the same time

Here we go. First day of recording for my youtube channel. First stop is morning pages. It's about writing without editing. You write aything and everything that comes to mind. You do not edit your thought, nor your writing.

But sometimes you can't help but edit, so you also write about it. It doesn't matter if the grammer is not right. Sometimes i miss correct punctuation but there is plesty of time to edit later. You can use a timer, or do with number of pages. Since i am using vim, i just go with the number of paragraphs that i write.

In this case, it's the line numbers. I stop when that line number is at sixty. I try ot to stop. If you see, the letter n key of my keyboard seems to not work every now and then. I use dvorak layout on my keybroad. I drove my daughter off to work this morning before i started writing.

She works at the local grocery. She's 18 btw. And i am going out later. I have a non-profit event to attend to. I'll be back around four. While i'm out, i am thinking i'd take pictures of interesting events. I'll use this for writing prompt later. I don't know if i can finish a short story today, but if it gets too complicated, i'll make a really simple short story.

It doesn't have to make sense even. I'll just write and make it as polished and clear and precise as i can. That's the point of all this. I have an expectation that it's going to be a book someday. It's alright to have these expectations, but soon as i notice them, i drop them. It's going to ruin or mess up my writing.

Why is that? Because i'll be wanting things to be like this when creation has more in store that local mind can't even comprehend. I edit when i see it. So at times i close my eyes. This makes writing faster and the connection to the imagination is more clear.

How long the paragraphs? About four to five lines. It depends on the idea. It can eb longer or short one sentence, even one word. But i seldom do that. It doesn't really matter as long as i am writing. There be times when i don't feel like it. I still write, but when it gets really tough, i stop. I take a break. I can come back and finish it later in the day.

But the point is to just write. If you feel terrible about it, then write about why you think it's terrible. Other times you do't have aything to write about, so i write about how i feel. How does my butt feel sitting on this chair? What's going on in front of me?

How did my walk feel like? How is the weather outside my window? What's the cat doing? He slept near our bed last night. I wonder what cats see? What are their worlds like? I heard they can see into a different dimension. What do they see? I don't kow. But he's tellig you these. You can see them in your imagination.

This is what i write about. I will take a shower after i finish this. I don't know if i'll have time for coffee. I'd like to but i will finish these first, then shower. If i finish with thirty minutes to go, i will have coffee. I can have one at starbucks later but i'm not sure yet.

Where are you taking this? I don't know yet. I'll take this as far as it will go. It'll get dry and borig. I'm ok with that. Because when you allow things to fall into place, then anything and everything can happen. The universe will balance itself out evetually. It's all a reflection of who you are.

I got the idea for this channel last night. I was browsing youtube and i saw several videos of a lady studying. She made a short intro as to what it was about and it was eight hours long. She was doing pomodoro sessions and it was eight hours of studying.

Since i was thinking of starting a channel of my own about writing as an experience, a light bulb went on in my head. Right then and there i made changes to the channel. This is the first video. As you can see, i am about halfway through to sixty paragraphs. I started with two pages, then it went up to three, four, then down to two pages where it stayed for several years.

I can come back to that idea and expad on i later. Writing is a window to your soul and life if you let it. People are interested in that. They want to see what it's like. And you can find a channel about anything. It might not even be on youtube. Like in china, this one video said it's like one giant intranet.

It's amazing what they have in there. Some people will dislike everything you make. That's fine. No need to let that affect you. It's reflection anyway. It's feedback that you can use. Why not put a positive spin on it. What you put out is what you get back.

Their negative response is a reflection of who they are anyway. That tells you what their frequency is. You can choose to be like them, or determine for yourself how you will respond to it. Everything is open season here. I don't think that's the right phrase but so what. If i were writing...i got lost there.

A thought came in my head and i don't know how to write it out. It's an image. I do sixty and i am about halfway through. It's impartant that i am comfortable writing. If i don't take care of myself, hten i am not going to last long writing these words.

I don't have to come up with creative ideas. It's a shallow stream and it's not even coming from you. You are the channel. The ideas come through you. You, the writer, are simply taking dictation from your imagination. When you let it be this way, you let go. The ideas come easier.

The best creators know this. They simply open up. This is how you overcome writer's block. If you have it, write about it. What's the block like? Is it big like a block of wood, or cement or concrete? If you can't go straight, where does it let you go? Can i turn right? If so, where does it take me?

This is what the writing prompts are about. You get the image in your head, then you explore what ideas you get. You...i have an outline to follow but that comes secondary. First i put down every thought and idea that comes to mind. On the next pomodoro, i edit them and put the words into the outline. It's like sorting them into boxes.

On the next pomodoro session, i do stream of consciousness writing again. This helps me to trust the voice in my head. What's it telling me? No need to edit. Play with the idea. What else is here? Does hat sound crazy? Write it down. What is possible here? Write it down. What am i going t owear when i go out?

It might rain. I will bring a jacket. I'll be out and i might have to bring an umbrella so i can go out for a walk. It's cloudy right now says my computer but the temp is not right for this time of the day. That tells me we'll have light showers later on.

What time did i start writing. Am i really doing twenty more paragraphs? That's a new level there. Maybe i should stop. My fingers are getting sore. Why is the timer like that? I think i did not set it up. You don't need it anyway. I can write more but the ideas are off? I can shut my eyes close and then write what comes to mind.

The local mind wants to see if i have enough for a paragraph. It ges like this where i talk to mysel. I am to post this later. I can edit and add a few words,or not. Just write for now. You will figure it out later. Is it going to be one long video? If so, why not. Just write what you think.

How do you use hangouts for this? I don't know yet. You don't even want a background music for this. You don't want to interfere with the flow of thoughts. Or you may. Maybe htat is part of the process for you. It's going to be a long day.

Let's get right to it. I have ten more to go and i'll be done here. I'll take a shower. I need to lose weight. What to wear? Make it simple. You can take a walk later. It's going to rain? Bring an umbrella. I don't have to bring my laptop there. The cpu usage is a bit high. Not too much on the ram.

I'll polish this up later, the video. The writing though, it's disposable. I put this in a blog. I do't polish it though. I post them as is. One time the wife saw them. She didn't like it. At that particular time, i was writing about our dinner. I explained to her what this was about.

From then on, she stopped reading that blog. I don't know what she thinks of my writing. A university professor who teaches english once thought that my writing had potential. I can run with that. I never thought i'd be a writer. I thought it was boring.

But a good writer can change the world, at least from where he sits. It doesn't have to be a game changer. I can put my ideas out there. If it moves others, then so be it. If it's not doing anything, then it's part of a process for me. Just write anyway. Write about anything.

Write about everything that comes to mind. You can always edit later. This is why i do poorly in interviews. I tend to do a mind dump and edit at the same time. That's ot good if you are a writer. Well, it is how you use it. I can let it go at that. It doesn't matter really.

I'm done.