information on that

Late morning pages as i listen to classical music. I haven't been working out. I didn't feel quite up to it. Maybe it's the weekend. I think i did two runs last week and one brisk walk. All these were three kilometers, about-ish. That's good enough. I did do yoga every day until friday.

It's not i'm being lazy. Lazy is a term used by others to get you to move according to their agenda. That's not me. I realized that with the help of my mother. She called me lazy and i got the message. That's how everything is connected. Not that i hate my mother. It's just part of the process. I am a parent now and i do that now and then--get my kids to strengthen their wings.

I'm watching the number of followers on the playlist. Not that i'm obsessed about it. It's interesting that others like the music htat i listen to when i write. It's easy and smooth listening--if i knew and understood what that means. These tracks put my ego or local self in the background listening to the music while a different part tunes in to the flow and writes them.

Does it work? I think so. I wirte much when i listen to them. I get to tune in somewhat. I can also do that connect to flow when i am not listening to this playlist. So i guess it is placebo that it connects you to flow. You decide when to connect or not. You simply tune in to the awareness and you start writing.

I am doing twenty five minutes of writing at this moment. Did i write yesterday? I'm not sure. I do write during the week. I have cool headphones and they help put me at ease. They remind me of the synhcronicity when i trust it. My self. Right now i don't know how all this is connected. I am not on any path. I am following what interests me. I have no cash flow.

I've been here before and it worked tremendously well. I had ten years of that and look where it got me. I know it works. I have experience of it. Now i am looking for clues that it's still working. I get them regularly. There be times when i choose not to think in the positive and look for proof and expectations and i get down. When i feel the down side emotions, i am made awake. So this is all part of me.

What can i do about it? Nothing. Use it as contrast. The feedback helps you to get going. Right now, i learned my lesson. I am going to be more patient. In the meantime, i am open to synchronicity. I am concsious of where i am and i'm all in on this. No expectations. I am aware of htat. What happens now? You know what it is.

I am writing about it. I tend to compare my first draft with someone else's finished work. I am aware of that. There's no need to compare unless you get something out of it. And that's ok too. You always get something out of everything. It's all connected. I am not going to take a shower tonight. I was home all day and barely broke a sweat. I had carbs and it's ok. It's different this time. I ate less.

My response to the situation is different. That's why this is here. It's how i choose to use the energy. I redefined things and now i am a completely different person. There be stuff that i watch. Season one is best. Then things go down from there with you hoping that it gets better.

It's why i go see episode ones. The poor series will get you numb by episode three. The good ones you go through the whole series if they are available. The good wife is a good series. I went through all that. And now they have a spin-off and it's starting to lose its magic. Let's see where it's going though.

Why not write your own story. It's going to be about digging up information and tracking people down and finding information. Now you know where you will sell your service. They need a department working for them that way. How do you sell to them. You connect with them. You write them a letter. I think they too are looking for information this way.

You get how these things go? Now you can connect with their investigators. Where do you find them? I'm not sure but it's local and it'll work this way. You have more than enough information there. You can connect with them and you'll get connected to others as well. I can listen to these tracks while i work that way. You see how it's connected?

Ok. Let's get cracking then. Offer your service for free. When you deliver results, then you get paid. If not, you've gained sometihng else. I think we can work something out there. What else is there to do? I'm not sure. I think you can find something here that'll work for you. You have enough tech savvy to make it work. It's called context. You can write and gain insights about them.

At times the local mind couldn't grasp them but when you write, it connects with ethe flow and you get the insights. It's connected this way still. I stopped watching that series. They leave you feeling flat. It's not about quality content anymore. They are more after the eyeballs for advertising. You can't get very far that way.

You can write about these experiences. People are curious about them as well. How do you start. You talk to the people concerned. Should you be up to their faces this way or would you rather check in on the messages? I don't know. I'll know when i cross that bridge. If not, then it's not that relevant. You see how it's connected?

You don't have to be licensed that way. Deliver good results and you will have them knocking at your door. That's what this is all about then. Go local and you will see how it goes. You widen later when it's relevant. Doors will open up where you didn't know they were there. You simply trust the synchronicity.

After this i can watch an episode. Wife's hulu is still not working. I don't know what's wrong. People want to pay for that subscription but what are they doing to keep your business. There's netflix and it just works. Why is that? They have excuses as to why theirs do not work while netflix just delivers.

Anyway, she'll have to make a decision there. What happens next? Listen up and keep writing. The kids are going to school tomorrow. I love mondays. I enjoy weekdays. I have more time to myself. I can do much work this way. I get insights when i write. It feels good to connect with flow.

Is that all mental? I'm not user. Not everything is all mental. That was an annagram. Or something like that. I tend to write so fast that the letters get jumbled at times. I can change them later when i finish writing. I don't think i'll have dinner. I am still reeling from today's meal. I'll drink water when i feel like it.

What happens now? Connect to that pc and run your things. Or connect to the terminal and simply use the bigger screen. Or not. It's all up to you anyway. Is there anything else i can do there? I am alright here with this one. I don't have to go htere. You can compare the difference, but know that the details will fall into place soon as you resonate with the signal.

You already know this. I get that too. This is a new doc on the dropbox. I added this here so i'll know what i am writing about when i move there. I can also update my files on that side of the workstation. Or not. That there is another sign. What happens now? Do what interests you.

These die-hards. How do you find information on that? You can write about them. You can google them then collate what's relevant. They don't have to deep dive into everything. You deliver results when you find them. They pay good when you deliver good results. You already know that. You need to have plenty of context there.

I think you know where this is going. You don't have to be tight. You simply gather the information and see where it's going. They cover your expenses this way. You know where to go anyway. Let's see where this leads to then.