thing went go

I seem to have it good. As long as i'm aware of the expectations i hold, i always have the opportunity. Whatever it is that the richest material person seeks, i too have access to it. I always have that opportunity. It's all the same. The only thing that's different is perspective--where how you see things.

When i am aware of this, i am free. I can let go. I go to zero. And it's a feel good spot. I can let go. This is why it's here. This is why circumstances are the way it is. You don't have to go there. You simply get into your own light. It don't have to be otherwise. I don't even have to show people how things should be for them. I am clueless about that. I can only know what's for me.

Is this a good track i want to listen to? I don't know. It's here so i see where this is about. When i don't know then i don't know. I don't have to know what the talk is about. It's not relevant for me. I am listening to this to block out the editor for now. I am writing from flow? Sometimes.

I got this insight driving. That the time i'm after is an illusion. It's something that you agree to have with someone else. Once you are aware of that, you become timeless. You can focus your awareness in a different dimension. Your awareness seems to detach itself from a mental construct and get into it's own dimension. It's like the matrix and you become aware of th ematrix. Yo usee the matrix for what it is and you can choose how to do things.

These things, the gifts, you can use it or not. You have a choice all the time. You can go there, or you can be in your own light. You see where this is going? I did not set my timer so i'll finish up when the video goes to that level. That one is a bit shallow an ad. How would you do it differently? Man, why do they do these things to animals? It's material things. That ad gets people into these things. You can choose how to respond. Or not. It's always like these anyways.

How do you detach from that? Knowing that their awareness is unconditional. They do so because it's part of the oversoul process. You conect that way. I guess you see it that way. Is this a good movie you want to see? Not really. I can do something else. It's media. It's meant to get your attention. Once you realize that, you can move forward. These talk shows why do they have to make fun of the guests that way?

It is what it is. I decided to write because there was nothing in my plate. I have time to write and it's on my todo list. Let's get this done. I finished plumbing on two websites last night. I had momentum going for me that i had to decompress with the wife t oget sleep. That got things going. I though i couldn't get there. It's over and done with.

Now what? Things are shifting. Just be open to it and you will see how things are going. You don't have to go there though. Just be in this situation and see how it goes. What's next? I don't know. What is that thing? It's a device that will do something to your face. I guess that's how it is then.

What happens now? Finish writing. You can get this and that. I get a blood test for daughter to get to the bottom of this. I feel resistance. It's because the shoulds are in place. You can be aware of them and just let go, or go chasing your tail all around. I know where this is going then. You don't have to know that. Everything is here and now anyway.

I get that. Are those m40s? It don't seem like it. It's probably m30s or lower. But they are good headphones. Maybe i can get them later. These sonys are perfect for me as is. I use the other one for when i go out. This here is perfect so i'll stay here for now. What then? It's the stuff we do for ourselves. Then they pile up. You process them and let go when you are done.

I'll do yoga later after my nap. Wife comes home early. You gotta let that timer continue running so your timer is in place. Then you can finish. You just write. These things are interesting. Is it boring at times? I don't know. I am watching tv. Everything is connected. Is that local? I think so. But their brand has negative feedback. It is what it is. Kids are in school. I don't have to fight it. I can let go now. I can be in this moment. I can just write about what comes to mind. There is bias everywhere. You are on autopilot all the time.

Yes. It's a choice. How do you use that then. That thing went go around and it can find something else. Or not. That did not really address the issues. Can you do something here? I am doing that. I can already make something out of it. Then we can do this then. I can write about things. Do you have to make these photos yourself?

Not really. Those are ads. They want that to be there. Do they make sense? What is that about? Idon't know. You can make a web series yourself. What it's going to be about? I don't know. It is recorded. You want to listen to this? New york. That is a short cut there. I want to listen to this.

How can you help? You don't have to have the money. You have more than enough resources here.