my source code

imagine you are a copywriter that's in demand. What's it like? At this time of the day, what is your behaviour? What's your dsr?

Travel is always a choice. I'd be moving around a lot. I willl not feel locked in on anything. When the idea pops in and it's easily within grasp, i'd go for it. What is the state of being? At peace? Not exactly. Pleased with self? Not all the time. But it's there almost.

How would you respond to things? I'd probably still be going with my kids as soccer mom. I'd talk to people more. I'd be open to experience more. You see the contrast? What's similar? It's the awareness. I am aware of my experiece, my thoughts, my state of being. It's dynamic. It's all changing every moment. I choose how to respond. I choose how my source code is and how my frequency is at every moment.

I have kowing. I get how creatio works. It channels through me so i write about it. I have several novels and there's a waitlist to that. Do i have an agent? I probably would. I don't want to have to deal with all that. It's going to be someone i know and trust. I get together with people more. What's similar here and now?

I write in a laptop. I am aware. It's theis awareness that connects evverything in eternity. The towels are still there. I'd have towels that are torn simply because i couldn't haven't gotten around to getting rid of them. There is the knowing that i am connected to family, friends and all that is. Htat connection is there when i require it. I was going to write need, but need implies lack. I don't lack. It's just that i may not be aware of it.

What's similar? I'd be hungry at the same time. It don't matter what i eat. I eat when i am hungry. I watch what i eat. I am able to help without requiring anything in return. I help those in need, not those who are needy and negative. I am simply a reflection. When they are positive in their energy then i am there as a reflection. When they are selfish and needy the response they get is a reflection.

It's not that i am selfish. It's that their energy field puts me in this reflection for them. I guess that's why it happened that way. But i've helped people more than i am aware of. I do so every two months. And it's fun helping people this way. How else can i move forward with this?

I am quite consistent in helping people. I follow through making sure that they use the website. They pay if they feel like it otherwise i am glad to help. It's been there all along. It's not about the job. I enjoy going there. I guess in the past i was fishing for work. But since i've focused on working as a writer, i have no need for that.

I write whenever i feel like it. I don't feel the need to get paid. I simply write. When i write i help people. They can get good returns out of it and never come back to thank me. I'm fine with that. I simply write because of the challenge. It allows me to connect to flow. This way, i am.

I get to spend time with the kids. I get to take one hour naps at noon time. It's a great feeling waking up from a one hour nap. My brain is reset and it's fresh. There is that one moment when it's clear and you seem to not know who you are and where you are.

There be fleas here and there. I have spellcheck activated anyway so i can do that but i move to libreoffice anyway because of the other tools. What else is there? You can install on that laptop. But son wants to build his own pc. I can help with that. I don't know how. This is contrast.

What else is different? There is that response. I feel bad when i am in conttrast. But this is feedback. I would much rather focus on what's similar then. I can bring my food to hockey. That way, i don't have to eat now. Let's do that then. I know where the toilet is this time. I can bring this one jacket. The kids don't need it anymore anyway.

What else is there? That there is the opportunity to write. That i have all this background and now i move forward with this. Should i ask for choosing an appeal? I can do that. Maybe do my homework first. When you go for the critique, you can ask what appeal i should consider else.

This is warming up. You can move forward withthis. It's the toys that's different. Those are the details. You don't have to focus on that. They have their own representation in this dimension anyway. It's the same. It's similar. What else is similar? You are resonating with that frequency. Is that a notification?

Not really. I can fix that later when we get back. Maybe it's a loose connection. I'll go check that out. That's what is similar as well. It's not that you are easy money. It's how you respond to the situation that makes it different. You see how it is now?

You can move forward with this then. You are here and now anyway. There be letters that you don't use much. I can check this out later but is that necessary? There are common words that you use. I am a better cook now. Did you cook today? Even if it were an omelette everyday, that's practice that you do. Get to it.

I have good music and all that. I can check my playlist if it's finished downloading. I have good source for writing projects. That's more than enough. It's abundance. You simply redefine what seems off. It's all here and now anyway. What else is there for you? I go that way. We go that way. We see a different path.

Is it closer to go the other way. We do grocery tomorrow. I can grab something to eat at four pm. It's kirsten. I can sit in the car while i eat. I don't have water though. I'll bring one myself. Maybe i can prepare something for the kid. I'll do that. All four are good and equal but different.

Everything is different from a certain point of view. Change is the only constant. You write much. You are a writer. It don't matter what the outside reflection is. It's an opinion. There are only five facts in all the universe, at least what i know of. You are in your hero's journey at different levels and perspectives. But you are now aware of it.

This way you are an example. They get to see your perspective. What's it like, they ask. You present your opinion and how you live the five principles. What is that? They get curious. How do you use it? Then you can explain in one video and another in upcoming videos.

Always there is something to see that's different and new. The background is hte writing but it's always something that empowers people this is the fiction that i write. Then you see the most dire situations and you turn these around. You show how heroes rise up to their true self. That's what this is about. It's contrast giving them feedback.

Then they can go up face to face with the pharaoh and say, "let my people go". In truth, it wasn't about the people momses said, free yourself. This is not who you are. Soon as the people saw this perspective, there wasn't anything htat the egyptians could do anyway. The frequency has changed. That's a great story there.

It could have been different. Things could have been scaled down a bit. There'd be no parting of the red sea. There is only positive reflection. They simply leave. It's not me anymore. I choose not to respond that way. They simply turned their back and expanded on that frequency.

Then you see opportunities lined up. You take these opportunities. The tracks start to widen. You can choose to look back but it's no longer you. The two dimensions are so different that if it seems the same, the gap is so wide and different.

It's not the outside that's different. What is on the inside is changed. Everything else then is different. It's a whole new universe. Man, that is something i want to see. How do you expand on that more? Write it out. You will see what it's like. It's going to have to come from you. They might not be aware of it yet.

Be in your light.