what that was

this child seems to think more for herself. That's alright. I allow that to be there. She needs to explore putting more into her self before she can give to others. You fill up your bucket first, then you can share.

It's connected. Everything is connected. If you see it as being selfish and negative, then that's the result you get. If you choose to find a definition that is positive, then you too will get a positive result out of it. Should we go have coffee with the wife? I don't know if she is planning something at home. Maybe she has chores to do around here.

This kid has to get to work before eleven. Then i can finish work today. I think wife has work tomorrow. What now? We need to check the schedule. Why does she need to work so hard all the time? Why can't she say no? Maybe she is supporting. I think the us has gotten more publicity and people think that it's the way to go but it's not the only path.

There are other means of doing things and it will help you much along the way. I think that euro is going through growing pains and that's part of the process. You help your self by helping all that is. It's the process. Nothing wrongi with that. I think that england will go back and join the euro union soon as they see the trend has reversed. For now, it's going to be alright. They are on the right path here.

They have more than enough and the energy is very positive. You see that it's there. This cat loves that human. He it resonates well with her energy. Then it's a prime example for you. The cat enjoys hanging out with your family. This is a manifest experience. It shows you something. What is happening with the bs? I got the modem working now. It was that setting with the zeroes in it.

I think the non-free codecs were messed up. It even messed up the desktop. I have the game but it feels boring now. Maybe i keep it there for a while and see if i get the game right. If not, i remove them eventually. What to do now? I don't know if i want to go into design. You will have to pick up some skills? Not really. You already have context for it. What's next for you is to connect.

You have more than enough in here. What's next? If it's not there for you then it's not relevant at this time. Trust the timing. I am hungry now. I can make myself something. Sober for a week now. I have a choice to do. I think it's more about making decisions that are in alignment with who you are. What do cats like? I don't know yet. This kid if she is going for the scholarship she is not doing anything about it. I don't even see her go on stackoverflow.

I haven't seen her work on an ide. I guess it's not important for her. So be it. What can we do about it? Have a talk. Maybe we can go already and just get her something later take home. I think we can do that. This writing helps to put things in perspective. I can do a lot of things in the meantime. I have double position starting this week. What happens then?

Trust the timing. The nz market is closed. It doesn't offer much anyways. I think you can watch the eur but in relation to what? I have something good going right now. I can watch something else. Or not. In the meantime, i think it'll be good to see eddie for a while. That is the most traded currency pair. It's so thick that ten million dollars is a drop in the ocean you won't see much effect but there be ripples.

What was that? Felt like someone was running hard on the pavement. I was there before. No need to judge that. You are taking her out of her own process. They will see it as not theirs so they do that only for chore. Things are different now. What can i do here? Trust the process. She gets there when she gets there.

I can put my attention on something else now. People wake up late today. Do i drive her or will the mother do that? I have meetup in two weeks. Contact lens get here when it gets here. I need to change the numbers again? I think so. It'll go in but the phone is with my son. He has to put it in silent.

I think this external hard drive was dropped. If you don't need it then it's not relevant and wouldn't be there. You get a new one anytime anyway. Let it go. I have my files here with me now. I think it's not about the cheap stuff. It's about getting things more in there. Germany has 64 million in population. That's crowded. But they manage well. They use their resources well.

How did it get there. You look out after each other. It's how they became a super power. What can we do about this then? I think they are on the right path. The fundamentals look good. The spirit is good. That is more important. They do not want to be a superpower and they will get there. What can you do about it? I can move there. You can see where this is going. You can match frequency with that.

How? I don't know how yet. You start walking on this path and you will see the opening. It's going to be there. Trust the synchronicity. Wife is getting up now. I put up the bed. I am not looking forward to that but it's going to happen anyway. So be it then. I can work outside or something. The internet is connected anyway. I can work inside a room to not be disturbed.

We can do that. I think they need to have that done when nobody is here. Wife is making me coffee. I drive daughter in forty minutes. I guess that's alright. I feel better not in that frequency. That is a much lower frequency. What to do today? I don't know yet. I think i have everything in place here. So be it then. These kids grow up very fast. How do you move there? I need to check things. If not germany, i can do netherlands. Weed is legal there. I work on my laptop. I run the bot. That's my job here. It allows me to follow my creative endeavors.

Then go there. You can always do something that will support you. Do not do it for someone else. That's not the energy you want. It's going to not work eventually and your energy is bent. It's better to follow your interests. Then you are supported in every way. You have positive energy. You get positive resonance. Everything else falls into place.

I have that in my wheel___something. Wheelhouse. I forgot what that was. It's there now. I can make my own coffee. I can put a teaspoon of sugar. That is within range for me. Honey don't taste good. I can fix up later on. For now, only do this. I think it's like that in the philippines. What are they up to. Why focus on the drug addicts? It's easy and they won't fight back anyway. It's good for the press. It's all for show.

What's going to happen there? Nothing. It's going to go sideways. I have a friend that went to germany. I can go look her up. Somehow someone knows here. I will look her up and see how that goes. What happened to the coffee? I don't know. I am going to finish here now.