much for now only that I do this writing. I have all thedistractions. And then I fight them in my head instead of using them as contrast.

Now that’s why it’s there. it’s giving me a choice where I want to focus my attention. it’s not actually focusing. it’s ou process them with your attention. it’s like running a program in the background. Do I trade this? I think I am more after checking if the ea wrun or not. Do I use dropbox for myself here?

I think I can run it on that side. The problem is that it’s on windows. That is open to something eventually. I don’t have to go there. What can I do about that thing? Reinstall. that’s a fix-all and a shortcut rather than trying to test to find out what the problem is.

I don’t like it that everyone here thingks i’m their driver. it’s not my thing. I go out if I feel like it. If not, and i’m not feeling up to it then I stay at home. I go out sometimes but i’ve put in eighteen years here. They can go ride the bike or go out for a walk. I don’t have to be there for them at this time. I too have a choice here.

I am doing yoga after I finish work. Sometimes you go around in circles and it’s alright. The program runs here. What if I do yoga then? It takes a while for them to go there. I think I have another fifteen minutes at least before an order kicks in. even if it was unintentional, the fact that price went to that level tells me something is bound to happen. Or not.

You make do with what you got. Big news coming out tomorrow. Are things going to go sideways now? We shall see. What else is out there? i’m not sure but i’ll write about it for now then see how things go. What else is there? I can go take a nap later. I can run earlier. Or do yoga now, you are not doing anything anyway. You think I can do my run later?

There were players in the field last night. You can do something else for now. Is this too low for writing? I have a speaker on. I have this thing running on this pc. I think son has his charger still connected. I will use that to charge my own phone. This used ot be my pc and it’s still running like new. it’s fast and over the years it’s still reliable.

This hp desktop is also good. it’s been there for longer stock as is than the acer. I see where all this has gone. What else can I do here? There used to be an issue there. I was able to resolve that. it’s being comfortable looking up solutions. that’s what development is about.

I think I get better milage if I stuck with data science and algo trading. it’s easier. The potential for auto-pilot is so much better and clear cut. The alternative was to do android dev. i’m not sure there’s much cash flow to go there but for now, getting pamms to run is a better alternative for me.

I can open a multi-platform and manage the trades from there. You can open a new account for each new pamm then run things from there. As such, I will am going to learn how to use that. How do you get pamms? I don’t know yet. Set up the performance data and you will get there. it’s ok to have nothing for now. This is where I am. I think there is something here for me right now.

What else is there to do? You know what else is there. For now, this is what i’m doing. i’ll finish writing then get on with the day. I am tweaking this thing here. Is it going to reach the trigger? I think so. So be it then. You can make changes if needed. For now, only do this. You don’t even need the other setup. For now, only do this.

what’s on the other side? You don’t want to ruin the surpirse there. Only go through the door, walk the path. that’s what’s in store for you now. No expectations. Only that you do the best at every moment. You don’t even need all these other things.

it’s all connected that way.