to that keybinding

i don't get these dm gurus popular right now on the internet. Are they really getting the results they claim, or are they simply hyping up to influence opinion?

Path of least resistance, i think it's all hype. They want you to think that other people think highly of them. But when you open the box, it's empty. If they had been there all along, then everyone else would point to them as the true messiah. But reality is saying otherwise.

Only within their own circle do they claim they are great. Outside of that, their premise doesn't hold water. But that's my perspective. Coming from observation and experience writing their swipes, i think i am better off looking elsewhere. Who writes for them? Are they getting better at it?

I'm not sure it's there. Then i can let go now. At this point, you need to get out of the confines and explore your light. This is how you get better. You are finished with the fundamentals. It's time to test your wings. I get that part. My site is back up again. I am making incremental improvements here and there. What is the intent? To connect. To get people involved. I can start a channel on this. Maybe there is someone out there doing this as well.

His last post was several months ago. Do you really run out of things to say? I don't think so. I have thirty years to go to reach that point. I think i'll retire at that point. In the meantime, i know where it is i am going. Play this part and see how the energy will change. You get where this is going. I am installing a screencast software. I thik i have an idea which one i'll use.

There's plenty in the open source community. Use one that lets you make changes under the hood. This way, you also learn about software development. I think that's an ok headphone. There's this other one. I'll have a look when i get there. In the meantime, there is plenty to do around here. Do i have that? I think you know about those stuff. When you go there, you can make something.

For now, finish writing. I go out to run after this. When i get back i am going to make me lunch. What do you do today? I'm not quite sure yet. Chemistry is interesting. You can go this way or that. Should i learn that? Only when the timing is right. At this time, i don't see a fork in the road. Stay the course. When the energy shifts, all doors will open that's relevant as a reflection.

I don't even have to rush through this. I can take a ten minute break whenever it pleases me. This time though, i simply write. If i want tostop, i write about that. There be ideas and feelings as to why i want to stop. What was that? It's the door downstairs.

Another hackathon is coming up. I wonder if we can use a different platform. Like something from node. The issue there is moving forward. The users are not adept at that tool. It's best to do something else. This time though, i'll go to the group that makes least sense to me. That is an expansion of what i can and cannot do. Let's go there then.

Is there something else you want to write about? That door. It's open. Who left it open? Maybe it's that delivery guy. Probably so. What can we do here differently? For now, finish writing. You have plenty in your list. Does that work? I'm not sure. Do you want to listen to music or would you rather listen to insigths.

You know the answer to that. I am simply waiting for a call. Is it coming? How does it feel like? I am at ease. I have a path ahead of me. It's predictalbe in a way but nothing really is. I am open to what and anything that can hapen. Am i going to enjoy that? I don't know. We'll see what happens.

At least i'd like to know how things will turn out. I don't think i can call them up. How long does it take to do a back check? What was that? It's a notify from youtube most likely. I'll check that other phone when i finish. I think you can install an ai on the phone then use that anywhere. Is that hackable? Of course it is. Almost everything can be hacked. There's always an opening.

How do you hove forward with this? Should i revert back to that keybinding? I can do that. Or not. I think this here works as well as it should be. Let's keep to this path. Am i going back to sleep now? I can do that. Do you want to eat? I'll have lunch later after the run.

I guess i'll run soon as i'm done here. Do you want to measure things up? Not really. This is good enough for me. Strava doesn't announce km's ran. Then use it only if it pleases you. If not, go use something else. I am writing too fast that i am not being in the moment? At times i am. It's true. But it can be different. I can say how different it can be.

Im getting sleepy doing these. Should i stop now? There's nine more minutes to go. I can stop now.