is it really

Two thousand words per day. Does it have to make sense? I can write that much. I think i've been there before when i wrote copy. Do you want to go back there?

There is that feeling of accomplishment when you write good copy. It's a great feeling. It's the getting there that's hard. I am inclined, rather thinking of activating that gig again. You have expectations, it's why you felt bad about that negative review. What else can we do here?

Just write. It don't matter what they think. When you get to that level, you are going to make that much. In the meantime, you have this skill that people want to connect to. How do you do that? You practice. You get out there and do a lot of that.

I can start that gig right now and i'll get one gig a week, maybe even two. I can finish one in three days then get going again. I can build up a portfolio that way. I write much when i get in the momentum and inertia just takes over. Why did i stop? It was that. And i saw that i was watching the market instead.

Is there something else here that i want to accomplish? Just write. Attend that meetup and expand from there. You really are a writer. Let's get going. I'll attend that next meetup. I will reactivate that wordpress page. It was doing great. I can't get those back but surely i can get something up and running again.

What about expectations? I don't know how to deal with that. In the meantime, only do this. What about data science and hacking? I don't know how to deal with that right now. I do them on my free time. Is this the job? No. I write. It's creative expression doing this. It is getting warm. Do i want to take this off?

I need to adjust them curtains. There's a small gap between the two and the sun comes in through there. It's good because that light is what the body uses to tell time. I will leave that on? I can fix that later if it pleases me. In the meantime, just write. I am looking into nanowrimo. It's an interesting project. You create things. I can go back into that and write my first novel. I can do a memoir.

I can look that up on youtube and see how to write one. Is there a structure for it? I can write a memoir for one year. That sounds good. Then i can also create a video for that. How is this connected then? I'm not sure. You can do all that. You do not have to invalidate different aspects of yourself. What if you are that talented and can pull them all off?

That would be an amazing life, wouldn't it? I have two headphones and i use both on a regular basis. One is good for indoor listening while the other is for when i go out. I am getting back int obeing active with meetups. I like and enjoy the charity one. I am looking into creative activities. Let's get cracking then.

Is that a definition? Is that relevant? Does it hold water? I am and can write. It's the expectations that trip me up. Then i can move forward with this then. What else is there for me? I enjoyed finishing a copy project. There be times when i don't feel like i did much. But you know how to deal with it. You simply get on the boat and just make it better.

That's how we are going to do things then. I am going to activate that gig this weekend. I start today. It's still sunday in some parts of the world. People are looking for help on that. I can then go on upwork? Only if it pleases you. You have all this going for you. Let's get cracking and see where this leads to.

Do you have to go there now? I don't know. What i can do is finish something i started. Am i starting a new one then? It's been here all along. I am simply taking a break here. I get that. What happens now? You need to require that they send you a message first before ording the gig.

You need to see what the reviews are. If it's less than stellar then you don't want to get in there. Maybe that's expectations then. I think so. Then i can do something about it. What else is there. Is this being negative. I am on the roll in the zone and it feels good being there when the words just flow through you. You think it comes from you but it doesn't. You already know that.

How muchtime does it take to write five hundred words? You do that throughout the day. It's a full time work. You regroup and you make it work for you. Baseball i used to enjoy tahat. I had good homeruns back in university. I can go there/ i don't know if there's any around here. But you know the drill. You look to the outside for validation. You don't have to go there.

You have the account active again. That sounds good. I can add to that playlist, but right now, it's perfect as it is. It helps you to write good copy. Then get going. You can make edits ltater but the first thing to do is to stock the pond. Get in the words into paper. Learn as much as you can about the project. There be times when it don't feel like anything. It's part of your process.

Keep writing. It's part of the process. You pcick up something there and you can ake somehing out of it. Are you doing your best? Are you doing things in alignment? Then you are on your path. No need to do anything else. If it's easy then you are on the right path. It's supposed to be downstream all the time.

You know how it feels. Let's get cracking and see what happens. You can create something here. You can make a difference. Get two gigs every week and you are good to go. Three gigs a weeks is awesome. That gets you into ten thousand hours and you are right on track there. Yo uknow how to connect. You have enough notes to get you going.

People love your writing. I think i can make better copy that way. I can help wintergreen with selling her course. She has to let go of that seo. That's going to stop her sales as it fails to connect. How do you convince her of that? Tell her so. Be upfront. I can only work with you if you let go of the seo. If you can't then anything i do is going to lose its edge.

It's a waste of time for both hers and mine if we go in that direction. I would rather work with someone who can go with my direction. What do i want to do here? It takes at least three days to get me a good first draft. Then we test and tweak the copy over time. She has two courses. I can get them up and running within or even less than a year.

If i focus on that exclusively then i can get something going. She comes back in town next week. I will arrange for something to see what's up in store there. I think shanthosh is going to show up. He's still looking for work. You know a lot of things in here. You can connect this way.

Is there anything else i can do here? I am going to take a nap later. For now, it's not there. So i write. I write much. Then i finish something. It takes three or four hours but i am oging to finish it then. So be it. I don't have to have all my ducks in a row but i'm going to fill the page and then take it from there.

Twenty thousand words in one day? That's a lot for now. How do you get there? You connect to folw and see how it goes. You can listen to your radio but at times it's just the binaural tones that get you there. Then yo utake a nap. That resets your brain. When you wake up disoriented tells you that the brain has reset. You are good to go then.

You are big fish in a small pond. That's better than being small fish in the ocean. You get nowhere. Then you connect. It's not that you get a flash of inspiration. It's that you are able to tap into that on a regular basis. I think you know where this is all going. I can rearrage that blog to make it productive again.

Do you want to deal with marketers that way? I'm not sure. Try novels. You might like it and enjoy it. You can do the dialogues here and there. If you are going back into writing try novels. You can do the three act outline and then take ti from there. You can easily make edins if you have to. You can make indentations then structure your story that way.

I think that one there has potential. How else do you do these things? I don't know yet. You can do dev work in between. Do it as a hobby? Or get out there and do somehing else. I think writing novels is good. Let's get going there and see how it goes.

Is it really a slippy slide. I think so. I write them enough to get attention and get things going. You keep them enticed and connected. That's how you can make these thing happen. You rush though this? Not really. You simply write what comesto mind. It's why you nede to write fast. You need to be in thi s light. I see.

I can do much. Finish writing and you can do something else. Like what? Get that novel out of you. You will write what needs to be written. You can create a video on this. It's writing abotu the process. You can do several and learn how to edit them. It's not that hard. For now, the learning process might take time.

I see. You are getting overwhelmed.