from this dimension

Not writing is's not akin to breathing. It's more like not having to poop. You can not do it. You can be ok for a few days not pooping. But after several days, it has to come out.

Wouldn't it be better to let them out every now and then, on a regular schedule? This way, it's on that way. I don't like it this way, my circumstance. There's a lot of resistance here. I guess this is contrast. What do you make of it then? See it there, use it later when it's necessary. But when you can't make heads or tails out of it, then it's neutral.

Like energy you can't put a name on. Put it away. Use it later. And that's why i need to get out more often. It's the story. You can't just sit here and do nothing for the rest of your life but wait for things to happen. At least go out for a walk. Life is meant to be lived inside out.

Go do it that way. I can eat the insides and skip the pastry. That sounds interesting.

I just did. Now i stopped writing. The washing machine just beeped. It's done its job. I will put them up later. A good chopsticks later. That be nice. It don't matter how much you make. Go in that direction. Be that frequency and you get all the details that go with it.

How do you make something out of it then? You get a share of the royalty? It's more like earning. There's so much here that needs to be done. You can unplug that so it runs indefinitely. It's sad i feel this way. So much anxiety. But the feeling pointed out something in your source code. You can change that now that you are aware of it.

I wanted to do something with it. I feel like it's a burden that's going one way. What do i get out of it. Am i being selfish here? I think they are not kids anymore. That they should start giving back to the community. That's my job there. You can't blame someone else for that. You can always choose. Why is there a need for that then. I don't think it should be there.

But i have this. I am not using that anyway. Am i being selfish this way? Let it be so. There be other things you can do here. I saw the insight. I don't have to choose that. Choosing that means there's far less for you when that's not true. That is your opinion.

Looking at things from a different perspective, you see abundance everywhere. How do you tell that story? Your perspective is differetn. You see things differently. It's just details. Mine is different so the details of my story is different. I have something he doesn't have. Cannot have because the signal is different.

Is he even aware of it? I'm not sure but maybe he is as i am aware of what's not in my experience. But it's just a reflection. That i can see it outside means it is inherently inside of me. But why so much contrast? It's part of your process. You can use the energy.

How do you move forward here. Use the contrast as feedback. This is here. Therefore, you ca change the source code on this one. It's like writing a letter. You describe what you see. You tell your story. This is what it's about. Maybe i don't need the customer. Maybe i just need to write my own story.

You don't even have to get that channel up. Just go write something and see how the story goes. You don't even have to be popular about it. What surprised me is that i start reading and i've gone through five pages already.

You write something and you edit later. While editing, you iterate over it and make changes. You are lining things up for the frequency. You have this intention in mind. You line up the story to that.

And then you take a break. On that break, you don't even think about it. You let it compost. By the time you are good to continue, it'll come up. Your connection to flow, your imagination will tell you how it's going to be. You iterate over it again. It's this and that because it's all the same thing.

It's amazing how you get these things. When you get into that zoe, when you match that frequency, you are the channel. It just comes out. You simply take dictation. You write it all down. It's all here and now anyway. It's like google for yuor local self. When you need it, you get the context and you get it. You can redefine things from there.

Why did that tailor move out there? Maybe he was thinking he'd get more customers that way. He was a craftsman that way. I wonder how he is today? Maybe i can look him up when you get back. I'll see what i can do.

What if things got beter for him. Surely that is one part of his process. How could things be different? He discovered something and he grew things from there. He is open to ideas. He'd test it out and sell to market. Others may copy but he does things different and he's always getting all these ideas.

It's the idea that is priceless. It's not the manufacturer. You get that already. Go for the connection. You bring forth. You don't need all that baggage. Clean up around that. I am not using them anyway. Just write this is like going to the toilet. This has to come out because it feels good that way.

You were outside a lot back then. You were living for the story. Now you can choose to do so again. It's all up to you. When you are sober this way, you write beter. Let it be for the story. The story is the highlight, it's never about you. That kid had so much ego that he is fighting for it thinking that there is nothing else.

This is not there when i was there. Now it's up. The composting did its work. Now i can use the energy. How is the kid now? He is going to evolve. If he is that much a writer, he is going to find the path. If not, then there are other things he can do. I've been here before. Maybe i am writing this for the past self. Then i can redefine things from here.

What happened in the past, you can always see them from a different perspective. The things that are happening now, you can see it from billions of other perspectives. It's up to you how to make it solid. Use it that way. Then you are not in groundhog day.

There's no such thing. It's always different. It's your response that's always the same. Why? Why ot choose to make a different response? What you think is the same is only contrast for you. You give yourself the opportunity to respond different this time. So you make it the same so that you can respond different this time around.

This is how it's all connected. Next time you see it, you have a choice. You have opportunity here to change the universe. That's how powerful you are. The greatest power requires the lightest touch. You don't need nuclear arsenal for it. You only need this switch in your head to change the world.

But change is not from this dimension. Change happens inside where nobody can see it. What they see is the reflection after the fact that change has happened. It's very subtle. Then they change their response--rather their reaction to it.

Now you have made them react to the changes that you've made. You see the power in that. You respond but others react. This is what true power is about. How do you get a reaction out of it. You put it in their awareness. It's like a stone that sits in their path. Soon as it touches their awareness, you have had an effect on them.

Even if it were so subtle, the effect was there. That's true power.