is that book

you have a ship. Who should be navigating? Someone who's below the gallows busily rowing, or someone who sits on the bow doing nothing but observe everything? It's the same with any household or business.

I have been letting the wife dictate how things should be conforming to her "plans". It doesn't work that way. The universe doesn't work that way. Her map, if she even has one, reacts to her illusions. I realized this a while ago driving home.

You see, she gives herself a lot of things to worry about when it's all a projection of hers. Creation then is projected through her filters which are grossly incomplete. I am not going to dwell on this. The game plan is to act on my excitement. Everything else is created and projected through this filter.

I don't have to ride on her negative energy. She is full of that. The only time things quiet down for her is when she has money. Even so, there's that nag in her to keep on carrying her cross. It's not how things work.

I am not here to evangelize. It don't work that way. I may have to go to the library today. I can walk or ride my bike. I haven't been on my bike for a long time. Today might be a good day to do so. I can go out ofr a walk as well. I may need my water bottle for that. I have a break coming up later. I can do that later.

Or not. Let's see what happens. I have time later but that is going to be too late. I'll ride the bike then. I have laundry and all that. I can cancel them books and pick up something else later on. That too is an option. I have the wife to drive the car and daughter to an interview. I saw an alternate reality for me. Things do not have to be this way. The enrgy is not what i preer. I am lining up, lined up with the energy i prefer.

What would that be? Having fun at every moment. I love the wife but she is a burden to be with. She has a cross to carry. She doesn't want to put it don. What can i do. I can't change her. I can only change myself. Then i am different now. You see where this is all going? It's connected this way. What else to write about? Not to be negative about it. It's here for you. It's feedback you can use.

I have laundry so much to do. There was negative energy that i chose not to dwell on. It's pointless to dwell on them. They are contrast i use as feedback. What i prefer is to be in my own light. I can't be everything for everyone. I know how to pick the aligned situation for me.

What happens now? There'l plenty on my plate. Let's do this and see how things go. I think pradeep was wrong about his perception. Rather...not wrong but i do not subscribe to his definitions. There are hundreds of applicants for every job. That is true. It was worse in the philippines. But you bring to yourself that which who you are. It's all a reflection and a projection.

Then i don't have to teach him that. I don't have to dwell on all that. My universe is different from his. What happens then. I don't know. Simply that all this is here and i can make changes to everything. I see that. I wrote myself out. Now i can move on. This is how i use up the energy. I go white hot writing about it. When i am done writing for twenty five minutes, the energy has shifted.

How do you proceed from here? She has stuff she can bake. It's all in her mind now. I can't help them with that. The baked cookies are no good for me. Should i make donuts for them. Only if it pleases you. I'll be walking home later. I can go a different path. There is pain on my heel.

I will take it easy today. Daughter is going out with friends after lunch. I'll take it easy for today. I don't have to go there. I will simply be open to all that is. No expectations. Simply ride the wave. No need for negative energy other than to use them as feedback. She is in that phase. I have already been here. I can write about that.

She wants to complain about it worry about things rather than to do something about it. She could have seen the situation then took action. Instead, she'd fret about it in her head. That's not me. I allow her to be there though. That's what she chose. I can't choose for her. She has to be responsible for herself. I am responsible. I am allowing her to choose.

I am allowing her to be in her process. This here is my process. I can't force on her the process that i go through. The perspective is different. She can see things my way, or not. I don't care. It'll be good if it's like that, but seeing that it's not, then this is the process i have.

Is there a different word for these? Am i doing something here for everyone? You don't have to. You can make friends there. You already have one? I think so. Is it because he doesn't have work? Maybe. But those are just details. You know all that anyway. You see from a different perspective. I can go to toilet after this.

I have books to read. Where is that book. I think it's somewhere around here. I don't have to read now. Or not. I am to look up a path i can take to grow this business. I can always go this way or that. It don't matter much. I am already here anyway. I can always fly home when needed. How much will it take? It'll be there when you cross the bridge.

Right now, things are different. You can go there or not. What happens next? You simply be in your own light. You know things differently. Is there something else here that you can do? I'm not sure but i can see how it goes. I get that now. What else is there. I think you see where this is all going.

If there was planning there, maybe things would have been different. I can go there now, or not. Finish writing and you can do something else. Keep writing until that alarn is set off. The other two are still sleeping. I saw a video last night about the ice in antarctica.

Daryl extensions was right spot on. It is going to happen as it has happened before. That's why the flood rose up that time. It's going to go there again. Maybe this time, the waters won't recede. How do you move on from there. You open your hand. You stop grasping. You let go. Then the universe will open up and will create itself through you.

You create evrything in the here and now. You see where this is all going? Only be in this moment. You have that book but you are not reading it. Let it go and see what else is there. I can stop here.