shifts from solid

this is a bigger font by one bit. I have a different process for writing story. It's still the same eight point structure as the hero's journey or story circle. Only the perspective is different.

It's based on what i understand how process is. Imagine you go on a diet. That's point one. You. Point 2 is you see that you are overweight, and circumstances reflect this definition.

Step 3 is when you make the decision. You make a choice. Step 4 is you explore and experiment. You are looking for a way the best way for you to lose weight. Step 5, you find something that changes your perspective. It's new and different way of seeing things. Again, you decide to take this path.

Step six you get contrast or echo. It's different inside but going through outside echo. It seems the same but the response is different. It's like a test. Step seven is choice. Protagonist responds by habit based on the new dsr. Step 8 protagonist overcomes (synonym) echo and everything lines up.

And then we are back to You. This time dsr is different. This is amazing for me. Now i see where the story is going. I get that. What happens now. I write my story. I don't have to go there. It's all here and now anyway. I can do my sessions in here.

I have views. For now, it's all about the writing. If you can't go there, then change things up a bit. Morning pages are not meant to be published. If you did, you will be stepping over eggs and not really connect to source. You are better off keeping this private and do writing prompts differently.

How do you change this one? From the inside. You have a good story. I don't have to continue that one. It's stuck. Write your own story then. You can do this one. It's coming out of the closet as a writer. You encounter contrast but it's all in you. There is negative response but you put it there. Rather, it's there for you. You use up the energy then.

They can't affect you unless you let them. Hero then goes through this contrast. Where is that? I see. I can make changes to this as i go. The contrast is there. I think i can... It's a work in progress. You'll change this over time. Use what makes sense for you. Do what works for you.

I don't have to do things their way. I have the process inside of me. I don't even have to do it their way. I can change things up a bit my way. How do you propose we change this? It's basically the four quadrants. There is unconscious and aware. There is stasis and change. It's metaphysics.

I am going to explore this some more. It's all here anyway. What is that thing there. I am not sure but i can look it up when i finish this. For now, play with the idea. It doesn't have to follow their thing. It's up to you. Why not start from react side. Hero is. Then energy starts to shift. Hero is reacting to change.

Hero then sees things differently. He encounters echo, but this time he chooses how to respond. And then he makes it permanent or a habit. It becomes him. He has used up the energy. So it's energy. The energy starts to change. Changes then it starts to go solid. Solid to gas.

There's something to this. It's metaphysics. You go from solid to liquid to gas then it goes back again. It's always changing. But what is the word there? No word. It's just energy. It's the feeling. You go from reaction to response. Where am i in this process?

You are constantly changing. You go from right to left. You are always changing anyway. Why not that way. Why not go this way for you. I can make changes all the time. It doesn't have to be a circle? It is always going back to it anyway. So it's three stages? Only two but there be different aspects to it.

There is contrast and reflection. So you have four quadrants. The upper quadrant is reflection based on dsr. The lower half is contrast where dsr is shifting. The shift goes in the middle. It goes from stasis to change. Then it goes back to stasis.

At every step you have reflection and contrast. You then go through echo. Where does it change? That's the key point. It happens at every point in the story. You can change things up a bit. That's the point of all this. It don't have to be predictable that way. You see that?

Now you are playing with the energy. See if you can change things up a bit. Find a plot then play it out from this perspective. You have the need. Something feels different. The energy is shifting.

You go from known to unknown. Then you make it permament. You go from bottom to echo through choice by alignment. It's your dsr. It's what's happening there. You have a new template and you test it out. It's always a cycle. It's a spiral. You can go there and back but it's always a spiral. It's never the same thing twice.

You never cross the same river twice. It's what this is about. How do you test it? Write a story. Get a story that you think wasn't so good then change things up a bit. You can use their dialogue and then change where it's needed. That looks interesting.

So who is the hero there? Do you need all that? Not really. You can choose how things are going to turn out. This is where you are anyway. Do you have to go there? I think you can explore the contrast. It's giving you feedback. It's always that. The energy shifts so the dsr changes.

You can choose from all three. I like that story so i am going to look into that. How do you make the plot twist? I don't know yet. I go change that when i change that. How do you explore those changes then? I am not sure. But i see which direction i gm going. This is what's different now. Do you have to make that into something?

Not really. It's all here and now. Just write and you will see where it's going. You start with that. Writer wants change. You don't have to go through all that. You simply go out and observe people. Then you write about these characters.

First you pick out a character. You expand on this. Then character shifts from solid to liquid. At gas, the dsr has changed. Then the old liquid is back to give feedback. Then it becomes solid again. That's the point of the process.

How do you go from stuck to finished book? You redefine it as a process not a block. You experiment, you explore. Then you find the idea. You go through contrast but respond in alignment. You bring it home. Then it starts over again.

How do you not deal with the fighting? It all happens fom within. You don't have to fight anything. You simply change. You go through contrast. You respond in alignment, you see the reflection. Then it goes back up again but this time it's a different energy.

It goes up and down but it's a spiral. It's not one way. It's just the same energy but different perspective. I see that. Let's play with it some more and see what comes out the other side. It's why you didn't do much of anything. I write and do this everytime. I don't have to go there now. This is where i am.

That was good.

the same time

Here we go. First day of recording for my youtube channel. First stop is morning pages. It's about writing without editing. You write aything and everything that comes to mind. You do not edit your thought, nor your writing.

But sometimes you can't help but edit, so you also write about it. It doesn't matter if the grammer is not right. Sometimes i miss correct punctuation but there is plesty of time to edit later. You can use a timer, or do with number of pages. Since i am using vim, i just go with the number of paragraphs that i write.

In this case, it's the line numbers. I stop when that line number is at sixty. I try ot to stop. If you see, the letter n key of my keyboard seems to not work every now and then. I use dvorak layout on my keybroad. I drove my daughter off to work this morning before i started writing.

She works at the local grocery. She's 18 btw. And i am going out later. I have a non-profit event to attend to. I'll be back around four. While i'm out, i am thinking i'd take pictures of interesting events. I'll use this for writing prompt later. I don't know if i can finish a short story today, but if it gets too complicated, i'll make a really simple short story.

It doesn't have to make sense even. I'll just write and make it as polished and clear and precise as i can. That's the point of all this. I have an expectation that it's going to be a book someday. It's alright to have these expectations, but soon as i notice them, i drop them. It's going to ruin or mess up my writing.

Why is that? Because i'll be wanting things to be like this when creation has more in store that local mind can't even comprehend. I edit when i see it. So at times i close my eyes. This makes writing faster and the connection to the imagination is more clear.

How long the paragraphs? About four to five lines. It depends on the idea. It can eb longer or short one sentence, even one word. But i seldom do that. It doesn't really matter as long as i am writing. There be times when i don't feel like it. I still write, but when it gets really tough, i stop. I take a break. I can come back and finish it later in the day.

But the point is to just write. If you feel terrible about it, then write about why you think it's terrible. Other times you do't have aything to write about, so i write about how i feel. How does my butt feel sitting on this chair? What's going on in front of me?

How did my walk feel like? How is the weather outside my window? What's the cat doing? He slept near our bed last night. I wonder what cats see? What are their worlds like? I heard they can see into a different dimension. What do they see? I don't kow. But he's tellig you these. You can see them in your imagination.

This is what i write about. I will take a shower after i finish this. I don't know if i'll have time for coffee. I'd like to but i will finish these first, then shower. If i finish with thirty minutes to go, i will have coffee. I can have one at starbucks later but i'm not sure yet.

Where are you taking this? I don't know yet. I'll take this as far as it will go. It'll get dry and borig. I'm ok with that. Because when you allow things to fall into place, then anything and everything can happen. The universe will balance itself out evetually. It's all a reflection of who you are.

I got the idea for this channel last night. I was browsing youtube and i saw several videos of a lady studying. She made a short intro as to what it was about and it was eight hours long. She was doing pomodoro sessions and it was eight hours of studying.

Since i was thinking of starting a channel of my own about writing as an experience, a light bulb went on in my head. Right then and there i made changes to the channel. This is the first video. As you can see, i am about halfway through to sixty paragraphs. I started with two pages, then it went up to three, four, then down to two pages where it stayed for several years.

I can come back to that idea and expad on i later. Writing is a window to your soul and life if you let it. People are interested in that. They want to see what it's like. And you can find a channel about anything. It might not even be on youtube. Like in china, this one video said it's like one giant intranet.

It's amazing what they have in there. Some people will dislike everything you make. That's fine. No need to let that affect you. It's reflection anyway. It's feedback that you can use. Why not put a positive spin on it. What you put out is what you get back.

Their negative response is a reflection of who they are anyway. That tells you what their frequency is. You can choose to be like them, or determine for yourself how you will respond to it. Everything is open season here. I don't think that's the right phrase but so what. If i were writing...i got lost there.

A thought came in my head and i don't know how to write it out. It's an image. I do sixty and i am about halfway through. It's impartant that i am comfortable writing. If i don't take care of myself, hten i am not going to last long writing these words.

I don't have to come up with creative ideas. It's a shallow stream and it's not even coming from you. You are the channel. The ideas come through you. You, the writer, are simply taking dictation from your imagination. When you let it be this way, you let go. The ideas come easier.

The best creators know this. They simply open up. This is how you overcome writer's block. If you have it, write about it. What's the block like? Is it big like a block of wood, or cement or concrete? If you can't go straight, where does it let you go? Can i turn right? If so, where does it take me?

This is what the writing prompts are about. You get the image in your head, then you explore what ideas you get. You...i have an outline to follow but that comes secondary. First i put down every thought and idea that comes to mind. On the next pomodoro, i edit them and put the words into the outline. It's like sorting them into boxes.

On the next pomodoro session, i do stream of consciousness writing again. This helps me to trust the voice in my head. What's it telling me? No need to edit. Play with the idea. What else is here? Does hat sound crazy? Write it down. What is possible here? Write it down. What am i going t owear when i go out?

It might rain. I will bring a jacket. I'll be out and i might have to bring an umbrella so i can go out for a walk. It's cloudy right now says my computer but the temp is not right for this time of the day. That tells me we'll have light showers later on.

What time did i start writing. Am i really doing twenty more paragraphs? That's a new level there. Maybe i should stop. My fingers are getting sore. Why is the timer like that? I think i did not set it up. You don't need it anyway. I can write more but the ideas are off? I can shut my eyes close and then write what comes to mind.

The local mind wants to see if i have enough for a paragraph. It ges like this where i talk to mysel. I am to post this later. I can edit and add a few words,or not. Just write for now. You will figure it out later. Is it going to be one long video? If so, why not. Just write what you think.

How do you use hangouts for this? I don't know yet. You don't even want a background music for this. You don't want to interfere with the flow of thoughts. Or you may. Maybe htat is part of the process for you. It's going to be a long day.

Let's get right to it. I have ten more to go and i'll be done here. I'll take a shower. I need to lose weight. What to wear? Make it simple. You can take a walk later. It's going to rain? Bring an umbrella. I don't have to bring my laptop there. The cpu usage is a bit high. Not too much on the ram.

I'll polish this up later, the video. The writing though, it's disposable. I put this in a blog. I do't polish it though. I post them as is. One time the wife saw them. She didn't like it. At that particular time, i was writing about our dinner. I explained to her what this was about.

From then on, she stopped reading that blog. I don't know what she thinks of my writing. A university professor who teaches english once thought that my writing had potential. I can run with that. I never thought i'd be a writer. I thought it was boring.

But a good writer can change the world, at least from where he sits. It doesn't have to be a game changer. I can put my ideas out there. If it moves others, then so be it. If it's not doing anything, then it's part of a process for me. Just write anyway. Write about anything.

Write about everything that comes to mind. You can always edit later. This is why i do poorly in interviews. I tend to do a mind dump and edit at the same time. That's ot good if you are a writer. Well, it is how you use it. I can let it go at that. It doesn't matter really.

I'm done.

how to change

i've been looking up information on the roxant stabilizer pro. For that price, i think it's a good buy. I don't have a dslr camera at the moment, but soon as everything falls into place, i'll get these.

How do you know it's fallen into place? You just know. Everything is effortless. The universe points downstream and i just sit back to enjoy the ride. Does that mean i'm a slacker? I don't think so. It means i get how creation works.

Others might say i am a slacker. These people tend to work hard and have plenty of anxiety in them. But those at the top of their game, they know how much it takes to paddle underwater just so you look easy on the surface--like a duck.

How do you move forward with this? Create content. Wife ordered the camera stand. I am finishing up on blender. Everything falls into place then. I am working on short stories. I am doing upskill on the components and structure of the story. You then expand when everything is in place.

Anyone can buy a camera. All you need is money and it's easy to get that once you have a good system in place. I have a daughter to take to see the doctor. Her eyes were swollen last night after a foreign body got into it. It's better now, but just to be sure, we are going.

Wife comes home early tonight. I don't think i can go see the doctor today. We'll see what happens. It looks better now. How come my parents did not take me to see the doctor in that incident when i was a kid? Maybe it wasn't a big deal. But for me it was. I guess they used their own judgement there. Sardines is good. I romember having that on those days. Sardines with rice. Perfect.

Corned beef straight from the can to the frying pan is also good. I wonder what the conflict is about. I don't think it's related to that incident. They are using keywords here to trigger an emotional response. What's that about. This is synchronicity telling me how things are different nwo. I'll make a call soon as they are open. That's around nine thinrty.

For now, just write. I got dual monitors up and running on my workstartion. I go there now during the day when i am not using these. I have everything in the cloud? I think so. Or not. Just do this and see how it goes. I think the connections are ok now. John wick is in the library. What can we do about it?

It's not as good as before. It's now a franchise and sequels galore. I don't think they'll put any effort into storyteling. It's going to be all special effects and martial arts. This is why people don't go to movies anymore. It's a waste of money and they won't fall for good trailers anymore, specially if it's a sequel.

I think other daughter is still getting ready for uni. I'll go check in a moment. In the meantime, i do yoga. I have yogurt in the freezer. There's two. Wife might use the other one for baking. She might bake tonight. Things were different last night. I need to fix that. Not on the outside, but from within.

Change the response is the first course of action. Next i go check out the source code. I expand my comfort zone when i see the opportunity. This is part of the inside out approach. Everything comes first from the inside. You then expand outwards when you see it coming. Everyone is a content creator. People want to see your unique perspective this way.

That was a good invention there. It's good if there be no trolling as evolution happens faster. People will build up on what's already there. By trolling, you hinder evolution. This is all positive for me anyway. It's not fighting things. It's because you are positive that the universe is positive.

You create everything anyway. I don't write on that anymore? I still do. I can write every pomodoro and break at the one hour marke. I see that. This seat feels unbalanced. I am looking into film making? Only because of creating media content. How do you expand with this? I don't know yet. Next thing you know, it's going to be on bikes. I think that's possible too. But it's too big.

Someone's going to make something that's smaller and esay to build. Why not build that into the camera? There has to be something in there that can do the trick for you. People will gravitate towards that. Everything is changed. It's the only constant in all the universe. Even other beings see it as true.

This is why you write. I do yoga session 2 after i finish this. I have the heater on. It's going into winter. Things are different this time. I can clean up the folders in here. I can move. I can travel back once a week on fridays soon as work is done.

It'll be different. Or we can move over there. It's land locked. Beaches are far but it's different. We'll see how it goes. I will move. It's a different environment for me. Or not. We'll see what happens. For now, i am open to synchronicity.

You have this skill in writing. It's not common. You can't just pick it up. You need to hone this skill over time with regular practice. But once you get it, it's yours for life. It's like going to the toilet. You will want to write everyday. Even if it were jus a quick one page not journal thingy, you will write.

Or not. And it's ok that way. Do i have to change anything in here? I think the setup is good. I do yoga later. The meetup tonight looks interesting but i did not ask. So i am not going today. Just let it go at that and see what happens here. You don't need that. You have this much already. Let's see how it goes.

I have nothing to write about. Hwat happened to that prompt? Go get your own. Find something that resonates with you then write about it. That image has to get something riled up in you. It has to have story appeal to it. You know how to take that picture. Now get to it.

Wouldn't it be nice to get out and ride to that locale? I can do that today. Let's get a water bottel and use that when you go out. Or not. It's all the same for you. I am just extending this so i have something to write. I see albany that part there. You can write about it. The meetup in that part has dried up. It's because of that narcissist. He only talks about himself.

And the other guy just lets him. I think there's something wrong with that equation. That even with their apparent skills, they couldn't get the group up and running. You see the difference here. You may have to get it going when you go to your own. When do we do that? I don't know yet.

Right now, i am reacting mode. How to change that? Wake up. Be aware of how you respond. It's different now. Then it's not there anymore. When you say you respond differently then the energy changes. It's about that energy. It's your consciousness. It's connected to everything.

If i drop yoga, then i feel that everything deteriorates fast. I enjoy doing it. It's like writing. It feels good after you have done it. But in apprehension, i don't really look forward to it. It's part of my day. It has to be there otherwise it's not a good day. You know what i mean. I can start up on that side there and see how it goes.

Ok. Do you have to wait for others to go? I haven't seen her go to the toilet. It hasn't been enough time there. You get what all this is. You can finish writing now. You don't need that big camera. You can get one yourself. I see how heavy that is. You need to lift weights to move it around.

It takes a lot to get that setup. How long? You need help and you need to prop it up. I guess two or three will work well with that. Then you have the film getting winded down. I think you see what they do in there. Necessity is the mother of invention. Then you create these things from scratch.

Pay attention.

have to compare

i feel like i have a better setup this time. Maybe i can move everything down here this way and work this weekdays. I have the heater beside me, maybe put that thing there.

Now things are in place. The temp is 5degrees. That's cold this morning. I did not get much sleep last night. I think them batteries can be echarged overnight. I put the laptop on a higher setup. He's not using the keyboard there anyway and trackpad. This way, the screen is much higher for him.

Maybe i can do a similar setup for myself. The router has also been moved to a higher place. I think it has better transmit signals there but it's right in front of you. We'll see how things go. I have eggs boiling. I'l add them to the soup to get more oomph into that. Is that negative thinking?

I am simpy exptending what's already there. I can recharge this battery then get the other one. I don't think we have another one. I can move this over to my laptop...or not. It's all the same. What to write about? I am testing another screen recorder. Some say it's good but i like simple screen recorder for now. We'll see how it goes then.

The other one featured in that demo crashes. Maybe i can do a series on linux, like troubleshooting and all that. I've been using this for a while now anyway. Maybe focus on manjaro itself. I use this all the time anyway. Let's get cracking with it then. I am also moving some files. I liked that wallpaper and i think it should be here as well.

This is my home desktop pc. I've been using this for a while now. It's with my daughter now. It's still good, like a volkswagen i used to have. Too bad she's not using linux. She might in the near future. For now, she has a gamer label. That might change when she gets tired of it. Maybe i can turn off the thing and it goes into that every time.

I can do that. Let's see how it goes from there. I do that here then it'll be the same for me. You see how that's connected. I can switch to normal whenever it's possible. I do yoga after daughter leaves for school. I am not comfortable them seeing me do yoga. I stopped running. Why am i not comfortable?

It's not easy. I stopped running because of arthritis? No. It's because of my diet--what i eat. That gives me pain when i walk. Maybe i go straight i would be able to run again. Would is still there. I can change that now that i am aware of it. Let's do that then. What are we doing today?

Son has hockey game tonight. I'll drive the car over to wife later so i'll be taking the bus home. I can take a nap midday. That's the highlight of my day. I can run that thing in here. Or is there something better. I am slouching? It felt like it. It's not that cold anymore. I have the heater on. I have chicken soup throughout the day. It's not perfect but it's the best we have for now.

I am moving some files around. This so i can watch some of my videos from here. Or not. It's all the same. Do i have to scan this pc? Maybe later. I'm sure there'll be bugs in that segment. I can clean them up but i gotta see what's connected to it. I guess we can leave it at that for now. This setup is ok.

It's path of least resistance if you ask me. This wallpaper is going to change in about two minutes. The file transfer is not taking up too much cpu juice. That's ok. I think you can monitor gpu power as well. I can install a game in here using wine. I will look into that later.

For now, do a lot of writing and all that. It's connected this way. I can finish that thing over hockey game. I can park the car over at that side. This so i have more room anyway. I can take it easy throughout the day. Only do your best here and now. It don't matter what's not here that is your opinion. Your perception is limited.

Trust the timing. You be the best writer now and everything reflects off that. How do you know. I can setup headphones for this but i don't listen much to music here. I do so from my phone. I do yoga after i finish writing this. It's a bit slower now. There be fleas in the house. I write much and do much of that here.

We do hockey tonight. I think some of these kids are coming along. Daughter started work yesterday. It's a casual position. Her schedule is not that regular just yet. I can go get an easy job like that, or i can work with my writing. I would rather do this. It has potential down the road anyway.

Does this have access to the gpu? It should. It's part of the hardware and should have been detected on boot. I can google that but it's irrelevant for now. Stick with the path. You can install games later if needed. I have some interesting stuff. That's a beautiful wallpaper. I love the colors. It's majestic. I love riding ferrys.

When was the last time? This reminds me of the ormoc to cebu ferry that i used to take. Both have majestic mountain ranges in the horizon. And it goes through sunset that way. I'll look into that when i head back. Maybe go straight to cebu then see how things are. Is she there? I think she moved to manila.

I think it's more virginia. Yep. That had a profound effect on me. I was so crazy about her that time. She was like a rare flower that i found in the wilderness. Her lips, her eyes, boobs. The curve of her butt. She had great legs. She would go barefoot during class and i found that very sexy. I wonder how she is right now. If she's available i'd look her up.

But that's not here and now. See what that image can do. It brought you back. And you were in that frequency even if only in your imagination. But that's where everything is. That's the connection. You go into imagination and you connect with flow. Use it more often then. I get that. Kids know how to use linux. My work here is done.

They opened up a choice for them. There should eb a meme for taht. I can look it up. I am not part of that equation. I will be when the timing is right. It's going to be powerful and easy on the touch. It's like that all the time. To get that, be the best here and now. It's how you connect with all that. I am moving files around. I can look that one up and see how it goes.

For now, only write. I can fix that phone later. It's just connecting that one cable to the back of the modem. I don't need a pad under this keyboard as it has its own built in. I will recharge this later but for now, it's good to go. What else is there for us? Yoga. I walk out later. Or not. Let's walk later then. There's more than enough time for that.

I can look up other wallpapers like this. Maybe put that in the dropbox folder. This way it's available everywhere i go. Let's do that for later then. In the meantime, finish writing. It's not that hard to write on this keyboard. I can do much more writing from here. I don't think they have to take care of my computer. It takes care of itself.

Are you going back there? I don't know. Maybe so. But not right now. This is where i am. There's so much to learn in here and this has so much potential imo. Let's stick with writing. Not everyone can write. Not everyone can do dev work as well. We'll see how it goes. Dev work pays more but when you can write you can do it everywhere.

It's this and that. You don't have to compare as the path is different for everyone. You choose downstream for you. Grammar nazi triggered there. I refrained from making edit and instead chose to write about it. This is what the practice is about. You write about these things and see how it oegs. If you are that good, why not use the energy.

I am. I have a site up. I am adding content every now and then. It's the videos that i am using now. I can even do linux troubleshooting as well. I get issues every now and then anyway. Let's screencast that and see how things go. There be people who are going to use this anyway. Let's get cracking with that.

I will post soon as i finish. It's getting warm already. Those colors are warm to the eyes. I can run that thing to autostart. But i use this during the day so i don't have to. It's one more thing running in the background. Only stick with this and see how it goes. One more line and i can move to the next.

I am done.