get cracking with

It feels like there's ants in my shorts. I'm circling around. I am considering going back to copywriting. What is it that i not like about it? Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write.

But you know how to get started. You know where to get inormation. You can fill up three pages in less than an hour. You enjoy(?) the editing process. You had fun polishing copy. You learn fast. What's not there to like about it? Getting accepted. There is that need to be good at what i do and recognized for it.

But that's outside of you. You can't go there because it's a projection. When you don't have it in you then you can't have it outside of you. You already know hat. Wife turned last night and i was surprised she wanted it. We'll go there next time. I know how to get there. Or at least i had experience of it.

I can turn on the gigs and see what i get out of it. No expectations. It's something i was before. I stop everything else when i have a gig and it takes three days to finish one copy. I can do longer, like a week. Two weeks is a luxury. I can go there. Let's go there then. Remember those times? You have that in you already. You don't have to have outside validation. You already have that within.

Match that frequency and you will see the outside. Given what i know now, how will you make that business run? I have a guide for that. I can reach out to locals and make it run. How else will you do it? Are you going that way instead? You know how to get there. What else do you need to do here?

I'll set up a droplet then see how it goes. In the meantime, i'll continue with clang. I can check out web dev if i had to but that's a job. You are into auto-pilot. I can write to get me to that level frequency but it's not an expectation. Simply write. Let writing write. That's all you have to do. You've done good copy in the past. You can do so again in the near future.

You've had guides. Not everyone can go there. They only have two charities this time and it's from south auckland. I can't do continuing service with that. I don't think they are going to have another go at lunch. I don't think she's making money this time given the copywriter that she has right now.

I think the reason it's not working is the content. It's not geared towards benefits. It's all about what she does. You can't convert that way. Do you know how to convret? Only if i've done my research. At this point, i am useless to that. I don't know. She asks these questions and it's her decision to go.

I can finish writing for now and then do yoga after lunch. I think that'll work. I can go take a nap earlier. What's with the laundry? I didn't check but it's going to be tomorrow. It's raining and the clothes won't dry sooner. Let's see how things go from here. In the meantime, continue writing. You have this.

You even have these books. I have a lot of unfinished business then? It feels like it. Good content is not an accident. I got some insights last night but i forgot what they were. I may have to go through that book again. I have a few in the library. I can go there check it out. Or not. In the meantime, just finish writing. This is much what i do.

I used to write so much. Do you even need that? Why not go back to your blogger sites. They have a lot of juice going there. You don't have much tools to work with but you don't need them anyway. You have something up and running and it's free and it's fast.

I see. I can get the app and take pictures and create drafts whenever i need it. I'll look into it. The design though is kinda limited. You can only go with what they have. But it's more than enough already. Still. It's already paid for...go ahead then. You are already decided with it. I need a haircut.

It's the expectations that put me off. Now that i am conscious of it, i can let go. Or choose to hold on to them and gfight things out. That's not me though. You know that. You know what to do with this energy. It's a situation. You can make changes now. I run in the rain.

I think so. Or not. Let's see how it goes when that path opens up. You've helped people in the past. You can make this work again. You know how to write good content that gets the reader involved. You have that key. Let's expand on this then. I am always on learn mode. This time though, i have an edge. Why not use it. You can expand on this. It's a skill not a lot of people have.

Why would you want to be like everyone else?

Good point. Not everyone can do this. It don't matter how much you make. It's a positive experience. You want to do more of this then. You can go lock yourself up in a hotel room and write all day. I can go there. That sounds fun. Writing books is also autopilot. You can explore that. You can do screenwriting. You've had experience there before. You see where this is going?

Not everyone in the third world has that. Then their colleagues will ask where they found you and they will recommend you. You've been here before. You know where this is headed. Your canvas is the blank page. That's what you have. That anxiety, you know what to do about it. Do your research. You have enough then start writing. It'll come through you. You don't conjure up ideas. It channels through you. Once you get that, everything else comes easy.

You want to start today? What about that dread? You know what to do about it. You have this. You can expand with this. Ride the wave. You already are in the light. I know what to do today then. Turn on the juice and get going. What else is there to write about? Make it part of your title. Like poetry or a news or benefit.

I get that. It used to work well for me. I can go there again. Let's do this for now. Are they going to work on the field today? I can run. Five minutes. I can go to toilet now then run after immediately. I can make me some food after that. It's a lot of milk. Do you want to go there?

You don't have to but if you did, you can do something else. See where this path leads to. You don't have to do design. You know where this is all going then. Get with the program. I feel like i've written much right now. You can make things shorter. Or not. I don't know where this is headed. You can only ride this wave all the way.

I have four minutes and it's a lot. Let's get cracking with this. Do you need to get those things under your belt? I can do those ad things. You don't have it now but it's already there. You just need to put in time. If you do once a week, you probably have five under your belt by now. That's more than enough momentum to get you going.

I see. You can get back now. You choose. You can go around chasing your tail. There's nothing wrong with that. Make it a hobby. This one though, it's special. You see them posted three a day. You can send in your own gig and see what happens. You have an edge on that part of the country. Let's use it.

It's fun work anyway. You can get going there. I think that guy was interested in copywriters when you interviewed with them. But it was a path i did not choose to take. Things are different now. You don't see much copywriters out there. I think i put sometihng in that direction and did not get acknowledged for it. It don't matter. You don't need it anyway.

I see. I can move on now. I have my own here. I can see. They put in the work. You just pointed them in that direction. That's putting it forward. Now it's time to expand on this. You have the connection. That's what...that's all you need.

information on that

Late morning pages as i listen to classical music. I haven't been working out. I didn't feel quite up to it. Maybe it's the weekend. I think i did two runs last week and one brisk walk. All these were three kilometers, about-ish. That's good enough. I did do yoga every day until friday.

It's not i'm being lazy. Lazy is a term used by others to get you to move according to their agenda. That's not me. I realized that with the help of my mother. She called me lazy and i got the message. That's how everything is connected. Not that i hate my mother. It's just part of the process. I am a parent now and i do that now and then--get my kids to strengthen their wings.

I'm watching the number of followers on the playlist. Not that i'm obsessed about it. It's interesting that others like the music htat i listen to when i write. It's easy and smooth listening--if i knew and understood what that means. These tracks put my ego or local self in the background listening to the music while a different part tunes in to the flow and writes them.

Does it work? I think so. I wirte much when i listen to them. I get to tune in somewhat. I can also do that connect to flow when i am not listening to this playlist. So i guess it is placebo that it connects you to flow. You decide when to connect or not. You simply tune in to the awareness and you start writing.

I am doing twenty five minutes of writing at this moment. Did i write yesterday? I'm not sure. I do write during the week. I have cool headphones and they help put me at ease. They remind me of the synhcronicity when i trust it. My self. Right now i don't know how all this is connected. I am not on any path. I am following what interests me. I have no cash flow.

I've been here before and it worked tremendously well. I had ten years of that and look where it got me. I know it works. I have experience of it. Now i am looking for clues that it's still working. I get them regularly. There be times when i choose not to think in the positive and look for proof and expectations and i get down. When i feel the down side emotions, i am made awake. So this is all part of me.

What can i do about it? Nothing. Use it as contrast. The feedback helps you to get going. Right now, i learned my lesson. I am going to be more patient. In the meantime, i am open to synchronicity. I am concsious of where i am and i'm all in on this. No expectations. I am aware of htat. What happens now? You know what it is.

I am writing about it. I tend to compare my first draft with someone else's finished work. I am aware of that. There's no need to compare unless you get something out of it. And that's ok too. You always get something out of everything. It's all connected. I am not going to take a shower tonight. I was home all day and barely broke a sweat. I had carbs and it's ok. It's different this time. I ate less.

My response to the situation is different. That's why this is here. It's how i choose to use the energy. I redefined things and now i am a completely different person. There be stuff that i watch. Season one is best. Then things go down from there with you hoping that it gets better.

It's why i go see episode ones. The poor series will get you numb by episode three. The good ones you go through the whole series if they are available. The good wife is a good series. I went through all that. And now they have a spin-off and it's starting to lose its magic. Let's see where it's going though.

Why not write your own story. It's going to be about digging up information and tracking people down and finding information. Now you know where you will sell your service. They need a department working for them that way. How do you sell to them. You connect with them. You write them a letter. I think they too are looking for information this way.

You get how these things go? Now you can connect with their investigators. Where do you find them? I'm not sure but it's local and it'll work this way. You have more than enough information there. You can connect with them and you'll get connected to others as well. I can listen to these tracks while i work that way. You see how it's connected?

Ok. Let's get cracking then. Offer your service for free. When you deliver results, then you get paid. If not, you've gained sometihng else. I think we can work something out there. What else is there to do? I'm not sure. I think you can find something here that'll work for you. You have enough tech savvy to make it work. It's called context. You can write and gain insights about them.

At times the local mind couldn't grasp them but when you write, it connects with ethe flow and you get the insights. It's connected this way still. I stopped watching that series. They leave you feeling flat. It's not about quality content anymore. They are more after the eyeballs for advertising. You can't get very far that way.

You can write about these experiences. People are curious about them as well. How do you start. You talk to the people concerned. Should you be up to their faces this way or would you rather check in on the messages? I don't know. I'll know when i cross that bridge. If not, then it's not that relevant. You see how it's connected?

You don't have to be licensed that way. Deliver good results and you will have them knocking at your door. That's what this is all about then. Go local and you will see how it goes. You widen later when it's relevant. Doors will open up where you didn't know they were there. You simply trust the synchronicity.

After this i can watch an episode. Wife's hulu is still not working. I don't know what's wrong. People want to pay for that subscription but what are they doing to keep your business. There's netflix and it just works. Why is that? They have excuses as to why theirs do not work while netflix just delivers.

Anyway, she'll have to make a decision there. What happens next? Listen up and keep writing. The kids are going to school tomorrow. I love mondays. I enjoy weekdays. I have more time to myself. I can do much work this way. I get insights when i write. It feels good to connect with flow.

Is that all mental? I'm not user. Not everything is all mental. That was an annagram. Or something like that. I tend to write so fast that the letters get jumbled at times. I can change them later when i finish writing. I don't think i'll have dinner. I am still reeling from today's meal. I'll drink water when i feel like it.

What happens now? Connect to that pc and run your things. Or connect to the terminal and simply use the bigger screen. Or not. It's all up to you anyway. Is there anything else i can do there? I am alright here with this one. I don't have to go htere. You can compare the difference, but know that the details will fall into place soon as you resonate with the signal.

You already know this. I get that too. This is a new doc on the dropbox. I added this here so i'll know what i am writing about when i move there. I can also update my files on that side of the workstation. Or not. That there is another sign. What happens now? Do what interests you.

These die-hards. How do you find information on that? You can write about them. You can google them then collate what's relevant. They don't have to deep dive into everything. You deliver results when you find them. They pay good when you deliver good results. You already know that. You need to have plenty of context there.

I think you know where this is going. You don't have to be tight. You simply gather the information and see where it's going. They cover your expenses this way. You know where to go anyway. Let's see where this leads to then.

you've already sorted

i let myself get too involved into other people's baggage. I know there's something there for me it's why they're here. But the drama and the definitions, i can do without.

I just called my son stupid in a negative way and i feel bad about it. Now i am going to have this in my head for a while. I can choose to let go. Starts today we are doing tidy habits. It's tough on day one because you need to clean house. But i get sucked into their drama anyway. So i get them into my habits so i don't have to deal with their baggage. Clean house.

The kitchen is easy view from this table. I can tell them to tidy up immediately soon as they finish. I am no longer going to tolerate these things. This is my habit now. They not ride on that and they will build their own tidiy habits. And so is the wife. She's part of all this anyway. Why does she have all that? They have their own rooms. They can choose to do something there. They are not going to have their stuff on the floor. They put things away.

The ones that are on their immediate vicinity are the stuff they need for school work. Other than that, i don't want to see them here. They can easy get their stuff from somewhere. I only have a few things and if i had a room, they'd be in the room. I put away my own stuff. So i am letting off steam here. What can i do? I can hug him later and say that i love him. I feel bad calling my son stupid. I was upset. I had to show that i am upset. I got sucked into all that drama for nothing.

I asked him if he looked under and around his table. He said yes. He didn't. He just said yes to shut me up. I am so upset right now. I need to put things in order otherwise i'm the housekeeper. This is why i couldn't get a thing going. I get upset and it puts me in a tailspin. Why is this here anyway? This has been my fulltime job. It's not what i prefer.

What do you prefer. I would rather live my life. I don't want them in my hair all the time. It's drama i can live without. I don't want to have to tell them all the time but this is what i can do now. I clean up myself. How come they can't do it? It's changing now. Things are different from now on. I don't have to do anything else but ride on them to tidy up and build on their own habits.

This is why it's here then? I think so. We can let it go now? When i am aware of it then i can let go. I do yoga after this kid goes out the door. I go out to run later as well. I used to go to bed at ten. Now i can't because these two can't work together. What can i do about it? Why did wife get her a closet anyway? I don't get it. Now the old closet isn't doing anything.

There was a workaround there. This time, i do things my way. I am not going to do things for them. They are old enough already. If you use it, you wash it soon as you are done. Not later. When i go to the kitchen myself i wash theirs. But if they wash they won't even bother washing whatever else is in front of them. Why should i wash theirs now?

I am so upset. I don't think there's going to be internet for everyone. We are going to tidy up. I am so upset now. Wake up tidy up your bed. Get home from school, put away everything. If you are not going to use them then i am going to use them myself. If not they can do something else altogether.

I can put something in the bathroom but there's a lot that you can do in here. Like what? I don't know. If they can't live with that then they have to. I am not going to do things for them. I am not going to tolerate them leaving the computer on when they go. Things are different now. I am going to make that a habit of mine. I am done carrying shit for them. This is my space. It's time they respect my space.

I don't have to do things for the wife. I am so upset still. I am letting off steam and scheming something about this. It's the little things. You make them into a habit and you make something big out of it. I can tell them why we need them habits. I ride on them. This is my habit now. When i see what is alignment then i can let go. Otherwise, my habits hold sway.

They develop their own. They go into their heads and it reflects back. I see how things hould go from here. It's going to be different from now on. I make my habit into leadership habits. This way, i don't have to carry their shit for them. Do something for someone else. Do one thing for someone else each day. How do you make that a habit?

I don't know yet. For now, only do this. Tell them to work together. Maybe i can turn off the internet or something. Let's do that then. I can see where this is all going. I can take care of that. What are they doing differently? I don't know. I can set something up and see what happens. I can say it turned off by itself. From there she can't play them games or do online stuff.

I see. Everyone is doing these things anyway. Why am i so upset? It's clearing now. I feel the weight is lifting off my head. Let's write some more. Do yoga later. Can i run first yoga later? That'll change perspectives around here. I am doing the laundry later. I could have gone to sleep last night but had to work on the wife. That took out the thunder from me. What was that about?

I forgot. What can we do here? I don't know. There's nothing good out there. You can have yogurt but is it really what you want? I have briskets. I can do that today. I can make that for lunch and have that throughout the day. I am still upset. I can choose to change how i think. I can redefine the source code. That helps.

Ok. What else is here that i can do? Go see something in alignment, or not. Go poop. What time is she going? If it's lunch then i'll have to move my yoga to later. Or not. I think she leaves around ten. I am moving my yoga around her schedule? I don't think it works that way. What can we do here? That wasn't the way it's supposed to be.

I get that. What else is there. I don't know. Both of them are at fault here. I take things easy but if i start to carry their bagage, then they are going to hear about it. So be it then. I don't have to go there then. She has her own ref. Why not put water in it so i don't have to? She has her own water bottles anyway.

That's a thing there. Don't let me carry your baggage. You build up strength by carrying your own baggage. If it gets too heavy you can ask for help. I still have it then. What can i do differently? Do your own habits. Do your own little thing. You can put in your own water bottle in there. No need for those big containers. You can throw them out now. Just put in your own.

Everyone will have their own then? I think it works better that way? They won't put water in it anyway. Why bother. I can use my own from now on. How do you move forward with this? I don't know yet. You bake, you should clean up your own trays. I think it's supposed to be that way. I am not the housekeeper anymore. That'snot my job anymore. I can do things for the wife because she does things for me.

I am still upset here. I need to take a break here. I am upset because i called my son stupid. That's nothing. Other parents do worse things. I was upset. He didn't do what he could have done himself. I helped carry his baggage. I took away his power. I see that now. I have changed. It's not going to happen anymore. It's why this happened i am changing things for myself.

Then i can simmer down tnow. Things are different now. It's no longer here. The echo is in your head. See what now. You can let this go. You can choose your thoughts, yes? Then choose your thoughts. You have already written something about it. You've already sorted things out. Now you can change things around. What can i do different here?

I don't know. One can sleep in there while the other sleeps someplace else. I see. I don't have to separate things. It's their baggage. They can work things out themselves. That closet was uncalled for. I could have complained about it. She didn't do anything about it anyway. That one is still out here. Why isn't it in there or in the garage?

for now trust

Building habits. Wite every morning after wife has left for work. This or sometime around nine or eight in the morning. I have plenty insights. Most of the time, it's the expectations that trip me up.

What can i do about it then? Simply be in the moment. Cutting edge of the universe is inside of me and not some place outside that's billions of miles away. That's a paradigm shift when you put your mind to it. How can i use this then? You have a good grasp of the power when you are in this frequency. You hold the control button? Not that. It's you leading the energy. You are now aware of this.

How? My local self keeps asking how. Just be in this moment. When you are, then reflection and contrast is made aware. You bring light to it and you see more. I have expectations. It's what makes things predictable, puttting them into boxes. But i don't really have to go there. I can choose to let go and ride the wave. I've been to a lot. It's when i let go that i can see. That i wake up.

Let go of how. Simply define your frequency. Respond in this frequency to everything else. That is what my process is about. You are not acting on the outside. You no longer respond that way. Instead, i define things from the inside. When i am aware of this, i am my self. When i put things outside of me, i am powerless. The wind is knocked out of my sail.

I cancelled the lunch meet today. That is time for my nap and they are not going to use my recs anyway. Why force it? I don't think they are ready anyway. I put forward my suggestions. They didn't want any of it. It's time to let go. How can you help then? You allow for that to disappear? It's not that. The energy will evolve. It will change. The process is for her to go through it. Why resist.

If she really wanted for the skill and know-how to transefr to the next generation, why not simply give it away? Why does she have to put a spigot on the flow just so she can profit? That's not how it works. Let the river flow and you will see how powerful you are. And so i am not going to be there at the lunch meet. I have laundry to do anyway. I can wash after lunch. I will soak after they get up.

That's a lot. I changed back my theme. I crashed it. How can you do something different then? Use a plugin for it. I see. I'll go look into that later on. In the meantime, only do this. Why how can you create your own plugin that way? Do java and android. That's all you do everyday. You don't have to be an expert. What you are doing is to widen your context. Simply put it into your awareness. When it comes up for clarification, then you get how to work play with it.

There's supposed to be a meeting on monday. I think recruitment sucks. They lack follow up. How will this progress then. Maybe they are too busy withtherir own life. Probably. Do you really want to be a part of all that? I'm not sure. We need to jive with the calendar app. Can you make one? Have i really made anything? I'm not sure. I think i can slide something here and see how it goes.

I don't know how these are going to happen. All i know is that i can be from the inside. Then i can let go. I am aware now. I can let go. Does this have to be in my blog? I'm not sure what that is. Isn't it better to have yours on blogger? That way, you don't have to do stuff to get it going. It's just there. You simply do updates on posts and pages.

I see. What else is there then? You have done a lot of tahat in the past. How do you make something here? Finish the course and you will see a path. When you are not there at the fork, you wouldn't know which path to take. There's always choice.

Ok. Now what? Write for your self expresssion. Write not for a client or audience. Write to be understood. Write with dfy in mind at all times. When you put things in that perspective, then your content has something. I don't have the word or phrase for now. Wife left for work so i started writing. She don't have to but her source code doesn't have that definition. Without that defined, the function won't run.

Does it work for you? Of course. When i let go, a lot of things just fall into place. How do you use this energy then? I can go take a nap when i finish writing these. Then it's going to be this way for the ret of the day. I can run later. Let's see if there's nothing in the field. I did not run yesterday. I had sleep issues the night before. I wasn't able to sleep at noon. Next time i know better.

I was forcing it to happen. Now i know better. These two downstairs are noisy. Or maybe it's just the acoustics in the house. Do you need that playlist? I am thinking of deleting it. There be good songs every now and then. I add some new tracks. I can start playing from there. That way, i get to listen to new adds when it's there. The wife uses it i think. I can move up from here. What else is there.

I consider myself plenty of context with this. I can handle anything i get when i need to make it work. Right now, classpath seems irrelevant. I can rund the class for the directory itself. What good is it to run them outside of folder. I don't know. If i had to i can look it up. I can let go now.

How are you doing kid? I'm not allowing. This creates resistance. How can you use this then. I am made aware. I can choose to lot go and not know what comes next. This is path of least resistance for me. This is how i can use it better. This is more alignment for me. This way, i can expand better. What happens then. I can go for game dev. That could be a good portfolio.

There's stuff in there for you. Create a game this way and you will expand easy. How do you make that. Hwat's it about then. Matching frequency. Is there a way to measure mood? I think so. Or the player can set that through input. You then process based on machine learning. You then set the tone for the moment. Or something like it.

You don't have to tie your hands next to keyboard to write. Do you need outside help? They ask for it often. I can do something in here to make things work. Or not. If it's not there then it's not relevant for you. For now, continue on this path. You'll see why it's here eventually. For now, only do this. There is a meetup next week. I can go there and see. There's two attending. Maybe i can join them for some writing. You don't have to but it's interesting to be there.

I'll probably confirm going then. It's a long way from here. Do you need to get out there? At times it's good to connect with like minded individuals. You can build relationships that way. I see where this is going. You can bring your own stuff to that coffee shop. That will make it interesting.

What else is there for me? I might go out for a walk. It's going to be busy today, the field. I might as well get out there and walk. I have beef brisket for brunch. I have yogurt in the freezer. I like them almost frozen. It's like ice cream. Then i don'thave to have ice cream. It's cheaper than ice cream anyway.

You are lining up very well i see. Where do i walk then. I don't know. For now, trust the synchronicity. How do i use that for my own? I don't know yet. I only know that you are the captain of this reality. You are the ship. And its captain. You see how to accelerate?

Use that energy. You want to go out for a ride today? You've been busy all week. You can take a break today and simply ride your bike. You haven't done so all summer. How did i lose that? You get it. The kids were home. You've been running. It wasn't wasted.

you write it

Wife and son seems to enjoy that series--stranger things. It became a hit. I think i got on to it early and finished them in a binge. What's next? I'm not sure. Maybe it'll come up on my radar.

This here track is good to listen to when writing. Am i no longer a writer? Not for hire. I'll write more for my own gigs. I did switched to android. Now i went through a lot of that this morning, today. That's good for now. I am done for the day. I can go for web but there's so much to go through. The time i do all that and the time i go through on android will get more results this way.

Or so i think. I have stuff to make for android. I think it's going to be interesting to see how things go. Should i lessen the volume? I'm not sure. But this track here is good. The sony cans are great for listening when you sit in a quiet place. Hands down this is better than the audio technica that i have. I use that one for when i go outside.

Tracks like this is good. Why did spotify integrate with waze? What's the point there? I don't know. Maybe there is something to e had. That's desperate. I wonder if it's that way with them in sampaloc? I hope not. But if that gets them over to the other side, then it's a process they may have to go through. How can i help?

I don't know yet. All i know is that i need to be in my own light if i want to or were to help. Why is she in a wheelchair like that? Where did this track come from? Who played it? I guess it's time for mozart in th ejungle. Wife seems to be in a better mood tonight. I hope it's going to rain.

Eldest daughter is still out. She said she was coming home late. That's what teenagers do i guess. She has strong wings by now. I made sure of that. How can you be sure. I gave them enough resonance to see the reflection--or something like that. I switched my domain to an android blog. I think it's best this way. At least i have a repo for my notes. This track sounds great. How do you get more of this?

Simply go on radio. Or find other playlists that have cello a lot in it. Why is this kid not watching? I finished breaking bad last night. I think the way it ended was not the way a smart man would end it. If i were in that spot, i'd move around a lot, specially if i made that much money. There are other countries and cities that can surely use his service.

Or his benefactors can relocate him every now and then. They were not thinking ahead. Wife was looking for the remaining mega bar. What now? I was watching the show. How do you what do you write about here? Nothing. You don't have to have that. Just write. Wife covers her eyes when there is something scary. What's the point?

I guess i'll stick to listening to my music here. This is a good playlist i have here. It's not getting a lot of followers but it's a track that i can listen to myself. What are you going to do here? I don't know. Only that this is here and just write. Did i put in enough time for learning android? I think so. Then you are done. Was it, did you give it your best? Yes i did. Then i am definitely done for the day.

What do i do for the rest of the day? Simply have fun. Celebrate in a way. You started a new blog. You wrote two posts. You switched from cyanogen to android by flash install. These things i never saw myself being able to do. It's a lot. You should be proud. Then let's take a break tonight and celebrate. You don't want to overdo it. Sit with it for now and see where this is all going.

What's new here? I don't know. There's a lot of i don't knows around here. I don't know if i want to get a job with this. I can if the path led to that. For now, i get gigs, then i see what opens up. For now, it's about putting in ten thousand hours for android dev. We'll see what comes out on the other side.

That sounds like a plan for me. Let's do this then. Is this track supposed to be here? I can remove that but i'll have to stop writing here. I'm going to let that go then. Simply why do you not like it? Incoherence. The notes seem to go off on their own. They're not connected in a way. Growing up in the eighties was my thing.

There you go. I removed that one track. I think i'll also remove this? Not yet. It started off but there's strings to it. Let that sit there for a while. What time is she coming home. Do i have to know if she's going to be late late? I think she can text when she's about to come home. At least we know that she is. Or am i worrying too much about this.

I think it's that latter. Then i can focus on something else here. Like what. What can we do around here that's going to be connected? Finish writing. Then should i go check out mozart? I will. If there's too much of mexican spanish...i just removed another track. It didn't jive with what i was doing. It did not resonate very well.

Am i on delete-mode? Not really. Why am i here then. Why does it keep on changing? I don't know. I do trust the synchronicity here. Simply that i can write about this is good enough. Maybe it's too loud. If so, do something else. What would they do on the sequel? Sequels always fall flat on its face. Why not just create a new one and focus all your resources on that?

I don't know. Maybe they want the esay money. They think people will still see it hoping that things get better. I guess so. Then it's going to end right there. It's sad they make things that way now. Very well. How will you hcange things? Write better. Put your budget on the writers and not the stars. You make stars with a good story. People know that already. How come they are not doing it?

You have good tv series to binge watch on. That's a good example right there. How then do you switch things around. I don't know. Maybe this is what my path is about right here. But you just keeps on writing. I don't know what to write about. Just write. If the insurance were there, how do you get a new playlist?

I am getting sleepy now. Son stopped using the desktop after dinner as he watches with his mom. They sit there together. That's nice. That's how he bonds with his mom. The two others go to their rooms. They bond in their own wway. How else can we do this? I don't know. Act on in the light. I don't know how this will turn out but for now, that's all i know.

You don't have to know how it ends though. That ruins the process for you. You go on a path and you miss on everything. How is that dog connected? I forgot. Then it's about time to see this show again. Or not. You are writing this way. Get the insurance money. What if the kids were not insured?

How can i help them in sampaloc? I don't know yet. Maybe you were not meant to help. You help by allowing yourself not being able to help. What's she thinking there. I don't know. That is a sad part of life though. If those were your friends, then you can go do sometihng in here. These kids are fun right there. How will you move forward? Why was that catch at the end.

How will you extend that? How would you write it? The thing grows inside. How. I ithink it's about interdimension connections. Then will realizes he has powers to go cross dimensions. That thing growing has something to do with it.