i can post

I don't feel like doing much today. The boat is in rangebound. No profits just yet. But you know how things will turn out anyway. Sit this one out and see what comes out the other side. You know what to do here.

Imaginge if you owned that civic franchise. You would have made money for awhile, but you eventually had to give it back over the years. What's worse, you were bleeding out and couldn't fix it other than to close shop. With the business i'm in right now, you don't have much expense. Once you get to that level of capital, it's all on autopilot. You only need to check for system updates.

You always feel like one to come in late to the party. That's fine. You don't have to be an early adaptor. I think the forum is quiet much of the time other than the trading discussions. I guess there's still a lot of people coming in to trade. You give them the ideal. You can't tell them which ones as that's part of their journey.

These people who sell stuff, if you were at the level that they claim to be, they don't have to wake up early in the morning, get dressed then convince people to buy their product. You can do it this way, but things could be so much different. Maybe next time you can ask fortheir trade explorer. This way, you can gauge how their performance is.

What can you do about this? In that seminar, there were a lot of people. In that other seminar, there was a full house. You could have been impressed then but you knew that not everyone is going to come out a winner. Then you don't have to hurry writing. I opted out of the writing group. I don't think i can go right now. There's so much on my plate.

What can i do about that? We grocery on wednesday. I can choose how to respond. It's best to be on empty. This keeps my body in good response frequency. Then i can be in the light. Why is that important for you. Because i don't know. It feels better for me that way. There is less struggle. I don't get why people don't get that. But you need the darkness to see the light.

This is why you have contrast. You get feedback this way. What can we do about this then? Simply use up the energy. You don't have to be someplace else. You got in late to the party and you still can have fun. You knoww how to use the energy. Let it be that way then. What else is there for us? On top of a hill? I would rather be coast-side. I am of the sea. I would rather live in a small hut. There's less baggage that way. I can move easily this way. I can weave in and out.

When do you go? I can be in frequency now. It don't have to manifest on the outside. I can have the experience as if and be of that state of mind. That's all there is to it anyway. So you can write about it. Is this a better table? It's higher. I use the other one when we have a full house around here. I think it's good right there as is. I can maybe get rid of that drawer today?

Let's do that over the weekend. Daughter might have work later in the day. Why not leave earlier? I don't know. But right now, this is where i am. I can take a nap after this. I can do yoga later. Or now. I don't feel like it. I can have yoga later then have that meat for brunch. Tht sounds perfect for me. What are my other options. Be in this frequnecy for the rest of the year. No more of that.

Wife's birthday i can still keep to this. You already know how those tastes like. You don't have to do carbs in there. I see. What else can we do here then? Only that you are nearby and that you can go there soon as it's done. Who is that? Is that the son? I don't think so. He's in the bus by now. That be noby there. I thought i heard someone running down the driveway.

I have much writing in here. The pictures keep on coming as well. Like one picture per paragraph is enough even. I can do that. I can write twcie a day. Let's do that as well. I can even use them blogs to write on. I don't feel like it now. I can and will move on from here. Let it seed itself. Then you can move forward.

What are my options here. I could have gotten a soda but it's shallow. It's not me. I would like to be that exhilirated again. How do i get there? Ride much. I can do that. What else? I am ahead of my time. Back when they were not interested, i was riding wild all over ortigase. I owned that strip of the avenue. Then things changed. It was a great series of years. I was in such a great shape. I guess that's how i spent my time healing.

Then it was a good time for you. You used it well. Now you can move forward with this. This time it's different for you. You can always go back. You realized it was different this time. People take advantage and it's sad that way. But now you know how different things are. Even if the broker is hoddy. You can choose how to respond. You can buy your own brokerage. You know how to get there.

I see where this is going. Let's put that in the bucket list. I can go for that other broker in the future. But not now. I am pleased with how things are doing here now. Keep to this and see where this is going. Where do i go? I can take a nap immediately. I can do yoga later when i get up. I think that's a good strategy there. I can have something to eat then take a nap. Let's go there then.

Is there something else you want to do? I put the stove in warming mode. Not much to binge watch these days. Why not tell the story of the trader who became a hedge fund manager. I can do that. You don't have to be certified. You can be in this light. You can be pamm all the way. You have much to go anyway.

How do you get your clietn? Keep up the consistent work. You have others in there. I think the discussions died down. What's wrong there then. I don't know. Maybe they wanted to get something out of it but didn't. You can test that or not. But when they sell a system it's because they want to raise capital. It's an unfinished product. You can talk about that. Being one of the first, you give them regular updates.

Or simply manage the funds for them. You put an enntry into your system and it runs itself. You know how to set that one up. Let's get going there. What happened to that? I had two. Then i didn't go for that anymmore. What else can we do about this?

Pick up where you left off. You can talk to these people they like it that you are not overtrading. That is important. You time well and you watch your spots. Let's keep to this then. There is something off about that table. Care to fix it? I am not sure. Those tiles are elevated. I can move the table somewhat but it which direction?

I can rearrange this and see how it goes. In the meantime, it's all this anyway. I can do nothing. I can just sit here all day and just be in this light. I can eat sleep and be merry. You don't have to fret over it. You know how these things will go anyway. I get that already. Then i can focus on what needs to get most done. I do one hour of each then see where it leads to.

Remember that you do it because it's interesting. The trading will support you. You now have a setup for acceleration. You now have abundance. You see all these and you close your eyes. It flows through you. You create this experience. Now you know where to go with this. You have the wherewithal to make all this happen.

What else is there anyway? You write about these things. I take a nap and when i wake up, i watch how the news affects price action. I have a straddle in place. I don't have to fight things. It all happens for a reason. What else are my options here. I go have lunch. Is there something good to see?

I'll go check that out soon as i'm done here. In the meantime, only finish writing. I will post after i finish with this. Or i can write my memoirs this way. I can post the latest happenings. I can create my own video. I think i can do that. I can test the mic. It's best to do things from here. I can attach the camera to this pc. I can record on a phone. Maybe you see where this is all going.

Now what? I have a minute to go. That was a quick write. I can do something else. I started seenig a movie last night but didn't finish. I'll finish that as i have my breakfast. Daughter is already up. She's an ok kid. It's not perfect but it's ideal. It is what's relevant for me. I am done.