shifts from solid

this is a bigger font by one bit. I have a different process for writing story. It's still the same eight point structure as the hero's journey or story circle. Only the perspective is different.

It's based on what i understand how process is. Imagine you go on a diet. That's point one. You. Point 2 is you see that you are overweight, and circumstances reflect this definition.

Step 3 is when you make the decision. You make a choice. Step 4 is you explore and experiment. You are looking for a way the best way for you to lose weight. Step 5, you find something that changes your perspective. It's new and different way of seeing things. Again, you decide to take this path.

Step six you get contrast or echo. It's different inside but going through outside echo. It seems the same but the response is different. It's like a test. Step seven is choice. Protagonist responds by habit based on the new dsr. Step 8 protagonist overcomes (synonym) echo and everything lines up.

And then we are back to You. This time dsr is different. This is amazing for me. Now i see where the story is going. I get that. What happens now. I write my story. I don't have to go there. It's all here and now anyway. I can do my sessions in here.

I have views. For now, it's all about the writing. If you can't go there, then change things up a bit. Morning pages are not meant to be published. If you did, you will be stepping over eggs and not really connect to source. You are better off keeping this private and do writing prompts differently.

How do you change this one? From the inside. You have a good story. I don't have to continue that one. It's stuck. Write your own story then. You can do this one. It's coming out of the closet as a writer. You encounter contrast but it's all in you. There is negative response but you put it there. Rather, it's there for you. You use up the energy then.

They can't affect you unless you let them. Hero then goes through this contrast. Where is that? I see. I can make changes to this as i go. The contrast is there. I think i can... It's a work in progress. You'll change this over time. Use what makes sense for you. Do what works for you.

I don't have to do things their way. I have the process inside of me. I don't even have to do it their way. I can change things up a bit my way. How do you propose we change this? It's basically the four quadrants. There is unconscious and aware. There is stasis and change. It's metaphysics.

I am going to explore this some more. It's all here anyway. What is that thing there. I am not sure but i can look it up when i finish this. For now, play with the idea. It doesn't have to follow their thing. It's up to you. Why not start from react side. Hero is. Then energy starts to shift. Hero is reacting to change.

Hero then sees things differently. He encounters echo, but this time he chooses how to respond. And then he makes it permanent or a habit. It becomes him. He has used up the energy. So it's energy. The energy starts to change. Changes then it starts to go solid. Solid to gas.

There's something to this. It's metaphysics. You go from solid to liquid to gas then it goes back again. It's always changing. But what is the word there? No word. It's just energy. It's the feeling. You go from reaction to response. Where am i in this process?

You are constantly changing. You go from right to left. You are always changing anyway. Why not that way. Why not go this way for you. I can make changes all the time. It doesn't have to be a circle? It is always going back to it anyway. So it's three stages? Only two but there be different aspects to it.

There is contrast and reflection. So you have four quadrants. The upper quadrant is reflection based on dsr. The lower half is contrast where dsr is shifting. The shift goes in the middle. It goes from stasis to change. Then it goes back to stasis.

At every step you have reflection and contrast. You then go through echo. Where does it change? That's the key point. It happens at every point in the story. You can change things up a bit. That's the point of all this. It don't have to be predictable that way. You see that?

Now you are playing with the energy. See if you can change things up a bit. Find a plot then play it out from this perspective. You have the need. Something feels different. The energy is shifting.

You go from known to unknown. Then you make it permament. You go from bottom to echo through choice by alignment. It's your dsr. It's what's happening there. You have a new template and you test it out. It's always a cycle. It's a spiral. You can go there and back but it's always a spiral. It's never the same thing twice.

You never cross the same river twice. It's what this is about. How do you test it? Write a story. Get a story that you think wasn't so good then change things up a bit. You can use their dialogue and then change where it's needed. That looks interesting.

So who is the hero there? Do you need all that? Not really. You can choose how things are going to turn out. This is where you are anyway. Do you have to go there? I think you can explore the contrast. It's giving you feedback. It's always that. The energy shifts so the dsr changes.

You can choose from all three. I like that story so i am going to look into that. How do you make the plot twist? I don't know yet. I go change that when i change that. How do you explore those changes then? I am not sure. But i see which direction i gm going. This is what's different now. Do you have to make that into something?

Not really. It's all here and now. Just write and you will see where it's going. You start with that. Writer wants change. You don't have to go through all that. You simply go out and observe people. Then you write about these characters.

First you pick out a character. You expand on this. Then character shifts from solid to liquid. At gas, the dsr has changed. Then the old liquid is back to give feedback. Then it becomes solid again. That's the point of the process.

How do you go from stuck to finished book? You redefine it as a process not a block. You experiment, you explore. Then you find the idea. You go through contrast but respond in alignment. You bring it home. Then it starts over again.

How do you not deal with the fighting? It all happens fom within. You don't have to fight anything. You simply change. You go through contrast. You respond in alignment, you see the reflection. Then it goes back up again but this time it's a different energy.

It goes up and down but it's a spiral. It's not one way. It's just the same energy but different perspective. I see that. Let's play with it some more and see what comes out the other side. It's why you didn't do much of anything. I write and do this everytime. I don't have to go there now. This is where i am.

That was good.