have to compare

i feel like i have a better setup this time. Maybe i can move everything down here this way and work this weekdays. I have the heater beside me, maybe put that thing there.

Now things are in place. The temp is 5degrees. That's cold this morning. I did not get much sleep last night. I think them batteries can be echarged overnight. I put the laptop on a higher setup. He's not using the keyboard there anyway and trackpad. This way, the screen is much higher for him.

Maybe i can do a similar setup for myself. The router has also been moved to a higher place. I think it has better transmit signals there but it's right in front of you. We'll see how things go. I have eggs boiling. I'l add them to the soup to get more oomph into that. Is that negative thinking?

I am simpy exptending what's already there. I can recharge this battery then get the other one. I don't think we have another one. I can move this over to my laptop...or not. It's all the same. What to write about? I am testing another screen recorder. Some say it's good but i like simple screen recorder for now. We'll see how it goes then.

The other one featured in that demo crashes. Maybe i can do a series on linux, like troubleshooting and all that. I've been using this for a while now anyway. Maybe focus on manjaro itself. I use this all the time anyway. Let's get cracking with it then. I am also moving some files. I liked that wallpaper and i think it should be here as well.

This is my home desktop pc. I've been using this for a while now. It's with my daughter now. It's still good, like a volkswagen i used to have. Too bad she's not using linux. She might in the near future. For now, she has a gamer label. That might change when she gets tired of it. Maybe i can turn off the thing and it goes into that every time.

I can do that. Let's see how it goes from there. I do that here then it'll be the same for me. You see how that's connected. I can switch to normal whenever it's possible. I do yoga after daughter leaves for school. I am not comfortable them seeing me do yoga. I stopped running. Why am i not comfortable?

It's not easy. I stopped running because of arthritis? No. It's because of my diet--what i eat. That gives me pain when i walk. Maybe i go straight i would be able to run again. Would is still there. I can change that now that i am aware of it. Let's do that then. What are we doing today?

Son has hockey game tonight. I'll drive the car over to wife later so i'll be taking the bus home. I can take a nap midday. That's the highlight of my day. I can run that thing in here. Or is there something better. I am slouching? It felt like it. It's not that cold anymore. I have the heater on. I have chicken soup throughout the day. It's not perfect but it's the best we have for now.

I am moving some files around. This so i can watch some of my videos from here. Or not. It's all the same. Do i have to scan this pc? Maybe later. I'm sure there'll be bugs in that segment. I can clean them up but i gotta see what's connected to it. I guess we can leave it at that for now. This setup is ok.

It's path of least resistance if you ask me. This wallpaper is going to change in about two minutes. The file transfer is not taking up too much cpu juice. That's ok. I think you can monitor gpu power as well. I can install a game in here using wine. I will look into that later.

For now, do a lot of writing and all that. It's connected this way. I can finish that thing over hockey game. I can park the car over at that side. This so i have more room anyway. I can take it easy throughout the day. Only do your best here and now. It don't matter what's not here that is your opinion. Your perception is limited.

Trust the timing. You be the best writer now and everything reflects off that. How do you know. I can setup headphones for this but i don't listen much to music here. I do so from my phone. I do yoga after i finish writing this. It's a bit slower now. There be fleas in the house. I write much and do much of that here.

We do hockey tonight. I think some of these kids are coming along. Daughter started work yesterday. It's a casual position. Her schedule is not that regular just yet. I can go get an easy job like that, or i can work with my writing. I would rather do this. It has potential down the road anyway.

Does this have access to the gpu? It should. It's part of the hardware and should have been detected on boot. I can google that but it's irrelevant for now. Stick with the path. You can install games later if needed. I have some interesting stuff. That's a beautiful wallpaper. I love the colors. It's majestic. I love riding ferrys.

When was the last time? This reminds me of the ormoc to cebu ferry that i used to take. Both have majestic mountain ranges in the horizon. And it goes through sunset that way. I'll look into that when i head back. Maybe go straight to cebu then see how things are. Is she there? I think she moved to manila.

I think it's more virginia. Yep. That had a profound effect on me. I was so crazy about her that time. She was like a rare flower that i found in the wilderness. Her lips, her eyes, boobs. The curve of her butt. She had great legs. She would go barefoot during class and i found that very sexy. I wonder how she is right now. If she's available i'd look her up.

But that's not here and now. See what that image can do. It brought you back. And you were in that frequency even if only in your imagination. But that's where everything is. That's the connection. You go into imagination and you connect with flow. Use it more often then. I get that. Kids know how to use linux. My work here is done.

They opened up a choice for them. There should eb a meme for taht. I can look it up. I am not part of that equation. I will be when the timing is right. It's going to be powerful and easy on the touch. It's like that all the time. To get that, be the best here and now. It's how you connect with all that. I am moving files around. I can look that one up and see how it goes.

For now, only write. I can fix that phone later. It's just connecting that one cable to the back of the modem. I don't need a pad under this keyboard as it has its own built in. I will recharge this later but for now, it's good to go. What else is there for us? Yoga. I walk out later. Or not. Let's walk later then. There's more than enough time for that.

I can look up other wallpapers like this. Maybe put that in the dropbox folder. This way it's available everywhere i go. Let's do that for later then. In the meantime, finish writing. It's not that hard to write on this keyboard. I can do much more writing from here. I don't think they have to take care of my computer. It takes care of itself.

Are you going back there? I don't know. Maybe so. But not right now. This is where i am. There's so much to learn in here and this has so much potential imo. Let's stick with writing. Not everyone can write. Not everyone can do dev work as well. We'll see how it goes. Dev work pays more but when you can write you can do it everywhere.

It's this and that. You don't have to compare as the path is different for everyone. You choose downstream for you. Grammar nazi triggered there. I refrained from making edit and instead chose to write about it. This is what the practice is about. You write about these things and see how it oegs. If you are that good, why not use the energy.

I am. I have a site up. I am adding content every now and then. It's the videos that i am using now. I can even do linux troubleshooting as well. I get issues every now and then anyway. Let's screencast that and see how things go. There be people who are going to use this anyway. Let's get cracking with that.

I will post soon as i finish. It's getting warm already. Those colors are warm to the eyes. I can run that thing to autostart. But i use this during the day so i don't have to. It's one more thing running in the background. Only stick with this and see how it goes. One more line and i can move to the next.

I am done.