how to change

i've been looking up information on the roxant stabilizer pro. For that price, i think it's a good buy. I don't have a dslr camera at the moment, but soon as everything falls into place, i'll get these.

How do you know it's fallen into place? You just know. Everything is effortless. The universe points downstream and i just sit back to enjoy the ride. Does that mean i'm a slacker? I don't think so. It means i get how creation works.

Others might say i am a slacker. These people tend to work hard and have plenty of anxiety in them. But those at the top of their game, they know how much it takes to paddle underwater just so you look easy on the surface--like a duck.

How do you move forward with this? Create content. Wife ordered the camera stand. I am finishing up on blender. Everything falls into place then. I am working on short stories. I am doing upskill on the components and structure of the story. You then expand when everything is in place.

Anyone can buy a camera. All you need is money and it's easy to get that once you have a good system in place. I have a daughter to take to see the doctor. Her eyes were swollen last night after a foreign body got into it. It's better now, but just to be sure, we are going.

Wife comes home early tonight. I don't think i can go see the doctor today. We'll see what happens. It looks better now. How come my parents did not take me to see the doctor in that incident when i was a kid? Maybe it wasn't a big deal. But for me it was. I guess they used their own judgement there. Sardines is good. I romember having that on those days. Sardines with rice. Perfect.

Corned beef straight from the can to the frying pan is also good. I wonder what the conflict is about. I don't think it's related to that incident. They are using keywords here to trigger an emotional response. What's that about. This is synchronicity telling me how things are different nwo. I'll make a call soon as they are open. That's around nine thinrty.

For now, just write. I got dual monitors up and running on my workstartion. I go there now during the day when i am not using these. I have everything in the cloud? I think so. Or not. Just do this and see how it goes. I think the connections are ok now. John wick is in the library. What can we do about it?

It's not as good as before. It's now a franchise and sequels galore. I don't think they'll put any effort into storyteling. It's going to be all special effects and martial arts. This is why people don't go to movies anymore. It's a waste of money and they won't fall for good trailers anymore, specially if it's a sequel.

I think other daughter is still getting ready for uni. I'll go check in a moment. In the meantime, i do yoga. I have yogurt in the freezer. There's two. Wife might use the other one for baking. She might bake tonight. Things were different last night. I need to fix that. Not on the outside, but from within.

Change the response is the first course of action. Next i go check out the source code. I expand my comfort zone when i see the opportunity. This is part of the inside out approach. Everything comes first from the inside. You then expand outwards when you see it coming. Everyone is a content creator. People want to see your unique perspective this way.

That was a good invention there. It's good if there be no trolling as evolution happens faster. People will build up on what's already there. By trolling, you hinder evolution. This is all positive for me anyway. It's not fighting things. It's because you are positive that the universe is positive.

You create everything anyway. I don't write on that anymore? I still do. I can write every pomodoro and break at the one hour marke. I see that. This seat feels unbalanced. I am looking into film making? Only because of creating media content. How do you expand with this? I don't know yet. Next thing you know, it's going to be on bikes. I think that's possible too. But it's too big.

Someone's going to make something that's smaller and esay to build. Why not build that into the camera? There has to be something in there that can do the trick for you. People will gravitate towards that. Everything is changed. It's the only constant in all the universe. Even other beings see it as true.

This is why you write. I do yoga session 2 after i finish this. I have the heater on. It's going into winter. Things are different this time. I can clean up the folders in here. I can move. I can travel back once a week on fridays soon as work is done.

It'll be different. Or we can move over there. It's land locked. Beaches are far but it's different. We'll see how it goes. I will move. It's a different environment for me. Or not. We'll see what happens. For now, i am open to synchronicity.

You have this skill in writing. It's not common. You can't just pick it up. You need to hone this skill over time with regular practice. But once you get it, it's yours for life. It's like going to the toilet. You will want to write everyday. Even if it were jus a quick one page not journal thingy, you will write.

Or not. And it's ok that way. Do i have to change anything in here? I think the setup is good. I do yoga later. The meetup tonight looks interesting but i did not ask. So i am not going today. Just let it go at that and see what happens here. You don't need that. You have this much already. Let's see how it goes.

I have nothing to write about. Hwat happened to that prompt? Go get your own. Find something that resonates with you then write about it. That image has to get something riled up in you. It has to have story appeal to it. You know how to take that picture. Now get to it.

Wouldn't it be nice to get out and ride to that locale? I can do that today. Let's get a water bottel and use that when you go out. Or not. It's all the same for you. I am just extending this so i have something to write. I see albany that part there. You can write about it. The meetup in that part has dried up. It's because of that narcissist. He only talks about himself.

And the other guy just lets him. I think there's something wrong with that equation. That even with their apparent skills, they couldn't get the group up and running. You see the difference here. You may have to get it going when you go to your own. When do we do that? I don't know yet.

Right now, i am reacting mode. How to change that? Wake up. Be aware of how you respond. It's different now. Then it's not there anymore. When you say you respond differently then the energy changes. It's about that energy. It's your consciousness. It's connected to everything.

If i drop yoga, then i feel that everything deteriorates fast. I enjoy doing it. It's like writing. It feels good after you have done it. But in apprehension, i don't really look forward to it. It's part of my day. It has to be there otherwise it's not a good day. You know what i mean. I can start up on that side there and see how it goes.

Ok. Do you have to wait for others to go? I haven't seen her go to the toilet. It hasn't been enough time there. You get what all this is. You can finish writing now. You don't need that big camera. You can get one yourself. I see how heavy that is. You need to lift weights to move it around.

It takes a lot to get that setup. How long? You need help and you need to prop it up. I guess two or three will work well with that. Then you have the film getting winded down. I think you see what they do in there. Necessity is the mother of invention. Then you create these things from scratch.

Pay attention.