immersed in that

you are always responding, giving your energy, energizing something(?). It's up to dyou how to do it. That's twenty minutes. I think that's good enough here now.

It's how you start writing copy. You write down anything that comes to mind. Better yet, start with a structure. At every iteration, you improve on it. That's my process. Your process could be the opposite or way different than mine. Not that one is better or not, only see relevance. If it is relevant to your process, then you use that process.

How can you tell? It feels right. It swaks right in. It's downstream. It is effortless. You don't have to do much and yet it accelerates. That's how it felt going to that buildig. It worked. We have everything and it all culminates on monday. It's been a long journey.

What happens next? You get open to the universe. You let in the energy and you play with the energy. It's like clay. It's malleable. Keep it that way, or not. It's always shifting because the universe is infinite. You always see things from a different perspective. You never cross the same river twice.

That is how you are creator. Those who are in the dark may not be aware. Or it's their decision to go through that process, to be in that situation. You do not have to invalidate it. This is contrast for you. Get on your way. You don't have to wait up. I get that. What happens now. Be on your way. Hers is different. You don't have to be here. You can be working on your process. People might call that selfish.

So be it. They will never understand coming from the level they are in. It's not in their frequency. The details they see are different from yours. Again, it's all a matter of perspective. What can you do about it? See the contrast. Use the feedback you get out of it. You expand. You go to the light.

Act on your excitement. My job here is to transform. This means on all levels--definition, state of being, behavior. Way of thinking fits in between those three. I had a message handed to me in my dream. I got the message but now i can't recall what it's about. I think it's about the transformation.

Message taken. Now what to do with the day. Use it. Filter energy through this. You are different at this moment. You take action. It's what all this is about. You send them out and see how it goes. Start with what's close by then expand from that. You can write copy for that today.

It's light outside. Is it going to rain today? I didn't go out yesterday or the day before. Let's get cracking already. You can go out first thing you see it. I do yoga today. Kids go back to school tomorrow. Son is ok waking up himself on school days. He takes a nap when he gets back anyway. I'm fine with that.

He might start doing hockey real soon. It's a short season for that. It's part of my process anyway. Let's get right to it. Transform the energy. Use your filters to see what the filters are about. Extend by five minutes. It's about ten paragraphs. You are still in this part of the equation. Let's see it that way.

I thought i was in here. You see where this is all going. He had restraint. You see it in his eyes. You wouldn't dare mess with that guy. I think it's the upbringing. You know what that is about. You were raped? No. It offered itself but i said no. There's a difference there. Why would that be? That was sick. I don't know why they thought that was fun. It was sick.

I think they came from that environment. How do you know it is so? I don't know. It's in my head. Was that a matter of perspective? It was. Those were some sick moments. How do you move forward? My brother had it worse. He was discriminated. Not really. They went through a death in the family.

He too was grieving. He had to keep himself out of the way. It was tough being there having to deal with that as an infant. It's not an excuse. I get that now. I was almost there i think. Son was sick every year after his first birthday. It was tough for me but i was there for him.

Why am i here then. I shifted through time to see it. Now i am back. This is how time travel works. You go inside rather than outside. You pick out the details that are relevant for you. Reality is that energy anyway. That's how you see things. I get that. How do you create then. Use that template. It's all metaphysics.

You have to see things from a different perspective to get that. If not, then you think this is the only reality--there is only one god. But that is very limited. It doesn't apply anymore. That has been gone a long time. I see that in the rearview mirror and am getting farther away at every moment.

Then move expand in all directions. Yo uare immersed in that energy. You get lost into that. Are they going to church? They don't have to. If it's raining they can do something else. This kid is up early. She goes to bed early anyway. What's up inthere? I don't know. I guess this is how things are anyway.

What can i do about this? Finish writing. Or not. The blog is like that. You can upload them picks or not. It takes a while to go through that. I get to see images. Do you have to see them? I don't have to. I can create a program or script that will delete them.

It can be python or bash. It don't matter how you do it. You simply go there and you'll find it. You don't have to collect all that. When you are ready, the thing appears right in front of you. It's part of the details that you work with. You use this other one to listen to big files.

Where do you get that thing? I think son has one he's not using. I guess so. He's not careful with it. I see that. I am done here.