school next week

I write to...i don't know. It's just a part of my day now. It's habit. It helps me to put it out there--what's in my head; whatever it is that's in my frequency or what i am processing, writing helps to bring it up front and center...into the light.

And so i write. This kid has an infected thing on her ear piercing. This is good here. There seems to be a difference there in that those pieces. I am running a playlist on cello music classical on youtube. I do this as i write. It's my background noise.

I don't run much. It's painful. Is this arthritis? Why here and now? I am processing this. I am empathic to those that came before me allowing me to see things from their point of view. I don't have to dwell on them. I only pick up the frequency and i see the perspective.

It can go forward or back in time. It's all here and now anyway. You see the difference here? Should i save these to my playlist? Done. It's there anyway. I simply click on something. I don't have to. The path process for today is to point downstream. There is contrast. Use it as feedback to show you where you are and how you ared doing.

This you use to see what's in your source code. Wife likes to put herself in that light to feel alive. I don't have to go there. I can be my own light to show that there is a different way. Is this holding you back? No. My own is putting me there. Nothing holds you back. You from a higher perspective is exploring the reality experience or frequency.

You allow yourself to be here then. You get something out of it. I make the fish soup for dinner tonight. Who is this guy? Do you want to go there? Do you have to catch this fly? Later maybe. Not now. I have much on my plate. I have three to four hours and then the next half i do anything that pleases me.

How come there be flies around here. So you can process the energy. Then you can write. I don't have much laundry today. Is there something here i can do? Finish writing. It's the sugar that excites them? How come it doesn't affect them? What if you put sugar out there. How will they be? You can conduct such an experiment.

Why did we go there? It's in your head. How do you are at this moment? I see the grammar and it's irrelevant for me. Just write the idea. What does that mean? I am at the bottom where i write. I see. What are my options here and now? You write. You can move to that table later. The kids are going to watch tv. I like that chair but i can put that outside.

I have much here now anyway. What are my other options here? Simply let go. I get that now. I don't have to go there. I don't have any meetups for this week. It's almost friday and the weekend. Simply do this. If a job offer came along, will i take it? I don't know. We'll see how it goes. That be exciting but i don't know how it'll be.

I can do the mail campaign now. Or not. We shall see. Write up a hundred then send them out. I can make that mail copy now. Do that for a week then have them printed and sent out. Does that sound good for you. What's the appeal? Easy way of doing things. What else is there? A different perspective. One that's fresh and not overworked.

That could be the other appeal. Take this mail piece as an example. It's the latest and the best i've got anyway. Pay me what you think it's worth--or not. I learned much from the experience. But you are not going to be a priority the next time around. And that tells me i don't want to work with you. I would rather work with someone else.

If i ran my own agency, what am i looking for? Results. Talent? I think results are more important. Then write an appeal for that--getting results with your marketing campaign. I can do agencies. I can do finance companies. There are several of them here. You pick one category and grow from there.

How do you write out a mail piece then? You do research. What is it that they want? You go online and listen in on the conversation. People voice out their problems better when they are anonymous. This way, they can say anything that needs to come out. You pick up the pain points and write from there.

Good creative copy is about research. You learn much from that. This way, your words will connect. It's from that connection that you move towards getting them involved with your point of view. I get what you mean, here's a different perspective. It's not ego. When your ego shows up in your copy, you are doing it all wrong.

It's not about how good you think you are. It's what the reader thinks about the perspective that you offer. It's all about them. There be copywriters that have a lot of ego to process. They...i am talking about myself here i see. Now that you see it separately, you can expand on this or not.

This is why it's here. It's always moving forward. How do you add this to your playlist? You click on something and it gets added. Do it later. In the meantime, you are looking to hear them scratches. How to go there? I can pick up my own. I can teach my self how to play the guitar. Or the ukelele. There's lots in here that you can do.

The cousin things are over now? Not that. The enrgy has shifted. You do something else from here and you do what is out there. How do you do that? You pick out the ones that matter for you. Create your own mesh network. I think ether has something moving in that direction. Look into it. It's not that it's missing from you. It's a perspective that you widen into. You expand into that point of view.

It's already here and now anyway. You can't see it because of a difference in the frequency. When you match that frequency, then it becomes your perspective. This is why it's all her efor you. I like how this one gets started. Is this just the cello? What is this about? Do you want to play this? It would be nice to do that in public.

How do you get one? How do you get started with this? I don't know. There be nuances that you can look into. I am going in that direction. You can bring it with you. Play during the day. Some won't get it. It don't matter. They are of a different frequency.

But when you play it, they that resonate with you will reflect back to you the mastery that you are. At this moment you are the perfect manifestation of who you are. There is nothing else. You can choose to change things up. It's all up to you. What comes next? Blender.

I'll do one hour of blender. That sets me up for the day. Only do one percent better at every moment. That's what all this is about. You can have audiophile equipment, or is it better to get vynil? That sounds interesting. Am i going analog then? I think so.

Where do you get those? You create them and expand from that. Where do you find these artists? They are everywhere. You bring them to you. How do you create that. I know when i get there. For now, i guess it's not relevant for me. Only that i write about these things.

What happens now? It's school next week. I get back on the horse then. Why is it here? It's an echo. It's contrast. It gives you feedback. I am moving forward now. Do you go with them? Only if it serves as well. Then you don't have to go if it's not there for you.

I think the series expands on every level. I don't get it but it's moving up the scale, or down. But it's not the same everytime. There be hundreds of tracks on this playlist. You see them all get processed by you. See what's happening here and you get what's next.

Do you have to play it out there. I don't have to. It's your frequency. Load this up eachtime. You know how to work this. I see the white spaces. You have timer on. It's going to show up when you are done. Dow to get there? I don't know yet. Match that frequency and you are the reality that you seek.

You get it.