having negative frequency

fifty lines i write. It's weird daughter woke up around five thirty and next thing i know, she's vacuuming her room. That was around six thirty though. It wasn't that loud but if i were asleep, that would wake me and i'd tell her to not do that.

But i was already up. I got up at four thirty to go to the bathroom and couldn't go back to sleep. I am recording my writing. I write one thousand seven hundred words per day. I'm not sure if edits are included in that count.

I had to revert back to the old size to make this better fit the blog post, or somethig like that. I am thinking too much into this. The cat hangs out here often. Before i woke up, i remember my dream. I was being dropped off by someone i vaguely know or remember. Was that astral travel? I guess so. It's interesting. I get dreams like that every now and then.

I have to press more firm on the letter n to make sure that registers. There be fleas on the table. The cat was hanging out with me earlier. I start lightening up on what i eat. It's what works for me. Maybe i can write more about that in the coming days. I think writer's block has more to do with expectations.

When you drop them and simply write not knowing how things are going to turn out, you simply take dictation from the mind. It could be your imagination (ideal) or you simply listen to the voices i your head. The weather looks good today. The temperature is droppig. We are supposedly going into winter. The rains have come. They're off now. I can do my laundry later.

That letter is starting to be a issue? I hope not. I think it has to do with the table. Maybe i can move somethere that's lower. I can edit these later whe i finish writing. I am going to find out how many letters i write. That insurance client is going to be a challenge. I may have to look up what works and see how it goes.

The client is looking for assurance that it's going to work. I can't guarantee results. All i can say is that i use methods that have been proven to work. I follow their format. It's all direct response copy. I was able to make changes to the direct mail gig. It feels better now when i read it. The message is more concise.

What's in store for today? I'm not sure what to make of it. All kids be home. I have anxiety about them fighting again. It pains me to see them that way. The third one is the spark? No. They're all different and have grown up. They're not kids anymore. With that, they want more room for themselves. I did not have that growing up. It's the n and w that is an issue. It is cold now.

I am looking out for somethig else. Is this an issue here. I think i need to look to other alternatives. It's good for a year and the it conks out. That's not good. I would rather work with a desktop pc. Let's see what we can do here. She doesn't use that as much anyway. I think the placement of the wrist is the issue. What am i writing about? This is not what i expected. It is what it is. Just get on with it. You can make edits later.

Like there's two voices in here jockeying for position. The other one, the local mind is supposed to take dictation. This is the observer. The ideas, the words come from the imagination. There's a distinct separation there. Both are in me, but they are separate and yet comes from the one. How do you write about these things? It's a exploration. You simply go with this and ot let that get to you. You ca edit them later anyway.

When you edit, you can...wife stopped by and showed her luggage hoping i'd lugg it around myself. I don't do that anymore. But it did stop my train of thought. If i were to write seventeen hudred words per day, i'll do three morning pages thorughout the day. Is that a lot? If this is my fulltime work then it's not a lot. You do one pomodoro session, then take a break. You do six of thouse throughout the day. That's the job.

She is always looking for attention that way. That's part of the equation then. Daughter did not go to work. Tomorrow we do that then. At least i got up early today. That's part of the weekend habit as i drive her to work before six am. That's early. I can always go take a nap later i the day.

I'll have my coffee after my midday nap. This kid is up early. The wife leaves for work early. What's in store here for today? I'm not sure how to live this day. One moment at a time. I am ot young but i still am in comparison...compared to other beings. It is the definitions. You cross the bridge when you get there.

Should i teach them how to write? Maybe that book might help. I think so. I'd do that myself again if i had to start over again. It's how i got here. What is that for? It's for her painting. I guess that's why she was cleaning her room. She is about to do art work. I do that myself, except that i write. I write about anything. Then i can focus my writing limiting them to a certain subject.

That's what all this is about. It don't matter what the spelling is. I can do this later. It's the research. It's ot about wit or clever antics. It's simply describing what's unique about the brand and how that is relevant for what the prospect wants. When you have that in mind, everything becomes easy. You get results that way. It's why the marlboro campaign cowboy worked.

It's what people want. They want that ideal image feeling. The video showed that. What is the image then for this oe? You enjoy food. You know how to use them properly. How else do you use them? It would be great if i can have that to play with. How soon for that to get here? I don't know yet. I can insert that into the copy.

But i work with products sight not seen. I can only work with concepts. That's good. This is a good spring board for everything else i can do. Imagine the stuff you can do hands-on. You get to experience what the benefits are. That's what this is all about. You don't have to come running after them. You simply draw them to you by resonance. That's how the universe works. You get into this and you continue on white hot. That's how you write.

What do you write about? It's the quiet thing. Then you go out for a walk and attach connect to gamma frequency. It's all connected that way. It's a global community now. Work with that moving forward. It don't have to go back to the old ways. When do you post these? Does it need a voice over? I don't know. At least i have something to work with later. You create the material then you simmer them down to a reduction. That's how you make good sauce.

I'll make brisket for me self later. I enjoy that. The kids too love it. I can share that with them. I don't eat aything until noon. I drink water. At noon, that's when i break the fast. It's an almost twelve hour fast. That's a good stretch. I am raising frequency. I am doing things by resonance, whatever that means. You write and you unpack the ideas. Then you connect that to relevance.

Everything is connected this way. One line is a full paragraph. Then there be the lines within the lie. I'll move to that table over there. It's all here anyway. What's the path this time? Writing. I've always been a writer. Since i started reading morning pages, i have been writing at length. Most of the time it doesn't make sense. Right now, it's just this.

They don't care about property taxes. Then they are going to lose that later on. Is that goig to be a problem? I don't think so. It's my brother's kid anyway. Let them have it. You don't need that. You can always be open to synchronicity and you have abundance that way.

When you fight for something, that's all you get--fightning. It's the negative energy. It resonates and you get that reflection. But when you allow, that is positive. You can get contrast but that's just feedback. No need to fight anything. That gets you nowhere anyway. It's best to be open to synchronicity.

That too has a story. In that context, how do you write them. You reply respond in positive energy. You could be standing right next to someone having negative frequency and it's not going to affect you--unless you say so. That's what's different here. I enjoyed going there. It's time to allowy myself to play again. It's why i wiret. I am playing with this path. It's my exploration.

How do you know? It's all downstream. It's path of least resistance. It don't take much to make things happen. I can start work with that today. Or tomorrow as the time difference is big. Then let's go there. It's a weekend so you might not hear from them until monday or tuesday. So much the better for me.

What's in store now? Only that i finish fifty lines of this. I also have the screencast happening. I'll have to edit that. To do that, i'll have to google how blender for video editing. It's there. I get the basic gist. I only need to practice and make it permanent. It's like energy. You use the energy and it transforms creation.

How are you sure about it?