you write it

Wife and son seems to enjoy that series--stranger things. It became a hit. I think i got on to it early and finished them in a binge. What's next? I'm not sure. Maybe it'll come up on my radar.

This here track is good to listen to when writing. Am i no longer a writer? Not for hire. I'll write more for my own gigs. I did switched to android. Now i went through a lot of that this morning, today. That's good for now. I am done for the day. I can go for web but there's so much to go through. The time i do all that and the time i go through on android will get more results this way.

Or so i think. I have stuff to make for android. I think it's going to be interesting to see how things go. Should i lessen the volume? I'm not sure. But this track here is good. The sony cans are great for listening when you sit in a quiet place. Hands down this is better than the audio technica that i have. I use that one for when i go outside.

Tracks like this is good. Why did spotify integrate with waze? What's the point there? I don't know. Maybe there is something to e had. That's desperate. I wonder if it's that way with them in sampaloc? I hope not. But if that gets them over to the other side, then it's a process they may have to go through. How can i help?

I don't know yet. All i know is that i need to be in my own light if i want to or were to help. Why is she in a wheelchair like that? Where did this track come from? Who played it? I guess it's time for mozart in th ejungle. Wife seems to be in a better mood tonight. I hope it's going to rain.

Eldest daughter is still out. She said she was coming home late. That's what teenagers do i guess. She has strong wings by now. I made sure of that. How can you be sure. I gave them enough resonance to see the reflection--or something like that. I switched my domain to an android blog. I think it's best this way. At least i have a repo for my notes. This track sounds great. How do you get more of this?

Simply go on radio. Or find other playlists that have cello a lot in it. Why is this kid not watching? I finished breaking bad last night. I think the way it ended was not the way a smart man would end it. If i were in that spot, i'd move around a lot, specially if i made that much money. There are other countries and cities that can surely use his service.

Or his benefactors can relocate him every now and then. They were not thinking ahead. Wife was looking for the remaining mega bar. What now? I was watching the show. How do you what do you write about here? Nothing. You don't have to have that. Just write. Wife covers her eyes when there is something scary. What's the point?

I guess i'll stick to listening to my music here. This is a good playlist i have here. It's not getting a lot of followers but it's a track that i can listen to myself. What are you going to do here? I don't know. Only that this is here and just write. Did i put in enough time for learning android? I think so. Then you are done. Was it, did you give it your best? Yes i did. Then i am definitely done for the day.

What do i do for the rest of the day? Simply have fun. Celebrate in a way. You started a new blog. You wrote two posts. You switched from cyanogen to android by flash install. These things i never saw myself being able to do. It's a lot. You should be proud. Then let's take a break tonight and celebrate. You don't want to overdo it. Sit with it for now and see where this is all going.

What's new here? I don't know. There's a lot of i don't knows around here. I don't know if i want to get a job with this. I can if the path led to that. For now, i get gigs, then i see what opens up. For now, it's about putting in ten thousand hours for android dev. We'll see what comes out on the other side.

That sounds like a plan for me. Let's do this then. Is this track supposed to be here? I can remove that but i'll have to stop writing here. I'm going to let that go then. Simply why do you not like it? Incoherence. The notes seem to go off on their own. They're not connected in a way. Growing up in the eighties was my thing.

There you go. I removed that one track. I think i'll also remove this? Not yet. It started off but there's strings to it. Let that sit there for a while. What time is she coming home. Do i have to know if she's going to be late late? I think she can text when she's about to come home. At least we know that she is. Or am i worrying too much about this.

I think it's that latter. Then i can focus on something else here. Like what. What can we do around here that's going to be connected? Finish writing. Then should i go check out mozart? I will. If there's too much of mexican spanish...i just removed another track. It didn't jive with what i was doing. It did not resonate very well.

Am i on delete-mode? Not really. Why am i here then. Why does it keep on changing? I don't know. I do trust the synchronicity here. Simply that i can write about this is good enough. Maybe it's too loud. If so, do something else. What would they do on the sequel? Sequels always fall flat on its face. Why not just create a new one and focus all your resources on that?

I don't know. Maybe they want the esay money. They think people will still see it hoping that things get better. I guess so. Then it's going to end right there. It's sad they make things that way now. Very well. How will you hcange things? Write better. Put your budget on the writers and not the stars. You make stars with a good story. People know that already. How come they are not doing it?

You have good tv series to binge watch on. That's a good example right there. How then do you switch things around. I don't know. Maybe this is what my path is about right here. But you just keeps on writing. I don't know what to write about. Just write. If the insurance were there, how do you get a new playlist?

I am getting sleepy now. Son stopped using the desktop after dinner as he watches with his mom. They sit there together. That's nice. That's how he bonds with his mom. The two others go to their rooms. They bond in their own wway. How else can we do this? I don't know. Act on in the light. I don't know how this will turn out but for now, that's all i know.

You don't have to know how it ends though. That ruins the process for you. You go on a path and you miss on everything. How is that dog connected? I forgot. Then it's about time to see this show again. Or not. You are writing this way. Get the insurance money. What if the kids were not insured?

How can i help them in sampaloc? I don't know yet. Maybe you were not meant to help. You help by allowing yourself not being able to help. What's she thinking there. I don't know. That is a sad part of life though. If those were your friends, then you can go do sometihng in here. These kids are fun right there. How will you move forward? Why was that catch at the end.

How will you extend that? How would you write it? The thing grows inside. How. I ithink it's about interdimension connections. Then will realizes he has powers to go cross dimensions. That thing growing has something to do with it.