that took time

I turned off auto-caps in gvim. I use it for programming and it messes up with my programming. i’ll use this instead, at least for the time being. Or I can set it up that when I write a text message, it’ll run that program.

I can do that. I am testing the boat with ten pip increments. it’s too close. This will work only in a strongly trending market. Even so you get range-bound times when the lull sets in. you might want to stick with what you ared oing. what’s happening to this market. Volatility seems to be going down. This kid is on a day off so she can take care of her university stuff.

I tell stories about the family when I can. The wife does the same thing. We have good conversations during dinner time. She tends to talk more there. I let her take the limelight. She needs to bond with the kids that way. Do I write three pages here. I wonder when this will shoot up. The days of the asian move is not here. Things move big during london session and after midnight when new york opens.

How do you trade this? You continue trading it. it’s bearish right now. I think you can set it up that when a signal is given, you open a trade. When it turns sour, you set up grid to scale out of position. But that’s tricky as well. Stick with what you do best here. I have positions on both sides now. let’s see how things go.

Is price going to continue south? I have charity work tomorrow. Stop calling it a hackathon as it’s entirely not that. You simply help charities with their IT needs. Most of the time, it’s about creating a website. There was one time when the guys helped create an android app. that’s not me. I can look at something else.

i’d like to attend that hackathon where they do data science for the government. It happens once a year some time around or before christmas. There is an entry fee. i’m going to save up for that. Do you want a more active role with this charity? I’m not sure yet. it’s fun that way but i’d like to work with the individual charities when I go there. Or not.

we’ll see how things go. In the meantime, I can ask around and see how it goes. it’s the commuting to the city that hinders my decision. I am looking for this session to close. I want to see how it goes. Then it automaticcaly starts over. I think you can make something out of this eventually. In the meantime, the news came out and it was a non-event. You can look forward to big moves when london opens later. Do I pick up the son? I think so. I leave when the alarn rings.

what’s next in the agenda? I am looking at the demo account and it’s been going this way and that. let’s see what happens here then. Nothing is wrong or right. You gain something in the process anyway. Either way, you come out the winner. it’s this and that because everything is connected this way.

I also want to see how this bot will handle in a similar situation. I put ten pips increment so i’ll see how much load it can carry. I haven’t taken my nap yet. This kid is on her day off. How can we make it different. I enjoy spending time with her. it’ll pan out eventually. I am dissecting this bot and see how it works. For now, before I go further, I want to see if it can carry the load.

I am thinking of a different martingale setup. I saw that before. I might look into that and see where that one goes. let’s run that program and see if it picks up something. i’ll do this first. Let me finish this. it’s cold today. I wonder if the wife has a jacket with her. I pick up later though. what’s that noise?

I put on the jacket because I was cold. I am like a scientist here running experiments. I think this has potential. If not, then it’s back to square one. Why does she have to run two instances? I think you know why. Should I intercede? it’s her process. As long as she’s safe and sound then I allow for this to be here.

You always get something out of the equation? I think so. What happens now? I think the hour chart just gave a bullish reverse pattern in the form of a—what’s it called? Convergence. No, divergence. it’s like the signal is forked and it may go a different way. I have that in place. let’s see what happens.

Is there news coming out that I should be aware of? I am almost done with page two. I see that thing down there. Do you want to turn on your fiverr gig? I am not sure. I can run back into upwork and see how that goes. let’s do that. Do you really want to or is it out of anxiety? I am getting sleepy here. The two girls have their umbrella. I think they’ll be ok. I can pick up the boy as he don’t have an umbrella. So be it then.

I finish writing. The painter said he’ll finish today. he’s working in the rooms now. I think he’ll make it in time. I need to get this house back in order. The desktop needs a new battery for its bios. At least son knows how to fix it. I am getting sleepy. I need to pick up the son from school shortly.

I finish these then I go. I take a nap later when I get back. I don’t have to get the girls. The rain isn’t that strong. I think they’ll text me if it were any stronger. It was a good run. I did five kilometers in the field. It was fun in its own way. I did always enjoyed running in the rain.

The rains i’m used to are tropical rains. I forgot what they are called. They are usually strong rain with big drops of water. that’s fun that way. How do you trade this market? Learn and observe. You really don’t know what’s going to happen next. Only that yo udo your best at every moment. That is all that’s asked from you.

No expectations. Win or lose, you put in the effort. You be in the light. it’s simple as making a decision. Go for alignment at all times. The next door neighbors are out to pick up their kids. One kid still is at home and not yet going to school. This is what it’s like to be a parent. it’s quiet now. This guy is boring.

What now? Finish writing and then you can get on with your day. I can turn on the dropbox so it syncs everything but you don’t want that running allday. That one felt weird there. What do you do now? Observe and learn. it’s all connected for you. And then you can decide how it goes from here. I need bus money for tomorrow. Where to get that? I don’t know yet. we’ll see tomorrow.

I can go there when I pick up wife. We can stop by countdown and cash out from the grocery. I have enough meat to last me through the weekend. I am getting sleepy here. The one minute chart is very choppy. You don’t want to trade this pair not with the spreads as is. What do you trade then?