you can pick

you already have it all in you. I fix these two computers soon as they are out. I've been on both sides of the interview table. I see how it is and can work on both sides then. I think that job would not have been relevant for me. The position would have withered my soul. But all that is perspective.

I can choose my thoughts. I can choose how i will respond to the situation. It's how you change things. Right now, this is where i am. It's what i do. I am changing things from this situation. Where is that script? Where did i put it? Why did i not save it then?

I can easily create another. Let it be and it will fall into place. Wife got home late. I was already sleeping. I don't have to type very fast. The thought flow i can use or not. It's me that'll choose them anyway. Pick the ones that are relevant then expand from there.

This kid needs someone to help him drive to his games. I can be there. I'll have more than enough in here. Choose to be in your light. It don't matter what you see on the outside. This is all you. Should i move that thing over here? You don't really use it much. Your son uses it now and then. Should i have something else nearby?

I can do that. There's laundry to make the plane is travelling. I can look into what or where it will lead to--or not. It's all in me already. The trash collector was here. One more and i can clean up. I guess so. What else is there then?

Be in the light. Pws was good. If you need to do something then you can be in this light. You've seen what it can do. Now expand on this. While all that was happening, i was in tanay. That is in the past clearly. You can select something else. What else have you not done? If it's not here then it's not relevant for you.

But you see what's in here. Let's go in this direction and see what opens up. Be in this moment. You are either in your future or in the past. You don't have control there. Control means you do not have the energy out there. Be here now and you can change the past and the future. The energy is here and now.

I get that. What how do you use that? Play with that clay. The energy is there and think of it as clay that you form with your own hands. This time though, you use the trinity. Get two and you have the third. At a higher level, you only need one to be aware of.

I did not have coffee early today. It's the same anyway. It's the hit you seek. It's all in your head. Let's drop that for now. I can sleep when i want to anyway. That is much more fun. I have these videos in here. Let's get cracking then. I think you have good copy. You can expand with this and see where it's going.

Does it matter? I don't think it does. Anyway, you can always redefine things from here. Why is this here? Use it as contrast. we grocery tomorrow. Then i can stay in this energy field. Frequency is a shorter word but you get a visual when you say energy field.

You get where it's going. It's her loss. But if i went there all the way things would have been different anyways. It was limiting. You don't want limiting. You want to expand. How do you expand. You take action on what excites you. Do what gets you awake. Get out more often. The details will take care of itself.

I see. Let's do more of that then even if i have to walk. You've seen where it's going. I can bring a water bottle with me and go. But i run today. Then alternate the bike rides and walks on the beach with that. You know what to do here. I think that path by the beach is already finished by now. Let's do that every other day.

I can also do workouts. They are getting ready for their day. I am excited about this myself. What else can we do here? She needs braces. She gets there when she gets there. You only need a year or two to finish one. I'm done with it already.

I'm writing but when wife comes over for a kiss, i want her to see the job ads. This way she'll think that i'm up to something anyway. She has read these before. I think she was curious. She did not like what she read. She went silent. That's how she is. But things have changed somewhat. She has great legs. I am a leg man? I think so. Anything from the head to toe i like in women.

It's how it works togethether. I can apply for this digital content producer. It's quite easy doing that. It's the quality of the connection. I don't have much right now but i can change all that today. I can finish all three or five and add more if needed.

Let's do that today then. It don't matter what you do. It's how you do it? Not even. It's the quuality of the signal. Once you have that then you can see where it's going. They don't have good products. They don't last two years with regular use. You don't want to be associated with that.

You can move on now. You can pick up what's relevant then do something else. Like what? I can do the laundry. I can be in this frequency that everything is connected for you. Can you see the difference here. I'll do three paragraphs again. Maybe four if there's less. I'll d four.

This way, the collection piles up again. There was this good brand collezione. I wonder what happened to it. I think they closed shop after china took over the market. I see. You can continue on with it...or not. You decide. That's how you use it. I'll finish these. I think i have five minutes in here.

Three minutes. That's about six paragrpahs. Do you have a list of what needs to happen? I have enough food to get me through to tomorrow. I run then deliver the car to wife later. Then i walk. Mondays be like this. I'm alright with this.

What happens next? Being single is easy. At some point you get bored with it...things get predictable and you want to test a different path. But then your marketability changes. But it's always different then. Aha. You can choose these two are talking about school.

You can finish now.