a negative funk

i am my own company. I decide how thisday is going to be no matter what. Is this the positive response? I think so. I can't come up with something else. I woke up in a negative funk. Then i decided that it's up to me how i choose to live this day.

If this were my last day and i were to die tomorrow, then why not make it your best most awake most aware day? Even if you were to sit in this corner of the house for the rest of the day, you will find plenty to be at peace. You don't have to be jumping up and down in excitement. Simply go to zero balance.

That is the mustard seed. You go there, you put yourself into that and you are creator. I don't get why they had to control but if it were outside consciousenn, then they recognize who you are. They back off. You are awake. They acknowledge that. If not, they can use your creation to channel theirs.

What do they get out of that? I don't know from this level of thinking. But there is a path leading to that. I can go explore that path. I have asked my guides about it. It's the local self that is not able to grasp what the response was. For now, know that you have the insight. It's going to unfold. Pay attention.

I am going to do yoga but this room is too cold now. I've set up the heater. That machine hasn't kicked off the nine o'clock thing. It'll shut down internet there soon as it's running. In the meantime, you know what to do.

Noe aughter leaves before six or around that time. I don't get why she does that. Maybe i can follow her around or something. I don't know. But it's a perspective that's not my preferecence. I can choose anyway. Let it be so. It's there for a reason anyway.

I can shut down timer earlier. In that setting, i don't have to do anything. Simply do this and see how things go. I have several movies to go through today. My job is android dev and youtube. This is where i am now. It's about the advertising. I create media. You don't have to bring eyeballs. You just resonate and the universe will bring them to you.

It's your unique perspective that makes all these happen. You then create nothing from everything and it goes the other way around. It's all inside of you. It's your dsb. I changed that from experience to response. It's more proactive that way. I should write that down.

You keep to those three and you have creation. It's the process inside of me. That's how you connect to source. What to have for today? I don't crave ice cream. The response is now different. No electricity. Dang. What happened there? I still have it here.

That dehumidifier is acting weird. I moved it over here because i thought there was no power. But the laptop was still charging. Other gadgets were on. I think it's the shift happening in there. You had a moment that the local self was not aware of. You connected. The response is differen and aligned. That there too was an insight.

You create everything. Now you line things up. I go out to run later. In the meantime, this is the fun times. I spend time alone here much. I get too sleepy but maybe we can make something happen. I drive daughter to an interview later. We leave before four. There could be traffic and it's better to be early than late.

I have my book and audibles anyway. That keeps me in line when i have uncommon unfamiliar circumstance. That means i should can be exploring. Let's do that later. What are my other options? I can play with my sauce later. I'll experiment with that. No need for ketchup now. There is soy sauce though. Instead of salt use that. Then experiment some more.

I have fish tonight. What can we make out of it? I don't know yet. I don't like the way wife makes it so i do something different. I have stuff here i can work with. What do the kids like? I don't know. Fish and curry or something like that. Let's see how it goes. You have enough ingredients to make it work.

It can't be caw as the fish is frozen. I am thawing it out now so by dinner time it's good and ready. Unless of course wife needs to go. I know that guy jerry and he is now head of sales? A lot must have happened since. I don't have to go there now. This is where we are at the moment.

It's not for me. I went through all this but now things are different for me. What do i do here that's different. I don't know about that but just keep writing. No meetups this week. I scaled back on that anyway. There is the android meetup. I can go check it out.

I can't find it now. Maybe they took it down as it wasn't that productive. I guess so. Most meetups are dry. How do you make it better? Make it about something that excites you. A hobby of sorts. That will make it more interesting. Look for that then. Are you still going for that? It's happening next week.

The cat is sleeping in the bed. What are my options here? I don't know yet. I am having a full plate... I have a full plate today. I'll see how to fit things around. In the meantime, those are contrast. My response to them is different. My response now is different. I embrace this. I don't have to be anywhere else.

What is here? Me finding balance. It's not the right phrase. At peace? Something like that. Mother's friend passed away. Things have evolved much since. What happens now? I don't know yet. For now, this is what we have. I reached out. The response was not what i had in mind. I think my response was negative. I guess so. If it were so then i allow it. This was feedback for me.

Then i can use it well. I am moving forward from here. I don't have to watch those but this is where i am now. I can install it in that pc but it's a step away. You can do it here while you are out. That's about an hour or so and you have more than enough in there. I think the daughter took it in. You can do something else here.

I don't think they take a moment to do something about it. It's easier to complain than to actually take a mustard seed and change the universe. One small speck of dust can change the universe. That's how different things are. It's different now. You define how the universe is going to be. That's how you are creator.

Why would they take that away? It wasn't. People gave it up. Why would they do that. Because someone else gave them immediate gratification. That's how they brain wash people. It's sad that it's that way. Over time they change the energy and you become their slave? That's not exactly it. You give up your power. You give up your creation.

Then you have a choice. Right this instant you are free if you choose it. Or not. This is how different things are. Her energy was heavy. She has baggage. I don't have to deal with that. I have a lot of my own. I can let ogo of here. I have enough and i choose to let go when there's nothing.

If i can't do anything about them now, why carry them around. It'll be there when you die. You can choose to let go. Letting go is a good thing. It's not irresponsible. Contrary idea, it's the most responsible thing that yo ucan do for yourself. Others see you and they too have a choice to make.

What do you choose then? Time is here and now and it can expand any which way you want. I have a few more paragraphs. Let's max this out and see what comes out the other side.