get cracking with

It feels like there's ants in my shorts. I'm circling around. I am considering going back to copywriting. What is it that i not like about it? Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write.

But you know how to get started. You know where to get inormation. You can fill up three pages in less than an hour. You enjoy(?) the editing process. You had fun polishing copy. You learn fast. What's not there to like about it? Getting accepted. There is that need to be good at what i do and recognized for it.

But that's outside of you. You can't go there because it's a projection. When you don't have it in you then you can't have it outside of you. You already know hat. Wife turned last night and i was surprised she wanted it. We'll go there next time. I know how to get there. Or at least i had experience of it.

I can turn on the gigs and see what i get out of it. No expectations. It's something i was before. I stop everything else when i have a gig and it takes three days to finish one copy. I can do longer, like a week. Two weeks is a luxury. I can go there. Let's go there then. Remember those times? You have that in you already. You don't have to have outside validation. You already have that within.

Match that frequency and you will see the outside. Given what i know now, how will you make that business run? I have a guide for that. I can reach out to locals and make it run. How else will you do it? Are you going that way instead? You know how to get there. What else do you need to do here?

I'll set up a droplet then see how it goes. In the meantime, i'll continue with clang. I can check out web dev if i had to but that's a job. You are into auto-pilot. I can write to get me to that level frequency but it's not an expectation. Simply write. Let writing write. That's all you have to do. You've done good copy in the past. You can do so again in the near future.

You've had guides. Not everyone can go there. They only have two charities this time and it's from south auckland. I can't do continuing service with that. I don't think they are going to have another go at lunch. I don't think she's making money this time given the copywriter that she has right now.

I think the reason it's not working is the content. It's not geared towards benefits. It's all about what she does. You can't convert that way. Do you know how to convret? Only if i've done my research. At this point, i am useless to that. I don't know. She asks these questions and it's her decision to go.

I can finish writing for now and then do yoga after lunch. I think that'll work. I can go take a nap earlier. What's with the laundry? I didn't check but it's going to be tomorrow. It's raining and the clothes won't dry sooner. Let's see how things go from here. In the meantime, continue writing. You have this.

You even have these books. I have a lot of unfinished business then? It feels like it. Good content is not an accident. I got some insights last night but i forgot what they were. I may have to go through that book again. I have a few in the library. I can go there check it out. Or not. In the meantime, just finish writing. This is much what i do.

I used to write so much. Do you even need that? Why not go back to your blogger sites. They have a lot of juice going there. You don't have much tools to work with but you don't need them anyway. You have something up and running and it's free and it's fast.

I see. I can get the app and take pictures and create drafts whenever i need it. I'll look into it. The design though is kinda limited. You can only go with what they have. But it's more than enough already. Still. It's already paid for...go ahead then. You are already decided with it. I need a haircut.

It's the expectations that put me off. Now that i am conscious of it, i can let go. Or choose to hold on to them and gfight things out. That's not me though. You know that. You know what to do with this energy. It's a situation. You can make changes now. I run in the rain.

I think so. Or not. Let's see how it goes when that path opens up. You've helped people in the past. You can make this work again. You know how to write good content that gets the reader involved. You have that key. Let's expand on this then. I am always on learn mode. This time though, i have an edge. Why not use it. You can expand on this. It's a skill not a lot of people have.

Why would you want to be like everyone else?

Good point. Not everyone can do this. It don't matter how much you make. It's a positive experience. You want to do more of this then. You can go lock yourself up in a hotel room and write all day. I can go there. That sounds fun. Writing books is also autopilot. You can explore that. You can do screenwriting. You've had experience there before. You see where this is going?

Not everyone in the third world has that. Then their colleagues will ask where they found you and they will recommend you. You've been here before. You know where this is headed. Your canvas is the blank page. That's what you have. That anxiety, you know what to do about it. Do your research. You have enough then start writing. It'll come through you. You don't conjure up ideas. It channels through you. Once you get that, everything else comes easy.

You want to start today? What about that dread? You know what to do about it. You have this. You can expand with this. Ride the wave. You already are in the light. I know what to do today then. Turn on the juice and get going. What else is there to write about? Make it part of your title. Like poetry or a news or benefit.

I get that. It used to work well for me. I can go there again. Let's do this for now. Are they going to work on the field today? I can run. Five minutes. I can go to toilet now then run after immediately. I can make me some food after that. It's a lot of milk. Do you want to go there?

You don't have to but if you did, you can do something else. See where this path leads to. You don't have to do design. You know where this is all going then. Get with the program. I feel like i've written much right now. You can make things shorter. Or not. I don't know where this is headed. You can only ride this wave all the way.

I have four minutes and it's a lot. Let's get cracking with this. Do you need to get those things under your belt? I can do those ad things. You don't have it now but it's already there. You just need to put in time. If you do once a week, you probably have five under your belt by now. That's more than enough momentum to get you going.

I see. You can get back now. You choose. You can go around chasing your tail. There's nothing wrong with that. Make it a hobby. This one though, it's special. You see them posted three a day. You can send in your own gig and see what happens. You have an edge on that part of the country. Let's use it.

It's fun work anyway. You can get going there. I think that guy was interested in copywriters when you interviewed with them. But it was a path i did not choose to take. Things are different now. You don't see much copywriters out there. I think i put sometihng in that direction and did not get acknowledged for it. It don't matter. You don't need it anyway.

I see. I can move on now. I have my own here. I can see. They put in the work. You just pointed them in that direction. That's putting it forward. Now it's time to expand on this. You have the connection. That's what...that's all you need.