five is ok

friend got in on the master's games series but his timeline is too tight. I'd help if i could, and i did--in a way. Nothing happened. I guess it's not the timing for him. At least i put something in there.

This weekend is hackathon for charity. It's a fun event where i get to meet new people and hangout. I look forward to these events. They happen every two or three months. They have charity status now so fundraising is not going to be much of a problem for them.

I found an old john caples book last night. It's been there in the library but i did not pay much attention to it before. What now? It's wednesday. There is burger and eggs. I can make french omelette. That'd be fun. I can also write all day. Wouldn't it be great to write copy like that? Do your reseearch. Once you have it, you can write that way too. It's the appeal? It's the idea. I wrote it down somewhere. I'lll get to it right away.

Which copy should i use then? I can put it in dropbox so it's available across devices. Let's do that. You can keep it there but then again, do something else that's relevant. You don't have to go there. The kids will eat it as well. Do i have to make the lamb boiled to soften it?

I will look into that. I have the stuff i need. I can look into something else. Right now, ffmpeg is converting some files. This tool is great. In windos you need a gui for that. It seems everything in there needs a gui. It's meant for the regular user. I don't have to go there. What's in store for the day? That makes you feel sick.

What will add to self esteem? Keep to the plan. Respond as the person you intend to be. Everything is here and now. It's a valid choice, but it's not going to help down the line. It's not the frequency you want. What you want is to feel good about yourself. There is nothing else. You can choose in this moment to be the person or someone else.

I see what to do then. I run some time around 10. Do i have yoga now? I can do yoga now. But the kids be here and i don't feel comfortable that way. Do something else altogether. See something else? Like what? I don't know. Masterchef looks interesting. Let's go there and see how things go then. Ok. Do you write much? I think you see the difference here. You still have that definition.

How do you change things around? I don't know yet. I think you can get something going but it's going to be different. It's always different. You see what is similar and what's different. There is no such thing as groundhog day unless you say so.

Then it's all me? Of course. You can put your power outside of you but what good will it do? I see. How do you move from here to there? You can get some dried chilis in the asian store. I think they have something in there but if it's not so good, go do something else.

You don't have to force things to happen. It's going to throw your timing off. Trust that it's there for a reason. You then put yourself in the light. Then things will get you going. What happens now. I see what needs to be here. You'll see that when it's here. Do you have to line up for them?

I think so. It's good practice though. I can look into that later. In the meantime, simply write and connect. What's the story here? You can do this, or something else. I think that was a flea. We've become sensitive to that. I'll explain that they have to catch it.

I don't have to drive out for just one thing. They don't have to either. Third daughter went out for a walk. That's healthy. She's different. I don't know how but i do. I just don't want to explore that. It was good there. It's good here as well. I have this. I don't have to go there. I have an app for that now.

That ecommerce roundtable went kaput. It's all about that narcissist. I wonder if he knows what he's doing? He is probably blaming someone erse. Does he know he's the issue there? How do you change it? The perception is set. How do you change things up a bit?

People will recommend if it's good. When it's going nowhere... There is a meetup tonight. Do i go? I have hackathon this weekend. I can go there or maybe just push it to the next one two weeks from hence. I'll do that then. Wife is going to be home. It's fun having dinner with everyone around.

Things change. It's the only constant. Then let it be so. It can be sad, but it can also be a great moment. You decide how it's going to be in your source code. You know how this universe works. You know how creation works. You use the magic all the time.

How can it be magic? You see how it felt like? Use that energy. It's yours anyway. Then let it be so. I wonder what's in store for us today. You know people people help people. You are part of that circle. How do you move forward here? I think training started yesterday. Let it go then.

What happened there? I don't know. It don't matter. It's not relevant anyway. It got you moving forward. Let's keep at this and see how it goes then. Ok. How do you know which fork in the road to take? It's all the same. You put meaning into it. Then you always know? Not in the way you think it is. It's all connected.

This path can go there and that path can go either way. How do you cook your food then? I can go out. I can have my lunch in a quiet environment. You know how to go there. I thought that i go home sneak out if i was in over my head. I wasn't. Then i learned much going forward. You always can do something in there.

How do you proceed now? Do yoga? They all have the room. Then take a break. You take a break every two or three months. Use it that way. Give your body time to recuperate. At least i can run. Let's do that later. I need to go to toilet. I am not sleepy right now. Do i have something to eat first? I can do that later when i get back.

I have six minutes. Twenty five is ok. I just don't write too fast. It's those moments when your hand catches up. That gap there let's you explore some ideas. Then use it that way. I see that ortigas office along edsa. That was fun. Those were the days? These are the days as well.

It's the energy. It's your energy. You decide how to use it. Is that office still there? They were making money there. How do you do that? Finish this and see how it goes. It's a short computation. Finish that today and you can file by tomorrow. You can let go now.

I think i see where this is going then. How do you move forward then? I don't know. It's way below taxable income. I was in the poor zone. You simply need to be in frequency here no matter what you see on the outside.

I get that. What happens next? You decide. I do that after my run? I think so. I keep pushing it out. Let's get going here. What else is there? I don't know. Next time you know better. The copywriter path seems downstream. Go there. I don't know how things turn out but it's downstream.