get the idea

i mourn the loss of my partner. I've lost her to negative thinking--her own. I can't bring her back out from the cave. No one else can do that but herself. It's her process. I can't take that away from her.

What now? You move on. There's something here for you -- what is it? What is the lesson here? What do you get out of it? Am i absolving myself of the responsibility? On the surface it may seem like it. Only those who have gone through the process can tell you what it is, but that is coming from their unique perspective. It may be not what you think it is.

Then i have expectations in place. What happens now? Keep writing about it. Use up the energy. I write fifty lines. No need for timer. Maybe do fifty two lines. Go for it. That's long enough to use up the energy. No meetups. There is that hike thing but it's not within my circle. I can hike my own way. Why not try that?

I can do that. It's a longer path. We'll see what we can do there. My outside world seems to shrink. It's not you are the one deciding, choosing to limit things. Why not go a different path each time. This way, you see things differently. I can go through there. I can go another way through there.

Bring water if you have to. Check in every now and then. This way you get to see things. I went on gamma yesterday. Did it help, or was it placebo? It's a permission slip. You gave yourself permission to be there. It's a frequency. In metaphysics, you resonated with it.

When you are the frequency, you see contrast and reflection. That is one and the same. It is your consciousness. Then how is this related? I feel like i was connected in the astral plane. I had a weird dream. They had a different set of definitions. My local mind only picked up what it can understand and served it to me. But there were different levels to it.

I asked for guidance before sleeping. Not asked, put it in my energy to experience guidance. Not guidance but a different perspective to get a lay of the land. I got it? Was it there then? It felt like it. Then it's yours. You have access tothe library of consciousness.

How to move forward with this then? I don'tk now yet. The local self doesn't have a map. Act on your excitement. This is true north for me. Stick with this path and you will know. There are steps? Not really. You will know what you need to know...cross the bridge when you get there.

She can do whatever she wants. There is still a hint of negative energy there. She don't have to tell you. Let go of that. Can you let go? No feedback yet. I guess it's the travel thing. We'll get there when we get there. In the meantime though, look to the psychology.

There are steps taken to maek it work. You know because you are in that energy. You see how it goes. You put yourself in there. This kid is going out for a weekend in school. She's all grown up now. She prepares her own lunch. At least it's interesting for her. That's more important. You'll be back?

I am. It's home. Her definitions are skewed i guess. It's her energy. I don't have to carry her baggage for her. Son don't want to go. We all get our own experience out of this. We can do grocery when we need to. What are my options here. I don't know. Maybe two will go. They have connections to that energy.

What else is there? You have until the end of the year. You know how to do this. Get with the energy then. I go out for a walk later. Right now, take it easy. I walk around four in the afternoon. Do i do yoga? I can choose not to--rest day. I'll resume tomorrow.

What now? It's going to be alright. You can let go. By allowing, all things fall into place. If you feel at a loss, then let it be so. It's part of your process. What can i do to connect with her? Spend time with her. It don't have to be a grand gesture. A minute or two is more than enough.

I am always writing? I think so. You have a connection there. You know how hese things go. Let it be so. You are thinking too much into this? I think so. What else is there? I can make chicken. There is stock from last night. You can use that.

I guess so. Let's get cracking there. It's part of your process. You can do something here for your own process. What happens then? I'm not sure. There was negative energy in there. Do i go out? You can choose to do so. Ride your bike. That was fun. See how you are limiting your own self?

Expand your energy. Everything else expands with that. This cat is in step with you? Kind of. He is showing things now. He has matured. What can we do here otherwise? I'm not sure yet. Keep writing. You get something out of this? I don't know. What do we do now?

Finish writing. Or not. You don't have to. You've done more than enough. There it goes again. I'm going to allow that. It's expression. It's a different perspective. It's the teenage years. It don't have to be the same. I can let go now. It's different now. I see that. I can let go now.

You don't have to know what's going to happen here. You don't have pain in there anymore. You have something else? It's the energy. It's different this time. It's because the response is different? That felt right. I can take a nap sometime at eleven. For now, write to fifty lines. When you are done then see what else is there.

There are snags in the energy. What the heck is that? Ignore her. You tend to go inside more often. It's why you have the reflection. Is that good or bad? It depends on how you see it? I think it's positive. Then be positive about it. You can always change things up later. I don't have to turn that off.

Get with it? This is getting boring. Find something else? Finish this then get on with your day. I am not exploring now. You have used up the energy then. Is it shifting. What to do today? Go out for a walk. That'll warm you up put you out in the sun. Get a different energy.

There's laundry to do later. You can take care of that later. You don't want to be writing all the time. What you seek is content that people will read. Go there. Why is my analytics off? Something happened there? Try a different browser.

I'll do that then. Or start in safe mode and log in. Maybe it's a plugin that's messing up the connection. Or is it javascript? I'll see what is in there. Do you need to learn how to code? Why not create content instead. That will get you going.

Then you are supporting the whole. This way, you can move forward with it. Request to get white-listed. Is that the right way to spell it? As long as you get the idea across and it is understood on their end of the line, you've done your job. This is what you do.

I get that part. I slouch. What happens then. Is it better to use butter? Better than those noodles. You can see what's happening there anyway. What is happening there? She has to have her cross with her. If not, then she feels lost. I saw this before. What would make things work for you? I don't know. Be open to all that is.

You can check out later and things are going to be alright. You already know that. You can open up now. It's not letting go but being open to all that is. There's a difference. There's a positive feeling to it. You want to be open. Open means there's coming in you gain something.

Letting go feels like you lose something but you don't. It's only the energy that's shifted. You get it. You don't have to write more about it. You can let go now.