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The boat made eight percent since yesterday after lunch. That was 12 hours of harvest in one day. I think the last glitch had something to do with a windows update. The pc was set to update automatically. At some point, it must have restarted by itself. When the boat launched, the autopilot was off.

So now i turned off auto updates. I tried running this boat on the other pc but it seemed to not have worked. It opened three positions at once even though the source code said only one. It's a good thing the error was easily corrected and made back a few more overnight.

The pair didn't move much last night. That kid has been gone one week already. I think, the imagination tells me he is on adventure. Who wouldn't want that? I'm also seeing that we'll cross paths again in the future since i'll be connecting on that path soon. I'll see how this story unfolds. I don't have to write very fast. Price is still below ops.

What does that tell me? It's below yesterday low. I may have to make more changes on that. In the meantime, let's write some morre. I don't have to go on that pc but you see where this is going right? By next month, it's going to be breaking new highs. What can we do here differently?

Respond in alignment. Be in the light. You too can choose to be in the darkness. That's my choice i see. Or not. It's all up to you. This table is high enough for watching videos but not low enough for easy typing. I can teach them how to run the boat. In the meantime, only do this.

You think it's good for them that way? I don't know. I don't hold all the cards this way. Wife is still in bed. It's fun when she stays at home. She likes the rush of beating deadlines. That's her thing. It's not mine. I would rather stroll along and take naps. This is my preference.

Today is grocery day. I've written a lot already. This trading is so much better than writing. It gives me the opportunity to pursue other things, go on explorations. Let's scale up on that, expand. That looks mighty interesting. I don't have to force myself on anything. Right now, i am learning how this thing works.

It's going deep into that. I prefer this here so i can run on linux. The other one might but let's not make a big deal out of it. For now, this works perfectly well. Let's see what happens here in the meantime. Is this going to go up or down. The day chart looks bearish but losing steam. The hour chart also tells me the bears have lost steam. It's going to surface soon enough.

How to trade this? Sit on your hands and do nothing. What to do today? Check up on that website. See why that thing doesn't show the nav bar ideally. Or do something else. Go for path of least resistance. That's the best way to keep to this. Yesterday's nap was awesome. I can do that again. I get coffee after the midday nap.

If i get coffee in the morning, the nap moves much further. Let's keep it this way. I can have two cups of coffee later then. I also do yoga this morning. You see where this is all going? I feel better this way. Let's keep to this. The hunger part is in the first half of the day. The second part is good and satieted. Is that a word.

Satisfied seems better. If i looked it up i'll find a better more fitting description. For now, that works. The two below argue late into the night then early in the morning. Do they both leave or is the woman left alone all day? It seems like it, i think.

I guess this is the way it is for now. They are better neighbors than the last. Those were total inconsiderates. It showed me a lot of things though about myself. Lesson learned. The one kid went to school now. She is more serious about her education. She likes enjoys socializing. These two here prefer to work on their thing at home.

I get to hang out with them all day. With school, they get to have time outside in the sun. I can go for a walk or run. It don't matter much right now. I can run if i wake up and not feel groggy. Let's do that later then. Or do yoga then run immediately after that.

This too, is a valid option. Do i make five bucks per day? I think so. Then you don't have to go there other than to sharpen your writing skills. But what do you need that for? Wife reminds me it's our anniversary. Back then, we were getting ready for the big wedding. I remember it was just the two of us doing the preparations.

Yes. I remember them clearly. I was doing things for her as i didn't know what i was doing. Those were a lot of first times for me. Is she going to head back here? I don't know. It's amazing how they created these online games. You get to play with a lot of other people you don't even know.

I think online poker is dead. They got greedy and pushed everyone away. You don't want to do that. Always put the people first. When they are happy, they tell that to other people and bring more business for you. Now pokerstars has to spend more to bring in more players.

But that's... What now? Finish writing. I have six minutes to go. I can stop now. I can get the lunch ready. I was done with that installment thing. I was surprised it was finished. It's another turning point for me. Now i know the power of compounding. Beware the patient man.

Let's get going now.