for now trust

Building habits. Wite every morning after wife has left for work. This or sometime around nine or eight in the morning. I have plenty insights. Most of the time, it's the expectations that trip me up.

What can i do about it then? Simply be in the moment. Cutting edge of the universe is inside of me and not some place outside that's billions of miles away. That's a paradigm shift when you put your mind to it. How can i use this then? You have a good grasp of the power when you are in this frequency. You hold the control button? Not that. It's you leading the energy. You are now aware of this.

How? My local self keeps asking how. Just be in this moment. When you are, then reflection and contrast is made aware. You bring light to it and you see more. I have expectations. It's what makes things predictable, puttting them into boxes. But i don't really have to go there. I can choose to let go and ride the wave. I've been to a lot. It's when i let go that i can see. That i wake up.

Let go of how. Simply define your frequency. Respond in this frequency to everything else. That is what my process is about. You are not acting on the outside. You no longer respond that way. Instead, i define things from the inside. When i am aware of this, i am my self. When i put things outside of me, i am powerless. The wind is knocked out of my sail.

I cancelled the lunch meet today. That is time for my nap and they are not going to use my recs anyway. Why force it? I don't think they are ready anyway. I put forward my suggestions. They didn't want any of it. It's time to let go. How can you help then? You allow for that to disappear? It's not that. The energy will evolve. It will change. The process is for her to go through it. Why resist.

If she really wanted for the skill and know-how to transefr to the next generation, why not simply give it away? Why does she have to put a spigot on the flow just so she can profit? That's not how it works. Let the river flow and you will see how powerful you are. And so i am not going to be there at the lunch meet. I have laundry to do anyway. I can wash after lunch. I will soak after they get up.

That's a lot. I changed back my theme. I crashed it. How can you do something different then? Use a plugin for it. I see. I'll go look into that later on. In the meantime, only do this. Why how can you create your own plugin that way? Do java and android. That's all you do everyday. You don't have to be an expert. What you are doing is to widen your context. Simply put it into your awareness. When it comes up for clarification, then you get how to work play with it.

There's supposed to be a meeting on monday. I think recruitment sucks. They lack follow up. How will this progress then. Maybe they are too busy withtherir own life. Probably. Do you really want to be a part of all that? I'm not sure. We need to jive with the calendar app. Can you make one? Have i really made anything? I'm not sure. I think i can slide something here and see how it goes.

I don't know how these are going to happen. All i know is that i can be from the inside. Then i can let go. I am aware now. I can let go. Does this have to be in my blog? I'm not sure what that is. Isn't it better to have yours on blogger? That way, you don't have to do stuff to get it going. It's just there. You simply do updates on posts and pages.

I see. What else is there then? You have done a lot of tahat in the past. How do you make something here? Finish the course and you will see a path. When you are not there at the fork, you wouldn't know which path to take. There's always choice.

Ok. Now what? Write for your self expresssion. Write not for a client or audience. Write to be understood. Write with dfy in mind at all times. When you put things in that perspective, then your content has something. I don't have the word or phrase for now. Wife left for work so i started writing. She don't have to but her source code doesn't have that definition. Without that defined, the function won't run.

Does it work for you? Of course. When i let go, a lot of things just fall into place. How do you use this energy then? I can go take a nap when i finish writing these. Then it's going to be this way for the ret of the day. I can run later. Let's see if there's nothing in the field. I did not run yesterday. I had sleep issues the night before. I wasn't able to sleep at noon. Next time i know better.

I was forcing it to happen. Now i know better. These two downstairs are noisy. Or maybe it's just the acoustics in the house. Do you need that playlist? I am thinking of deleting it. There be good songs every now and then. I add some new tracks. I can start playing from there. That way, i get to listen to new adds when it's there. The wife uses it i think. I can move up from here. What else is there.

I consider myself plenty of context with this. I can handle anything i get when i need to make it work. Right now, classpath seems irrelevant. I can rund the class for the directory itself. What good is it to run them outside of folder. I don't know. If i had to i can look it up. I can let go now.

How are you doing kid? I'm not allowing. This creates resistance. How can you use this then. I am made aware. I can choose to lot go and not know what comes next. This is path of least resistance for me. This is how i can use it better. This is more alignment for me. This way, i can expand better. What happens then. I can go for game dev. That could be a good portfolio.

There's stuff in there for you. Create a game this way and you will expand easy. How do you make that. Hwat's it about then. Matching frequency. Is there a way to measure mood? I think so. Or the player can set that through input. You then process based on machine learning. You then set the tone for the moment. Or something like it.

You don't have to tie your hands next to keyboard to write. Do you need outside help? They ask for it often. I can do something in here to make things work. Or not. If it's not there then it's not relevant for you. For now, continue on this path. You'll see why it's here eventually. For now, only do this. There is a meetup next week. I can go there and see. There's two attending. Maybe i can join them for some writing. You don't have to but it's interesting to be there.

I'll probably confirm going then. It's a long way from here. Do you need to get out there? At times it's good to connect with like minded individuals. You can build relationships that way. I see where this is going. You can bring your own stuff to that coffee shop. That will make it interesting.

What else is there for me? I might go out for a walk. It's going to be busy today, the field. I might as well get out there and walk. I have beef brisket for brunch. I have yogurt in the freezer. I like them almost frozen. It's like ice cream. Then i don'thave to have ice cream. It's cheaper than ice cream anyway.

You are lining up very well i see. Where do i walk then. I don't know. For now, trust the synchronicity. How do i use that for my own? I don't know yet. I only know that you are the captain of this reality. You are the ship. And its captain. You see how to accelerate?

Use that energy. You want to go out for a ride today? You've been busy all week. You can take a break today and simply ride your bike. You haven't done so all summer. How did i lose that? You get it. The kids were home. You've been running. It wasn't wasted.